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Today, March 31, marks the World Day lipodystrophies

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

In the next few days are going to develop several activities


03.27.2013-Approval of City Council plenary Totana of motion to support the celebration of World Day of lipodystrophy.

04.02.2013 – official presentation in Spain of the European Consortium of Lipodystrophies (eclipsed).

Santiago de Compostela.

04/10/2013 – Read the manifesto Global Lipodystrophies day.

Plaza de la Constitucion S / n.


Presentation of the web of the Spanish Association of Family and Lipodystrophies affected AELIP

14/04/2013 by Lipodystrophies Solidaire. (8km the Orchards Area-Totana, solidarity bond Adults and children 3 euros 1 euro).

Source: AELIP

IV Trophy GARCIA JOSE ANTON councilor held in San Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante)

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

The Master Swimming Club Murcia Trophy winner was participated totanero where Jose Miguel Cano


100 breaststroke ……………………. 1'39 "76 …………….. MEDAL GOLDEN

50 breaststroke ……………………… 45 "05 …………….. MEDAL GOLDEN

FREE 4×100 …..

1'20 "to category ……….. 17 …… +200 GOLD MEDAL

26 swimmers (15 men and 11 women)

18 gold medals

15 Silver medals

10 bronze medals

Total: 43 medals

07 quarters posts

02 fifths posts

01 ninth

About 14 clubs, the final classification has been in the podium positions:


893 points

2 º) CLUB ELCHE clay pigeon …………………………

827 points

3rd) …………………………………… Eldense SWIMMING CLUB

670 points

Source: Club natacion Master Murcia

GRUVENTA takes stock "right" of the citrus campaign this season

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

The Director General, Fermín Sánchez, notes that demand has been very smooth and Spain continues to lead the commercial hegemony

The firm exports of fruits and vegetables, GRUVENTA, praised as "appropriate and acceptable “ citrus campaign this season, which ends at the end of next May. The food quality and safety are two qualities which stand of this campaign.

The sector in figures

According to data provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Water of Murcia, Murcia autonomous community is the third largest producer of citrus in Spain, which last year accounted for the 13 percent of the value of all plant products of the region, and 9 percent of the production of the agricultural industry, including livestock.

Furthermore, Murcia is the main producer of lemon and grapefruit.

The total citrus crop Murcia this season amounted to 557,000 tons.

The Director General of the company, Fermín Sánchez Navarro, "the campaign has been very fluid from a commercial standpoint, while Spain continues to lead commercial hegemony in the marketing of this product, despite the strong competition has by other countries such as Morocco, Egypt and South Africa itself. "

At the same time, the employer Murcia has acknowledged that "our customers, large retailers, particularly appreciates the Spanish citrus quality, but competition is fierce, especially from third countries, and we believe it is very important to promote the union Offer to make the sector more competitive than it is today. "

Fermín Sánchez stated that "this campaign has banished the bad taste that citrus growers had successive campaigns for low prices, and that is very positive for our industry."

GRUVENTA sold over 20 fruits and vegetables, which are sold in over 33 countries worldwide, and has a sales volume of 20,000 tons.

Source: Agencias

A total of 120 public employees deepen the skills of negotiation, management and development of people

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Finalize three online courses Managerial Capabilities organized by the Directorate General of Public Service and Quality of Services

A total of 120 public employees have participated in three area courses Managerial Capabilities, launched by the Ministry of Finance, through the General Directorate of the Civil Service and Service Quality, and who have completed this month March.

In these training was done on the professional skills of negotiation, management and development of people, and were aimed at workers with responsibilities for coordination and personnel management.

The Director General of Civil Service and Service Quality, Enrique Gallego, stressed "the importance of these courses for the training of managers of the regional administration, especially those with people and teams in charge."

He stressed that "in the current situation it is essential that public employees expand their training to help them offer better quality and better services to the citizens."

Gallego was satisfied because "these courses have received wide acceptance by students, which can be determined both by the hosting by the number of participants, and the degree of satisfaction expressed by participants in the evaluation surveys conducted on completion of training. "

These courses included in the offer General Education Program staff in the service of the regional administration 2013, have been developed through the Virtual Training Center of the School of Public Administration and have received the support of online tutorials.

