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The Socialist Left current of opinion in the Region of Murcia, ask an open list for the selection of participants to the Conference Policy

Monday, September 30th, 2013

In order to improve both transparency and participation within PSRM-PSOE, the Socialist Left current, facing the Regional Committee to be held on Friday, October 4, presented in a timely manner and in writing on 7 August, before the Regional Executive Committee PSRM, two proposals:

Facing the Policy Conference held in Madrid, we ask that participants choosing to represent the PSRM, grassroots activists were not organic and institutional charges, in this way, the game is more open to genuine representation of the same.

Furthermore, we request that the list be approved by the Regional Committee to propose all the members of the Committee in an open list.

Since we feel the need to bring our opinion to the members of the Regional Committee in situations like this in which we maintain different positions, and it can be necessary that our voices heard to make a positive contribution to the discussion and resolution, is which, according to federal statutes, we request that Socialist Left have an militant spokesman (ask only voice) appointed by the current itself to this regional body, including an addendum to this effect to the Rules of Operation of the Regional Committee.

Source: Agencias

The winners in the Second Gala FAMU Athletics, to detail

Monday, September 30th, 2013

We know the athletes, clubs and coaches who will be recognized on 8 November in Yecla, commemorating the greatest achievements of the season 2012/2013 As already proposed, the upcoming November 8 II will be the Murciano Athletics Gala hosted by FAMU.

On this occasion, the Mediterranean Restaurant in Yecla, will be the epicenter of athletics in our region during this special night.

There is still more than a month, but we're willing to give out those athletes, clubs, coaches and other individuals and institutions that will be recognized for their work in this gala, basing most of their distinctions in the achievements during the 2012 season / 13.

In this long list include, among others, the awards for the best athletes of the year, falling at senior level on Miguel Angel Lopez and Maria Caridad Hernandez Guardiola, champion of Spain in Alcobendas with the 4×400 relay your team, Valencia Terra i Mar.

Bertran Alcaraz and Amanda Cano will be honored as the top athletes U23, while Elena Ruiz Manuel Bermudez and receive such consideration in U-18 category.

For his part, Pedro Serna and Marin Aurelia receive the award for best athlete veteran.

The gala will also consider special awards, such as gold and shiny coat, unanimously awarded the FAMU Board, on behalf of Dr. Don Francisco Esparza Ros.

Source: FAMU

The smartphones are revolutionizing the visibility of companies on the Internet

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Eight out of 10 mobile users Spain know a brand through your smartphone terminal

82% of smartphone users use everyday mobile social purposes, among which instant messaging (Whatsapp 70%), email (70%), Facebook and Twitter for this order.

With such insight, and there are few companies that can afford to not be on the Internet and specifically social networks.

A few days ago was presented in Madrid on 'V Annual Study of Mobile Marketing' prepared by the prestigious IAB Spain, which highlighted the significant penetration data that mobile apps are taking in the digital market.

An example: in the month of July there were the same number of inputs Internet Apps that conventional browsers.

Amazing, right?

It is true that the business of the SMEs still struggling to assimilate the format change has been experienced over the last 7 years when promoting a business or service, however, far from being a negative, the rise of the Internet democratizes access to information and placed in the same grid all traders of a city.

Never mind the huge budgets, social media marketing has more heights of success if undertaken with creativity, perseverance, tenacity …

It is not put ads everywhere, but to select a target audience and make the information available.

Which way?

For the mobile apps for example.

It is important that business managers assume that the client is going to look 'like it or not' through your telephone terminal, and that up to them to take advantage of those hits or let the competition is on.

Launch apps with customer services can be a brilliant way to get branding, loyalty and new followers for your product.

As courts in this report highlighted that the instant messaging apps, email, news, sports, games, health applications and discount coupons have been to date the most successful apps.

The visibility of an internet business should be as important to the commercial and management departments as visibility in the real world analog.

Consider trends and how it changes human access to information and publicity will mark the success or failure of companies today struggle to keep or gain a foothold in one of the worst economic situations the past 30 years.

Mar Rodriguez, Social Media Manager Social Media Aquere

Source: Aquere Social Media

Valcárcel Madrid back again without any realization on the future of Corvera airport

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Rafael González Tovar said that however much you empower the regional government, the only certainty is the budget amendment request for 200 million euros of collateral pass to be paid by all Murcia

PSRM general secretary, Rafael González Tovar reported Valcárcel's trip to Madrid has not been for nothing, and he's back again without any realization on the future of Corvera airport.

"Valcárcel looking guilty for everything, even though only he and his government are culpable and responsible for this costly disaster."

Therefore, demanded "the still President Valcarcel who fights and lawsuits stop and open the airport sterile without hold anyone of mismanagement".

González Tovar noted that "the only certainty on this issue, is that today has entered the Regional Assembly budget amendment application for the 200 million euros of collateral to become paid by all Murcia and Murcia".

