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UPyD believes that the CARM Budgets for 2014 are unrealistic and possible modification reduce their credibility to the regional economy

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Rafael Sanchez says that these assumptions "we anticipate more cuts and more cuts in the quality of services for citizens health, education, and social services agency. "

UPyD regional coordinator, Rafael Sanchez, has questioned the figures of departure for the development of Budget 2014 CARM are very realistic.

So, he referred to the gap between regional growth forecast of 0.7 percent for 2014, announced by Vice Bernal in presenting the Budget, and growth estimates of other agencies and institutions such as BBVA or Hispalink, which provide much more modest growth for the region, ranging from 0.3 to 0.5% of GDP.

Sanchez noted that these growth figures will be impossible to achieve the deficit target of 1% for 2014.

In this respect, he believes that this circumstance will force changes in the budget for the third year in a row "which is not good for the region and for the credibility of its economy."

"It seems highly advisable that a budget has to be changed, as has happened with the CARM in 2012 and 2013".

It has also referred to the increase that has suffered in the last year 2012 budget Murcia Health Service in relation to the initially budgeted items, which also likely happen this year.

The magenta training coordinator said "these assumptions we anticipate more cuts and more cuts to the quality of services for citizens in health, education, dependency and social services".

He also noted that recognize that the unemployment figure as Bernal has estimated only be reduced by 0.1%, it exposes all policies of the PP in these 17 years of government and presents us with a dramatic situation for Murcia many thousands of citizens, "they will continue to suffer from precarious situations."

Similarly, regretted stating that public employees are not going to suffer more cuts, "when it is approved and included a 40% bonus in June", "is a lack of respect for them."

Finally, Rafael Sanchez stated that "these cuts we now suffer, budget after budget, are the product of several years in which there was a policy of austerity and efficiency and only at the last minute, when they jumped all alarms are already taken some measures are insufficient. "

Sanchez stated that "in large part, this has occurred because the regional government did in the boom years what each of us tends to do with the finances of your home: be proactive, be caution in spending, not spend it all and, most importantly, do not spend what you do not have or will certainly be able to pay. now lists the "fruits" of a budget joys unsustainable ".

Source: UPyD Región de Murcia

Congress gives its final endorsement to the reform of the Statute of Autonomy

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Partial Reform Statute and exceeded all parliamentary procedures in the region and Madrid, and can only pass a final step in the Senate

The National MP PP Murcia Pilar Barreiro has welcomed today by the passage in Congress of Deputies of the partial reform of the Statute of Autonomy, since "enable developing Murcia Decree-Laws and react with greater agility in cases necessary as natural disasters or special measures.

The full House approved Thursday the reform of the Statute of Autonomy of the Region of Murcia with the support of all parliamentarians and opposition groups UPyD, so that the partial reform of the Statute has exceeded all parliamentary procedures, both the region and Madrid, and only have to pass a final step in the Senate.

Barreiro has defended the reform of the Statute "because it comes from regional parliament unanimous agreement and because it is a legal reform located within the constitutional framework."

All parliamentary groups represented in the House have endorsed the proposal except UpyD, which justified his vote against because "the use of the legislative decrees produce a deterioration of democracy", to which Pilar Barreiro replied that "it democracy is deteriorating in the Murcia Region can not be used the same legislation that in other regions. "

For his part, the spokesman of the Popular Group in the Region of Murcia, Juan Carlos Ruiz, has expressed his satisfaction with this new step, which brings the final approval of the reform, and expressed his confidence that the Senate also show your support for the amendment in the shortest time possible.

Ruiz has highlighted the unanimous support to the reform of all parliamentary political groups in the Region of Murcia, while regretted that those who have no parliamentary representation in the region, but in some municipalities, oppose the amendment that will allow Murcia have the same legislation as the rest of regions.

Source: PP Región de Murcia

The Bishop of Cartagena invites the faithful to celebrate the feast of All Saints

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

On the occasion of the feast of All Saints, to be held tomorrow, November 1, the Bishop of the Diocese of Cartagena, Bishop Jose Manuel Lorca Planes, preside at the Eucharist to be held at 12:00 hours on the Cemetery of Our Father Jesus of Murcia.

