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Martínez-Pujalte: "The central government is well aware of the great effort made by the State to consolidate public finances"

Monday, March 31st, 2014

The deputy noted that "despite being the worst funded per capita Spain, Murcia managed to reduce the deficit compared to 2012 at a time of lack of economic activity, recession, negative GDP and employment decline"

Vicente Martínez-Pujalte remember Murcia "has a structural funding problem caused by the nefarious regional financing system imposed by the Zapatero government and applauded the PSRM"

The deputy national spokesman Murcia and Economics PP in Congress, Vicente Martínez-Pujalte, said today that "the real deficit of the Community of Murcia is 2.37 percent, a fact that means the Executive Murcia and citizens have made great efforts in the process of consolidation of public accounts, and the Government of Spain is well aware of it. "

As he explained, "the endorsement of the airport, which is a non-recurring expenditure and also refundable, does not count for the purposes of deficit, as does the finance financial restructuring plan made by the Government of Spain."

In this sense, Martínez-Pujalte stressed that the data released today by the Ministry of Finance correspond to a "deficit adjusted to the reality of Murcia," which "has also managed to lower for the year 2012 at a time of inactivity economic, recession, negative GDP and falling employment. "

According to the deputy, "more work", although it has stressed that "we must expect that Murcia has a structural funding problem caused by the pernicious system of regional financing imposed by the Zapatero government and applauded the PSRM, a problem that makes the region that receives less money in per capita terms, ie for the worst funded public services. "

"And that means, every year, a worse funding, each year, a necessity of borrowing, and each year a need to address financial expenses as a result of deficit spending in previous years," he added.

Similarly, Martinez-Pujalte stressed the need to "continue working for stability, without compromising public services and ensuring that citizens of Murcia will not be more than one but not less than anyone, and they will have a quality in education or equivalent to the rest of Spain "healing.

Vicente Martínez-Pujalte said that "we, from the People's Party and from the House of Representatives will continue to make efforts to ensure that the Region of Murcia is well funded. 'Cause I'm sure the government will continue on the line has been given in 2013 to consolidate public finances. "

Source: PP Región de Murcia

Transparency International Ranking on transparency in regional parliaments

Monday, March 31st, 2014

UPyD calls for "urgent reforms" to bring the Regional Assembly to citizens and give it greater transparency

To Fuensanta Maximus, the Transparency International report that leaves the Regional Chamber as the least transparent of all regional parliaments, highlights "the urgent need" to address the reforms "for true democratic regeneration" Region.

UPyD Murcia's been calling for over four years through initiatives it has submitted to the Chamber groups

Murcia, Monday, March 31 -. UPyD The regional head, Fuensanta Maximus, called for "urgent reforms" to bring the Regional Assembly to citizens and give it greater transparency.

Max has said that the report by Transparency International, in which the Regional Assembly is the least transparent of all regional parliaments, comes to agree with the requirements UPyD been doing for more than four years ago.

In this regard, he noted that in the region is essential measures "to one of the major outstanding issues in regional policy: the democratic regeneration".

In the same vein he said "citizen disaffection with politics is a serious threat to democracy should be treated with urgency problem, the proximity and validity of the institutions is essential."

Responsible for regional UPyD, such measures is a priority reforms to make citizens "enjoy an affordable Regional Parliament", which is perceived "there are doubts about their real problems in a transparent manner."

Thus, he has asked for a more functional website and broadcast on television in the website, all the parliamentary committees and full activity, as in the website of the Congress of Deputies.

Also recalled that Fuensanta Maximum UPyD registered during the last four years in the Regional Assembly, and delivered to the three parliamentary groups, proposals for the reform of regional electoral law and the measures proposed for the formation magenta future regional Transparency Act

For reform of the electoral law, UPyD proposes a single constituency, open lists and lower the threshold for access to seat 3%.

And as for the regional law of Transparency, the main objective should be "to promote the control of all public agencies" seeking criteria of objectivity, impartiality and attention to the public interest, "promoting transparency in government", and allowing citizens' meet and evaluate their decisions. "

Maximum Fuensanta As explained, the law of regional Transparency and Access to Public Information, should apply to "all autonomous agencies, institutions, corporate companies, institutes, linked to it or publicly funded foundations, as well as non-governmental organizations and political parties, and must be applicable to all staff, whether official or politician. "

The aim should be that "every citizen has access to all government documents, including financial statements."