PSRM general secretary he added that "the fringes referred Valcárcel, once again, have already lasted for two years, all the time that has ruled the PP in Spain, two years without Valcárcel has been able to overcome , the same fringe, disability and old excuses. "

He added that "if the PGE forward next year as the AVE not come to Murcia until 2016 at least, as much as to endeavor to convince us, we have no certainty of the opening of Corvera airport on any specific date."


ASEMOL supports TIMUR information day on alternative financing companies

Monday, September 30th, 2013

will be held on Wednesday, October 2 (9.15 hours) on the FREMM, this activity also promotes free along the INFO

Entrepreneurs who decide to start, improve, innovate and internationalize a business now are with great difficulty to find external financing needed to supplement the resources of those who have to start their projects.

On how to fund these business ideas and different mechanisms to more traditional banking instruments in very interesting and focuses the information day, organized free of charge by INFO collaboration with TIMUR (Murcia Association of Business Information Technology , Communications and Audiovisual) and FREMM, will take place this Wednesday October 2 (9.15 pm) at the headquarters of the latter entity.

The Association of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen of the Vega Media (ASEMOL), which has signed a collaboration agreement with TIMUR-supports this initiative of its training.

"We expect our partners to take advantage of this talk to learn more about the benefits of achieving the appropriate financial support for its work of entrepreneurs," says the president of ASEMOL, Diego Nicholas.

Full program

This information day, scheduled under "Alternative Financing for entrepreneurs and SMEs", will start with a presentation entitled "Current landscape-Line Business Financing INFOREACTIVA, MURCIABANN and MURCIAEMPRENDE, by the Head of Finance INFO, Jesus Hidalgo Pintado. "Funding for innovative projects: CDTI and European programs" will be the subject of the next talk given by the coordinator of the Innovation INFO, Antonio Romero.

This lecture series will continue with sectoral be addressed by the Finance Office Coordinator INFO, María José Bernal, and entitled "Financing without collateral for entrepreneurs and SMEs: ENISA Loans".

The presentation of the call for aid "MENTORING IN COMMERCE" of by the vice president of TIMUR, Purification Garcia-Salcedo Estañ mark the prelude to the corresponding floor for discussion and questions which will be the finale of the program content information day.

Source: Agencias

The Rajoy 2014 PGE again to punish complacency Region Valcárcel

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Rafael González Tovar says the region will lose a lot of money in investments, since the PP government allocated 27 percent less, placing us in the van again cola

PSRM general secretary, Rafael González Tovar said the State Budget for 2014 Rajoy undeservedly punished again Murcia before Valcárcel gratification.

According to González Tovar these accounts are "electoral fraud, a lie most of the Party."

The Region again lose money in investments with the PP government, down from 411.6 for just over 300 million euros, 27% less.

The average investment per citizen is again below the national average.

"Rajoy returned to give back to the Region of Murcia".

González Tovar recalled that the PP said when Rajoy would govern solve infrastructure problems in the region.

"However, these assumptions belie and demonstrate the opposite, because with them the reach AVE earliest Murcia and Cartagena in 2016 and known. Moreover, not a single mention of investments LORCA MURCIA-line (AVE) or SEWER ".

Moreover, these assumptions provide for a meager amount to continue Cliques variant, so that it will take seven years to finish a work that is almost complete.

The same applies to the allocations for highway Altiplano, as the stretch Yecla and Jumilla not be finished by 2017.

"The Government of Rajoy again mistreating the region and a year back to lose as Murcia is one of the hardest hit by the CCAA PP. Lightweight Valcárcel The outside and regional key is demonstrated in these PGE ".

The secretary general of the Socialist Murcia said "these estimates also show that there is no compensation for Valcárcel sold both by the funding shortfall experienced by the region and which Rajoy allegedly committed. Again we have lied once again, the PP we condemn the caboose. "


The region receives more than half a million euros for skills assessment and quality improvement in VET

Monday, September 30th, 2013

2020 Objectives The report highlights the integral action of the Community with the Regional Plan for Prevention, Monitoring and Control Truancy and Dropout

The Ministry of Education, Universities and Employment will receive 558,383 euros from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport for the assessment of skills and improving the quality of vocational training.

This has been agreed in Education Conference held today in Madrid.

The Secretary General of the Ministry, Manuel Marcos Sanchez, said that "these funds for the improvement and dissemination of vocational training and the evaluation and accreditation of skills will help us move forward in a system that allows greater integration in the labor market and increasing the competitiveness of the production ".

Also at the meeting presented the Monitoring Report on Education Goals 2020, which highlights the integral action of the Regional Plan for Prevention, Monitoring and Control Truancy.

The report presents new data on this subject indicate that in 2012 the dropout rate in the region was 27.7 percent, which represents a decline of three points from 2011 (30.7).

The national average for all too low, but at a slower rate (1.6) and stands at 24.9.

Recall that in 2007, the region reached 38 percent drop, compared to 31.9 in Spain.

The report also highlights initiatives such as the education portal 'Orientamur' to "provide information organized, agile and fast that gives good support and a guide both for young people and families and counselors and centers."

