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Pujante holds a meeting with executives of Turn

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

The deputy and coordinator of IU-Greens in the Region of Murcia, José Antonio Pujante, held a meeting with directors of the Association for Land Stewardship and Sustainable Development (COME), of which he was its president, Pilar Sanchez.

During the meeting they discussed various issues related to rural and natural environment, with land stewardship and projects that may impact very significantly on the regional average, as Gorguel macropuerto project in Cartagena, or the project of Paramount park in Alhama de Murcia.

Pujante expressed support for initiatives related ACUDE land stewardship and the conservation of wild tortoise populations and emphasized the role of the association in defense of environmental and landscape values.

Meanwhile, ACUDE highlighted the work of José Antonio Pujante as "one of the most committed political Murcia environmental conservation" and IU-Greens as "the most active political organization defends the environment in the Region of Murcia" .

Source: IURM

The PSOE government should worry about rescuing people above others "

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

General Secretary and Deputy Teresa Rosillo Viewed 'The Huertecica' and highlighted the important work for 30 years develops this group, despite limited means

The general secretary of PSRM-PSOE, Rafael González Tovar and Social Policy is responsible for the Socialist Group, Teresa Rosillo this morning visited the Therapeutic Community "The Huertecica".

González Tovar explained that "this visit is an act of recognition of the work that develops and is part of the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of this important group."

Rafael González Tovar has expressed concern, "because in these times of difficulty and where it seems to send the macroeconomic figures instead of people, surprisingly, professionals and those working in the Huertecica, example of solidarity and dumps in helping they are faring worse, do not have enough support from administrations and governments, whose priority should be to rescue people above others rescue. "

The secretary general of the Socialist Murcia said "a job well done, effective and above all, and now more efficient because very few resources do much. Therefore called for more support so they can continue to play this important role" .


The Safe Water Council reported favorably Scheme of Important Issues

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

The document highlights the importance of maintaining existing irrigation dovetail with the protection of environmental values ​​

The TSI has received almost unanimous approval, with the exception of the association Ecologists in Action in the Region of Murcia

The Council's Water Segura River Basin, made today in Murcia, reported favorably Scheme of Important Issues (ETI) in the basin of the Segura.

This paper covers the main issues in the field of water that must be covered by the new Hydrological Plan of the Segura basin.

The TSI has received almost unanimous approval Water Council, with the exception of the association Ecologists in Action in the Region of Murcia, who voted against.

Important Topics Scheme was prepared by the Hydrographic Confederation of Segura after a process of public consultation and participation.

Among other things, emphasizes the need to maintain existing irrigation in the Segura basin, given its high social, economic and environmental.

It also stresses the importance of reconciling the interests of the agricultural sector to the protection and recovery of the natural values ​​of the basin.

The document identifies 43 issues that must be addressed and resolved by the future Basin Plan.

Important issues can be grouped into seven main issues:

– Maintenance of the economic, social and environmental surfaces associated with irrigated.

– Lack of water resources and ensuring crop underfunding.

– Over-exploitation of aquifers.

– Quality of groundwater and surface water.

– Maintenance of environmental flows.

– Cost of desalinated water.

– Protection against floods and lack of regulation.

The Water Council consists of 84 members representing all competent public authorities (state, regions and local authorities), users as well as organizations and associations that defend environmental interests, economic and social.

The ETI approval opens the way for the next drafting the Safe Water Plan, which should solve the problems of water in the basin of the Segura.

Source: CHS

Health sets 2015 meeting the objectives of the new management agreements with the Health Areas

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

The Minister of Health and Social Policy chaired the meeting in which the manager of the SMS and the Areas of Health, 061 and signed the agreements Psychiatric Hospital

The sustainability of the public health system, improving training, business processes and implementation of rational drug use are among the objectives of the new agreements

The Ministry of Health and Social Policy, through Murcia Health Service, 2015 has been set for meeting the objectives of the new sane management with new areas of Health, 061 management and the Psychiatric Hospital 'Roman Pool' , in order to ensure the development and implementation of projects that require a longer time period.

Thus, the objectives of the agreements coincide in time with the Health Plan 2010-2015 and Strategy 2015, which are currently in development.

In this regard, the minister stressed that these agreements "should be understood as a tool that helps us to continuously improve the system."

In addition, the agreements signed today seek to advance excellence in management, taking as reference the EFQM model, the most valued in Europe.

They also promote the training of professionals through knowledge management strategy "fundamental key to continue to give citizens the best healthcare," in the words of the minister "is the mission we have to play together."

