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The Region obtained the second largest margin of all autonomy deficit

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Vice President and Minister of Economy stresses that it is an "important step to soften the settings, it is reduced by 260 million"

The Council of Fiscal and Financial Policy approves first differentiated targets, as requested by the regional government

The Council of Fiscal and Financial Policy (CPFF) today approved stability target of 2013 for the Region of Murcia 1.59 percent of GDP, "the second largest by Autonomous Communities," the Vice President and Minister of Economy Juan Bernal.

Bernal said, following the meeting chaired by the Minister of Finance and Public Administration, Cristobal Montoro, the Ministry has set a ceiling of 1.6 per cent deficit and, within that limit, Murcia is located at the most high, specifically, to 1.59 percent, which means that we are allowed the maximum margin that indeed we can have a better performing our deficit. "

He added that this is a "breakthrough" in the adjustment process of the Community, and that the evolution of the deficit target "is an important result, because the budget of 2013 was done with 0.7 percent, then settled at 1.3 and is now set for the Region of Murcia, in 1.59, and that means 260 million euros less than fit ".

This marked stability objective of the Community is the second highest, behind Valencia, with 1.6 percent, and higher than Catalonia and Andalusia, with 1.58 percent, versus average target 1, 3 percent for the whole of the autonomies.

For the remaining communities is in a range of between 1 and 1.2 percent.

In this sense, ssubrayó "recognition and understanding towards autonomous communities such as the Region of Murcia, we have greater difficulty in meeting the deficit target."

He added that "there was also a high level of consensus, as most regions have understood that the situation is particularly difficult in the region needed more deficit target for this year 2013."

Important negotiation process

The head of Economics highlighted the "important process of negotiation and justification to all regions of the needs of the Region of Murcia, which has carried out the Ministry of Economy and Finance".

In this regard, said that "there have been two very intense days of meetings, contacts, explanations, numbers, who have allowed whole communities understand and understand that special difficulty".

"The data is very close closed today that the Ministry had calculated, 1.7 or 1.8, therefore, a tenth of a difference will not mean the implementation of additional measures, as has been the Rebalancing Plan, although greater efforts continue management and budget oversight, "stressed the Minister.

And the CPFF has unanimously approved Rebalancing Plan of the Region of Murcia, which is, according to the vice president, who Ministry and Communities "see that the measures we have put in place, which have been approved by the Regional Assembly and are in full force, are bearing fruit and we are going to lead to the reduction of the deficit. "

Financing system "unfair and discriminatory"

Bernal also insisted that the current financing system "is what determines the financial difficulties of the Region of Murcia, as it is unfair and discriminatory, particularly unfair to the region."

Therefore announced that the Community "will fight with all the intensity for this injustice is corrected once and for all."

The Vice President recalled that, according to the current financing system, the Region of Murcia receives, per capita per year, 166 euros less than the national average.

Specifically, in 2011 the region was allocated regional funding of 2,102 euros per capita per year, compared to the national average of 2,268 euros.

Source: CARM

The accused PSRM Valcárcel announced a constitutional complaint against energy reform to 'take a photo'

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Socialists believe that Murcia Executive President "just wants to clean up the image of a Regional Misrule long ago stopped working in defense of the interests of the region "

"How odd that, after meeting the Socialist Party with SMEs, freelancers and other users of renewable energy in the region, outraged by the Regional Government bonded to the central decisions in this area, which will announce Valcárcel appeal against the energy reform. Pity, come again we see a picture and a headline that they have no intention behind precisely that: to be in the picture into believing that looks after the interests of Murcia, when in fact what they say abides by its Madrid heads no more. "

Such confidence shown by the Secretary of Justice and Public Freedoms PSRM-PSOE, José Miguel Muñoz Andreo, having made public the findings of the meeting between Valcarcel and the Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

"Valcarcel said to act 'for consistency' and that did the same when gobernábamos socialists. Unmasks that phrase is, making it clear that all he wants is you can avoid reproach that does not require the Central Government which required then with far less reason. Talking constitutional challenge is great, but we believe that once again a smokescreen to pretend, and not a real step forward to defend the investment they made a large number of Murcia who pushed for the environment and energy efficiency, "said Muñoz Andreo.

