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BDA Murcia campaign internationalization demand for table grapes in the Nordic countries

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

Technical Services organization considered essential develop commercial opportunities offered by these countries for table grapes

The BDA Technical Services Murcia have sued the Ministry of Agriculture today the launch of a campaign to internationalize Murcia table grapes allowing better position the northern markets of the European Union.

As explained BDA technicians Murcia, "the northern European countries offer very good commercial prospects for Murcia table grapes so it is essential to carry out a plan to improve its position in the distribution channels in these markets" .

Furthermore, this entity Technical Services have noted that "we have more and better promote table grapes in these markets, where there is a potential consumer we have to exploit, and for that we must develop a strong advocacy for Nordic consumers can better understand the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of our grapes. "

"This campaign has to have a minimum duration of three years, and must be supported financially by the Ministry of Agriculture and companies from table grapes," write the technicians of this organization.

Source: Agencias

Jesus Cano: "The works of the A-33, in the section Jumilla-Yecla, will start this year '

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

The A-33 is an essential infrastructure for economic development of the Region of Murcia

Had it not been for the ineffectiveness of the former Socialist government, the A-33 could be a reality in its entirety.

The popular Congressman Jesus Cano has welcomed today by the commitment of the Ministry of Public Works with the President Valcárcel, to tender and awarding the work of the A-33 in the stretch Jumilla-Yecla, to give continuity to an infrastructure so important to the interests of the citizens of the Region of Murcia.

"When just one year of the opening of the first two sections of this infrastructure between White and Jumilla, the National Government will allocate, for a game total of 600 million euros in road infrastructure investments for Spain, more than 80 million euros for the implementation of the section that separates the towns of Jumilla and Yecla. "

As pointed out "this is the clearest evidence that the Government of Spain is working for the Region of Murcia. For this government, we Murcia", pointed out the people responsible.

The popular leader has explained that "the stretch Jumilla-Yecla, it will be divided into 3 sections, to be tendered and awarded simultaneously, thus giving more opportunities to construction companies and streamlining the process of execution of the works. The Ministry is committed maximum speed up procedures and everything indicates that before the end of this year, the machines will be working, in just over 23 kilometers distance between Jumilla and Yecla. "

The Executive Secretary of the Party of the Region of Murcia has lambasted the former Socialist government: "We have been subjected to a systematic sectarian punishment by the former Socialist ministers of Public Works. The Murcia were the forgotten. Customers today demand that This highway is finally a reality, not a finger moved in almost eight years, by this infrastructure. now finally, after many years of back and forth,-we must remember that the studies for the implementation of the A- 33 were conducted in 2.003-, and after numerous failures by the previous Socialist government, there is a commitment by the Government of Argentina to resume this work, to make it a reality as soon as possible. "

The popular MP said that "I am convinced that had it not been for the ineffectiveness of the former Socialist government, this highway could be a reality today in full (Fuente la Higuera Blanca)".

Cano stated that "for the Popular Party, the A-33 is a key and essential infrastructure for economic development of the region of Altiplano and the Region of Murcia, as it will allow for greater and better connection with other communities and also will be our growth engine. And he certainly would implicitly unburdened and also improve road safety and end the high accident rate. "

Finally, the popular leader said that "the N-344, from White to Fuente La Higuera, recorded a rate of heavy vehicles exceeding 27%, in addition to being one of the most densely road freight and passenger as about 8,000 vehicles travel daily in this way, and with the entry into service of the future A-33 would reach 16,000. "

Source: PP Región de Murcia

The Community works in a European project to design and ecological furniture

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

The Ministry of Industry, Enterprise and Innovation participates in this initiative to raise awareness among companies about the added value of the ecological furniture

The Ministry of Industry, Enterprise and Innovation, through the Instituto de Fomento (Info) participates, together with the Technology Center Furniture and Wood (Cetem) in the initiative called 'Ecomovel', a European project to design and manufacture eco-friendly furniture.

Ecomovel is within the MED Programme of the European Commission and involves also institutions in France, Croatia, Portugal, Greece and Italy.

In Region is led by Cetem and participation in this project is funded by the info

Through this project to promote 'eco-design' in the furniture industry and wood, companies in this sector have created a new sustainable space composed of different habitat redesigned products by incorporating ecological, recycled or recyclable .

The paper focuses on an analysis of new sustainable materials to replace traditionally used.