The bishop invites all the faithful of the Diocese of Cartagena to celebrate this day by all who are saved the heavenly Jerusalem, seeing death in the hope of the resurrection, "is a wonder await the resurrection of the flesh, again to find loved ones, all thanks to the goodness and mercy of God. "

On the Halloween party, Mr. Bishop says he feels "very sad when I see the effort to enhance the custom of Halloween among children and youth, but my astonishment is greater when done in schools of Christian inspiration."

Lorca Planes Bishop invites parents and educators that do not change "by the light in a hollow gourd, the joy of a Christian who recognizes blessed and happy."

Source: Obispado de Cartagena. Foto: archivo

Students know Murcia training and employment opportunities in the EU with the program 'Back to School'

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

The activity aims to show the functioning of the institutions and bodies

One hundred students of the Secondary School 'Floridablanca' today met training and employment opportunities offered by the European Union through the official Saura Maria Moreno Murcia, within the European program 'Back to School' ('Back to School') .

The program of the European Commission is to present the functioning of the European Union by former students of these schools.

Saura Maria Moreno, accompanied by Director General of EU and External Relations, Carmen Sandoval, returned to the classroom of the school in which he studied to bring students of third and fourth of Secondary Education and Baccalaureate first of its Experience in the Research and Innovation of the European Commission as well as the operation of this department.

During the meeting, the official Murcia explained the actions and policies of that address, whose main objective is to turn the EU into a knowledge economy foreground and, from that point of view, facilitating long-term maximization of cooperation at various levels of activity.

The department also aims to promote better coordination of European and national policies, strengthening the structural capabilities, networking of research teams, as well as increased mobility of people and ideas.

The Director General stressed that this meeting is part of the program 'Back to School' of the European Commission, which "enables young people to make direct contact through the prism of Murcia working in the EU institutions and thus create a real feeling of belonging to Europe. "

The 'Back to School' has meant that, in the past two years, more than a dozen European Union officials have shared their work experiences in their former schools and colleges, becoming ambassadors for a day, EU .

Source: CARM

Sanchez (UPyD): "We have not supported the reform of the Statute of Autonomy for the available government figure of decree" because you do not need more power to the Executive "

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Sanchez asserts that this position UPyD is the same as it had in January when it was approved by the Regional Assembly

UPyD regional coordinator, Rafael Sanchez, said the rejection of his political-reform of the Autonomy Statute of the Region of Murcia for the available regional government figure of decree, now voted in Congress of Deputies.

Sanchez has referred to UPyD negative feedback has argued in Congress Deputy Carlos Martinez Gorriarán.

It said that "the government did not need more power" and that the decree law "may pose a risk of abuse by the Government, particularly the regional government of Murcia, but in general."

Sanchez recalled that these arguments were the same as UPyD discussed in last January when they voted in the Regional Assembly.

Similarly, stressed that the reforms do need the Region "to win as democratic, as the reform of the electoral law", have been absent from the agenda of the regional government and legal changes.

"It is striking that the first reform that has been formulated is to strengthen executive power"

UPyD coordinator has referred to the agreement reached at the Regional Assembly PP, PSOE and IU and that led to the change of the sense of vote PSOE and IU on the reform of the Statute of Autonomy, have finally supported reform now Congress of Deputies the two opposition groups.

Sanchez believes that it is showing that the agreement is not honored, so what he described as "good move PP", but believes that "good will" of the PSOE and IU, to be willing to accept the reform of the Statute to change of other reforms, such as the regional electoral law, has not been for nothing.

"We believe that bringing issues like reform of electoral law reform of the Statute of Autonomy for the regional government to use the decree law was a mistake"

In this sense, has criticized the Commission for the reform of the electoral law was incorporated in May in the Assembly, has met only once, no meeting schedule and considers it to be impossible to reform the law to the 2015 elections.

Source: UPyD Región de Murcia

Valcárcel receives the CEO and research director of the company Murcia Symborg

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

The president of the Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, today received the CEO of the company Murcia Symborg, Jesus Juarez Molina, and the director of research and development, Felix Fernandez.

