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Renfe Salzillo Museum and encourage the use of local trains and Middle Distance to visit the Museum

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Renfe offer discounts of 40 percent in local trains to visitor groups

The group must consist of 10 or more people

Renfe and Salzillo Museum have signed an agreement to promote the use of rail transport to visit the Museum.

The agreement signed today by the President of Renfe, Julio Gómez-Pomar and President of the Executive Committee of Salzillo Museum, Antonio Gómez Fairén aims to promote, on the one hand, the museum visit as a tourist destination Salzillo and cultural and other hand, encourage and promote the use of trains and Middle Distance to move to the city of Murcia.

Renfe promote the trip for groups – formed with a minimum of 10 travelers – that traveling to the Museum Salzillo from any station commuter core Murcia – Alicante applying a 40 percent reduction in the price of a single ticket.

For groups formed by travelers under 12 reduction compared to single ticket will be 50 percent.

Both companies disseminate this agreement in different areas: as relationship marketing to customers, websites, magazines media, etc..

This agreement aims to enhance and promote the cultural and tourist spots in and Salzillo Museum, while promoting the use of trains and midway between its visitors.

Source: Renfe

The PP will drive the development of the region through culture

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

With the creation of three committees of Culture, the Party seeks to approach the reality of culture in the municipalities, management companies and related industries, as tourism

The People's Party of the Region of Murcia today took a bold step to enhance the promotion and cultural development within the Community, to establish new committees of Heritage and Museums, Cultural Industries, and Books, Archives and Libraries, three discussion forums whose common goal is to approach the reality of culture in the municipalities, companies that manage and other related sectors, such as tourism.

These three commissions, driven by the Deputy Secretary General of Sectoral Studies and Programs regional PP, will be coordinated by the Executive Secretary of Culture and Sports, Joaquín Buendía, and chaired by the secretary of the department of Culture, Marina Garcia, who will then work all artistic and cultural fields in the Region.

As explained Buendía, "Culture Commissions will work as the pillars of the Regional Administration and the municipalities Murcia through their councilors in the industry, with whom we will work closely together to analyze, discuss and propose concrete measures where as to promote the cultural development of our region. "

"Starting from the current situation in all three areas and the vision we want for our region are the main challenges," said Buendia, who added that the commissions "will also work directly with cultural associations, developers and arts managers, publishers, professionals, artists of the Region of Murcia. "

Meanwhile, Marina Garcia stressed the firm intention to work with other related sectors, "such as tourism, with the aim of as close as possible to the reality of the cultural world through regional tourist offers, to respond to the concerns of these sectors and bring together, future challenges ".

Between the lines of work that will be addressed, Garcia stressed the analysis of the real business sector, the design and the proposed strategies for promoting tourism through culture, the approach of new management models shows and events and to formulate proposals to boost the sector, building on ICT.

Also mentioned other lines such as the development of proposals to facilitate access to culture for all citizens, provide useful and relevant to the decision making of managers and politicians; Promote R & D + i fostering talent young artists, and encourage participation in creating social and cultural programming.

Finally, the Deputy Secretary General of the Sector, Inmaculada González, stated that "Culture Commissions are constituted as an element of regional ownership and commitment as a Party in the Region of Murcia in this area," stressing "our commitment that will work together with all the municipalities in the region to promote regional development through culture ".

Source: PP Región de Murcia

The Mar Menor Fitur up in the flag as a destination of excellence nautical

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

The award recognizes the professionalism and quality of service of municipalities and companies participating in the network nautical

The Spanish Association of Nautical, AEEN, presented under the banner Fitur Nautical representatives of the municipalities that make up the Mar Menor destination: San Pedro, Cartagena, Los Alcazares and San Javier, for the excellence of their tourism , boating and sports.

The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Pedro Alberto Cruz, attended the award ceremony held for the third consecutive year under the framework of the International Tourism Fair of Madrid, which was chaired by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Borrego and President of the Spanish Association of Nautical, Joan Campolier.

Cruz said this recognition of excellence at Mar Menor, "which has a unique and ideal conditions when designing strategies for the development of a niche business."

Representing the Murcia destination came the president of the Mar Menor Nautical-Cabo de Palos (ENMM-CP), María José Segura, the mayor of San Pedro, Martinez Visitation, and councilors of municipalities of Cartagena, Los Alcazares and San Javier, Carolina Palazón, Maite Martínez Olmos and Antonio respectively.

The certificates recognize the professionalism and quality of service of the municipalities of Murcia and the companies belonging to the marine network, such as accommodation, water sports and information centers, training and leisure, and its commitment to quality mark.

