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The Socialist Party denounced the passivity, neglect and disability policies of the PP to address the disease of AIDS

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

Secretary of Participation, M ª José Albaladejo, reported a reduction of more than 50% of aid to fund programs for HIV prevention , what measures restricting rights affected people added

Secretary of share PSRM-PSOE, M ª José Albaladejo denounced the occasion of World Day to Combat AIDS, "the passivity, neglect and inability to PP's policies have addressed the issue of HIV and AIDS."

"The dismantling of the Secretariat of the National Plan on AIDS and its integration into a general subdivision, thereby removing resources and drastic cutbacks, now make invisible actions in this field."

According to the last year more than 35 million people living with HIV and 1.6 million people died in 2012 from AIDS-related illnesses.

In the last year, in our country have a total of 3,000 diagnosed cases.

In our region since the beginning of the epidemic until June 2013 have been accounted for 1,795 cases.

Albaladejo said that this situation of inactivity measures restricting rights and benefits to persons living with HIV (drug copayment, obstacles in dispensing antiretrovirals, or restrictions on access to the latest drugs added related with hepatitis C).

"All this combined to the setback of universality and equity of our health system the approval of Royal Decree Law 16/2012".

Also reported the reduction of over 50% in aid to fund programs for HIV prevention developed NGOs and groups in the region, "which shows the lack of interest of the PP governments in this area, despite the important work being done by these social organizations. "

Moreover, M ª José Albaladejo alluded to the negative consequences that are taking cuts in PP, as involving the abolition of many prevention programs and assistance.

"The state government is promoting the dismantling of many organizations, so indispensable to win the battle against this disease social tool is lost. Believe that today is a very appropriate day for their policies rethink and change their priorities, not abandoning the weakest. "


The Socialist Party calls Valcárcel more rigor and less nerve when it comes to the dependents of the Region

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

The PSRM communications secretary, Emilio Ivars recalled that 20,000 dependents in our community expect that the regional government to give them answer

Communication Secretary PSRM-PSOE, Emilio Ivars asked President Valcárcel lies and propaganda harangues is left Rajoy thanked for their march to Europe and get to work for the inclusion of dependents in our region that have actually recognized their rights.

Currently, in the region there are 20,000 people in situations of dependency recognized right to financial support or benefit are not being served.

As demanded Valcárcel and his government more rigor and "stop manipulate citizens with the inheritance, since the PP government will enter the Region for dependency 33 million euros compared with 75 million who entered socialist government. "

Ivars said "Valcárcel knows better than anyone that in this region, which has ruled more than 18 years, his policies have led to the highest unemployment rates in history, to unbearable levels of poverty and Region with citizens with fewer rights and poorer services. therefore we demand that we stop lying with this new mantra, trying to convince citizens that the Rajoy government cares about the employees, because it is does not believe him. "

He added that "if the People's Party of their own lies autoconvencer want is your problem, but do not try to belittle the intelligence of the citizens and less on issues of such sensitivity."

In this regard, said that the Government of Rajoy has only paid some arrears "and it takes a lot of nerve to brag of defending the Dependency Law, when he knows full well that since coming to power have not stopped dynamite with cuts" .


The PSRM commitment to local employment policies to end the scourge of unemployment in the region

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

The Murcia Socialists meet to discuss experiences and ideas at the municipal level to address the problem of unemployment and urgently require a Plan of Jobs for the Region of Murcia

"The Socialist Murcia have as our number one priority action to combat unemployment and generating jobs. Employment is the biggest challenge we have in this region and in each and every one of the municipalities of the same , therefore committed to act locally as socialist mayors already do ", and has expressed general secretary PSRM-PSOE, Rafael González Tovar, during the conference organized by the Employment Saturday by the Socialist Party region.

Mayors, councilors and socialist spokesmen have shared ideas and experiences in order to pool all possible strategies to tackle the problem of unemployment in our region: "We expect that in every one of the municipalities in the region become positive actions for greater efficiency in the fight against unemployment. propose the creation of local employment councils, the implementation of active employment policies at the municipal level and demand that reaches the hands of municipalities Guarantee Fund of the European Union intended to youth employment. really have to bet by taking out the maximum potential of each municipality and our mayors and speakers already working on that line, "said González Tovar.

