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Valcárcel defends against the Irish EU Presidency the need for "more flexible compliance deficit"

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

President of the Community and the CoR meets in Dublin with Irish Prime Minister, the country holding the rotating Presidency EU to discuss the agreement on the 2014-2020 multiannual financial framework

Consider the Youth Guarantee Scheme as one of the best approaches to combat youth unemployment in Europe and offer better job prospects for young Europeans

The Youth Guarantee will have immediate development in Spain, and in the Region of Murcia, in the implementation of the Strategy for Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment 2013-2016

The President of the Autonomous Region and Chairman of the Committee of the Regions (CoR), Ramón Luis Valcárcel, moved today to the Irish Prime Minister the need for "containment of public spending in countries and regions of the European Union", while "the relaxation deficit compliance to implement policies that do not obstruct the Welfare State".

Valcárcel met today in Dublin with Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny to discuss the agreement on the 2014-2020 multiannual financial framework of the European Council and the last proposal made by Parliament.

Ireland, which holds the EU presidency this semester, hosts these days in its capital the Bureau meeting and a conference of the Committee of the Regions.

Murcia The Prime Minister said: "I defended today and always, in the Government of Murcia, in the DRC, on the European Parliament and from the year 2010 with the then socialist Prime Minister, Rodriguez Zapatero, who is well that we to contain the deficit and budgetary stability acquire commitments, but here is something fundamental, which is flexibility in these approaches, to pursue policies that do not obstruct the Welfare State ".

In this regard, he reiterated that "I am not for the work of cutbacks involving a loss nor a real deterioration of the welfare state", to which he added, "I think you have to find the balance, always difficult but never impossible, between this flexibility and try not to spend more than you have. "

Valcárcel also agreed with the Prime Minister of Ireland in the need for the EU budget for 2014-2020 is "better" and be approved as soon as possible to achieve "greater economic stability to the regions to overcome the crisis ".

"Negotiations on the new financial framework that will take place between the current Irish Presidency, the Commission and the European Parliament will determine the future in many local and regional authorities, including Murcia, as more than two thirds of public investment in the European Union are made regionally, "said the president.

The European Parliament will begin formal negotiations with the Irish presidency next April, in a process that would extend until the end of the plenary vote scheduled stop next summer.

The European Parliament has already advanced to not request a larger budget, although it intends to negotiate a revision clause to improve it, as President Valcárcel also requested in his appearance, last week, in the Committee on Regional Policy of the European Parliament.

In this sense, the president of the Community stated that in this financial and economic context, "we have to be realistic and be more effective with fewer resources," but "for regions and cities in Europe is essential to start as soon as possible with programming, because our regions need security and economic stability. "

The regional chief executive and president of CDR also informed the Prime Minister Enda Kenny on the conference committee that is organizing the European Investment Bank and in cooperation with the Irish Presidency on public-private funding for the regions.

Youth Guarantee and Entrepreneurship Strategy

Throughout the different forums and debates that have shaped this day in Dublin CoR, President Valcárcel defended the Youth Guarantee as one of the proposals to "offer better employment prospects of young people in the EU."

This is a plan that guarantees access to practical training or a job to those under 25 who have finished their studies for four months or bearing that time unemployed.

Within the framework of negotiations on the EU budget, the Youth Guarantee scheme, endowed with a fund of 6,000 million euros, aims to provide a government job or training opportunity by law, recalled Valcárcel.

This ambitious initiative focused on combating youth unemployment has been endorsed today by the Informal Council of Ministers for Employment, Social Policy (EPSCO) of the European Union, held in Ireland.

The Youth Guarantee will have immediate development in Spain, and in the Region of Murcia, in the implementation of the Strategy for Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment 2013-2016, presented by the European Commission to combat youth unemployment, and "going to provide training opportunities for integration into the labor market for many young people, "said the president.

In addition to this action, the President of the Community highlighted as another measure that promotes the employability of young people, improving labor market mobility and to upgrade the skills of job seekers, so that supply matches demand.

Europe needs more young entrepreneurs

Moreover, Valcárcel and reiterated its commitment being made by the Government of Spain for entrepreneurial policy, more specifically for young people, because "Europe needs more entrepreneurs," and that "will help restore economic growth and a high employment, "he added.