Destination Mar menor

Fate Mar Menor, who was the creator of the term national marine resort in Spain, is characterized by further tourism development according to the concept of the ski resorts, including in infrastructure offering a set of nautical sports and tourist grouped around to 170 square kilometers of beaches and coves, many awarded Blue Flags and Quality Tourism and two seas: the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean Sea.

Currently, the Region of Murcia has a total of 30 centers that are located along the Costa Calida to practice all kinds of water activities like diving and underwater, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, catamaran, water skiing and snorkelling.

This type of tourism attracts a large number of national and international fans with average spending quite high.

In this regard, the region in 2011, and according to the Statistics Unit of the Institute of Tourism in the Region of Murcia, ITREM, the entry of 197,000 tourists nautical-profile sports, which made a total expenditure of 147 million euros for this period.

At present there are 23 destinations throughout the Spanish territory under the name of Nautical Flag, 7 regions and a total of 62 municipalities.

Source: CARM

Murcia experienced the largest increase in demand for rural tourism

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

The number of overnight stays increased by 41.2 percent more than last year

The region has the highest average stay in campsites and in Spain apartments

Travelers recorded in rural tourism in the Region of Murcia in 2012 increased by 57.5 percent, reaching 38,162 which resulted travelers 103,983 overnight stays, 41.2 percent, while nationally declined the 2 percent travelers and overnight stays by 2.5 percent.

With these figures, Murcia community became registered the highest increase in the demand for rural tourism (57.5 percent), followed by Ireland (18 percent), La Rioja (11.3 percent) and Andalusia ( 10.8 percent).

11 other communities in rural tourism declined.

In 2012 the number of registered travelers in holiday in the region rose to 77,769, which is 5.9 percent more than in 2011 (down 0.1 percent in Spain).

Meanwhile, the number of overnight stays was 668,520.

These good figures traveler Arrival to apartments is due to the behavior of foreign tourism, which increased its demand by 43.4 percent and their overnight stays by 29.5 percent, making it the fourth where more increased.

The average stay in 2012 was 8.6 days, the highest in Spain over Canarias (8.5 days), Valencia (7.6 days) and Ireland (7.3 days).

In 2012, 115,551 travelers stayed at campsites in the region, generating 1,065,016 overnight stays.

The average stay in 2012 was 9.22 days, the highest in Spain over Valencia (9 days), Ireland (6.2 days) and Catalonia (6.1 days).

The hotel and non-hotel accommodation tourist groups in the region in 2012 were 0.5 percent more travelers than in 2011, while in Spain as a whole fell by 1.4 percent.

Thus, a total of 1,244,797 were travelers 4,386,283 resulted overnights.

Domestic travelers experienced an increase of 1.7 percent, while foreigners were down 4.7 percent.

The most significant increase occurred in the hotel tourist accommodation (apartments, campsites and lodgings), an increase of 7.1 percent from 2011 (in Spain there was a decrease of 1.7 percent).

In these types of accommodation both domestic passengers rose by 5.6 percent, as foreigners, up 12.8 percent.

Source: CARM

IU-Green believes that the government is "discredited" and demands early elections

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

The coordinator of IU-Greens in the region, José Antonio Pujante, today demanded the resignation "immediately" to consider that government is "totally discredited" to continue, and called for holding early general elections.

To Pujante, is "needed" a new government elected by the general will that desired objective was democratic regeneration and a shift in economic policy because the current "have caused this type of situation."

Also pointed out that IU has always championed transparency and therefore developed a code of ethics in defense of transparency and corruption.

In this line, Pujante announced that his organization will launch a transparency portal which will present the statement of income from public office of IU-Greens in the Region of Murcia.

He has also criticized the fact that "other political forces" have declared expenses similar to the UI in election campaigns, which "not justified" to the "obvious difference of campaigns."

Source: IURM

IU-Greens criticized the regional government's decision to create a special commission to develop Cabo Cope

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

The coordinator of IU-Greens, Jose Antonio Pujante, said today after learning that the regional government has created a special commission to develop Cabo Cope, "The PP shows once again that systematically moves into illegality."

Pujante indicated that despite the "setback" of the Constitutional Court against the urbanization of Marina de Cope, the regional government "continues to insist on the same policies that led us into the abyss, no project alternative or Region".

He noted that the PP has opted for an economic model "speculative" rather than a production model based on the research, development, innovation, economic diversification, knowledge and energy efficiency and alternative energy.

Therefore, the regional government has demanded "to focus on what really matters and stop wasting time searching needlessly encourage negociete only a few".