Moreover, companies have contributed their expertise in habitat products, manufacturing processes and design experience.

This has led to increased capacity for sustainable and innovative new products through the incorporation of materials.


The project aims to raise awareness Ecomovel companies about the added value of the eco-friendly furniture, as well as the importance of innovation to reduce production costs and improved environmental impact.

In the first phase of this initiative conducted a European study of eco-design in the furniture sector, with the aim of comparative analysis across countries and identify good practices in this area.

After a second phase, in which tools were developed to promote sustainable design furniture companies and Cetem, the Center is undergoing the final phase of the project, which has developed, with several companies, furniture designed with ecological criteria.

The other partners in this initiative are the business of the Portuguese Association Vesdoa Region, the Chamber of Commerce of Thessaloniki (Greece), the French Institute of Furniture and Wood Technology Center Italia Furniture and Wood Cluster of Northwestern Croatia.

Source: CARM

Public Works announces the tests for obtaining the certificate of professional competence hauliers

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

The written exam passenger will be held on November 12th, while the 14th will be the freight

The Ministry of Public Works and Planning made the second call for 2013 on the tests for obtaining the certificate of professional competence in the practice of the profession of road transport in the region of Murcia.

The Director General of Transport and Ports, Antonio Sanchez-Solis, said that according to the rules of management of land transport, the above accreditation is necessary to carry out the activities of carriers of passengers and goods by road.

"The written examination will consist of two tests, one multiple choice and one that consist of solving mathematical calculation or a written explanation six cases requiring practical application of the program materials to concrete cases," said the director.

The submission of applications to take part in the tests may be carried out by ordinary record, for those candidates who are in possession of certificate or digital signature, through the website of the Ministry ( carriers).

The deadline for submission of applications and payment of fees for the call will be from 1 to September 20, inclusive.

The written exam passenger will be held on November 12, while 14 will be the goods.

Source: CARM

Education manages the application for grants from the Ministry, of which will benefit 20,000 families Murcia

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

The Ministry facilitated the past year almost 18,500 obtaining aid for students with specific educational needs, totaling an investment of 21 million euros

The Ministry of Education, Universities and Employment has begun to manage requests for support for pupils with special educational needs, the general mobility and the academic year 2013-2014, of which 20,000 families will benefit from the Region.

These grants can be requested until September 30.

In the call made for the past year, the Ministry facilitated 18,421 students recibiesen these grants for an amount which totaled an investment of 21 million euros.

The Director General of Educational Center, Maria Dolores Valcárcel, said that "we work forecasts indicate that aid can reach the region increase and benefit 1,500 families and surpass the 22 million euros of investment."

To facilitate access to grants from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, the bases can be found on the tab 'Calls force' portal, the Ministry of Education will have a special team of officers dedicated to solving any incident.

The process, once published the notice in the Official Gazette, is the sending by the Ministry to the centers of information about scholarships and financial aid and general mobility for students who pursue studies after compulsory and non-university higher, and on aid for pupils with special educational needs.

Remit centers of applications that are registered and reviewed to correct any deficiency or claim missing documentation.

It also makes the scales of applications and sent to the Ministry.

In addition, the Department is responsible for processing the claims or appeals process.

"Our goal is to simplify and facilitate access to resources for students of the region have the widest array of resources and support so they can get a quality education," concluded CEO.

Source: CARM

Tourism Chile sells online marketing platform

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

The platform, managed by the O'Higgins Region, will support the development and the Institute of Tourism

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, through the Tourism Institute, has developed an online marketing platform to sell to the O'Higgins Region, Chile.

The platform, managed by the Chilean region, will support the development and Tourism Institute.

The platform allows to know aspects of demand for goods and consumer market trends, as well as the distribution and sale of destiny through the application of new technologies (e-Destination).

In this way it is possible to chain a series of information that will guide the definition of specific strategies in order to develop, strengthen and position tourism in the O'Higgins Region.

The main objective of the project is to improve the competitiveness of tourism businesses in the Chilean region, through the design and implementation of an e-platform serve as homogenizer Destination supply in the area and as a tool for promotion, marketing and market knowledge.

The tool also allows the development of new resources and projects to provide the portal services according to the dynamic requirements of the consumer.

With the commissioning of the platform is expected to contribute to the solution of the main problems existing tourism activity in the O'Higgins Region, as the dismantling of the sector and the limited integration of supply for promotion and marketing, well as access to the main channel.