Source: UPyD Región de Murcia

IU-Green says the lack of transparency in the Regional Assembly demonstrates "the workings of Murcia PP"

Monday, March 31st, 2014

The coordinator of IU-Greens in the region, José Antonio Pujante, said today that the result of the latest report of Transparency International, which shows that the Parliament Murcia is the least transparent of Spain, shows "how to run the regional PP ".

Booming indicated that this way of working "is where you have worked and function as if they were the masters of the house, patterns, relegating the opposition of a paper without actual capacity of initiative must be to control the impulse control and government action. "

But "this is not possible because there has been tremendous hindrance by the PP, which is responsible for the Regional Assembly is in the last group," according to the aforementioned report, which assessed the parliaments of all regions.

Source: IURM

Valcárcel says "Europe are highways, water treatment plants, hospitals, youth employment and the preservation of our cultural heritage"

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Community Manager and COR opens in Santiago de Compostela the day, 'Why do we care about Europe?' , which explains the current importance of the European project for citizens

He states that "in addition to universal European values ​​and principles, intangible, we need to add more pedagogical, sharper vision of the EU, the tangible aspects, which affect us more directly shape our lives"

Remarks that the monetary amount provided for the creation of youth employment in Europe through the program 'Youth Guarantee' "is not enough", although "going in the right direction"

President and Chairman of the Community Committee of the Regions, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, said today that "Europe is our highways, our water treatment plants, our hospitals, the preservation of our cultural heritage or use of our youth."

Valcárcel opened in Santiago de Compostela the day, 'Why do we care about Europe: The future of the regions of the European Union', organized by the Conference of European Regional Legislative Assemblies (CALRE), led the president of the Galician Parliament, Pilar Red, whose presentation was made by the President of the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijoo.

Galician president defined the CoR as an institutional pillar of the EU, "reminding us where Europe has its roots" and glossed figure head of Murcia, who said that "thanks to its management in Europe today Murcia has more open ever your door in the EU "and thanked" the nearly 20 years working for the Region of Murcia and the autonomous regions of Spain ".

In his speech, Ramón Luis Valcárcel stressed that "politicians have an obligation to explain to all citizens representing Europe today, because in addition to universal European values ​​and principles, intangible, we need to add more pedagogical vision, sharper EU, on the tangible aspects, which affect us more directly shape our lives, we have to explain what it is for Europe. "

So, said that "there are many important reasons for Europe well ahead of the election next May 25 the European Parliament" and that therefore "we must redouble our efforts to strengthen the trust of citizens in the European project , must be the ambassadors of Europe in our regions and cities. "

In this regard, he recalled the great impact that the Common Agricultural Policy had in the rural areas, or impulse that the Union is giving the Trans-European Transport Networks, including 'motorways of the sea', referring to Galicia, which have being one of the most important modes of communication on the continent.

"This is the added value of Europe: its tangible projects that aim to improve the welfare of people," he added.

"The institutions closer to the citizen"

As for direct participation in these projects by local and regional authorities, President Valcarcel said they represent more than two thirds of total public investment in the European Union, and therefore "must also key in the debate on growth and employment "actors.

"At this point in the history of Europe," said the head of Murcia, "will provide it with a territorial dimension, is not only a question of competence and legitimacy, but effective, because we are the institutions closer to the citizens."

Proof of this, he argued, has been the development of the employment program 'Youth Guarantee', "whose head emerged from the Committee of the Regions in their efforts to find a direct solution to the serious problem of unemployment among the younger population, and that suffers from a very direct way our towns, our cities and our regions. "

Therefore, Valcárcel stressed, although the economic amount provided for this program "is not enough, I think we're going in the right direction."

So the president of the Community and the CoR president, said "it is precisely at this time in Europe, in one of the worst economic and political crisis since its creation, in which the Europeans have to be able to react, building a European Union more transparent, more convincing and showing more courage in tackling the challenges we face. "

"It is necessary now," concluded Valcárcel, "understand that the EU is a common project that radiates democracy, stability and progress, and also recognize the role they play in the defense of subsidiarity, the closeness to citizens, organizations as the Conference of European Regional Legislative Assemblies. "

Source: CARM

IU-Greens calls for amendment of the Statute of Autonomy and early elections

Monday, March 31st, 2014

The coordinator of IU-Greens in the region, José Antonio Pujante, said today that the regional government has "no legitimacy whatsoever" and called on its members to "resign in full" and convened "immediately" elections anticipated prior amendment of the Statute of Autonomy.