The methodology used in them has combined theoretical and practical training, with boosting activities.

It also established a schedule for conducting drills and exercises, mandatory, and a practical exercise evaluation.

Source: CARM

More than 100,000 vehicles have been incorporated in the new digital signature card ITV

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Implemented by the Ministry of Universities, the system, which allows safer control processes, reach all stations within weeks

The Ministry of Universities, Business and Research, through the Directorate General of Industry, Energy and Mines, has implemented an electronic digital signature system in stations Vehicle Inspection (ITV) in the region in order to win quality and safety and avoid manual errors in the control processes and test vehicles.

This system is already operating effectively in five of the eight ITV Region.

Since it became operational, there are more than 100,000 vehicles that have incorporated digital signature card to ITV.

The Director General of Industry, Energy and Mines, Pedro Jimenez, said that "the objective is that, once implemented, proven effective in Espinardo stations, Cartagena, Lorca, Caravaca de la Cruz and San Javier, implant in a few weeks with the same results in the other stations. "

Jimenez added that this system has allowed "a modernization and greater agility in the vehicle inspection process" and stressed that "the acceptance of the users has been very positive, as it makes the ITV step faster."

The digital signature replaces the handwritten signature of the squares of the technical inspection card which indicates the result of the inspection and its validity for regular inspections, both in new and in the old cards and for other inspections such as pre-registration, reforms, service changes, etc., that may require compliance with the aforementioned boxes.

The new label is used in the ITV stations in the Region contains data on enrollment, number and date of inspection, expiry date, security hologram functions as a seal, insurance verification code and serial number station.

The Insurance Verification Code (CVS) allows contrasting the authenticity of any stickers printed on paper by comparing with the original electronic document.

Also included on the sticker a QR code, bar code quick response, that through the proper implementation can be read by a mobile phone or a code reader connected to a PC.

This system is also known as BIDI, two-dimensional bar code read by a smartphone can be routed to a server from which to obtain information associated with that code.

The Director General of Industry said that this new system is intended to increase the quality of services of the regional ITV and security by avoiding fakes.

He also recalled that costs nothing for the public and it is a process pioneered in Spain with the level of security that has been implemented in the region.

The station network roadworthiness of the Region of Murcia has eight stations, located in Sewell (Mula road), Caravaca de la Cruz (Sale Industrial Cavila), Cartagena (Asomada Highway), the district Espinardo Murcia (Avenida Juan Carlos I), Jumilla (county road 3314), Lorca (The Turret Industrial Estate), Molina de Segura (Industrial La Serreta) and San Javier (The Industrial Beatas).

Source: CARM

The Community highlights business opportunities for companies who want to export their products to the Czech Republic and Slovenia

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

They are two of the most developed and advanced to the last member added to the European Union

The balance of trade balance of Murcia for the two countries in 2011 was favorable to the Region

The Ministry of Universities, Business and Research, through the Institute for the Promotion of the Region of Murcia (Info) continues to research and networking to identify new markets that lead Murcia companies in their internationalization process.

Thus, among the international markets have greater business opportunities include Czech Republic and Slovenia, two of the most developed and advanced countries that have recently joined the European Union, which also enjoy a very open economy abroad.

Info The director, Juan Hernandez, said that "in the countries of Central Europe there is still room for new suppliers, mainly in products with different values, such as the food and beverage sector of the Region of Murcia for the large difference climate and ecological agriculture. "

Also, Hernandez said that "there are many opportunities in Czech Republic, Slovenia and Slovakia," adding that "the consumer products industry, such as canned, are widely accepted in these countries, as their industry in this area is not as developed as that of the region, and its raw material, by climate, has the same characteristics. "

The balance of trade balance of Murcia about the Czech Republic, in 2011, was favorable to the region with a figure of 46.5 million euros, while nationally the account balance was negative for Spain.

Thus, the main items exported from the Community were frozen and fresh produce worth 20.4 million euros, chemical industry (17.5 million) and confectionery (1.4 million), among others.

Meanwhile, the trade balance with Slovenia in 2011 was favorable for the Region of Murcia, with a figure of 8.9 million euros, as in the whole country.

