Education manages the application for grants from the Ministry, of which will benefit 20,000 families Murcia

The Ministry facilitated the past year almost 18,500 obtaining aid for students with specific educational needs, totaling an investment of 21 million euros

The Ministry of Education, Universities and Employment has begun to manage requests for support for pupils with special educational needs, the general mobility and the academic year 2013-2014, of which 20,000 families will benefit from the Region.

These grants can be requested until September 30.

In the call made for the past year, the Ministry facilitated 18,421 students recibiesen these grants for an amount which totaled an investment of 21 million euros.

The Director General of Educational Center, Maria Dolores Valcárcel, said that "we work forecasts indicate that aid can reach the region increase and benefit 1,500 families and surpass the 22 million euros of investment."

To facilitate access to grants from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, the bases can be found on the tab 'Calls force' portal, the Ministry of Education will have a special team of officers dedicated to solving any incident.

The process, once published the notice in the Official Gazette, is the sending by the Ministry to the centers of information about scholarships and financial aid and general mobility for students who pursue studies after compulsory and non-university higher, and on aid for pupils with special educational needs.

Remit centers of applications that are registered and reviewed to correct any deficiency or claim missing documentation.

It also makes the scales of applications and sent to the Ministry.

In addition, the Department is responsible for processing the claims or appeals process.

"Our goal is to simplify and facilitate access to resources for students of the region have the widest array of resources and support so they can get a quality education," concluded CEO.

Source: CARM


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