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Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

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El Nuevo Teatro Circo Cartagena Kings host the Youth Market developers

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

On 3, 4 and 5 January in the lobby of the theater of Cartagena

Come back another edition of Kings Flea Market in the lobby of Nuevo Teatro Circo Cartagena.

The market in the Christmas program of the Department of Celebration will be held on 3 and 4 January 11 to 20 hours and Sunday October 5 to 14.

Craft, fashion, young designers, crafts … arrived at the theater hall of Cartagena for the most unique gifts will be given.

A flea market gifts intended for Epiphany.

The Cactus Mecadillo Events organized by the leadership team and Puri Vicente will make the hall of the Nuevo Teatro Circo these days is a benchmark in which to acquire unique and original Christmas gifts.

Case of exclusive jewelery Rellina Unique Design and handbags and accessories Tatiana's Things M53Off stand next to, with its collection of t-shirts and sweatshirts that are having so much success throughout the country.

The hall of the Nuevo Teatro Circo will welcome craftsmen, creative entrepreneurs … the world of design and crafts.

Furthermore, encouraging so fashionable 'Philosophy DIY' (Do it yourself or Háztelo yourself) This action will achieve that all Cartagena to enjoy a market-style organized in cities like Madrid and Barcelona, is organized for the second time

On January 2, children's films, Aircraft

Aircraft Klay Hall.


DisneyToon Studios / Prana Animation Studios.

USA, 2013.

Hours: 11:00 and 17:00 h.

Inputs 2 Euros.

Dusty is an aircraft that dreams participate in a high-flying aerial competition.

But Dusty was not exactly built to compete and it turns out …

Afraid of heights!

So, turns to an experienced naval aviator who helps you qualify to challenge the defending champion of the race circuit.

Dusty demonstrate its value to reach unimaginable heights and teach the world what to do to get airborne.

Hours: 11:00 and 17:00 h.

Inputs: 2 Euros

Source: Agencias

The Ministry of Industry and AENOR promote standardization, quality and competitiveness of SMEs in the Region

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Both institutions signed an agreement to promote excellence in the organizations of the Region of Murcia

Furthermore, the sustainability of enterprises will be promoted through the integration of economic, social, labor and environmental issues given by the certifying agent

The Ministry of Industry, Enterprise and Innovation and the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification (AENOR) collaborate to promote activities to improve infrastructure designed to meet industrial quality in the Region of Murcia, as reflected in an agreement recently signed between officials of the two institutions.

Director of Industry, Energy and Mines, Pedro Jiménez, explained that "the purpose is to achieve the objectives of industrial competitiveness and quality in the Region of Murcia, which give companies the ability to precisely meet the needs of consumers," and stressed "the obligation to promote standardization and quality that promote and enhance industrial competitiveness Murcia".

As noted by the Director of Industry, "Through this agreement, the definition of the organizational structure, responsibilities, activities, resources and procedures of the organization of a company will be encouraged to carry out the management of the desired quality."

To this end the Ministry promotes the implementation of the standardization activity AENOR in companies in the region.

Both institutions "collaborate through standardization and certification in the promotion of excellence in management, supporting businesses and organizations in the Region of Murcia related industry properly transform management, Jiménez materialized. The purpose, he added, is "to help them become advocates for excellence and set an example in settings of advanced business management to improve competitiveness."

Moreover, publications on topics of interest will be developed in this area and provide free information on issues related to quality, safety and industrial environment for businesses, organizations and citizens of the Region of Murcia request.

Source: CARM

Health takes almost 10,000 inspections and local food establishments to verify compliance with the anti-smoking law

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

In 2013, the number of complaints was 669, which represents a slight decrease from the previous year, which recorded 711

The Director General of Public Health states that "the purpose is to protect non-smokers from second-hand smoke snuff" and recalls that the regional government is working to regulate the use of the electronic cigarette

Since the entry into force of Law 42/2010, of 30 December, in the Region have conducted more than 28,200 performances to ensure compliance with these regulations

Inspectors Service Food Safety and Zoonoses of the Directorate General of Public Health, under the Ministry of Health and Social Policy, conducted nearly 10,000 inspections during 2013 in different health areas to ensure proper compliance with the anti-smoking law.

The Director General of Public Health, Francisco García, today provided this data provisional.

Tomorrow, January 1, 2014, the third anniversary of the entry into force of Law 42/2010 of 30 December amending to Law 28/2005 of 26 December on health measures against smoking and regulating the sale, supply, use and advertising of snuff products.

In all, over 2013 were 9,991 inspections in local food establishments and 9,708 against the previous year.

Of all performances took place in 4,311 establishments in the hospitality sector, reflecting a slight increase compared to 2012, which were 4,301.