Pujante explained that this amendment would ensure that, as happens in other communities such as Andalusia and Catalonia, the upcoming elections in the Region of Murcia after advance were held in four years, not one year, as the forces Statute of Autonomy of the Community.

To Pujante, the PP has lost most of social consensus and approval of citizenship and therefore is totally discredited, plus it "has consistently lied" to say no endorsement compute the airport as debt of the Autonomous Community and yes it has computed.

"That has led to the Region with the highest deficit of all communities, to which must be added the cuts in health, education and social services and the failure of the law of basic income", among other things, he assured the coordinator of IU-Greens.

In his view, "the current situation is that of a disjointed region, sunken, with a government that can not govern and that looks like the cabin of the Marx Brothers, a disaster with unprecedented institutional crisis becomes somewhat the icing on this social and economic crisis affecting the region. "

Source: IURM

Imposition of the Cross of Merit on the legal profession to Gaspar de la Peña Velasco

Monday, March 31st, 2014

​​ The Law Society of Murcia has also included the portrait of Pedro Luis Sáez López, in the gallery of the institution deans

The Dean of the Bar Association of Murcia, Francisco Martínez-Escribano has imposed the Cross of Merit on the legal profession to Gaspar de la Peña Velasco, dean of the College Honor and older counsel practicing in Murcia.

Gaspar de la Peña takes 67 years practicing law (since November 11, 1946) and is credited with the Distinguished Cross First Class of San Raimundo de Penafort, the Gold Medal Bar Medal Murcia and Gold Bar Lorca.

He founded the Mutual General Advocacy, being the same delegate in Murcia since 1955 and served on its Board of Governors.

Is the Gold Button Mutual, which was the first such distinction was delivered.

He has been an assistant professor at the University of Murcia, Civil Law, Honorary Consul of Mexico and President of the Council of Murcia.

Soon after, took place including portrait Pedro Luis Sáez López, former dean of the College Deans Gallery of Bar Association of Murcia, which accompany the rest who have held office during the 175-year history College.

The ceremony was attended by the Board members who shared with him and mandate of the current Board members.

Source: Agencias

IU-Green believes that the EC could open a Zip file to the airport

Monday, March 31st, 2014

The coordinator of IU-Greens in the Region of Murcia, José Antonio Pujante, today has shown "convinced" that the European Commission (EC) could open a Zip file by the "infringing" Community legislation around the airport Corvera.

According Pujante, the dossiers submitted by the Regional Government said European institution obviated public investments that have been made both in doorways and electrification of that airport as the expansion and improvement of San Javier and Alicante.

"We believe that it has misled the European institutions," he argued Pujante, after demanding that all documentation "is taken into account, especially to avoid a similar setback that has been an airport similar in Poland" .

In his view, "has been privileged to undertakings with some operations that threaten free competition than others legitimately could have done, and who did not because they had no such information on public investment and the possibility of a guarantee that the initial contract did not appear. "

He has also criticized the regional government while reducing budgets in public services such as health, education, social policy and the development of the law of Basic Income, public money goes to an "absurd and unnecessary" infrastructure.

For the federation coordinator left, President of the Autonomous Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, "is set again to serve the interests of the companies that make Aeromur, particularly Sacyr".

"A Valcárcel only interested, first, save the financial position of these companies and, secondly, take time to go smoothly, quietly, the European Parliament without taking any responsibility, which is very serious," he added.

The IU-Greens leader has said he wants to know the documentation "are supposed to examine European institutions and as a result of it does not rule out any option."

However, it is feared that "all are well tied so that there is no legal considerations and therefore everything is safe for Aeromur not have to bear the cost of this terrible fiasco."

Source: IURM

UPyD described as "dismal and disappointing" that put data Murcia with the highest deficit figure in Spain during 2013

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Maximum fuensanta insists that the situation is "absolute seriousness" and that "we not only do not control the deficit figure" but also that it "triggers", recording a gap of 3.17%, which "puts us at the top of the podium "of communities assigned breached the deficit by 2013.