Internal communication, improving results through monitoring indicators and quality surveys, which are some of the strategies to comply with these agreements in the self-help system, to identify their weaknesses and correct them and observe their strengths and enhance them, and to visualize how improve health outcomes for citizens.

Improving the use of medicines

The agreements also play a major role in maintaining control over the rational use of drugs, with the aim that each patient receives the most appropriate treatment for their clinical, generating cost savings in pharmacy.

All actions contemplated agreements "end aims to ensure the sustainability of the system and this requires a strict compliance with the budget, which is also mentioned in the agreement as a strategic point," he said Palacios.

The agreements should be emphasized the development of business processes Murcia Health Service, in order to avoid variability in the delivery of services and resources consumption.

This objective will be reinforced by the actions of the Strategy 2015, as the definition, development and implementation of Integrated Care Processes, pathologies and diseases most prevalent and the most impact on our population.

Source: CARM

The Civil Guard detained two people for diving robberies to defraud insurers

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

The inmates filed complaints for the theft of money and personal effects to the output of banking

In the investigation it was determined the robbery simulation and in one of them, also the rapture

The Guardia Civil of the Region of Murcia has developed two investigations into allegations of robbery in banks near Abarán and Puerto Lumbreras, which ultimately have led to the arrest of the complainants for crime simulation.

The arrest made cash withdrawals, with the supposed intention of claiming the amount of such insurers of financial institutions, later complained to the Meritorious be victims of robberies.

In addition, one of them pretended to be kidnapped by the robbers nonexistent.

The first of the actions began after policemen specialized in safety prevention they heard that a person had been robbed a nearby bank branch Abarán town.

According to the complainant, in that place had been violently taken out of bank documents and 2,000 euros in cash had just reintegrate.

The Guardia Civil and Local Police Abarán developed a search on the supposed author of the streets surrounding the scene, which ended without locating the suspect.

After that, the Civil Guard began research to clarify the violent robbery.

After formulation of the relevant complaint and after completing the appropriate inquiries, it was found that the victim of the robbery was simulated allegedly stealing in order to defraud the insurance company, so they arrested him and remanded back, on suspicion of felony crime simulation.

On the other hand, in Puerto Lumbreras, Civil Guard recepcionó a complaint for the offenses of false imprisonment and robbery.

The complainant stated that, after making a cash withdrawal at a bank in the town, had been kidnapped and robbed by several individuals, and finally abandoned in a field.

The Civil Guard initiated the investigation into the veracity of the alleged offense, and to gather all possible evidence on the event and, if necessary, arrest the alleged perpetrators of the robbery.

From the conclusions of the investigation, it has been shown how the victim extracted money in bank with one of the primers allegedly stolen.

The victim pretended allegedly kidnapping and robbery to claim the money from the insurance company, so we proceeded to his arrest and subsequent remand in custody.


In the first of the research has proceeded to the arrest of a person suspected of committing crime simulation crime.

In the second of the crimes has been arrested another person for the same offense, in addition to the crime of illegal detention.

These people are identified as:

– Spanish, 46 years and resident of Abarán.

– Spanish, 67 years and resident of Puerto Lumbreras.

The arrested and police inquiries have been made available to the competent judicial authorities.

Source: Ministerio del Interior

Tourism publishes 'The Way of the Water' as ecotourism route over 80 miles to enjoy Espuña

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Cruz says this infrastructure, which represents an investment of 1.2 million euros, shows how the artificial elements for water conveyance merge with nature

The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Pedro Alberto Cruz, now 'The Way of Water ", an ecotourism route over 80 kilometers to enjoy people of all ages Espuña Regional Park.

This active tourism infrastructure has made in the last decade an investment of 1.2 million from the regional administration for the adaptation and signaling pathways.

The Path, now adds value and is reflected in the publication, covers the five municipalities grouped in the Commonwealth Tourism Espuña (Aledo, Alhama, Mula, Pliego and Totana), through the Canal Road Taibilla across viaducts and other water infrastructure and water taking center stage.

Also, also uses parallel paths and roads to the Tajo-Segura and Espuna pipes and Treebeard.

The Minister, who was accompanied by the director of the Commonwealth of Channels Taibilla French Andrés Martinez, the president of the Commonwealth Tourism and Mayor Espuña Mula, José Iborra, and Ecoespuña representative and co-author, Manuel Eagle, said that "the path shown as the naturalness of artifice, through the water lines that mark the way, as ditches, ponds or viaducts, merges with its natural sound experience, textures and smells to be live and experience from within ".