The President of the Murcia said that in these times of economic downturn, "we need to help our young people to realize the potential of our single market and attract their interest in the promotion of entrepreneurship."

This, he said, "we have an obligation from the EU, and also from national and regional governments to support young entrepreneurs, reducing bureaucracy for implementation of business, driving simple and centralized processing, and developing incentives and financial instruments ".

Source: CARM

The Education opens tomorrow within the enrollment of students in public and private schools in the Region

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

The deadline for submitting applications is 1 to March 22

It is expected that the next school year will incorporate more than 16,300 new students to the educational system

The Education, Training and Employment opens tomorrow Friday the deadline for parents to apply for school place for their children in public schools and private schools that provide second cycle of Primary Education, Primary, and Secondary Education.

The Ministry expected this year join the education system more than 16,300 new students in the second cycle of Childhood.

Parents can collect and submit applications for admission until 22 March in selected schools in first choice either download the application via the Internet, from the educational portal of the Ministry / admission.

Applications may also be in the single points of schooling and municipal offices of each locality, in the event that they are constituted.

As in previous years, parents can prove the work and family residence for each of the centers that request, allowing to double the chances of getting school place in the desired school.

Also, the act is kept separate scales of the award of the square.

This process will allow families to see if they have been well baremadas their applications in each of the centers requested prior to award.

The Child admission phase will end on May 31

The Ministry of Education, at the request of the directors of the centers have set the schedule so that the intake phase for three-year students be completed on May 31, which represents 50 percent of the process.

For all other levels will pause in June in order to enable the centers to develop the final course normally, and will end on July 12 the process of awarding the remaining levels.

The Council recalls the importance that parents fill in the request, the eight centers that may include in its request plaza.

That will give them priority over families fill only one or two centers and then have to expand the application because they have not obtained a place.

Fill out the application with all centers involves not stay permanently in the center awarded.

If not the first option, the family can remain on the waiting list and in each of the awards can improve their position in the centers awarded, provided vacancies are generated.

This will prevent families have the uncertainty of knowing what to expect center is assigned by the award, and also facilitates the work of organizing the centers and educational administration itself.

Source: CARM

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment has earmarked more than € 15 million to repair the damage caused by forest fires in eight CCAA in 2012

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

be allocated to forest restoration activities and environment

5.3 million euros is earmarked for Castile and Leon, and 2.8 million for Castilla-La Mancha

Valencia For the Department provides 2 million euros, corresponding to 1.5 million euros Andalucía

A Canary spends more than 1 million euros, which will be distributed to the works in La Gomera and La Palma; Aragon receive 900,000 euros

The Region of Murcia and Madrid will each receive more than 700,000 euros to repair the damage of fires last summer

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment will provide more than 15 million euros for the repair of the damage caused by forest fires in the regions of Castilla y León, Castilla-La Mancha, Valencia, Andalusia, Canary Islands Aragon, Murcia and Madrid.

For this, the Ministry has approved nine orders statement special performance area for forest restoration, environmental and emergency works.

With this funding, which will be complemented by the amounts that will provide the Autonomous Communities in the same amount, the works will be undertaken urgent repair damage in forest stands by fires in 2012.

The actions will be aimed at the implementation and further development of a forest that protects the soil from erosion and increase and preserve the biodiversity of the area.

The goal is to restore and enhance environmental and social situation of the affected municipalities to the state they were in before the fire

To this end, actions will be carried out short and removed, and / or removal of forest biomass burned, fascines implementing protection against erosion, helps the regeneration of forest cleanup and cleaning riverbanks.

Also undertake the reconstruction of masonry walls, construction of embankments, silvicultural and / or pesticides, habitat restoration, afforestation and protection of hydrological corrections margins, and repairing and improving forest tracks and infrastructure.


The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment allocated 5,345,271 euros to finance the repair, in Castilla y León, the damage caused by fires in the provinces of León and Zamora.

The incidents, which occurred last summer in this region, affecting more than 13,079 ha, of which 9818 ha were forested, affecting mixed stands of conifers and hardwoods accompanied scrub.