This company has been the winner of the 'EmprendedorXXI Awards 2013', the initiative for innovation projects organized by "la Caixa" and the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, through the National Innovation Company (ENISA), namely by the development of biofertilizers exclusive development intensive agricultural crops.

Symborg, which is headquartered in Cabezo Cortao, has, from its inception with the assistance of the Institute for the Promotion of the Region of Murcia for industrial development and internationalization projects ..

Symborg invoice € 15 million, and has a branch in the U.S., in addition to open market in many countries in Europe and South America.

Source: CARM

Jesus Cano: "The PSOE has once again betray all farmers irrigators and Murcia"

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Jesus Cano accused of "shame" voting against the Socialists by Murcia in what is "proof that the PSOE partisan interest above the public interest "

The executive secretary of Agriculture, Water and Environment regional PP, Jesus Cano, described today "shame" and "a betrayal more farmers irrigators and Murcia" PSOE vote against the Act including the Memorandum of Tajo-Segura, "a negative vote in Congress also gave the Socialists by Murcia Pedro Saura and Maria Gonzalez".

Cano stated that "the Socialists always refused to defend water poli'ticas benefit the Regio'n of Murcia, but is that what just happened was the clear and palpable evidence that the PSOE, interest above partisan interest is ", to which he added that" there may be more sectarian ".

As he recalled, "it was the socialists who repealed the Ebro, who introduced the 'Law Narbonne' changing Diversion water desalinated water, produced at prices unaffordable by farmers, and those who wanted to curtail the Tajo-Segura a project that included its expiration in 2015, "which according to Cano" habri'a been lethal, now attending the certificate estari'amos defuncio'n of this transfer ".

Cano said that "once again demonstrates that the PSOE did not know how to be at the height of the circumstances" and that "it seems that bother the successes of the Party, although the benefit of Murcia", which in his opinion "highlights the lack of will and commitment Socialists to defend the interests of our land."

However, the leader is popular recalled that "fortunately for Murcia, on October 16 there was a historical event, closing agreement Memorandum on the Tajo-Segura, the most important achievement has been achieved to the date on water in Spain ".

In this sense, Jesus Cano said "we have passed from death that planned the PSOE transfer to an agreement that ensures that our fields will not go thirsty in the dry season."

"The Memorandum is the guarantee of water that the region will continue to grow. Continue being a world leader in production of fruits and vegetables.'s Not forget that the Tajo-Segura has an impact on GDP. Espan ma ~ ol 's of 5,000 million euros and generates ma's of 100,000 jobs, benefiting 200,000 regadi'oya hecta'reas of ma's a'rboles 40 million fruit ", added

Finally, Cano has very much appreciated "prudence, patience, perseverance and above all the tireless work of President Valcárcel, the Chief Antonio Cerda and President of the Central Union of Irrigation, José Manuel Claver, because thanks to them success is been achieved and the Memorandum of the Tajo-Segura is a fact. "

Source: PP Región de Murcia

Increase by 16.6 percent in the number of non-hotel establishments travelers

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

tourist apartments in September registered 39.6 percent more passengers than in 2012 to reach the highest since 2002, with an increase of 16, 2 percent in overnight stays

The number of passengers grew 16.6 percent in non-hotel establishments (camping, apartments and rural tourism) of the region in September, while in the national set down one percent, according to figures from the National Statistics.

The number of travelers resident in Spain grew by 22.2 percent, while non-residents rose 1.4 percent over the previous year.

Meanwhile, the overnight stays in the region increased in September by 10.3 percent, while in the whole of Spain declined 0.7 percent.

In this case, the overnight stays of domestic tourists in the region grew by 12.7 percent, compared to an increase of 6.4 percent of the foreigners.

During the first nine months of the year, the number of travelers in regional non-hotel establishments was 199 024, representing an increase of 10.9 percent compared to 2012 (1.3 percent in Spain).

Meanwhile overnight stays reached 1,508,882, up 5.8 percent (0.4 percent in Spain).

Tourist apartments

The tourist apartments travelers recorded 11,765 in September, 39.6 percent more than the same month of 2012, which originated 77,312 overnight stays, which is an increase of 16.2 percent.

In Spain, the number of travelers remained at previous year's levels and overnight stays grew by 0.5 percent.