Source: CARM

UPyD Emergency rejects closure and relocation of hospital services in Cartagena Rosell

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Rafael Sanchez calls on the Ministry of Health explain how it will reduce waiting lists "reducing services and cutting"

UPyD regional coordinator, Rafael Sanchez, has criticized the plan of the Ministry of Health, announced this morning, which includes the closure of the hospital emergency department Rosell and moving services of Psychiatry, Laboratory and Radiology and Unit Short Stay (UCE).

Sanchez said that UPyD Emergency rejects closure and relocation of services, "because it will lead to a mass emergency department of St. Lucia and obvious loss in quality of care."

Similarly, pointed out that we are witnessing the "closing chapter" Rosell, "something that the Ministry has repeatedly refused, but we see how it happens slowly."

In this regard, he recalled the repeated demonstrations in which the Minister has always said "that Rosell was not closed."

"Now we see the Minister's commitments are not credible, the minister is not reliable," he underlined.

The magenta training coordinator said that the Minister should "explain" how you will reduce waiting lists, "when all you see are cuts in health and reduction in services," making it impossible for the target. "

Furthermore, regarding the amortization expense related to the new transfer of Psychiatry, has criticized that there is no "serious plan" to have avoided the cost of adaptation which led to Rosell Psychiatry move to re-move now to Santa Lucia.

Source: UPyD Región de Murcia

UPyD PGE states that by 2014 "are resigned to stagnation" and do not respond to the needs of Spain and the Region of Murcia

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Rafael Sánchez says that "although he denies government propaganda", do include cuts and tax increases

UPyD regional coordinator, Rafael Sanchez, has carried out an assessment of the PGE in 2014, the project has been presented today in the House of Representatives by the Minister of Finance.

Sanchez has stated that these assumptions "do not address the reforms that Spain needs and are resigned to stagnation", so it has been doubted "that are the output of the crisis."

In this regard, he criticized the PGE do not respond or Spain needs or those of the Region of Murcia.

As for the state's investments in the region, who suffer a decrease of 27% compared to 2013, the magenta training coordinator has said that we will see the breakdown, "but those 300 million euros seem clearly insufficient to investments as necessary to address the region as the Altiplano motorway (A – 33), completion of variant Cliques, Zeneta highway or all works AVE approach to the region. "

Rafael Sanchez has criticized the Government to defend you in your project budget no spending cuts when the group of public employees and pensioners themselves are going to suffer, some seeing their wages frozen and pensioners with their purchasing power cut , despite an increase of 0.25 per cent will experience their pensions.

"This is pure and tough cuts," he stressed.

As for tax increases, has insisted that "it is true that there will be increases in the coming year", as the rise in income tax was temporary, "but was consolidated in 2014 as rising IBI and VAT ", and on the latter, the percentage increases some health services and notarial acts, from 10 to 21%.

Similarly, said that the most worrying is the risk that the government's strategy "fail" again because, as noted, the key objectives were to control the deficit, that "there seems no way to lose" , and public debt, expected to reach 96 percent of GDP at the end of this year.

Against all this, UPyD alternatives pass rush at once, and after six years of crisis, public administration reform, for carrying out fiscal reform is still pending, and to increase the fight against fraud.

Source: UPyD Región de Murcia

The Works Committee Panrico Murcia has met with the Director General of Labour

Monday, September 30th, 2013

The recent notification of a Group-wide ERE Panrico Sewer factory while in rehab and lack of response from the management of the company in the region have led to Murcia Works Committee to meet with the Director General of Labour

With the information provided by the Committee, the Director General of Labour is committed to cite the company to request information and initiate a needed dialogue process

The Works Committee Panrico Murcia, accompanied by Secretaries of Trade Union, José Ángel Rubio Agrifood Federation CCOO, and Felipe Garcia of the Federation of Industry and Agricultural Workers of UGT, met early this morning with the Director General of Labour of the CARM, D.

Fernando José Velez, to convey the uneasiness of the staff of this center, which is currently included in a ERTE by force majeure, resolved favorably by his department last August 5.

The meeting has shared the Director General of the adjustment measures at the group level, announced by the new CEO of the company, which among others, involve the suspension of the payroll for the month of September, and the recent notification ERE start of a 1900 could mean more layoffs and the possibility that the production of Murcia (being rehabilitated after the fire last July 17) is out of the industrial plan for the future.

These actions are causing the rejection of the workers in all factories Panrico Group has in Spain, and could end up in the call for a general strike for the second week of October, on which the state of the CCOO union sections and UGT decide tomorrow, Tuesday October 1.

The Director General of Labour has pledged to mediate the situation and facilitate the initiation of a process of dialogue with the leadership of the company in Murcia, for what the next day will convene a meeting with all parties involved: the company, the works council and trade union advisers.

After the meeting at the Department of Labour, Trade Union Secretaries of both unions have been informed of the outcome of the meeting and the provisional call to strike for workers concentrated first thing in the morning off the premises work center in Murcia

Source: CCOO Región de Murcia