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UPyD urges Development to clarify what plans for the Mediterranean Corridor and connecting Murcia with Almería and Alicante

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Maximum fuensanta regrets "the new delay in the works," after learning that ADIF decided tapiar 7.5 km tunnel that would connect the province of Almeria and Murcia

The regional spokesman UPyD, Fuensanta Maximus, calls for the Government of the Community and the State Government to clarify "what plans for the Mediterranean Corridor Development and Alicante, Murcia, Almería connection" after news that ADIF has decided to wall up the tunnel 7.5 miles that should unite the province of Almería and Murcia.

In this sense, Max recalls that "the future for key to exit the crisis is the arrival of the Mediterranean Corridor and economic development element" and their high speed lines and third rail freight, which has to carry the goods from the port of Cartagena and the produce in Andalucia, Murcia and the Spanish Levante, essential to keep a presence in the European market.

Likewise, you proceed to ADIF tapiar tunnel that should unite the Murcia province of Almeria "makes us fear that the region may lose its status as the hinge between Andalusia and Levante", and thus a role as a link between the two regions is being key in their development, when disturbed natural traffic.

"For all practical purposes Murcia" continues Maximus, "is key to the necessary connection with the completion of Andalusia Mediterranean corridor and bypasses of appropriate goods and ensure adequate urban integration of the main cities involved."

The regional head UPyD anticipates that arise in the House of Representatives a question in the Development Commission to further clarify "what the Ministry shuffles dates for connecting Murcia with Andalusia and Valencia and the Mediterranean Corridor".

Source: UPyD Región de Murcia

Cano requests the PSRM "high-mindedness and responsibility to defend the Murcia water interests", for "unit has always had the PP"

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Jesus Cano noted that "the PP is the party of water and water transfers" and "does not rule out any transfer that brings water from a surplus basin to another deficit, call Ebro or not"

He also criticized that "the socialists are in charge of repeal transfers by a handful of votes"

And Deputy Executive Secretary of Agriculture, Water and Environment regional PP, Jesus Cano, said today that "what should be the Socialist Murcia in water is high-mindedness and responsibility" as "unit to defend the water interests in the region has always had the Popular Party, while PSRM we have obtained have always been roadblocks and the occasional trip. "

Cano has reminded the secretary general of the PSRM, Rafael González Tovar, "Thanks to the Tajo Segura PP now has legal guarantee" and that "if it were not for the actions of Ramón Luis Valcárcel and Party chaired today the transfer would be history because of socialist governments. "

"Water is now guaranteed in Murcia and in the rest of Spain because we have done our homework, which the PSOE did not eight years in office," stressed Cano.

"And we've done all basin plans now will lead to a new, long-awaited and United National Hydrological Plan that will bring water from surplus to deficit basins, such as the Segura".

In this sense, the 'popular' deputy said that "the PP is the party of water and water transfers" and therefore "not rule out any transfer that brings water from a surplus basin to another deficit, call or Ebro is called. "

"You socialists are in charge of repeal by a handful of votes," he criticized.

Jesus Cano noted that "the Socialist Murcia are late to claim union in water issues, because the unity and peace of the water was in the previous Memorandum of Transfer from the PSOE TajoSegura that both criticize and denigrate an agreement that-no I forget, was signed by all the regions concerned, in addition to the irrigators and farmers. "

"The new PHN vertebrará be supportive and Spain so that the water reaches all corners of the national territory, because water PP guarantees, unlike socialist governments," said Cano, who this infrastructure to "come to solve the structural deficit of water in the Segura basin, can be sure that every one of Murcia citizens. "

Finally, Cano said that "Murcia Socialists know that in the defense of water will always find the Popular Party. If that is your proposal, welcome to dialogue and consensus, welcome to water for all. From PP we will continue where we have always been, which is not another site that defending the interests of irrigators and our agriculture. "

Source: GPP

The female team Ucam winning college championship volleyball Spain

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

The CEO of Youth and Sports congratulates the team and is grateful to the organization for choosing the High Performance Center in Los Alcazares to host the final for the third consecutive year

The Director General of Youth and Sports, Antonio Penalver, today presided over the awards ceremony of the university championships Spain female and male volleyball held at the High Performance Centre (CAR) in Los Alcazares, and commended the efforts of the teams regional.

