Cayo Lara is involved in the May Day demonstration of Murcia

The federal coordinator of United Left, Cayo Lara, will participate in the demonstration called for tomorrow CCOO, UGT, USO, Inter and Gestha in Murcia on the occasion of May 1, International Labor Day.

Before taking part in this mobilization, Lara will join column of the second march against unemployment, precariousness and cuts coming from Sewer and merge onto the Plaza de Castilla at 11.30 am, and from there continue to Circular walk to the square.

After greeting the convening organizations, will join members of the leadership, members and supporters of IU-Greens, who will carry a banner with the slogan '1 May.

Always with the workers.

Always with the workers. "

For its part, the coordinator of IU-Green Murcia, José Antonio Pujante, Sewer depart at 8.30 am with the other participants of the column Northwest march against unemployment.

Booming Alongside will be, among others, the presidential spokesman and councilor in the city of Murcia Esther Herguedas, Secretary General of the PCRM, Joaquín Morote, and the mayor in Sewell Carmen Maria Pina.

The regional coordinator has encouraged citizens to participate in the May Day demonstration in order to give an answer "unanimously" against the policies of cutting regional and central governments.

He assured that the increase in unemployment is a result of an economic policy based on ensuring the benefits of big business and the banks, facing the "main concern" IU-Greens, which is job creation.

"Another politics is possible and yes you can create jobs," added Pujante, who has announced his training tomorrow distribute leaflets that include measures to help generate jobs.

Finally, Pujante has said that the current situation "can change", after which he ruled: "You can create jobs. There are alternative."

Source: IURM


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