Murcia Socialists have agreed once again require an Employment Plan for the Region of Murcia "as it is imperative explains the general secretary of the social PSRM-employment and enhances the response given to 40,000 families with all their members unemployed ", which could be achieved by allocating 1% of regional GDP for that purpose," Murcia families need to be rescued as they have been the banks. "

"Rajoy owes this region an employment plan to be treating us so badly economically. Rescuing We get our best educated young people who have gone to Europe for lack of opportunity there and prevent dropouts. Priority is also helping long-term unemployed for more than 45 years and women on strike, "he stated.

González Tovar regretted that the Region of Murcia has a government that does not pay attention to the problem of unemployment although the figure is near the 30%: "The regional misrule is more aware of pageantry, parties and tributes, which work to create jobs. So we put the Socialists to work at the municipal level by all that is in our hands. We are ready to bring our ideas for the good of the Region of Murcia, "he concluded.


Rafael Sánchez (UPyD): "in the fight against AIDS and we can not afford to relax or budget cuts"

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

The regional coordinator UPyD, Rafael Sanchez, demanded the occasion of the commemoration of World AIDS Day, the answer given to HIV prevention and eradication occupy "a priority within health policy" is essential there is "neither relaxation nor budget cuts to the persistence in the spread of the disease and the proven fact that whenever we find later diagnosis."

According to data published by the Ministry of Health in 2012 occurred in Spain 3,200 new HIV diagnoses, which puts us above the average for the whole of the EU, still worrying about late diagnosis in 50% of new cancer cases.

On the other hand, the group of men who have sex with men and people from other countries remain, for details new infections, the groups most epidemiological significance, and therefore where they should especially focus policies prevention.

At this point, Sanchez has drawn attention to how the cuts are affecting public health applied to that "of course it has to be universal access, quality and maximum coverage for people affected by HIV."

In this sense, UPyD leader has claimed that "guarantee health care and access to treatment (both specific for HIV as comorbidities) for immigrants in an irregular situation who have lost their health insurance card."

"It is extremely irresponsible," added Sanchez, "speaking of control and surveillance of the disease when thousands of people were left out of the coverage of prevention and care."

Sanchez has criticized especially the "dismantling by the regional government of the network resources to prevent, expedite diagnosis and support to people affected by HIV, since last year eliminating all subsidies for this purpose organizations such as Anti-AIDS Committee, Red Cross Collective Do Prives, have historically worked in this area. "

Also called AIDS Regional Plan has been left with a "meager funds" within the draft budget for 2014.

Similarly criticized the virtual disappearance of prevention programs and health education on AIDS.

Source: UPyD Región de Murcia

The Ministry of Industry will perform a quality control and labeling of christmas food

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

Consumer technicians will check the expiration dates and price marking and take samples of the food eaten at Christmas in order to undergo a review of composition

The Ministry of Industry, Enterprise and Innovation inspect some foodstuffs by reason of the 2013 Christmas Campaign.

The general manager of Consumer Affairs, Commerce and Handicrafts, María Dolores Alarcon said that the purpose is that "products that are distributed during the holidays resulting from the highest quality for consumers."

Specifically, experts from the Directorate General shall conduct a control of labeling, where they pay particular attention to the dates or best before expiration and price marking.

The CEO explained that "our goal is to protect consumers and ensure their safety and health and on dates increases tied to the consumer Christmas celebrations."

"If, having done this test, it is considered appropriate, a sample of the product and take control of its composition will be made to ensure its good condition," said Maria Dolores Alarcón.

Foods that such controls will be confectionery and pastries (candies, shortbread, shortbread, craft items as cordial and Easter cakes, etc.), drinks (champagne, champagne and cider), fishery products (fish and shellfish), meat products (lamb, turkey and sausages, among others) and deli (pate, truffles, certain cheeses and the like).

Alarcon recalled that "Consumption Inspection Service has a crucial role of public service, to ensure compliance with regulations ensuring the safety of products on the market available to consumers."

Source: CARM

The 'Day of the Entrepreneur' success brings with 2,500 people in the three sessions in Cieza, Cehegín and Eagles

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

Over 600 students from secondary school and FP ten schools participating in special activities to learn to engage in Eagles

The 'Day of the Entrepreneur', organized by the Ministry of Industry, Enterprise and Innovation in collaboration with the Education, Universities and Employment, was a success in terms of participation, since the three days, held in Cieza, Cehegín and Eagles , attended by 2,500 people.

