The Community is committed to "transparency and excellence in public service" after approving the Code of Good Governance Info

The Industry, José Ballesta, chaired the Board of Directors and Advisory Council Info, which also memory met in 2012 and approved new agreements and grants

José Ballesta ensures that the Code of Good Governance Info "will ensure an open and transparent government where the measures taken are public and known directly by the company"

The Council unanimously decided to direct a letter to the Finance Ministry demanding that all procedures are accelerated VAT refund to exporters

The Board of Directors and Advisory Council Development Institute (Info), who chaired the Minister of Industry, Enterprise and Innovation, José Ballesta, today approved the Code of Good Governance for the agency, with which, in the words of counsel , "the regional government made a clear commitment to transparency, management effectiveness and efficiency of public service"

The Corporate Governance Code contains up to 38 measures to be implemented progressively and, among other actions, provide for the creation of an open platform for social participation, widespread procedures electronically, minimizing the administrative face, or periodic evaluation of the degree of user satisfaction, which "will ensure an open and transparent government where measures taken are public and known by the company directly," said the counselor.

On the other hand, in today's meeting it was agreed to call a helpline called 'Cheque ICT', designed to encourage the use of services based on Information Technology and Communication (ICT) among SMEs in the region, "through projects such as the implementation of e-commerce companies," said José Ballesta.

The 'Cheque ICT' will be a means "agile for SMEs started with little or no experience in the acquisition of ICT outsourcing can take the first steps to innovate in their methods of management and organization," he added.

For this, the info allocated 300,000 euros to be extended in another 300,000.

Under the heading of conventions, the Advisory Council and the Board of Directors have met the agreement 'Info Reactive' to put at the service of companies concessional loans amounting to 25 million euros, funds that come from the European Bank for Investment Bank (EIB).

Another approved agreements will be signed with the Foundation Incyde, which depends on the Chambers of Commerce of Spain, and through which it provides for the implementation of various infrastructure and business incubators for entrepreneurs.

Also, this morning also approved the transfer of the powers of various regional government agencies, due to the different budget rebalancing laws have been abolished, among which are the Science Park Foundation and the Foundation Argem, whose projects and initiatives will now take over and develop the Institute of Development.

Claim the Ministry of Finance

Within the Advisory Council unanimously adopted "a very important initiative and concern the export sector of the Region of Murcia, as the Ministry of Finance to request a refund of VAT on exports, which currently are being returned or not or are in progress with significant delay, "said Minister José Ballesta.

When a company pays tax in Spain for products that are then sold abroad is entitled to this tax is returned, so that a delay in refunds difficult financial situation of the companies.

For this reason, said José Ballesta, "the Council decided to send a letter to the Ministry claiming that all formalities accelerate this tax refund to exporters, since that will stimulate exports and, ultimately, generate lots of jobs in the Region of Murcia ".

Source: CARM


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