Garcia said that "the purpose of the Act is to protect non-smokers from second-hand smoke snuff, workers in the hospitality, catering and minors."

To do this, is to avoid smoking in enclosed public places and areas or play areas for children in the precincts of the parks, even if they are outdoors and on hospital grounds, among others. "

The number of complaints rose to 669, while in 2012 was 711.

Of the total complaints, 64 were from associations and individuals and the rest, 605, Civil Guard and local police.

In this sense, the CEO explained that "most of the complaints are smoking inside establishments, for issues concerning the walls thereof, by selling snuff in unauthorized settlements and the absence of signs."

The number given was 304 disciplinary proceedings and disciplinary proceedings finalized was 240.

These data, Garcia said, show that this year we have been able to complete more than 170 disciplinary proceedings in 2012 "thanks to the efforts of the Professional Food Service Safety and Zoonoses," he said.

Thus, about 60 percent of penalty proceedings has been to allow smoking on the premises, 10 percent for smoking in unauthorized places and 30 percent by selling snuff and lower in unauthorized places.

The CEO noted that "it is necessary to raise awareness of the effects of snuff on health and on the need for informing citizens to achieve the highest degree of compliance with these regulations," so he said that since the Executive Murcia "always has opted for smoke-free spaces and to promote healthy lifestyles. "

Results from the entry into force

Since it began applying the Law 42/2010 of 30 December amending to Law 28/2005 of 26 December on health measures against smoking and regulating the sale, supply, consumption and advertising of products snuff in the Region of Murcia, and until the end of 2013, have been made in the Autonomous Community Inspections 28,270 8,678 of which have been in catering establishments.

Also, the Directorate General of Public Health have received 1,952 complaints, of which 382 were from associations and individuals and 1,570 of the bodies of local police and Guardia Civil.

As a result, 736 have been proposed disciplinary proceedings have been completed and 469 of them.

Electronic Cigarette

The CEO said "it is essential to adapt the legislation to adapt policy to social and behavioral changes that have occurred in recent years."

He therefore decided to provide clarifications and recommendations to the public on the use of electronic cigarettes.

Garcia reiterated that since the Ministry of Health and Social Policy continuous contact with the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality holds for regulating the use of electronic smoking in some public spaces.

In this regard, he said that "all actions undertaken in Spain was framed in the various initiatives taken by European authorities."

The CEO reiterated that "the snuff is the leading preventable cause of disease, disability and premature death in Spain," and concluded that "so far has not proven the effectiveness of the electronic cigarette to stop smoking."

Source: CARM

Public Works drafts during 2013 seven construction projects and road safety to improve regional roads

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

In addition, the Road Maintenance Service performs many other projects Repair and Improvement Firm

A team of civil engineers, technical engineers and Works technical assistants working in the design of road infrastructure

The Ministry of Public Works and Planning drafted for 2013 seven projects for the construction and improvement of road safety in the road network of the Region of Murcia, and many other repair and improvement firm.

The Director of Roads, José Guijarro, highlighted the work of a team composed of his department civil engineers, technical engineers and Works technical assistants, getting the availability of projects and studies to carry out the works in regional road network.

During 2013, the technicians of the Highways completed the drafting of two construction projects that have been improved RM-D19 (Puerto Lumbreras-Puri) roads, and RM-B21 (Cehegín-Industrial Estate) .

"In addition, he has worked in the splitting of the RM-F14 road, which is a more complex project that will end next year, and the RM-A15, vital to Jumilla, it communicates this town with the El defrost, "said the director.

Guijarro said, meanwhile, Service Operation and Road Safety also works in the gauging network, "gathers all data taking gauging stations and it makes, using the corresponding mathematical algorithms, the report on the real traffic on the regional road network. "

The department has also undertaken work to improve road safety point, such as the construction of roundabouts and access management.

In addition, the Service Road Maintenance performs all projects of the works executed, ie all projects of repair and improvement firm that have been tendered in 2013, a total of seven, and three to be carried out next year.

Moreover, the Directorate General has a Soil Mechanics Laboratory, which is the best equipped in the region in its category and is responsible for identifying all lands by extending roads and materials involved in their construction .

It is the information that you have first hand knowledge of the latest technical developments in the field, which are then applied in the execution of works in the region.

In addition, this laboratory is then homologous to other private laboratories for testing our specialty in other works.

Source: CARM

Phone 1-1-2 Murcia serves nearly 16 million calls since its launch in 1999

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

were managed almost five million incidents, mostly related to health emergencies, public safety and traffic , medical consultations and inquiries

The service multilingual staff has treated nearly 32,000 calls or demands made ​​by alertantes which were expressed in English, French, German or Arabic

The single emergency telephone number 1-1-2 Murcia, under the Ministry of Presidency through the Department of Public Safety and Emergency, has served since its entry into service in 1999 a total of 15,891,849 calls, representing an average of 3,100 calls per day.