Analyzing the time series data of September traveler, is the highest figure for the month of September in the region since 2002 (11.903 overnight stays).

In the January-September period the number of travelers in the region was 93 814, 35.2 percent more than in 2012.

Travellers resident in Spain grew by 32.1 percent and non-residents 48.3 percent.

Overnight stays also rose by 17.2 percent to reach 703 777.

In this case, the growth of foreign overnight stays was 41.5 percent, and the residents of 11.4 percent.

In the whole of Spain the number of travelers in the first nine months rose 3.7 percent and the overnight stays by 2.4 percent compared to 2012.

The average stay in the region was 6.6 days in September 2013.

The occupancy rate for apartments rose 4.5 points (16.2 percent) over the previous year and stood at 32.5 percent.

As for camping, were recorded during the month of September 9,180 passengers, up 2 percent from the same month in 2012 due to the rise of 9.9 percent in domestic tourism, which accounted for 63.7 percent of travelers.

Camping overnight stays in September increased by 4.2 percent from last year.

Grew markedly from domestic travelers, up 10.7 percent, while foreign travelers grew by 0.6 percent.

In Spain, there was a decrease in the number of passengers, 2.5 percent, and in stays, up 3.2 percent.

The average stay in the Murcia region rose 2.2 percent to 6 days, in the ninth month of the year, the third highest in Spain Valencia behind (8.11 days) and Balearic (6, 21 days).

The occupancy rate, which was 24.8 percent, rose 7.2 percent over the same month last year.

In terms of rural tourism, the number of passengers in September reached 1,866, which generated 3,667 overnight stays.

In the first nine months of 2013 passenger figures have risen by one percent, and the average stay rose 6.2 percent and was 2 days (2.6 in Spain).

Source: CARM

Tourism Qualification Center hosts the eleventh edition Jecomur Cooking Contest

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

The 11 finalists vying for a prize of 800 euros and stay at the La Cabaña, made a main course and dessert next November 4

The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Pedro Alberto Cruz, today the XI edition of Jecomur Cooks Contest, to be held on November 4 in the facilities of Tourism Qualification.

In the presentation, which was also attended by Vice President Jecomur, Thomas Ecija, the Minister said that "the food is fashionable both from the point of view of the show and the experience and industry" and noted that "every time there are more people who want to visit restaurants and be captivated by the cuisine, which is becoming a basic pillar of Tourism ".

Cruz said that this type of competition "are very important" in the sense that "it is necessary that the reality and quality of our cuisine acquire the recognition it deserves," and noted that the event "has all the keys to be attractive to all stakeholders in the kitchen ".

Jecomur The contest was established as a platform to discover and disseminate to the young talents of the Region of Murcia, promoting them and giving them the opportunity to develop their creativity and craft in professional competition framework which also can learn about the latest trends and network with the leading figures in the sector.

The event is aimed at all chefs under 30 who can work in the Region of Murcia.

Of the 19 enrolled, 11 finalists have been selected to develop in situ in a maximum time of two hours, the recipes presented and which includes a main course, with maximum cost per serving of 8 euros, and dessert, with a maximum cost of 4 euros.

In this edition, the 11 selected are Jose Perez (Restaurant The Childe), students of the School of Hospitality and Tourism Cartagena (Jose Antonio Munar and Eduardo Egea), José Miguel Moreno (Hotel Valdepalacios), Candido Morales and Antonio Reyes ( Fleet Restaurant), Pedro Alonso Martínez (Peyma restaurant), Joaquin Ardil (restaurant Susano The Store), Javier Otero (Foodiegastrobar), Sergio de Egea (Restaurant My Bar), and Antonio Jesus Carbonell (Rincón de Pepe).

The jury, which qualify the dishes based on taste, presentation, composition / cooking, originality, cleanliness, order and skill, is composed of recognized characters within the regional and national cuisine, as Chef Pablo González-Conejero, holder of a Michelin Star.

The best chef in this edition will get 800 euros, a trophy and a stay of a month at the La Cabaña.

The second and third place will get 600 and 400 euros, respectively.

Source: CARM

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

"Agricultural Insurance, Yes"] | took place on Wednesday October 30 |

Source: Fotos: Tony López