Attendees participated in 56 activities organized to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences in order to promote new business opportunities.

The central time, on Thursday in Eagle, was the most welcomed attendees, 1,500 people, and that brought a wider range of activities, 40 in total, whereas Cieza attracted over 600 participants and about 400 Cehegín.

Participants enjoyed a variety of activities.

Thus, creativity and innovation workshops, interviews with personal trainers organized to guide the entrepreneur in achieving its objectives and other workshops where different experts gave clues about how to start a business and develop a personal business plan.

Also, 'enterprise activation points' were installed to provide personalized advice on company formation, financing and business ideas.

Also led to contacts that entrepreneurs could find new collaborators, partners or customers to do business with and offered alternatives to resume.

Similarly, 14 franchises presented their business model and the award winners' Entrepreneur of the Month told how they have managed to put your project on track.

In this edition the activities around four routes corresponding to each of the phases spanning entrepreneurs were organized.

Thus, the 'path 0', under the heading, 'What are you going to grow up?

Entrepreneur ', was aimed at students of Middle and High School and is pursuing her infuse entrepreneurship among young people, to understand that entrepreneurship is not only creating a business but an attitude.

The 'Route 1', 'I want to take what I do?', Was aimed at entrepreneurs and focused on how to make an idea into a real business.

The 'Route 2', 'I started to take How to follow?' Entrepreneurs taking their first steps and teach new entrepreneurs how to keep your business once created went.

Finally, the 'Route 3', 'I'm moving forward in my small business? Push off Me?, Was designed for entrepreneurs who have already passed the first months of life successfully, and showed how to move forward through innovation and openness Company abroad.

Awakening the entrepreneurial spirit in students

The 'path 0', which collaborates the Ministry of Education, Universities and Employment Eagles counted in the participation of over 600 students who attended the lectures and activities to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit among young people and that these learn to undertake.

Specifically, students attended schools Mary Immaculate, King Carlos III, Alfonso Escámez, Europe, Nogalte Rambla, San Juan Bosco, Prince of Asturias, PFIC Lorca, Ramón Arcas and Samaniego.

The day of the 'path 0' featured motivational talks aimed at school groups by experts in entrepreneurship training, as well as interviews with young entrepreneurs who explained their experience, including the 'The errand boy', Murcia entrepreneur participating in the TV show 'Embark Code'.

Also featured are the activities of the students of the Conservatory of Music Narciso Yepes of Lorca and Drama School of Murcia.

The 'Day of the Entrepreneur' is the biggest event that takes place in the region aimed at businessmen and entrepreneurs.

The aim is to promote entrepreneurial culture among Murcia and stimulate entrepreneurship.

Source: CARM

Last open house of the year with Christmas flavor at the Centre for Tourism Qualification

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

About 80 people learned to develop typical Christmas sweet tricks for Christmas dinner and keys on the kitchen spoon

The Institute of Tourism last programming next year to bring the public the kitchen from a professional perspective

The Institute of Tourism of the Region of Murcia, through the Tourism Qualification Center (CCT), hosted the open house last year in which 80 people participated in one of four workshops scheduled cuisine.

Activities focused on Christmas Eve, making typical Christmas sweets, cooking spoon of vegetable gardens and orchards and processing service Gin and Tonic.

All were taught by trainers Tourism Qualification Center, including Alberto Hernando, Manuel Lopez, David Lopez and Antonio Chacón were.

The open days are aimed at all those non-professionals interested in acquiring knowledge related to the world of hospitality and catering.

The aim is to bring them closer to the kitchen but from a professional perspective, with activities and training workshops to help them acquire new skills.

Each workshop lasts four hours each and a total cost of 12 euros per person.

Tourism Qualification Center has been doing throughout the year various open days you have developed a total of 37 workshops, which were attended by over 600 people.

Nutritious Cooking for coeliacs and diabetics, introduction to wine tasting or beer, ham cutting techniques or making soups or stews la Huerta are some of the workshops that CST has hosted this year.