The main items exported during the year were mainly fresh produce and frozen (4.7 million), chemicals (3.5 million), confectionery (more than 274,000 euros) for textiles and apparel (228,130 euros) .

Murcia Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to meet with the heads of the various sales offices in these countries this spring in the Internationalization Forum, which is scheduled to take place some 800 business meetings.

Those interested in further information on Network commercial developers can contact info via e or phone 968 362 786.

The Info offers businesses different Region advisory services, training and workshops to support and accompany them in their internationalization process.

It counts with annual market surveys indicating how each country of destination sectors and their regional and national trade balance.

"The internationalization of the business is key to business growth and the region," said Juan Hernandez.

Opportunity for the wine industry in the Region

Moreover, from the Instituto de Fomento find that wine is becoming increasingly popular in the markets of Central Europe.

Specifically, in the Czech Republic is experiencing a growth in domestic consumption and imports, production and exports of this product.

In this sense, Spain is the third country in which you import volume after Italy and France, with more than seven million exported in 2011, with almost 8.5 million euros in the first half of 2012 (about 19 percent increase over the previous year).

Source: CARM

Health includes georeferencing new in the catalog attached to Map Health Centers

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

The document provides the location coordinates of the centers of primary care and specialized to date information on medical resources in the Region

The Director General of Planning, Health Planning, Pharmaceutical and Research stresses that "the objective is to facilitate the access of citizens and optimize resources"

The Ministry of Health and Social Policy, through the Directorate General of Planning, Health Planning, Pharmaceutical and Research, was designed to catalog Affiliated Centers Health Map of the Region of Murcia, which this time included as novelty georeferencing all Community health infrastructure.

The document, updated periodically by professional service health planning and financing, collects the information needed to identify each health center, their type, postal address and the coordinates of your location.

To continue updating the standards and protocols of the 'Inspire' drawn up by the EU, which allows viewing on any standard map viewer as Cartomur or Iderm.

The combination of information on health care resources and reference mapping facilitate citizen access as they can enter the coordinates on their mobile devices.

It also enables managers and health professionals to plan and evaluate the distribution of infrastructure and equipment of the various centers.

The Director General of Planning, Health Planning, Pharmaceutical and Research, Jose Antonio Garcia, said that "the catalog georeferencing Affiliated Centres to Regional Health Map is essential to assess the population's access to resources, optimize them and have a system more sustainable and efficient healthcare. "

The catalog recorded a total of 965 points of care.

Of these, 267 are primary care, 48 for extra-hospital emergency care, with 12 points Continuous Care (PAC), 9 Points Special Insulation (PEA) and 27 extra-hospital Emergency Services (PCES) and Emergency Medical Units 17 (UME).

Likewise, also collects information on 24 mental health centers, 563 pharmacies, 18 hospice and 28 hospitals, both public and private, that are distributed throughout the Community.

The catalog is available to all those interested in Web MurciaSalud (, where you can view or download the file and subsequent updates.

Source: CARM

The Community invites young people of the region to participate in the program 'Young EU Debate 2013'

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

group will analyze the issues that matter most to them and will share their findings in a debate to be attended by experts and policymakers

They raffled a trip to Brussels to meet the organization and functioning of the European institutions

The Ministry of the Presidency, through the Directorate General of the European Union and Foreign Affairs, invites young people of the Region of Murcia to reflect and debate on European citizenship, their rights and the future of the European Union, in the framework the seventh edition of the initiative 'Youth Debate EU 2013'.

Under the slogan 'It's Europe, it's about you', the program presents young people the opportunity to discuss and express their concerns and initiatives in order to promote better understanding of the value of European integration and public participation in processing.

It will be a debate closely linked with the celebration in 2013 of the 'European Year of Citizens'.

The director general of the European Union and Foreign Affairs, Carmen Sandoval said that the rights of EU citizens are "now more than ever, a key element in the fight against the main problems facing Europe today ".

Sandoval said the topics that may be discussed are "very broad, and that the rights and future of the European Union are issues that affect all of us, both in our personal and professional life."

To participate in this initiative, young people should form a working group, led by a coordinator, register on the activity through U.S. Youth Debate page ( and choose a topic related to the rights of citizenship European and EU future for in-depth discussion and presentation of findings by April 17.