There is also a lack of statistical variables generated in the region and the preferences and tastes of demand, increasingly demanding and globalized.

Source: CARM

The Service '1 -1-2 'Region of Murcia is consolidated as a reference in emergency management to obtain outstanding citizens

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

parameters rated by users is the quality of staff '1 -1 – 2 ', the time of the call and the emergency resolution by agencies

The 94 percent of citizens aware of the existence and role of the single emergency telephone number, which has experienced a gradual evolution

The citizens of the region with outstanding value, in particular with an average score of 8.99, the degree of satisfaction of the demands care or Emergency Service information '1 -1-2 'Region of Murcia, which is consolidated as a reference for citizenship in the management, care and coordination of these interventions in the region.

This is one of the main conclusions throws Satisfaction Survey conducted during the first half of this year from 400 users generated real ads with mobilizing resources from one or more agencies, calling on occasion the single emergency telephone number 1 – 1-2, under the Ministry of the Presidency, whose purpose is to coordinate the response to an emergency resources in coordination with the various emergency services involved.

The assessment of the service offered by the '1 -1-2 'Murcia was carried out by nine questions, through which it has sought to know the opinion and rating from users about the different aspects that come into play from receiving the call to emergency care.

One notable feature of the results of the telephone survey is that none of the mean scores collected in all questions of low document noteworthy.

With maximum to improve the assistance and coordination of public services working in emergency situations, the Ministry of the Presidency, through the Directorate General Security and Emergency periodically conducts studies and surveys of user satisfaction to analyze the telephone support, management, coordination of media and resolution of the incident and at the same time, identify potential weaknesses of the service.

Satisfaction with the service

Regarding the degree of satisfaction by age, users under 18 and those over 65 are the ones who gave the highest rating to the call given by the operators of the '1 -1-2 'Murcia with 9 , 25 and 9.26 out of 10, respectively.

Users between 26 and 65 years evaluated with 9.03 service, while young people aged between 18 and 35 years had a 8.66.

One of the parameters rated by users is the quality of service personnel '1 -1-2 ', especially the friendliness and cooperativeness of the operator (9.10 points), its peace and security (8.98) and speed and efficiency (8.82).

Another high notes was the time elapsed since the call is made until it is answered by an operator (titrated with 8.58 points), while the same (8.74) and quality of communication with operators (9.18 points).

The resolution of the notice from emergency agencies attained a high level of satisfaction, with an average of 8.89 points, while the time elapsed since the completion of the call until the arrival of the operation planned for the attention of the Emergence was 8.08.

A referral service

The 94 percent of the citizens of the region aware of the existence and role of the single emergency telephone number, especially popular among children under 18 years and users aged between 18 and 65 years.

So reveals a survey on the level of awareness of this service, confirming that the '1 -1-2 'has seen a welcome progression of awareness among the public, and which has gone from 90.25 percent in 2009 to 94 percent this year.

Source: CARM

JSRM: "The Popular Party abandons denying immigrants the right to health care"

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

Young Socialists denounced the Health wants to impose prices that immigrants in an irregular situation for being "one of the worst climbing steps of privatization and exclusive right of public services"

To JSRM, "the measure is one of the most serious steps climbing Popular Party against public services and against universal health care system."

Socialist Youth of the Region of Murcia (JSRM) today regretted the entry into force of the Decree that illegal immigrants will have to pay for access to the health system as enter into force on day 1.

JSRM General Secretary, Inma Sánchez Rock, has said that "with the Popular Party government, and there is no assurance that a right is established, because they have become true experts in the most fundamental cut that can have a country and its citizens, the most basic rights. "

Roca Sánchez stressed that "the measure to impose the PP, by paying the illegal immigrants, is a direct attack not only the universality of the public health system, but the dignity of these people, they will be subject to a system of exclusion and social stigma promoted by the PP and the Government as part of its ideological cuts under the excuse of the economic situation. "

"Luckily – Sanchez noted Roca – the Autonomous Communities with socialist governments do not participate in this attack on human dignity and maintain health coverage to illegal immigrants, because that itself is the real duty of government: ensuring the rights of all people and put the welfare of citizens to ideological prejudices that some want to destroy this country. "

Roca Sanchez said that "the government will not achieve its ultimate goal, because the dignity of persons excluded from the health care system is going to stay intact, but the Socialists are going to work every day to reverse this measure and to restore the universality in health care. "