Cruz stressed that the book contains the substance of the route, which "is water, which in the region is a culture born of the deficit, the wish of this good and all that has been generated around finish blending with the landscape" .

This itinerary ecotourism is divided into four sections or stages of a day, from Totana to new homes for walking or cycling.

The degree of difficulty is low, except for a stretch of medium difficulty, so they are conducive for families to enjoy the wide variety of environmental, landscape and rich cultural and monumental treasure the five boroughs.

The stages are: Totana to Espuna Road, 15.7 kilometers, of Espuna Road to El Berro, 12.4, of El Berro to Source of the Portuguese, 12.1, and Fountain the Portuguese to new homes 13.3.

It also has branches Path as Totana, Aledo Alhama, to add approximately 88 kilometers form the itinerary.

The book assumes the tool to launch this active tourism infrastructure, "an element of knowledge and communication strategy," said Minister of Culture and Tourism.

Particularly noteworthy are road-books and detailed explanation thereof, in which the emphasis is on certain points of interest that the visitor finds.

Besides the historical introduction on Taibilla Canal and the Espuña Regional Park (with an overview of natural species it houses, with 42 percent presence of wildlife in the region and 195 vertebrates), we also find data of interest on the route linking populations and a summary of suggestions of what not to miss and restaurant recommendations.

The book has been edited by Channels Taibilla Natursport Ecoespuña and with the collaboration of the Autonomous Community and the Commonwealth Tourism Espuña.

Already on sale in bookstores in the region and active tourist shops.

Offer hiking in the region

The Region of Murcia, by their geographical location and climate, has a rich natural biodiversity.

It is a perfect destination for hiking, for his landscapes, protected areas, mixture of landscape and mild climate.

It also has thirty trails short haul, long haul a dozen, the GR7, which runs from the Murcia region of northern Europe and Northwest Greenway.

Also noteworthy is the momentum that is taking the road of Vera Cruz and the enhancement of the Water Trail as a whole.

According to the Institute of Tourism Studies, the profile of visitors taking trails in the region are people between 18 and 34 years, education level and income.

Usually travel in groups or with a partner and their main motivation is physical activity in contact with nature.

Its rooms are not very long, between two and three days, but usually plan trips more frequently (an average of five trips per year).

The Espuña Regional Park and its surroundings obtained in February the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (CETS), a quality certificate issued by the European Federation of National Parks (Europarc) that aims to harmonize tourism development and heritage preservation natural and cultural protected area sustainability criteria in tourism-related activities.

Source: CARM

Cayo Lara is involved in the May Day demonstration of Murcia

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

The federal coordinator of United Left, Cayo Lara, will participate in the demonstration called for tomorrow CCOO, UGT, USO, Inter and Gestha in Murcia on the occasion of May 1, International Labor Day.

Before taking part in this mobilization, Lara will join column of the second march against unemployment, precariousness and cuts coming from Sewer and merge onto the Plaza de Castilla at 11.30 am, and from there continue to Circular walk to the square.

After greeting the convening organizations, will join members of the leadership, members and supporters of IU-Greens, who will carry a banner with the slogan '1 May.

Always with the workers.

Always with the workers. "

For its part, the coordinator of IU-Green Murcia, José Antonio Pujante, Sewer depart at 8.30 am with the other participants of the column Northwest march against unemployment.

Booming Alongside will be, among others, the presidential spokesman and councilor in the city of Murcia Esther Herguedas, Secretary General of the PCRM, Joaquín Morote, and the mayor in Sewell Carmen Maria Pina.

The regional coordinator has encouraged citizens to participate in the May Day demonstration in order to give an answer "unanimously" against the policies of cutting regional and central governments.

He assured that the increase in unemployment is a result of an economic policy based on ensuring the benefits of big business and the banks, facing the "main concern" IU-Greens, which is job creation.

"Another politics is possible and yes you can create jobs," added Pujante, who has announced his training tomorrow distribute leaflets that include measures to help generate jobs.

Finally, Pujante has said that the current situation "can change", after which he ruled: "You can create jobs. There are alternative."

Source: IURM

The National Police dismantled the largest drug distribution network in the Region of Murcia

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Intervenidos 7.5 kilos of heroin, cocaine 1.7 and 4 of marijuana since the beginning of the investigation in February 2012

The research has resulted in the arrest of 64 people and the practice of 38 records in addition to the drug were seized 10 rifles, six pistols and a grenade in perfect working order, among other effects

The organization had a distribution network comprising the municipality of Elda, some points located in Madrid and many parts of the Region of Murcia

In the last phase of the operation is displayed a large device involving about 300 officers to dismantle the entire structure

National Police agents have carried out a major operation against drug trafficking has allowed dismantling a drug trafficking organization operating in the Region of Murcia, Madrid and Alicante.