Source: CARM

Culture is sponsoring the benefit concert for Jesus Abandoned

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

It will take place on December 3 at the Auditorium and Congress Center Victor Villegas de Murcia

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, through the Institute for Cultural Industries and the Arts, has signed an agreement with the Superior Council of Guilds Murcia by which both organizations are committed to assist in organizing and holding the 'Solidarity Concert Abandoned for Jesus'

The concert will feature performances by singers Murcia Ruth Lorenzo and Angela Bossa, choral singing 'Discantus' with its 300 infant, junior and adult components, and pianists Pedro Contreras and Angel Valdegrama, accompanied by a performance of the Symphony of the Region of Murcia.

The event took place on December 3 at the Auditorium and Congress Center Victor Villegas de Murcia.

Source: CARM

The Ministry of Agriculture is hosting an information day to ensure the participation of professionals in Fruit Logistica 2014

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

The leading international trade fair for fruit and vegetables in Europe held in Berlin, Germany, from 5 to 7 February

The Ministry of Agriculture and Water welcomes the December 3 an information day organized by Fruit Logistica, entitled 'Getting the most from participation in Fruit Logistica 2014', and for professionals of fruit and vegetables in the region Murcia wishing further information on this event which is held in the German city of Berlin from 5 to 7 February.

The day aims to participants of the Region reach the maximum number of business opportunities by analyzing methods more productive work and exchange of experiences by professionals.

During the talks, with the participation of groups responsible for marketing and international supply chains, the main tools for the preparation of attending the Fair will be presented.

The presence of Murcia in this trade show is considered one of the most prominent export levels for the regional horticultural sector represents in the European assembly.

Spain is the world power of fruit and vegetables and only the region exported 28 percent of national horticultural products.

Fruit Logistica is the leading trade fair held in Europe dedicated to the fresh market fruit and vegetables, with about 2,400 companies throughout the supply chain.

It is aimed at professionals and receives about 53,000 pageviews per day by representatives of 130 countries.

Source: CARM

The Community supports the implementation of projects that promote forest biomass as an opportunity for sustainable development

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

boiler installation bioenergy is promoted, with which cease to emit into the atmosphere annually 372.9 tons of carbon dioxide in the region

This initiative is included in the European Proforbiomed project, led the Region in which 18 partners from six countries involved in the Mediterranean basin

The Ministry of Presidency, through the Directorate General for the Environment, promotes the implementation of energy efficiency projects to help increase opportunities for development and production of renewable energy from forest biomass utilization, creating a chain sustainable energy.

The presidential adviser, Manuel Campos, stressed the "great energy potential" biomass, whose forte is the production of heat, since play without grants and subsidies, with traditional fuels such as gas and oil.

In this regard, he noted the significant impact of the biomass on the monthly savings on a home with an oil boiler which could exceed 50 percent.

Campos noted that the following period 2014-2020 is "key to the development of biomass as a renewable energy source in the southern regions of Europe."

This initiative is included in the European project Proforbiomed (Promotion of Forest Biomass in the Mediterranean), led by the Ministry of the Presidency, in which 18 partners from six countries involved in the Mediterranean basin, including France, Portugal, Slovenia, Italy, Greece and Spain.

Thus, we have launched several pilot projects by the Presidency and ministries of Agriculture and Water in collaboration with the towns of Mula and Bullas, consisting in the replacement of old gas or oil-fired boilers with new biomass in buildings public ownership, such as schools and municipal pools.

With the installation of these boilers bioenergy, they cease to emit into the atmosphere annually 372.9 tons of carbon dioxide in the Region of Murcia, so that in the next ten years will be avoided emission of 3,729 tonnes of CO2.

In addition to the environmental benefits, the replacement of boilers cited the cost savings on fuel is added, which is estimated at 678,918 euros over the next decade.

Energy saving

The Region as project coordinator Proforbiomed also promotes other facilities that would be very profitable for the government by the energy savings that would result, such as 'Distric heating and cooling systems' (heating and cooling) and facilities CHP driving the combined production of heat and electricity.

Such facilities, very common in the countries of northern and central Europe, providing heat, but with the latest technology can also generate cold, so it can be effective in complex public buildings with high energy bill, as hospitals.

Another added advantage of these facilities is the type of fuel used: forest and agricultural biomass.

Thus, the use of forest biomass will result in environmental improvement, since it sits on pruning and silvicultural works that increase conservation of forests and forest fire prevention, while agricultural biomass obtained from pruning crop, which would mean new income for farmers.

Source: CARM