In case of fires last summer in this region, there are two of them on one hand, which affected the municipalities of Chequilla, Czech Alcoroches, all belonging to the province of Guadalajara, with an area of ​​more than 1182 ha, of which 824 ha were forested.

There was also another that razed a total area of ​​6821 hectares, 5719 of these trees, and caused damage to forests in the municipality of Hellin, Albacete province.

To undertake the restoration and environmental forestry in this region, the Ministry allocated 2,869,795 euros.


In this region the Department allocated 2,000,000 euros, which will finance the repair of damage caused by last summer's wildfires.

These incidents affected more than 50,000 hectares, of which 20,000 hectares were forested, mixed stands of pine damaging Mediterranean and adult oaks and other hardwoods.


On 30 August he declared, in the province of Málaga, a wildfire that affected municipalities of Coin, Ojén, Mijas, Marbella, Monda and Alhaurin el Grande, with a total affected area of ​​8225.17 hectares, which 7566.32 hectares were planted.

To undertake urgent work to mitigate the damage caused by the fire is allocated 1.5 million euros to this community.


The Ministry allocated to this region a total of 1,010,684 euros, with which to undertake the repairs of damage caused by forest fires in the islands of La Gomera, which correspond to 578,741 euros, and in La Palma , will receive 431,943 euros.

The fire occurred last summer in this region affected over 12,568 hectares, of which 7936 were wooded, affecting Canarian pine stands and native hardwood species.

Specifically, the burning of La Gomera affected a total of 3961.92 hectares, 3673.89 hectares forest area and forest area 1563.87 hectares affected.

The fire of La Palma affected a total of 1921.51 hectares, 1748.46 hectares forest area and forest area 1720.77 hectares affected.

All fire area is located within the Natura 2000 Network.


The fire took place last summer in Calcena (Zaragoza) swept over 5,100 acres, of which 1690.50 hectares were forested.

This incident caused damage to forests of Calcena, Talamantes, Anon de Moncayo, Trasobares, Ambel and Tabuenca.

In order to cope with the losses and run the repair forest and environment are for 929,775 euros this region.


Order By statement of special performance area for this region, allocated 728,651 euros to repair the damage caused by forest fires.

Claims were declared between Hellin (Albacete) and Moratalla (Murcia) and destroyed more than 6820 hectares, of which 5,719 hectares were forested.


In Madrid there was, last summer, a fire that affected municipalities Valdequemada, Robledo de Chavela and Santa Maria de la Alameda.

To deal with the aftermath of damage, the Ministry provides 712,338 euros, which will go to the forest and environmental restorations needed in these areas.

Today also is pending statement Order special performance area for forest and environmental restoration in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, with AF support to carry out the repair of damage caused by forest fires.


MAGRAMA Amount (€)

Castile and Leon

Leon …………….. 4,867,011.00

Zamora …………. 478,260.00


Castilla-La Mancha

Guadalajara ……. 453,013.00

Albacete ………. 2,416,782.50



Castellón and Valencia ….. 2,000,000.00



Malaga …….. 1,500,000.00


Canary Islands

Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Isla de la Gomera) ….. 578,741.00

Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Isla de la Palma) ……. 431,943.00



Zaragoza …….. 929,775.00



Murcia ……….. 728,651.00


Community of Madrid

Madrid ……….. 712,338.00




Source: Delegación del Gobierno en Murcia

IU-Greens disapproval requires "institutional and public" Toni sang (UPyD)

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

The area of ​​Women of IU-Greens today demanded reprobation "institutional and public" and the resignation of deputy UPyD Toni sang to ensure, among other things, that 'most gender violence allegations are false. "

Responsible for the area, Victoria Rodriguez sang words constitute "a flagrant attack on the struggle for equality and against gender violence that many women victims and causing deaths."

"Statements like usual and we have used this deputy encourage abusers and seek the applause and support of the most misogynistic, patriarchal society and aggressive," he opined Rodriguez.

In his opinion, "Singing is the clearest example that represents the most radical sexism in this country, embodied in the person of this public figure and therefore in the formation to which it belongs, UPyD".

Also pointed out that "according to court officials and the Attorney General of the State, less than 0.01 percent of the complaints filed by domestic violence could be false or could not prove the commission of the offense."

