IU-Greens disapproval requires "institutional and public" Toni sang (UPyD)

The area of ​​Women of IU-Greens today demanded reprobation "institutional and public" and the resignation of deputy UPyD Toni sang to ensure, among other things, that 'most gender violence allegations are false. "

Responsible for the area, Victoria Rodriguez sang words constitute "a flagrant attack on the struggle for equality and against gender violence that many women victims and causing deaths."

"Statements like usual and we have used this deputy encourage abusers and seek the applause and support of the most misogynistic, patriarchal society and aggressive," he opined Rodriguez.

In his opinion, "Singing is the clearest example that represents the most radical sexism in this country, embodied in the person of this public figure and therefore in the formation to which it belongs, UPyD".

Also pointed out that "according to court officials and the Attorney General of the State, less than 0.01 percent of the complaints filed by domestic violence could be false or could not prove the commission of the offense."

Source: IURM


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