The women's team was the champion San Antonio de Murcia, which beat the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Universidad Católica.

In the male category, the team from the Polytechnic University of Valencia has been imposed on the San Antonio Catholic University.

"The collaboration between the Sports Council and the General Directorate of Youth and Sports, as well as the CAR of Los Alcazares, has resulted in all teams have enjoyed regional sports facilities such as the environment, that can not be beat" said Penalver.

Regional head of Sports thanked the organization for choosing the High Performance Center of Los Alcazares as host for the third consecutive year, and his desire to be able to host this competition next year.

The ceremony was also attended by the Councillor for Transport, Public Roads and districts, Manuel Pedroza, technical adviser to the Spanish Committee Volleyball Santiago Toribio, and the delegate of the Spanish Committee of University Sports (CEDU), Javier García.

Source: CARM

The Info about a hundred businessmen from the region key to successfully import

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

On a day as part of the initiative 'Tuesdays Foreign Trade', the example of imports of products was presented from the Chinese market

One hundred businessmen from the region from various sectors met yesterday the keys to properly manage the import of products under 'Tuesdays Foreign Trade, an initiative organized by the Instituto de Fomento (Info) body under the Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Enterprise and Innovation.

The session was teaching and the example of her imports of products from the Chinese market was presented.

Management processes and procedures for imports has significant differences from efforts to export, and for this reason since the info has wanted a session dedicated to the various aspects of import, including with regard to the risks of payment.

The event featured three experts in the various mechanisms to optimize the import process, with a special emphasis on imports from China, which along the thread later served to illustrate the various procedures required to import successfully and safely, as to the quality of the product purchased and the means of payment.

Specifically, in one of the papers called 'Decalogue importer' ten principles that every importer must take into consideration, including aspects such as how to eliminate risks at the time of import or the contract terms offered purchase.

Also, the operation of the European platform 'Export Help Desk', acting in telematic format such as 'one-stop shop' that provides access to a vast information needed to perform various procedures explained.

Thus, the 'EH' informs companies of developing countries on tariffs, requirements, preferential agreements, quotas and statistics of the European Union that affect them.

However, besides this tool the EU, you can use free services of international information Info to suit more specific and timely needs of both exporters and importers.

In another of the presentations stressed the cultural diversity of the Asian country and the need to know the origins of Chinese civilization and thought in order to understand the relationships related to business and time to close operations.

'Tuesdays Foreign Trade is an initiative of the Instituto de Fomento for businesses that has been held since early 2013 with remarkable popularity.

The 2014 program includes workshops on traditional techniques and advanced import and 2.0, plus market analysis of opportunity for the Region of Murcia in appearance as its business environment, access strategies and negotiation techniques in each country exports.

Source: CARM

Meeting with Maite debate Pagazaurtundua Murcia, number two UPyD the European Parliament

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

The representative of the magenta formation participates in a rally next to the candidate and also affiliate of Murcia, Bethlehem Mayor, which will serve to translate the commitment UPyD talking to the citizens of Europe and the importance of participation and voting next May 25

Number two the European Parliament by Union Progress and Democracy, Maite Pagazaurtundua participates in Murcia at a public event with the candidate and also affiliate magenta training in the region, Bethlehem Mayor.

The meeting, to be held in the auditorium of the building next Friday Moneo doubled since seven-thirty in the afternoon, will help move the UPyD commitment this season to speak to the citizens of Europe, unlike other parties more concerned with mutual disqualification.

Magenta insists that training is in Brussels where major policies that affect the daily lives of citizens, hence the importance of participation and vote next May 25 will decide.