The regional head of UPyD, Fuensanta Max, described as "dismal and disappointing" data issued by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration that leave Murcia with a deficit of 3.17%, which is 1, 58% more than expected, and that place within six regions that missed the deficit target allocated for the year 2013, and what is worse, as the region with higher deficits, with wide lead on second was Valencia (2.33%) and Castilla La Mancha (2.13%) representing the highest total in Spain,.

In this sense, Maximum Fuensanta expressed his "concern" that the regional government is unable to meet the deficit figure of the Autonomous Community, despite the Ministry of Finance granted a "plus" , allowing it reached 1.59%.

Responsible for the formation of magenta, the data is "absolute seriousness" that evidence "the government's failure Valcárcel before his flight to Brussels", and it also leaves us with "a recognized debt around 5,500 million ".

Likewise, the regional spokesman has meant disaster has meant Corvera, "Valcarcel whim" for the regional economy, which eventually included as debt Order 182 million loan, which has increased even more deficit for the year 2012 was 3.11%, "despite the cuts in public services and pay cuts, as is the case again suffered by public employees."

According to Maxim, Bernal Vice President must give absolute priority to "seek solutions to this dramatic situation", exposing the new plans and clarifying what measures it planned to put at stake to stop the deficit.

He also said that the figures are "a clear sign of the lack of realism and foresight" with which the regional government has made "some unreal and remote budgets of reality" and "demonstrate effective absence of adjustment plans ".

Similarly, the spokesman UPyD, Fuensanta Maximus, has re-emphasized the measures UPyD been calling for a more effective and sustainable deficit control.

Thus, he recalled that his political and requested the removal of the Ombudsman, the Economic and Social Council and Legal Council, because they are institutions or organizations that duplicate functions already undertaken by other agencies at the state level counterparts.

In addition, he noted the reduction of other expendable regional authorities at the moment, and the proposal of UPyD to merge UMU and UPCT and their rejection that the regional government will spend 12 million euros in the new contract for regional television.

In conclusion, Maximum Fuensanta also stressed that UPyD been proposing for five years, and for the entire State, streamlining government and territorial reform model as the best solution to eliminate duplication, reduce costs and reduce the deficit.

"We were the first to put on the table issues such as the abolition of provincial, merging municipalities of less than 5,000 inhabitants and the devolution of power to the state, such as Health and Education."

Source: UPyD Región de Murcia

Thousands of people participate in the "feast of forgiveness"

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Summoned by Pope Francisco and the Bishop of Cartagena, 17:00 pm on Friday at 17:00 am on Saturday, the Cathedral hosted an intensive day of confessions "24 hours for the Lord."

Continuously for 24 hours, more than 70 priests administered the Sacrament of Penance to thousands.

According to the Vicar General and President Dean of the Cathedral, Juan Tudela, is difficult to count people who confessed in the cathedral, but you can do more than the 2,500 estimate.

Friday 16:50 to 3:00 pm on Saturday, people lined up to receive the Sacrament of Confession.

The time when most priests was agreed during the prayer vigil youth, about 15 priests were confessing from 23:00 pm on Friday until 3:00 am Saturday.

Tudela also ensures that the less busy time was 3:00 to 5:30 pm in the five priests who remained in the Cathedral to confess.

Mr. Bishop was also confessing before beginning the vigil of youth.

"It was a wonderful experience, extraordinary, God's gift to our Diocese," said the Vicar General, who also highlights the large number of faithful to the celebration of the Eucharist and the various prayers of the Liturgy of the Hours.

The three seminars Diocese actively participated in this conference, the Seminary of San Fulgencio and Retail San Jose took the lead in Vespers on Saturday afternoon, and two hours later the Missionary Seminary Redemptoris Mater performed the Compline prayer.

"A Light in the Night"

By 2300 he began waking "A Light in the Night," directed by the Secretariat of Music (Diocesan Choir and Orchestra) Diocesan Youth Ministry Center.

Through this prayer, the youth of the Diocese participated in the "24 hours to the Lord" initiative in two ways: taking to the streets to evangelize and invite other young people to participate in prayer and the Sacrament of Confession, or praying before the Blessed Sacrament for the mission of evangelizing young bear fruit.