After more than a year of research has been arrested 64 people and have practiced 38 records where 7.5 kilos have been seized heroin, cocaine 1.7 and 4 of marijuana as well as 10 guns, six pistols and a grenade in perfect working order.

The organization had a distribution network comprising the municipality of Elda, some points located in Madrid and many parts of the Region of Murcia.

In the last phase of the operation is displayed a large device involving about 300 officers to dismantle the entire structure.

Alicante, Murcia and Madrid

This operation began to take shape in February 2012 when, in the course of an investigation into drug trafficking were intercepted a car that was transporting 4,500 grams of heroin.

The drugs were distributed in nine packages were hidden inside the vehicle, which were found by the intervention of specialized Dog Unit dog handlers.

After the arrest of the driver of the vehicle was found that it was being investigated also in Madrid for its relationship with suppliers of substance since then intervened and proceeded to unify both investigations.

This collaboration provided results in late September last year when it arrested two of the members of the organization and seized 2,050 grams of cocaine in the vehicle used for these and the circulating in the Alicante town of Elda.

All data obtained and analyzed by the researchers were evidence of the existence of a distribution network comprising the town of Elda, some points located in Madrid and many parts of the Region of Murcia, which also found most of these where to buy drugs.

As a result of the investigation, on February 25 in Murcia were intercepted another vehicle of the organization, this time carrying 200 grams of heroin were thrown into the street by the three occupants of the car at the time of being intercepted by agents.

Subsequently arrested four people and proceeded to register four homes located in Murcia, where they found small amounts of cocaine, marijuana and heroin ready for sale, as well as jewelry and cash.

More than 300 agents in the last phase of the operation

With the data collected in the successive phases of this research were able to locate the places of employment of the drug for distribution, and it was possible to draw a detailed map of the drug outlets whose supply was made by the organization investigated.

In order to proceed with the dismantling of this structure, we designed a large police which involved about 300 agents in Murcia, Madrid and Alicante.

This operation resulted in the arrest of 53 people involved in the events under investigation and practice of simultaneous records 31 Madrid, Murcia, Cartagena, Lorca, Eagles, San Pedro del Pinatar and Alicante town of Elda.

In total, since the beginning of this investigation in February 2012, have been arrested a total of 64 people and have been 38 records in homes.

All detainees were made available for trial courts on Friday April 26.

On the other hand, have been seized 7,500 grams of heroin, 1,750 grams of cocaine, 4,000 grams of marijuana, cutting substance, 115,300 euros in cash, 10 guns, one grenade, 6 pistols, seven simulated, 300 cartridges of different calibers , 17 vehicles, a large amount of computer and audiovisual materials, as well as numerous pieces of jewelry and other effects related to drug trafficking.

The operation was carried out jointly by the Commissioner General of the Judicial Police Provincial Brigade of the Judicial Police of Murcia and the Brigade of the Judicial Police Local Cartagena has also worked the Judicial Police Provincial Brigade of Alicante and effective participated Forensic Science, Prevention and Response units and dog handlers.

Source: Jefatura Superior de Policía de Murcia

Fields highlights the "swift action" Extinguishing media to avoid the fire progression towards tailings Fausilla

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

The presidential advisor appears before the General Affairs Committee, Institutional and European Union to inform the Regional Assembly fire

The fire calcined 36.79 hectares of scrub in the natural setting of the Sierra de la Fausilla, area included in the SCI and SPA of La Muela, Cabo Tiñoso

Campos stresses that "further develop measures and mechanisms to increase prevention and detection of forest fires"

The presidential advisor, Manuel Campos, said today in Cartagena that the "rapid intervention" extinguishing media has prevented the progression of fire originating in the Sierra de la Fausilla, which was "especially troubling" because of the proximity of the fire to the industrial facilities of a refinery in the Valley of tailings.

This was stated by Fields in the General Affairs Committee, Institutional and European Union Regional Assembly, where the Minister stressed that interventions in the fire occurred on March 15 in the Sierra de La Fausilla, Cartagena, was "complicated due to strong winds, the physical characteristics of the mountain with steep terrain that made it difficult to access and proximity to industrial facilities."

Campos said the performance was "perfectly controlled at all stages until complete extinction", in which five air assets of the Community, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment and Valencia and more than 200 people, between terrestrial forest brigades, environmental agents, firemen Service Fire Fighting and Rescue City of Cartagena, members of the Security Forces of the State, Civil Defence volunteers and security personnel of the refinery.