The number of calls "has undergone a major evolution in the past 14 years," said today the Minister of the Presidency, Manuel Campos, who, accompanied by the Director General of Public Safety and Emergency, Luis Gestoso, went to the room telephone service commended for their work to employees 1-1-2 Murcia, while congratulated them 2014.

Campos explained that the phone service has been receiving 105,325 calls in its first year to more than 1,045,000 attentions this year.

In recent years it has detected a stabilization of the number of calls to the emergency number, which stands at an average of 1,135,132 calls annually.

"The Region of Murcia has reached a high level of safety, quality of life and confidence thanks to 1-1-2," said Manuel Campos.

The Minister stressed that the 1-1-2 Murcia ensures coordination between the various agencies responsible for emergency management, thanks to great display of interconnected organisms, 23, including 4 located in the Emergency Coordination Center and other 19 remote centers associated with the direction of the actions necessary to resolve the emergency by the other competent authorities in the integrated RM 1-1-2.

Responsible autonomy being finalized stressed that a new update of the platform Region of Murcia 1-1-2 "will continue to pursue that incorporate the latest advances in new technologies for emergency management in the region."

Served 5 million incidents

Since it came into operation on 1 January 1999, the 1-1-2 has handled 4,965,424 cases more than 970 incidents a day.

This represents that 31.25 percent of the calls received single emergency telephone number has generated the need for management of an incident.

By type of emergencies, health emergencies are the most common reason to call 1-1-2 Murcia, accounting for 32.46 percent, followed by the attentions related to public safety and traffic, with 24, 42 percent, and requests for information, with 20.53 percent.

The fourth largest group of ads are those related to medical consultations (16.02 percent), while the fire and rescue collects 2.71 percent of the cases, the incidents of domestic violence victims represent 2.50 percent and civil protection, 1.34 percent.

Users chose especially the mobile phone to communicate emergency 1-1-2 Murcia, representing 57.3 percent of cases, compared with 42.68 percent did so from a landline.

In 2013 have been received until December 15 a total of 1,045,969 calls, which have resulted in 360 276 management issues related to health emergencies, public safety and traffic, inquiries and requests for medical information, among others.

Multilingual Service

The phone 1-1-2 Murcia is a plural and accessible tool for all citizens emergencies.

So, has served since its inception a total of 31,914 calls or demands made by alertantes which were expressed in English, French, German, or Arabic.

Since its inception, the 1-1-2 service has increased its multilingual staff, from 478 in its first year attentions to 2,167 calls this year 2013.

Of the 31,914 calls answered in other languages, the largest number corresponded to the unanswered calls in English with 19,906 (61.37 percent).

Then the demands were answered in Arabic, with 6,394 calls (20.03 percent), in French, with 3,617 calls (11.33 percent), and German, with 1,997 calls (6.25 percent).

Source: CARM

The Socialist Party is confident that the deviation of the deficit target will bring further cuts to the Region

Monday, December 30th, 2013

PSRM Deputy Secretary General stresses that data back to the regional government to deny and discredit the budget approved for 2014

The Deputy Secretary General of the PSRM, Casalduero Isabel, the Vice President said Bernal, who, though he claims otherwise, "we are confident that the deviation in six tenths of the deficit target will bring further cuts to the Region of Murcia".

Upon learning that our Community is the second Spanish region with the highest deficit (-2.05%), Casalduero recalled that "from the PSRM always asked the regional government not to accept a target of less than 2% deficit, because it was known that it could not fulfill. "

"Now, the same day the Budget of the Autonomous Community are published, the data again contradict the regional government, or what is the same: PP approved by Valcárcel Budgets are useless, are discredited, and that means that the PP will have to introduce new cuts, "insisted the social responsibility.

"We want to know what cuts will occur and where we want clear explanations and no more good words, because the citizens of the region who are experiencing a period of hard sacrifices deserve to know the reality. And not deserve a government that rather than fix things, only capable of accumulating deficits and debt, a debt we pay to all our taxes, "he concluded.


UPyD: "The failure of the deficit reflects the state of uncertainty that will leave Valcárcel Region"

Monday, December 30th, 2013

Rafael Sánchez is a "bad news" in the first ten months of the year reached 2.05%, surpassing midpoint 1.59% allowed by the Treasury for the year.

Notes that there is no reason for optimism today Valcárcel has shown in its year-end balance

The regional coordinator UPyD, Rafael Sanchez, said to produce a "great unrest" failure to check which is the regional deficit and has called "bad news" in the first ten months have already passed by half a point the figure of 1.59% allowed by the Treasury.

