The Civil Guard detained two people for diving robberies to defraud insurers

The inmates filed complaints for the theft of money and personal effects to the output of banking

In the investigation it was determined the robbery simulation and in one of them, also the rapture

The Guardia Civil of the Region of Murcia has developed two investigations into allegations of robbery in banks near Abarán and Puerto Lumbreras, which ultimately have led to the arrest of the complainants for crime simulation.

The arrest made cash withdrawals, with the supposed intention of claiming the amount of such insurers of financial institutions, later complained to the Meritorious be victims of robberies.

In addition, one of them pretended to be kidnapped by the robbers nonexistent.

The first of the actions began after policemen specialized in safety prevention they heard that a person had been robbed a nearby bank branch Abarán town.

According to the complainant, in that place had been violently taken out of bank documents and 2,000 euros in cash had just reintegrate.

The Guardia Civil and Local Police Abarán developed a search on the supposed author of the streets surrounding the scene, which ended without locating the suspect.

After that, the Civil Guard began research to clarify the violent robbery.

After formulation of the relevant complaint and after completing the appropriate inquiries, it was found that the victim of the robbery was simulated allegedly stealing in order to defraud the insurance company, so they arrested him and remanded back, on suspicion of felony crime simulation.

On the other hand, in Puerto Lumbreras, Civil Guard recepcionó a complaint for the offenses of false imprisonment and robbery.

The complainant stated that, after making a cash withdrawal at a bank in the town, had been kidnapped and robbed by several individuals, and finally abandoned in a field.

The Civil Guard initiated the investigation into the veracity of the alleged offense, and to gather all possible evidence on the event and, if necessary, arrest the alleged perpetrators of the robbery.

From the conclusions of the investigation, it has been shown how the victim extracted money in bank with one of the primers allegedly stolen.

The victim pretended allegedly kidnapping and robbery to claim the money from the insurance company, so we proceeded to his arrest and subsequent remand in custody.


In the first of the research has proceeded to the arrest of a person suspected of committing crime simulation crime.

In the second of the crimes has been arrested another person for the same offense, in addition to the crime of illegal detention.

These people are identified as:

– Spanish, 46 years and resident of Abarán.

– Spanish, 67 years and resident of Puerto Lumbreras.

The arrested and police inquiries have been made available to the competent judicial authorities.

Source: Ministerio del Interior


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