The Secretary of Justice and Public Freedoms PSRM-PSOE regretted "that the president wants all Murcia only wash the image of a Regional Misrule long ago stopped working in defense of the interests of the region", and asks "stop making trips to Madrid to take great pictures accompanied by headlines and meet with those affected by the reform to see how many of them believe in his word after submission to the Government of Rajoy expressed".


The municipality of Jumilla authorizes firing rockets Templar

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Virgin colors light up the night guard Templar to "scare the devil"

Marina Garcia Martinez, councilor responsible for Control Area Activities and noises, in response to the request made by the Association of Jumilla Templar, have been notified in writing your permission to launch rockets, in the course of the Templar Guard Our Lady to be held in the chapel of San Agustin de Jumilla (XVI) on the eve of Sunday August 4, from zero to six hours in length, while, at the direction of Sergeant Firefighters Local Park, the milites Christi shall be provided some means that in case of fire caused by the release of the artifacts, let them suffocate immediately.

The Templars launch rockets dumb, wake and expansion flashes bright blue and white, colors that identify the Blessed Virgin Mary, and will be launched each quarter to "scare the hell", this would ditch the dispute between the cultural association and council chaired by Marina which last year caused unease in the ranks Templar by prohibiting any councilor rocket.

The event is held in observance of canonical calendar, the content of the Chapter Acts of the Council of the town of Jumilla seventeenth century, and the tradition accumulated over the ten previous years, and is part of the commemoration of the Tenth Crusade Cultural the Bailiwick Jumilla Templar, an annual compendium of cultural, religious and recreational activities both in the municipality of Murcia temple famous for its wines, and outside it, develop the Templars of the town, open the schedule of performances in honor of the Sublime Patron of the Council, and marks the beginning of the festivities, according to sources Templar worthy of any credit.

Source: Templarios de Jumilla

UPyD defends a similar figure deficit for all CC AA with a new egalitarian system of regional financing

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Rafael Sanchez, believes that in the case of the Murcia region should be updated "urgently" all the population data for the assignments were always in line with the reality of those numbers "

UPyD regional coordinator, Rafael Sanchez, has referred to the debate on deficit figure must assume the autonomous, to ensure that "what must be done urgently is a new regional financing egalitarian system, which would cover one similar figure deficit for all communities. "

In this regard, he said that "not only the Murcia region which requires the review of funding and a new financing system, but that it is necessary for all CC AA".

Sanchez recalled that UPyD not favorable to the asymmetries, or the system of financing or deficit figures that must be passed to the autonomous.

"We do not understand that the regional government is requesting a unique treatment that is relaxing the deficit figure and at the same time, be expected to approve on Friday a cost close to 15 million euros for the next TV contract autonomic ".

However, he noted that the current funding system has been detrimental to the region.

In the case of the Region of Murcia, said that for the new funding system "should update all data on population, with the aim that the assignments were always in line with the reality of those numbers."

In addition, he stressed that the process of a new system should speed was ready to even before 2014, which is the date that should be regularly reviewed.

Sanchez recalled UPyD rejecting the current system, which was established in 2009, and has exhibited his party's proposal for a new single and equal funding for all communities, "it should at all times from a multilateral pact ".

It has also rejected the bilateral model, which was a premise used in the latest reform laws.

"It's something that began to be used to reform the Catalan statute, which generalized a model of bilateral negotiation confederal type accepted by PSOE, IU and PP (which included the clause Camps in the Valencian Statute, which arrogated to itself the same model to be adopted for Catalan).

"We," he continued, "we consider this model nefarious" aa bis "because it ensures equality and cohesion and because it is unworkable and unsustainable global economic view of the state".