Source: IURM

The Ministry of Health and Social Policy provides the 'Awards March 8th the Region of Murcia'

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

The award for 'Woman of the Year Murciana' Pepa is for Shipyard, Clown Pupa, and the award for 'Entity' Foundation for the National Organization of Spanish Blind

The CEO of Social Policy notes that the awards "recognize the work of those persons, entities or initiatives that work to promote equality between men and women"

The Ministry of Health and Social Policy provides an annual basis and since 1999, the 'Awards March 8th the Region of Murcia'.

The CEO of Social Policy, Leopoldo Navarro, chaired yesterday the jury would determine which institutions or programs people receive this award.

The Community recognized with these awards the work of those persons, entities or initiatives that work in favor of real equality of rights between men and women.

In this sense, Navarro recalled the "big changes" economic, cultural, political or labor, among others, that have occurred over the years.

Navarro said that, this time, the award for 'Woman of the Year Murciana' Pepa is for Shipyard, Pupa Clown, "which for several years has worked to achieve a smile to the face of those who are going through situations complicated ".

The jury is chaired by the Minister for Health and Social Policy, María Ángeles Palacios.

It involves as members delegated Councillor for Equality Policies and Development Cooperation of the City of Murcia, Alicia Barquero, the president of the Organization of Business and Professional Women, Manuela Marin, the president of the Federation of Women's Centres of Murcia , Bastida Angeles, and the president of the Regional Federation of Widows, Rosario Sanchez.

Also, among the members is the award winning '8 March 2012 ', Angeles Ruiz.

Representing the media participates Murcia journalist Ana Patricia Martinez, Regional Branch of the Spanish Television, Lola Martinez, Onda Regional de Murcia and Alicia Negre, the newspaper La Verdad de Murcia.


The 'Awards March 8th the Region of Murcia' granted to coincide with the celebration of International Women's Day, established by the United Nations (UN) in 1977 as the Day of Women's Rights and Peace Internacional.

The arrangements for the 'Awards March 8th the Region of Murcia' are: Award for 'Female Murciana the Year', which went to Pepa Pupa Shipyard Clown, award for 'Entity' National Organization for the Blind Foundation Spanish (ONCE), and a special mention for the Young Volunteer Program 'IMPLICA2', the City of Cartagena.

The awards, which are purely honorary, and that do not generate economic, will be delivered during the public event to commemorate the International Women's Day.

Source: CARM

UPyD requires Bernal to clarify its plans after the Community has taken the second place in the "podium deficit"

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Rafael Sanchez says the region is in a state of "emergency" government mismanagement of Valcárcel and insists UPyD rejection of new cuts

The regional coordinator UPyD, Rafael Sanchez, has criticized the regional government for not being able to control the deficit figure of the autonomous region, which has reached 3.02 percent in 2012, nearly twice the level allowed by the Ministry of Finance of the Autonomous Communities.

Sanchez said that the figure represents a "total failure" for the Government of Valcárcel, which has placed the region in second place of "deficit podium", just behind Valencia.

For Sanchez the Region is in a state of "emergency" government mismanagement of Valcárcel.

So the vice president has called Bernal "downplay stop" when he says that "no rush" to draw up new plans, and to clarify what steps it will take to tackle the deficit.

UPyD coordinator has expressed concern over the "great uncertainty" is now open for the citizens of the region, "with 250 million cuts announced by Vice President Bernal".

In this sense, Sanchez has held that "it is unfortunate" the way they have made the CARM budgets for 2013, something that question from UPyD, because it is unlikely that, only a month and a half later, one has to do " amendment "to reduce costs by more than 5%.

"We have seen what were the results of Bernal plans so far, the decline in benefits and cuts, now we fear to be increased, which from UPyD we will continue resisting".

To offset the deficit Sanchez this is a clear sign of the lack of realism and foresight with which the regional government has made budgets and adjusting plans.

In that regard, he recalled that UPyD already warned the unreal that were budgeted items of income from the sale of properties and moorings of the marinas, "especially since the previous rebalancing plan there had been practically , no income from these sources. "

With regard to the revenue side, Sanchez recalled the "insistence" of UPyD and "resistance" Valcarcel to see increased taxes and Heritage Estates, which significantly increased if they appear in the 2013 budget.