The PSOE warns traders of the region are forced to hang the "Liquidated closing"

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Socialists accuse the Regional Government to abandon the sector, not to plan tourism and trade policy to cut properly and in relevant aid retail die leaving

"Neither in summer with tourists and tour posters everywhere rebates can save sales in the retail sector. Continues, traders will be forced to hang the 'Liquidated closure." For 37 months fall sharply. "

This has been referred to the Secretary of SMEs and Self PSRM-PSOE, Maria Angeles Palacios, to data published today by the INE and reflect that, along with Madrid, Murcia Region in July tops the biggest drop in employment in commerce retail, 3.3% over the same month last year.

"In the Region of Murcia have fallen by more than a point and a half above the downturn in the national 1.7%. Regarding the average so far this year, employment fell 2.7% in the Region of Murcia, the fifth largest drop by communities and above the national average decline, "explained Maria Angeles Burgos, who underlined that" trade along with tourism sectors have traditionally been where activity has generated in these times, but sales decline while Murcia Regional Government is embroiled in succession, without ideas, desnortado, letting them sink traditional sectors as economic performance could report to the region. "

Socialists warn that "it is a terrible mistake not to help the local business because while employment is destroyed dehumanize our streets and historic, with harmful and pernicious effect also for tourism, usually attracted by our way of life" .

"Not only has influenced the lack of support, non erratic planning or tourist and commercial policy of this Regional Misrule, but also the absurd idea of ​​modernity and the destitution of some leaders about urban commercial arrangement, which has caused a parallel destructive to existing jobs in local businesses toiling. All this is further evidence of the existing urban and economic ignorance and lack of a city model according to a human and respectful of our way of life, "stated Secretary of SMEs and Self PSRM.

The PSOE denounce the lack of foresight and adequate studies of the urban commercial activity and the impact of the measures, which have led to a progressive deterioration of traditional commerce: "Poor management, lack of support, lack of planning and the commitment to other models of marketing, deaf to the claims of those affected and the commitment to other projects these figures result as negative, "he concluded.


The Murcia region leads the average stay in holiday during the month of July

Friday, August 30th, 2013

This accommodation last month registered 39.9 percent more passengers and 20 percent more overnight stays than last year

In all-hotel accommodation, the growth was 14.3 percent and overnight stays increased by 7.3 percent

The average stay in the tourist apartments in the region of Murcia was 8.6 days in July 2013, becoming the highest above Spain Valencia (8.2 days), Canary Islands (8.2 days) and Baleares (7.7 days).

The figures obtained in July compared with the general non-hotel tourist accommodation (camping, apartments and rural tourism) of the region show a travelers growth of 14.3 percent, compared with a decline in the national set 0 , 8 percent.

Meanwhile the overnight stays in the region increased by 7.5 percent, while in the whole of Spain fell 1.4 percent.

Also during the first seven months of the year the number of passengers on regional non-hotel establishments was 120,722, or an increase of 4.8 percent from 2012 (1.2 percent in Spain).

For their part, reaching 1.00645 million overnight stays, up 4.5 percent (1.3 percent in Spain).

Tourist apartments

The tourist apartments recorded during the month of July, a 39.9 percent more passengers and 20 percent more overnight stays than in the same month of 2012.

In Spain, the number of passengers grew by 1.9 percent and overnight stays rose 0.8 percent.

In the January-July period the number of travelers in the region was 49,537, 27.5 percent more than in 2012.

Travellers resident in Spain grew by 22.5 percent and 49.4 nonresident percent.

Overnight stays also rose by 17.5 percent to reach 395 501.

In this case, the growth of foreign overnight stays was 55 percent, and the residents of 7.9 percent.

In the whole of Spain the number of travelers in the first seven months rose 4 percent and overnight stays by 3.1 percent compared to 2012.

In July, the occupancy rate by bed reached 35.1 percent.

In Spain is occupied 50.3 percent of the positions offered, 2.1 percent less than in 2012.

Rural tourism accommodation and campsites

In the rural tourism of the region were recorded during the month of July by 9.5 percent more passengers compared with a decline of 7.6 percent in Spain.

Also, campsites recorded during July an increase of 12.2 percent in the number of international travelers, reaching 2050 and the number of nights spent by this group grew by 12.8 percent.

Source: CARM