Maite Pagazaurtundua has a degree in Spanish Philology and Basque and co-founder of the citizens' Philology 'Enough' in 1998, Sakharov Prize for human rights by the European Parliament in 2000. Additional Pagazaurtundua has been president of the Foundation for Victims of Terrorism among 2005 and 2012.

Meanwhile, Bethlehem Mayor, member of the Territorial Associations UPyD Murcia, has a degree in English Literature and directs the Official Language School of Murcia since 2006.

Source: UPyD Región de Murcia

Garre focuses the priority of the regional government to improve education, health and cultural services

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

In Ceuta, the president expressed his commitment to address the adequacy of the urban village, with renewal of pavements and sidewalks, as well as boosting the Casa de la Mujer and revitalize 'The Cannery' Cultural Center

In Lorquí, the regional government is studying the implementation of the school meal service at the College 'Jesus Garcia' and the construction of a new health center and a multipurpose building

The president of the Community, Alberto Garre, now focused investment priorities for regional government and municipalities Lorquí Ceuta in improving educational, health and cultural services, during the official visit to both locations of the Vega Media, under round of institutional meetings being made to the various municipalities in the region.

Murcia President and visited the town of Lorca, the region of the Altiplano, and this week the municipalities of San Pedro del Pinatar and Los Alcazares.

The first of the tours took place in the town of Ceuta, where the head of Murcia was received by the mayor, Juan Felipe Cano, who moved aspects of economic and social situation in town.

Thus, the president expressed his commitment to address the adequacy of urban village, with renewal of pavements and sidewalks, as well as boosting the Casa de la Mujer and revitalize 'The Cannery' Cultural Centre.

Similarly, Garre announced to be repaired as soon as possible the pavement in several streets of the village center, through funding from the Directorate General of Local Government.

In this sense, the chief executive said that although the economic situation is difficult, "and not just in the city coffers, but also in the regional government, we are willing to make an effort to address some of the requests that make us Directions and mayors who believe, like them, they are a priority to provide the best services to citizens. "

Similarly, Garre, who was accompanied by the Minister of Education, Culture and Universities, said it will also improve the implementation of the Basic Training in the Secondary School 'Felipe de Borbón' to encourage attention disadvantaged social groups.

Indeed, the President, accompanied by the Mayor and the Minister, visited the center.

After completing the visit to the town of Ceuta, the president moved to Lorquí, where he was received by the local mayor, Joaquín Hernández.

After their meeting in the council, the president was informed about one of the most popular in the town issues, such as building a new health center and a multipurpose building and and implementation of a school canteen in the College of Education and Primary (CEIP) 'Jesús García'.

In this regard, Garre said that the construction of new health center in the town "is, at this time, one of the priorities of the government," so the Programming Service for Healthcare Resources has already given its approval to the plot offered by the City for its construction.

Source: CARM

Environment anticipates the period of high wildfire hazard to May

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

is considered as such from May 1 to September 30

The Directorate General of Environment of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water has advanced the period of high wildfire hazard, considering that from 1 May to 30 September.

The new order, issued on 28 April, and takes action to suspend temporarily the force and effect of permits for agricultural and forest burning issued in the previous Order of May 24, 2010.

The suspension will not affect those authorizations Environment, has delivered to prevent or mitigate damage from pests and diseases, or avoid other more serious risks under extraordinary preventive measures.

The use of fire was also suspended in recreational or similar areas with plant and / or gaseous fuel, plus the launch of fireworks in forest area or immediate area of ​​the 400 to those areas.

Environment warns citizens of the risk associated with the use of fire in all its forms, given the current situation, which advises caution to safeguard the forest estate.

Hydrological drought

The current drought in southeast peninsular is considered as a hydrological drought to cover more than half of a water year (October 1 to September 30).

In the Region of Murcia this water year fall has been dry or very dry winter has been normal or dry spring is still very dry or extremely dry, considering that the normal character of rainfall in the region is usually two wet seasons (fall and especially spring) and two dry seasons (winter and especially summer).

Drought conditions make woodfuel suffer water stress, which can promote the negative evolution of potential outbreaks of fire, hence the need for caution.