"If they had implemented three years ago, when we started to apply, tax collection figures, and revenue and the Community, would have been much higher."

Specifically, the Department has budgeted raise for 2013, 65 million euros and 20 million in inheritance with Heritage.

"A simple multiplication tells us what could have been collected and used to avoid having to implement cuts in social policy now and have been, at least, much closer to the expected deficit figure.

"If the regional government had begun long ago to abolish institutions, duplicated at the state level, and expendable bodies, of which there are still many in the region to eliminate and efficiency plans to run, as is claiming UPyD, would not have come to this situation where we turn to the immediate, cut in Education, Health and Dependency. Bernal recognizes Now you can delete certain regional administrative agencies that are completely dispensable.

For effective control and sustainable deficit, Sanchez has returned to summon the regional government to abolish the autonomous bodies CARM all the National Reform Plan Central Government as duplicates and unnecessary points, relative to their counterparts at the state .

So recalled that his political education and asked for the removal of the Ombudsman, the Economic and Social Council and Legal Council, because they are institutions or agencies that duplicate functions already performed by other entities at the state counterparts.

It also noted the reduction of other regional entities expendable right now, and the proposal to merge UMU UPyD and UPCT.

Similarly, Rafael Sanchez also claims full privatization of the regional tv, so that the regional government subsidize full stop, "something to keep insisting UPyD since we announced that by 2013 will have an allocation of 12 and 15 million euros. "

In addition, Sanchez recalled that UPyD been proposing for over four years, and for the entire State, streamlining government and territorial reform model as the best tool to eliminate duplication, reduce costs and reduce the deficit.

"We were the first to put issues on the table as the abolition of provincial councils merging of less than 5,000 inhabitants and the devolution of power to the state, such as Health and Education." What is needed is political will to address these essential reforms. "

Source: UPyD Región de Murcia

Sotoca Totana inaugurates the new school in La Cruz, in which the Community has invested over three million euros

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

The center has expanded to two educational lines, with up to 450 students in kindergarten and primary

The Minister of Education, Training and Employment, Sotoca Constantine, along with the Mayor of Totana, Isabel Maria Sanchez, this morning opened the new building of CEIP La Cruz, which represents an investment of about 3.6 billion euros and has possible to expand the center's capacity to 450 students.

The Education Minister said that the replacement of the center "was a work much needed, given the increase in demand for places in the area, and the age of the facilities that had been carrying out its activity for more than 65 years" .

To Sotoca, new facilities, "much larger, modern and well sized, contribute to the welfare of the entire school community, and especially result in the formation of the students."

The new school has six units of Early Childhood Education and Elementary 12, making it a two-line school.

It is divided into three modules, one for children, one for Primary and a third module for gym, multipurpose room and dining room.

The Minister highlighted the efforts being made by the regional government to continue to respond to the needs of schools "despite the difficult economic situation we are facing."

In this sense, he was convinced that "the educational community CEIP La Cruz know value and take advantage of these facilities to further develop an ambitious educational project".

The new school, which became operational this school year 2012-2103, is located on Avenida Santa Eulalia, 74, of the district of La Ramblica, a new area in the town of Totana.

Source: CARM. Foto:

An application 'Online' will reveal the Cathedral of Murcia to detail

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

This is a new digital content portal 'Digital Murcia', where you can visit with a great level of detail the Cathedral of Murcia through photographs very high resolution

'Interactive Murcia Cathedral' is a new digital content portal 'Digital Murcia' nearing its users through high resolution photographs Cathedral in great detail.

The content will be presented today by the CEO of Heritage, Informatics and Telecommunications, Eduardo Linares and CEO of Cultural Property, Francisco Gimenez.

Also attending James Andreu, representing 'Sphy', author content, and Conchita de la Peña, Professor of Art History at the University of Murcia.

The content has been developed by applying sophisticated photographic techniques and computer optimized to provide the surfer a pleasant user experience based on interactive images of high resolution and quality.

'Cathedral of Murcia Interactive' consists of two files.

The first one is composed of 162 Panogiga photographs taken from the balcony of the building Moneo, which allows you to appreciate the many and varied details of the baroque facade of the Cathedral.