"The negative result that this model has had in the region is clear evidence of the need for change".

UPyD The proposal contemplates a single system for all the autonomous, eliminating thereby the statutory system of bilateral economic agreement the Basque Country and Navarra.

"We believe in a system of regional funding that the State reserve exclusive jurisdiction and which, if necessary, prevail the general interests of the state above the individual in one or another region."

Source: UPyD Región de Murcia

Sevilla explains transport entrepreneurs the keys to the new national strategy for Optimizing Logistics

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Sevilla Councilor meets the transport working group to overtake the main lines of action in working with the Ministry of Development

The Community considers essential to prioritize investments in the areas of logistics

The Minister of Public Works and Planning, Antonio Sevilla, today held a meeting with transport companies to pass on the keys to the new national strategy Logistics Optimization preparing the Ministry of Development, in collaboration with the regions.

Sevilla said the Ministry and has submitted to a preview of 'Analysis-Diagnosis Logistics and Intermodal Freight Transport', which will reflect the regional proposals accepted.

"Our contribution also includes demands that entrepreneurs have moved us in the various meetings we have had with this working group," explained the director.

The aforementioned national strategy, which aims to contribute to the promotion of this economic activity is part of the Plan for Infrastructure, Transport and Housing (PITVI) 2012-2024 Ministry of Development, and is divided into three specific programs on regulation, management and investment activities.

Conclusions from the analysis of logistics and intermodal transport

The Minister explained that, in the analysis of logistics and intermodal freight transportation, we are working on issues related to the regulation of the sector "because we must seek to develop transport companies logistics operators to improve their services now" .

Also, Sevilla, on competitiveness, said that "within the program management and service delivery, we have conveyed the concern of our carriers in order to maintain the competitiveness of road transport, given the scale of the regional fleet."

As for future investments, the Minister announced that it is working on the definition and implementation of logistics activity areas and ministerial representatives conveyed the need to prioritize this type of infrastructure in the Region of Murcia.

Source: CARM

The Community is committed to "transparency and excellence in public service" after approving the Code of Good Governance Info

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

The Industry, José Ballesta, chaired the Board of Directors and Advisory Council Info, which also memory met in 2012 and approved new agreements and grants

José Ballesta ensures that the Code of Good Governance Info "will ensure an open and transparent government where the measures taken are public and known directly by the company"

The Council unanimously decided to direct a letter to the Finance Ministry demanding that all procedures are accelerated VAT refund to exporters

The Board of Directors and Advisory Council Development Institute (Info), who chaired the Minister of Industry, Enterprise and Innovation, José Ballesta, today approved the Code of Good Governance for the agency, with which, in the words of counsel , "the regional government made a clear commitment to transparency, management effectiveness and efficiency of public service"

The Corporate Governance Code contains up to 38 measures to be implemented progressively and, among other actions, provide for the creation of an open platform for social participation, widespread procedures electronically, minimizing the administrative face, or periodic evaluation of the degree of user satisfaction, which "will ensure an open and transparent government where measures taken are public and known by the company directly," said the counselor.

On the other hand, in today's meeting it was agreed to call a helpline called 'Cheque ICT', designed to encourage the use of services based on Information Technology and Communication (ICT) among SMEs in the region, "through projects such as the implementation of e-commerce companies," said José Ballesta.

The 'Cheque ICT' will be a means "agile for SMEs started with little or no experience in the acquisition of ICT outsourcing can take the first steps to innovate in their methods of management and organization," he added.

For this, the info allocated 300,000 euros to be extended in another 300,000.

Under the heading of conventions, the Advisory Council and the Board of Directors have met the agreement 'Info Reactive' to put at the service of companies concessional loans amounting to 25 million euros, funds that come from the European Bank for Investment Bank (EIB).