The Minister revealed that the burned area totals 36.79 acres of scrub, including in the natural Tiñoso La Muela, Cabo, with the figures of protection of Community Importance (SCI) and Special Protection Area for BIRDS (SPA).

"The poor condition scrub the surface, along with the work of professionals in the fire fighting, are the best example of the effectiveness of work, dedication and commitment to maintain a high degree of protection of the forest" he stressed.

Also, the regional official explained that the staff of the Environmental Crimes Squad (TIE) of the Community, in collaboration with the Seprona, are investigating the cause of the origin of the fire to determine how the fire started.


Campos, director of the Civil Protection Plan for Forest Fire Emergency in the Region of Murcia (Infomur Plan), explained that the Region of Murcia 1-1-2 received a call at 10:56 hours warning of fire in the Sierra de the Fausilla, so it was activated level 1 alert Infomur Plan and immediately mobilized the necessary resources to meet the emergency.

In the first minutes traveled to the affected area two helicopters of the Community, based in Sewell and The Stack and their respective brigades helicopter transport, SIX firefighters and brigades Cartagena Cartagena forest land.

An hour later was activated level 2 Infomur Plan, which involved the mobilization of over extinguishing media, including a helicopter KAMOV, a seaplane FOCA the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment and a helicopter in the Valencian Community.

At 19:45 hours, the director gave Infomur Plan controlled the fire, with the alert level 2, and established a night to keep device cooling work on the area as a preventive measure.

The next day, at 12:50 hours, was declared extinct.

Defense of the forest

"We are aware that only a direct, rapid, effective and coordinated across all operating environments, allows an adequate defense of forests against fire," a struggle that requires "significant efforts at all levels to contribute to the protection of the Region. "

The head of the Presidential stressed the importance of "further develop measures to increase forest fire prevention and detection mechanisms to address the emergency effective in record time", using the "potential offered by new technologies and highly qualified regional media ".

Source: CARM

The full Community seismic its strategy with the publication of two new guides to repairing and emergency

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

It organizes a technical conference aimed at professionals, offers training 'on line' and a free monitoring for new construction projects and rehabilitation

New publications and services to meet this natural phenomenon with specific criteria of efficiency, safety and emergency

The Minister of Public Works and Planning, Antonio Sevilla, today introduced the industry professionals building two new guides to complete the seismic strategy that initiated the Autonomous Community Lorca after the earthquakes of 2011.

"The importance of the damage in Lorca has led us to promote the writing of a series of technical documents which, along with other actions and services allow us to face this kind of natural phenomena, with specific criteria of efficiency, emergency and security, "said the adviser.

After the first draft guidance for new buildings presented last October, the Ministry of Public Works and Planning publishes a second on 'The Return of the earthquake resistant capacity of structural elements, walls, fences, breastplates and stairs of buildings damaged in an earthquake '.

It develops criteria arrangement of buildings damaged by an earthquake from a catalog of damage actually observed in the affected buildings.

Third, the 'Inspection Guide and emergency assessment of earthquake damage to buildings' aims in turn be a practical document, adapted for use in the time after an earthquake.

The latter publication will help you in case of an earthquake, the safety assessment of buildings is conducted quickly, establishing uniform rules in all surveys conducted, thus promoting consistency and coordination of work in such circumstances.

The owner of Public Works noted that this document will allow the technical staff, but not necessarily structural security expert, can have principles that allow them to identify, in an objective and orderly as possible, major damage each structure.

Antonio Sevilla said that this series will serve as a useful guide for technicians who have to deal with some of the situations indicated and thus improve the quality of jobs that offer society.

"The manuals presented constitute an indispensable tool to cover all the needs of the region in this area and will contribute to position ourselves as a model region in seismic enforcement," said the counselor.

The guides are available on the website of the Autonomous Community.

Programming actions and seismic services strategy

The Ministry of Public Works and Planning also available to professionals in the construction sector a series of technical seminars in order to explain and promote practices that contain the above publications.

In addition to the training courses 'on line' and publication of guidelines on the website, Antonio Sevilla announced that his department offers free monitoring of the projects, both new construction and rehabilitation, at their request.

"This service will be exclusively in the field of seismic regulations, to issue a certificate of conformity for themselves," said the counselor.

In addition, the Department will offer support to the city of Puerto Lumbreras, who also has been damaged after the flood of last September 28, 2012, for the monitoring of civil engineering structures that may be requested by the City.

Source: CARM