About 30 people, including youth, adults and women, took to the streets of Murcia to evangelize and invite other young people to participate in this vigil.

The Bishop of Cartagena performed the prayer of sending these missionaries, through which dozens of youth groups gradually joined the prayer.

Bishop Lorca Planes headed youth to explain that this day was an opportunity to see God's mercy, which is always close to the man, "is the feast of forgiveness and mercy, is an encounter with Christ before Easter ".

He invited young people and all those present to look to Jesus Christ, who has carried on his shoulders, on the cross, the sins of the world.

"The world is separated from God and He tells us to open our hearts, there is hope to be happy, to live with his invitation to be holy, because our goal is holiness, despite our limitations and sins."

The Delegate of Youth Ministry, Manuel Verdu says it was very positive frame wakefulness "A Light in the Night" in this intensive day of confessions, in order to "have an encounter with God through forgiveness."

The songs, readings, meditations and testimony, youth prayed before the Blessed Sacrament in this prayer vigil that lasted over three hours.

Also intensive day in Cartagena

At the request of Bishop, "24 hours to the Lord" was also carried out intensively in the parish of Our Lady of Carmen Cartagena, which passed by hundreds of faithful to receive the Sacrament of Penance.

Thirty priests throughout the Vicariate of Cartagena participated in these "24 hours to the Lord" in response to the confession.

"It was a very rewarding day for everyone, having received the Sacrament of hundreds of people Penance and involved a large number of faithful in the recitation of different times of the psalter and prayer vigil, prepared by the young, which took place on Friday night, "said the pastor of Our Lady of Carmen, Francisco Pagan.

Source: Obispado de Cartagena

Tovar Martinez argues that "re lying to society Murcia on Basic Income Insertion"

Monday, March 31st, 2014

regional deputy spokesman PP recalls that between 2008 and 2014 the budget of the Basic Income has increased Insertion 800 percent until the 6,750,000 euros

The deputy spokesman of the regional PP, Victor Manuel Martinez, said today that the secretary general of the PSRM, Rafael González Tovar, "again lied to Murcia society" because "the Popular Party increased Basic Income Insertion in recent budgets of our region, income intended for the needy also saw the improved criteria and made accessible for people who are faring worse in our region "were introduced.

Martinez, who has complained that González Tovar and socialist leaders "just looking to get the photo and the headline, and have been doing so far," said that "we all agree on the need to provide more resources budget item of income Basic, so President Valcarcel found last year that had to increase it by one million euros, again in the budgets for 2014 and surely will increase this year, because it is an open item. "

As he explained, "Basic Income Act was adopted in 2007, when there was no crisis and budgets were expansive, but in 2008 began the worst crisis this country has ever known and this region, with a dramatic drop in income that seriously endangers the welfare state. Whereupon the infamous economic funding model approved by the government of the PSOE in 2009, with the approval of González Tovar own "adds.

"However," said Martinez, "budget item in 2008 was 835,000 euros has increased to 6,750,000 euros in 2014, we are talking about more than 800 percent."

The 'popular' leader has criticized the socialist leaders "would imply that there is only basic income for people without resources when it is not, since there are other items for people at risk of exclusion that complement the basic income".

In this regard, he stated that "in 2013 a game of 1,500,000 euros to basic social care programs in family spending, food, soup kitchens, social care, etc. are enabled., A game that has been consolidated 2014 in order to support people who need it most through the most representative of the Network for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion, EAPN "entities.

"There is also a budget for more than EUR 3 million for the care of people in shelters and homes amount, guaranteeing more than 70,000 annual stay engaged in different resources, and we have a batch of 850,000 euros aimed at families with children at risk of social exclusion that has helped 250 families last year, "the deputy spokesman added.

For Victor Manuel Martinez, "You can not lie so blatantly to Murcia society from the PSRM, you can not try to take advantage of the needy, and especially, you can not try to fool who precisely has been one of the architects of the situation economy we live in today and one of the worst economic conditions of our country. "

"A situation which, fortunately, thanks to the actions of President Valcárcel and President Rajoy, will gradually overcoming" stressed Martinez.

"Let us join hands to get out of this situation as soon as possible and make serious proposals that are above the photo and the headline," he concluded.

Source: PP Región de Murcia