Another approved agreements will be signed with the Foundation Incyde, which depends on the Chambers of Commerce of Spain, and through which it provides for the implementation of various infrastructure and business incubators for entrepreneurs.

Also, this morning also approved the transfer of the powers of various regional government agencies, due to the different budget rebalancing laws have been abolished, among which are the Science Park Foundation and the Foundation Argem, whose projects and initiatives will now take over and develop the Institute of Development.

Claim the Ministry of Finance

Within the Advisory Council unanimously adopted "a very important initiative and concern the export sector of the Region of Murcia, as the Ministry of Finance to request a refund of VAT on exports, which currently are being returned or not or are in progress with significant delay, "said Minister José Ballesta.

When a company pays tax in Spain for products that are then sold abroad is entitled to this tax is returned, so that a delay in refunds difficult financial situation of the companies.

For this reason, said José Ballesta, "the Council decided to send a letter to the Ministry claiming that all formalities accelerate this tax refund to exporters, since that will stimulate exports and, ultimately, generate lots of jobs in the Region of Murcia ".

Source: CARM

Ballesta emphasizes investment in R & D and access to new markets as an engine for growth companies

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

The Minister of Industry visits Giménez Marin Brothers, canning company that focuses on innovation and internationalization as the basis its growth

The Minister of Industry, Enterprise and Innovation, José Ballesta, today made a visit to the facilities Marin Giménez canning company has in Moratalla Brothers, in which he emphasized that "companies like this, show that the effort that in many cases, means for small and medium enterprises investment in R + D + i and the access to new markets just eventually to become one of the key drivers of growth. "

José Ballesta said "it is a family business, in a moment of his long career, decides to invest in the introduction of novel processes for the production of their products", such as redirecting its activities to the processing and preservation of fruits in aseptic packaging for the food industry or incorporated into its product range the frozen chopped fruit production by cryogenic technology.

This commitment to innovation, which is reflected in technological cooperation agreements that the company has signed with a dozen specialized research centers nationally and internationally, was recognized in 2012 with the Business Innovation Award Murcia granted by the Ministry of Industry, Enterprise and Innovation, through the Institute of Development.

Also, the Minister stressed that "the opening of new markets is another important business decisions adopted at the time and today is one of the cornerstones of its development."

Currently, the company exports 90 percent of its production to more than 30 countries.

Source: CARM

Valcárcel announces a new constitutional complaint against energy reform affecting renewable

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

The president of the Community meeting in Madrid with the Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism Jose Manuel Soria, to transfer the "frustration" of the photovoltaic sector investors

The Community already appealed against socialist law "changed the rules of the game in the middle of the party"

The regional chief executive will meet soon with representatives of the renewable energy sector

The president of the Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, announced today in Madrid that the regional government will file a constitutional complaint against energy reform affecting the renewable energy sector.

The regional chief executive made the remarks after meeting with the Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism Jose Manuel Soria, who moved the "frustration" of investors in photovoltaic and renewable "one day they were encouraged to go for this sector "because, considered Valcárcel, that" the problem is not resolved to those who have invested in this type of facility. "

Valcárcel recalled that the Community has already filed a constitutional complaint when the Socialist Party government "changed the rules of the game mid-match," adding that now, "for consistency" and the "injury" that is generated to interests of investors, "will present a constitutional challenge to the reform raised the Government", in reference to the Royal Decree-Law 9/2013, of 12 July, by which urgent action to ensure financial stability of the system electric.

"For consistency and because I think it generates significant damage to the legitimate interests of these people, which encouraged them a day to carry out investments of this tenor, and today are frustrated because what is said then that would be a certain return and today that profitability falls by its own weight, "he said regional president.

The president of the Community moved that "I have to defend the interests of those in the Region of Murcia perform this type of investment and are now changed over such decisions."

In this sense, Valcárcel announced that soon will meet with industry representatives in the region of Murcia.

Power Reform

The power sector reform is developing little s years after hundreds of investors, both domestic and foreign, commit their funds on a system that guaranteed a certain return.