Youth participation

Through this initiative, young people can discuss, among other things, the difficulties encountered when exercising their rights and if they detect treatment differences from one country to another, simplification of administrative procedures that allow citizens EU to exercise their rights and opportunities to access the labor market of other EU countries.

Other issues that can be a starting point for reflection is the participation of citizens in democratic life and the impact of measures taken at European level to overcome the economic crisis.

Once developed internal discussion groups will be held in late April in Murcia a meeting in which the spokespersons of the groups will share the findings, which will be agreed with experts and policy makers.

At the end of the meeting, will be drawn from the working groups involved a trip to Brussels to meet the organization and functioning of the European institutions and bodies.

Citizenship of the European Union

European citizenship gets all the attention this year, as it marks the 'European Year of Citizens'.

So, in 2013 marks the twentieth anniversary of the 'citizenship of the Union', a concept introduced by the Maastricht Treaty in 1993 and has been becoming stronger over the years and the different agreements EU.

It is understood as a citizen of the European Union every person holding the nationality of a Member State, which involves rights that can be enjoyed both inside the country and in the territory of the other Member States.

In short, citizenship of the Union is a 'common citizenship'.

Source: CARM

The PSOE Valcárcel urges to "learn from the mistakes of Cospedal" and no one dares to make deeper cuts in Health

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

Secretary of Social Policy PSRM, Amparo Marzal, urged the regional government to "learn from the mistakes of Cospedal, who has had to pull back on the closure of the emergency in several municipalities of Castilla-La Mancha, and do not apply more cuts in health services to the citizens. "

Marzal warned the regional government, which has announced new austerity measures next week, that "if you dare to close a single emergency department in the region and it will all citizens against, and the PSOE front to keep fighting for the rights of all users of the Health ".

"Quite a few have lost rights and citizens with the cuts made by Rajoy and Valcárcel, to cut them think more now," added social responsibility.

"The unemployed, the disadvantaged, the poor, given that more and more in our region, and most can not stand on its rights and declines in revenue."

Errors in drug copayment

Amparo Marzal referred, moreover, to errors in medication copayment by the Administration, and in the region have affected more than 3,700 people.

"There are many pensioners, long-term unemployed, and youth who have paid more for their drugs than they should have done. The regional government can not take both, because many months ago that errors were detected, and although many of them have been corrected, we must finish the job more quickly. "


The Community announces a grant program for business innovation endowed with a million euros

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

The Ministry of Universities, through Info, remains open until April 23 the deadline for this call which has benefited 700 companies in the Region In recent years

The Ministry of Universities, Business and Research, through the Institute for the Promotion of the Region of Murcia (Info) has opened the call the program 'InnoEmpresa 2007-2013'.

This initiative is endowed with almost one million euros which aims to support innovation aid for promoting the improvement of organizational innovation capability and advanced management and incorporating product design.

The program provides a refundable grants for companies and organizations to support SMEs of between 30 and 50 percent of the investment to make.

The deadline to apply for the grant will be open until April 23 and may be benefiting MSMEs and bodies carrying out actions to support small and medium enterprises.

The project must be technically, economically and financially, which is not a continuous or periodic activity of the applicant and whose investment is maintained for at least five years.

The Institute for the Promotion of the Region will launch two helplines.

The first, with a prize of 600,000 euros, will target intermediate organizations that provide support services for the modernization and innovation of SMEs.

The second, of 350,000 euros, the grant will target innovation projects that support the development and growth of enterprises.

In this edition, we take into account all projects that seek to improve different areas of the company through the adoption of new models and, that increase productivity.

In addition, the shares are valued facilitating the inclusion of product design, with the introduction of elements of visual identity, packaging or media that are always associated with a new product.

Info The director, Juan Hernandez, said that "innovation must be the cornerstone of any successful company, and more in this new economic environment where SMEs must struggle to survive in a more competitive environment."

This program supporting innovation began in 2007 and, so far, 700 companies have been those that have benefited from it, which has led to a total grant of 900,000 euros.

Companies that wish to apply for this aid may do so via the Internet using the form in our website info

Source: CARM