Sánchez, contrary to the optimism expressed today by Valcárcel in his year-end balance, expressed his pessimism about the situation that closes 2013 in the region.

In this regard, stressed that "the failure of the deficit for the sixth consecutive year reflects the state of uncertainty that Valcárcel will leave the presidency of the Community." And this, "continued Sanchez," without counting as deficit 200 million euros Corvera endorsement to be included from 2015, and 600 million potential ACS demanded by the regional government's desalination plant tailings, two of its "flagship" works already severely mortgage the future of the region " .

The regional coordinator UPyD has insisted its astonishment "Valcárcel optimism" in its year-end balance today, "in a region with 30% unemployment, more than € 5,000 million of debt and almost 30 % of the population at risk of poverty and social exclusion. "

Sanchez expressed his concern that the regional government is unable to meet the deficit figure of the Autonomous Community, despite the Ministry of Finance granted a "plus", allowing it to reach 1 , 59%, and also considering that the Region of Murcia is one of the few AA in which increased revenues (+2.4% compared to a fall of 4% in the whole AA).

For the magenta training coordinator, the data is a "total failure" returns to make clear to the Government of Valcárcel, most budget variance percentage of GDP in Spain, only to Navarra.

Similarly, it has also revealed that, although the ninth Community decreased spending less, "this effort seems too short for Community Living breaching the deficit."

Thus, to control more effective and sustainable deficit, Rafael Sanchez has returned to summon the regional government to abolish the autonomous bodies CARM all the National Reform Plan noted the central government as duplicates and unnecessary in relative to their counterparts at the state level.

So he recalled that his political and requested the removal of the Ombudsman, the Economic and Social Council and Legal Council, because they are institutions or organizations that duplicate functions already undertaken by other agencies at the state level counterparts.

He also noted the reduction of other expendable regional authorities at the moment, and the proposal to merge UPyD and UMU UPCT.

In conclusion, Rafael Sanchez has again criticized the regional government for the contradiction that has announced a new contest for autonomic tv for more than 12 million euros, "as we confront the failure of deficit."

UPyD calls for full privatization of the regional tv for the regional government subsidize full stop.

Source: UPyD Región de Murcia

The PSOE regrets the entry into force of the new local law that hinder the access of citizens to public services

Monday, December 30th, 2013

Secretary of Municipal Policy PSRM, Jesus Navarro, said that the entry into force of the new bylaw, which has been published today in the Official Gazette, is "a blow to all Spanish municipalities, especially those in the region Murcia ", it represents a process of privatization and dismantling of many of the public services provided by councils.

Navarro said in the democratic era had never seen a similar attack to municipalities, political closeness that since they are made, and which, moreover, will not rationalize municipal utilities, but somehow, the intervenes when you remove the power to carry out many of its institutional functions.

In his opinion, "the Constitutional Court must demonstrate the suitability of this Act, that we, like other political groups and most social sectors, we know that does not give solutions to citizens, but that comes between them and public authorities to hinder their access to services that have traditionally provided the municipalities. "


UPyD employment calls for SEF keeps staff and contracts are extended

Monday, December 30th, 2013

The regional coordinator, Rafael Sánchez, this morning in the register of the Autonomous Community a letter to the Director General of Civil petition asking maintaining appointments to the staff of the Employment and Training (SEF)

The regional coordinator UPyD, Rafael Sánchez, has demanded the Director General of the Civil Service, maintenance jobs in the SEF.

Sanchez this morning in the register of the Autonomous Community a request to the CEO asking maintaining appointments to the staff of the Employment and Training (SEF).

In its letter, the regional coordinator UPyD manifest "that users have the right to have good public services, guaranteeing adequate social assistance and benefits in situations of need, especially in case of unemployment."

He considers that the activity carried out provided by the Employment and Training Service (SEF) "is essential in these situations, even today, given the economic crisis."

Similarly, indicated that within the SEF, "is essential the work carried out by practitioners, promoters and officials of the general body, to assist and guide both the unemployed and employers."

Therefore Sánchez cessation complaint for December 31, 2013 of 16 counselors and promoters and 4 officers of the general bodies of SEF.

He emphasizes that there is no organizational economic, budgetary reasons (coming funded by the Public State Employment Service) or to justify that decision, "but rather the opposite," as there is sufficient budget and cessation will lead to a degradation in service delivery, leaving unemployed without counselors and general officers (while continuing to grow the number of people without jobs), employers without promoters.

At the same time it will create spaces lower level in the office Caravaca and Alhama, as they would the services to be provided by officials of the administrative body, rather the body of administrative management in addition to lead to increased costs for the regional budget (financed by regional funds, rather than to the state).

Source: UPyD Región de Murcia