The radical break, not progressive, this system would seriously jeopardize the viability of these facilities have hardly had time for redemption.

The proposals made by the Ministry in relation to renewable energy infringe the principle of legal certainty, it does not guarantee a reasonable return on investment in renewable energy facilities, especially photovoltaic.

In addition the proposals are linked to new electrical sector external parameters (the return is linked to the cost of government borrowing: Bono to 10 years).

These modifications would come to be against the transposition of Directive 2009/28/EC of the European Parliament, the obstacles to the development of renewable energy.

Source: CARM

Cano: "The Murcia farmers will have 300 million euros to strengthen the sector"

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Jesus Cano has described as "historic" the two agreements signed between the government and major regional financial institutions, and that will enable access to farming youth and unemployed

The regional agricultural sector will receive 200 million euros a year for the new CAP, which runs until 2020

The executive secretary of Agriculture, Water and Environment regional PP, Jesus Cano, has very much appreciated the two agreements signed on Tuesday between the regional and major banks in the region, calling "historic" because "to make available to farmers Murcia up to 300 million euros through low cost loans to boost the sector. "

As pointed out by Cano, "This agreement is a pioneering performance offered for the first time to the entire food industry preferential credit terms" liquidity "which aims to facilitate the incorporation of young and unemployed to the primary sector and develop new investment by companies. "

The value of these agreements is on the one hand, of 100 million euros for three lines of funding: 40 million for access and inclusion of young and unemployed, others 40 million for land consolidation activities for micro with fewer than 10 employees and up to 2 million annual turnover, and 20 million to ensure access to producer organizations, to farmers along with other partners, can access funds that provide the Operational Programmes.

On the other hand, a second agreement of 200 million euros for all types of activities related to agricultural activity, acquisition of land for planting, irrigation modernization, varietal conversion and investments in the food industry, among others, with very favorable conditions.

Jesus Cano has stated that these agreements, the regional government "gives a significant boost to the food sector, which we depend more than 150,000 people in the Region of Murcia, and will certainly contribute to the creation of new jobs as the primary sector continue being a reference to the regional economy. "


On the other hand, Cano has referred to the negotiations on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) European, saying "Murcia farmers can breathe easy, and thanks to the brilliant work of director Antonio Cerda, President Valcárcel and Minister Arias Cañete, the agreement achieved for the next PAC 2014-20 is quite satisfactory. "

As he explained, "will remain aid for agriculture in Murcia, which will amount to 200 million euros a year during the 2014-20 period," so that "it is a good budget that strengthens the backbone of agriculture and the food chain" .

"Spain is strengthened" stated Cano, "as it has achieved a much better deal than expected, ensuring aid until 2020, which was not clear at first."

Jesus Cano has considered "very positive" heading in operating funds to modernize the sector, of which the region will receive 50 million euros, a third of the national total, and stressed the funds for youth incorporating the sector , which according to the new regulations "will come to two percent of the first pillar of the CAP, which will result in over 100 million per year."

Also, the leader is popular stressed that "more than 250,000 hectares of permanent crops such as almonds, olives, citrus, vineyards and other fruit are exempt from the 'greening', as they are considered sinks of CO2, and this is a topic major concern of our farmers. "

"And the more than 6,000 small farmers in the region who receive European aid below 1,250 euros are so considerable simplify all administrative procedures," Cano added.

Livestock sector also going to be benefited with this new CAP reform, as it has agreed to a game of coupled aid totaling 637 million euros.

Finally, Cano has stressed that these agreements "marks another major claims of our farmers, as the European Commission is permanently check input prices of products from third countries, thus avoiding unfair competition for our agriculture and to our products. "

"The negotiations were very hard and difficult, but there has been a good approach to maintain what each had to avoid imbalances between regions and among farmers themselves," concluded Cano.