Source: CARM

The Socialist Party believes that the agreement's Rafa has every appearance of being a new urban pitch to favor specific interests

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Congressman Jesus Navarro supports a motion IU-Greens in requesting that it comply with the guidelines and territorial plan in the Northwest Region which affects the area of ​​La Rafa Bullas

The Socialist parliamentary group supported the motion presented by the United-Green Left Parliamentary Group in the Assembly and in requesting that it comply with the guidelines and territorial plan in the Northwest Region which affects the setting of The Rafa of Bullas.

Socialist MP, Jesus Navarro, said "This agreement has every appearance of being a new urban pitch to favor specific interests."

He noted that the planning agreement they want to perform in La Rafa "is harmful to the interests of the municipality of Bullas, violates several articles of the Land Law and also violates the guidelines of Planning of the Northwest Region.

Navarro explained that section 101 of the Land Act says that there can be differences of more than 15% of use buildable across sectors.

"This is an agreement that is outside the General Plan, where different sectors collect up to 30 percent of use buildable square metro per square meter."

Socialist MP described as "leonine" because the agreement includes a floor of 0.52%, something more like a big city than a small town like Bullas.

He added that "this agreement gives the impression that the Popular Party will not punish him for planning agreements with them every other day also in court."

The agreement Rafa is appealed by the local groups so Municipal Socialist Group and United Left-Green City of Bullas and has had more than 1,200 allegations of neighbors and collective municipality.


The PSOE will, as always, in the demonstration on May 1

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

According to González Tovar, it is more necessary than ever to claim decent work and quality

PSRM general secretary, Rafael González Tovar, will be present at the demonstration on May 1 that will start tomorrow at 11.30 am in the Plaza de la Fuensanta of Murcia, accompanied by a large group of party officials and other militant Socialists throughout the region, which also attend the manifestation of Cartagena.

At a time where you just know that according to the EPA, have been destroyed so far this year 185,000 jobs in Spain, claim employment and decent quality is more important than ever in our country, according González Tovar.

The Socialist Party is, and will always remain, alongside working people, fighting for their working conditions, especially for policies aimed at job creation.

More than 200,000 unemployed people in this region, according to the EPA, requiring urgent action and no commissions to postpone indefinitely the solution.

Are family dramas and personal, and governments or are for that or should not be.

Certification that there are 6 million people without jobs, and destroying it further in Spain, in contrast to the official version and the joy of President Rajoy.

His remarks an insult to all citizens and Spain, fighting against all odds to overcome the crisis despite the roadblocks putting People's Party with his ultra liberal policies as unfair cuts to the population.


Older Murcia II Social Center commemorating the 75th anniversary of the death of reading activities Machado

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

This act adds to other studies conducted in this center on the occasion of World Book Day celebrated on Wednesday

The CEO of the Murcia Seniors Social Action Institute praises the active character and enthusiasm of the users of this center

Users of Social Senior Center Murcia II, under the Directorate General of Instituto Murciano Seniors Social Action (IMAS), today commemorated the 75th anniversary of the death of the poet Antonio Machado, one of the events organized to mark the Day Book last Wednesday, April 23.

On this day, in which the CEO of Older IMAS, Enrique Pérez, was present was read a short story called 'Holidays' which has been developed by users of the Social Centre Seniors Murcia II supported an educator.

In total, ten users who have written and read the story 'Holidays' and then proceeded to the reading of poems by Antonio Machado different, previously, had been selected in the Reading Workshop this social center .

The CEO highlighted the work of professionals in the center and "concern and dedication" to provide daily comprehensive care and provide users with a variety of activities and workshops.

Pérez also praised the character of this center over "are very proactive and have a great desire to participate and collaborate in all activities that are scheduled."

This, he added, "is an added value to achieve an active and healthy aging."

The Murcia Senior Center II, located on Calle Mar Menor in Murcia, currently serves more than 2,100 pensioners and it various volunteer activities to foster intergenerational relationships and integration of older people in society are developed .

Source: CARM