This content provides a powerful zoom that facilitates the user to perform a great approach to the facade, allowing almost as if the hand, for example, admire the shield of the Cabildo, which is 50 meters high.

Furthermore, the content includes 60 points of information that identify and describe the main elements that are part of the facade.

The second section is a virtual tour consists of over 40 high resolution photographic areas linked together, for viewing the surroundings of the three main facades of the Cathedral and walk its major interior spaces: the main altar, the choir, the ambulatory and most of the chapels.

In addition, much of the spheres have a phrase that describes the space provided.

For the development of the Virtual Tour has been necessary to conduct more than 45,000 photographic shots and have generated more than 100,000 files.

Content can be accessed at the Canal Heritage Portal Digital Murcia.

This content is part of the Region of Murcia Digital Portal, managed and coordinated by the Integra Foundation, and funded by the Directorate General of Heritage, Informatics and Telecommunications of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and European FEDER funds.

Source: CARM

The Civil Guard detained suspected of two robberies in industrial

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

One of the four involved was located around a junkyard

Have been recovered much of the stolen effects

Some of those arrested have criminal records

The Guardia Civil Murcia has proceeded to the arrest of four people suspected of two robberies in warehouses located in the hamlet The Blessed-Cartagena and Calasparra.

Agents specializing in prevention safety, have clarified both offenses of burglary and have managed to recover most of the stolen effects, which after being brought to justice, have been returned to their rightful owners.

In El Algar, Civil Guard intercepted a vehicle when traveling on a junkyard around the resort with very low suspended load and stuffy, and whose driver, noting the police presence, took evasive maneuvers, so that proceeded to identification and inspection of the goods transported.

The officers found how tourism contained inside the machine motors, copper wire, electrical panels and hoses of different diameter and length, whose origin could not prove the driver, so we proceeded to seize the vehicle and intervention.

Subsequently, the Civil Guard found that the effects seized were stolen from a factory in the parish of Blessed-Cartagena where, after cutting off access from the metal fence, had stolen the existing telephone cable along the entire factory as well as industrial machinery and tools valued at 12,500 euros.

For such events to the arrest of a person on suspicion of a crime of burglary in things.

Another initiative developed by the Meritorious took place in the town of Calasparra, aware of the commission of a burglary in a ship of meat products, a fact that caused the start appropriate investigations in order to recover the effects stolen and arrest those responsible for the theft.

The investigation led agents practiced to recover most of the stolen items, which were located in several places Calasparra scrap recycling.

Among the effects are recovered stolen and balances, a hamburger forming a tying thread, a disinfector of knives, saws and cutting meat stuffer steel.

From the evidence obtained during the investigation, agents concluded the alleged involvement of three people holding their location, arrest and subsequent remand in custody.


Result of the actions we have proceeded to the arrest, on suspicion of crimes against property, four people identified as:

– Moroccan 36-year-old resident of Cartagena.

– Spanish, age 22 and resident of Calasparra.

– Spanish, 40 years and resident of Calasparra.

– Spanish, 48 years and resident of Calasparra.

Some of the detainees have numerous police record for committing similar crimes.

Effects recovered:

As part of this research has recovered much of the stolen effects in the crimes investigated that, after being brought to justice, have been returned to their rightful owners.

Detainees, vehicle involved and proceedings initiated have been made available to the competent judicial authorities.

Source: Ministerio del Interior

IU-Greens calls for the Government to defend against Rajoy Regional exemption from compliance deficit Murcia

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

IU-Greens today demanded the Regional Government claiming the National Executive exemption from compliance deficit target of Murcia given the "special circumstances" that crosses socioeconomic and Ramón Luis Valcárcel urged to "resign if can not do it. "

The regional coordinator of IU-Greens, Jose Antonio Pujante, has indicated that these circumstances are the result of historic debt default and the "injury" suffered by the Community to not be considered a part of the population in the funding system autonomic.

In this situation, has joined the consequences of two natural disasters that have marked the region in recent years such as the Lorca earthquake and floods last September 28, and the high rate of unemployment and social exclusion.

"More cuts and more adjustments will bring, as we warned, more suffering to families, more unemployment and more poverty", has signed Pujante, who has called for strengthening essential public services such as health, education and social policies.

Source: IURM