Source: PP Región de Murcia

Fecoam calls for urgent action against thefts in the area and the underground economy

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

The organization met yesterday with the government delegate in the region to show the concern of the sector by the Plan of the Northwest and the reform of renewable energy

It also raised the need to accelerate the return of VAT to cooperatives

The Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of the Region of Murcia (Fecoam) met yesterday with the government delegate, Joaquín Bascuñana, to analyze the situation of the agricultural sector and current affairs as the new renewable energy reform posed Minister Jose Manuel Soria or the Comprehensive Management Plan for Natura 2000 Protected Areas of the Northwest.

The president of the organization, Santiago Martínez Gabaldon, and Nuts sector representative, Pedro Guerrero, demanded that steps be taken to prevent thefts from farms and livestock and, in particular, kernel, a product that is not perishable and you just start the collection period, in addition to increased surveillance of security forces transport and sale of fruits and vegetables stolen and stores selling illegal pesticides.

The organization calls for more tough on economy, since it is one of the main responsible for the fall in prices of agricultural products.

Report that companies do not fulfill their legal obligations (enlist workers without Social Security, hired foreigners without work permits, wages below the legal or poor health and safety conditions in the workplace) can handle a prices down, below the production costs, resulting in a fracture with those that do follow the rules.

During the meeting, Bascuñana showed the need to strengthen controls at the port of Cartagena on the quality of the kernel that is imported from other countries, and more inspections to be marketed to the public to avoid consumer fraud As canned varieties.

The organization claims it is found that the labeling corresponds to the product packaging.

With respect to the concerns of the sector, Fecoam criticized the plight of legal uncertainty suffering photovoltaic producers, among which many farmers and agricultural cooperatives, with up to five regulatory changes in just two years retroactively.

The latest reform proposal by Minister Jose Manuel Soria poses a change in the method of payment to replace the raw mechanism for a system that guarantees a "reasonable return" on investment of 7.5%, retroactive.

The organization noted that thousands of families Murcia invested their savings in renewable energy production driven by the Government, which provided conditions that, following legislative changes have not been met and have carried that small producers are now with serious trouble repaying the loans contracted with banks to acquire and implement the solar panels.

On the Northwest management plan, the organization believes that regional government responses to the allegations made by the sector, which amounted to about 13,000, maintain the "same spirit" with which the document was filed last December and "not changed one iota," so it remains a "clear prejudice" to the primary sector, especially for producers of nuts, to have 46,000 hectares (of which there are 69,000 in total) within the area influence of future environmental regulations.

Fecoam emphasizes that priority right now is to join efforts to find a solution to the issue and agree a unique environmental plan instead of the 14 originally proposed.

Another issue to be addressed and cooperatives affecting Murcia is the need to accelerate the compensation of VAT to not harm the agricultural sector.

The organization regrets that the tax, although time has come loose for these returns, not done quickly, so it is 'choking' a few companies that have to deal with the lack of credit financial, to increasingly fierce competition from third countries and production costs are increasing day by day.

Reduction in almond crop

The almond is the most surface woody crop in the region, with more than 70,000 hectares, mainly in the Northwest.

Fecoam, which revealed weeks ago that production for this campaign would experience a 20% drop, from 7,900 tons of grain almond 2012-6320 this year, warns that the reduction could be greater than expected, as the drought Summer is dwindling harvest of many farms.

Given the steady increase in production costs, the price situation in recent years and the future committed by the strong international competition, mainly from California, the federation believes it is essential the contribution of aid from the government to the survival of some crops that are not viable or cost-effective by themselves, but that among other multiple benefits, contribute to the fight against erosion and desertification, promote activity and rural employment, especially in disadvantaged areas, and contributes to biodiversity.

The sector Fecoam Nuts advised to eat in Murcia almond diet for their quality and all the benefits that this product has health as well as a significant antioxidant effect, brings a lot of energy, is low sugar (so it can be recommended in the diets of people with diabetes) and helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems.

Source: Agencias