Source: IURM

The Socialist Party calls on the Assembly to maintain the scholarship Seneca

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Esther lawmaker calls Clavero also the regional government to create a complementary system of mobility grants for students at public universities in the region

The head of the Socialist Group University, Esther Clavero has presented at the Regional Assembly an initiative asking the regional government of Spain requiring the maintenance of Seneca scholarships for the next academic year 2013/2014.

It also calls for the regional government Clavero creating a complementary system of mobility grants for students of public universities in the Region of Murcia.

Clavero ruling said that since the PP in Spain, the budget has been reduced scholarships, while they have increased the requirements for access to them.

"The announcement of the removal of the mobility program implemented through grants Seneca confirms the policy of dismantling the public system of study grants that we were enjoying our country."

The Socialist deputy in Spain added that more than 85% of students entering a mobility program is done through a grant.

Therefore, the PSOE rejected the announcement of the Ministry of Education for the upcoming deletion of scholarship Seneca course, since this is "a blow to our students and to the public system of higher education."

In turn, expressed his bewilderment to see the audacity with which things are being done in this area.

"While depletion and steadily reducing the resources and means for public universities, every day we wake up with a story favorable to private Catholic university," he complained.


ASAJA Murcia demand more structure and cohesion to improve prices of orange and tangerine

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Gálvez Caravaca considers it necessary to greater unity in the sector

The agricultural professional organization ASAJA Murcia has demanded a higher level of structure and cohesion to improve prices and mandarin orange in the Murcia area.

To the Secretary General of ASAJA Murcia, Alfonso Gálvez Caravaca, "at prices we currently have in the field to orange and tangerine, which are between 11 and 16 cents per kilo for orange and 18 to 23 for the mandarin, is top priority to the sector and forces Aune has greater unity, to avoid the collapse of prices and generating added value for the income of growers murciamos ".

Gálvez Caravaca explained that "we believe it is of high priority sector unit and carry out further structuring to improve sector unit and reduce production costs, which is one our main workhorses".

Own quality mark

The owner of ASAJA Murcia said "it would be very important to have a quality label to boost their own prestige and the magnificent qualities that have citrus from Murcia, and that certainly would open up new export markets and enhance such important such as Asia and the U.S.. "

In addition, BDA spokesman has placed particular emphasis on the need to "encourage promotion and advertising campaigns in the European Union to present to consumers the wonderful health benefits of citrus with the Region of Murcia."

Source: Agencias

The PP seeks "maximum impact" Strategic Plan for Youth Employment in the Region

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Teodoro Garcia, who said "the only ones who create jobs are the entrepreneurs and business people," announces that the PP starts this week meeting with associations employment and entrepreneurship

Through the scheme, young people will pay a flat monthly fee of 50 euros in contributions for six months to start a business

The men of 30 years and women up to 35 keep reducing their prices by 30% over the next two years

The national deputy for Murcia and Housing spokesman in Congress, Teodoro Garcia, announced today that the regional PP "will launch this week a series of contacts and meetings with the various youth associations related to employment and entrepreneurship in order Strategic Plan for youth employment announced by the central government has the greatest impact on the Region of Murcia. "

Garcia explained that "these meetings, which begin this week, are part of the Employment Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment Government, which will focus on recruiting young encourage and facilitate self-employment with the European Social Fund" As a first "has no other purpose than to end the unsustainable rate of unemployment among young people."

As pointed out, "from the Popular Party have always argued that the only ones able to create employment and wealth are the entrepreneurs and business people, and we want to start a forum for dialogue with them, share and collect ideas and proposals, and ultimately move them and agree on the best plan of development of this work. "

The deputy is popular reminded the central government announced a few days "the elimination of entry barriers that prevent many young entrepreneurs do" because "now pay only a flat monthly fee of 50 euros in contributions for six months to start a business. addition, men to women 30 years and up to 35 keep reducing their prices by 30% over the next two years. "

"This initiative will allow many young people to begin to consider the undertaking as a means of personal and professional development," said Garcia.

Finally, Teodoro Garcia noted that "the Ministry of Employment depth study other measures to promote training and permanent contracts among the young, for example by including bonuses to convert temporary contracts into permanent, or enhancing training for the job, as is already being done with the apprenticeship contract. "

Source: PP Región de Murcia

Puerto Lumbreras Fitur receives the badge of 'Tourist Quality Commitment'

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

The town becomes SICTED new destination in the region and thus joins Murcia, Aguilas and Espuña

The Minister of Culture and Tourism attended today's distinctive delivery in a ceremony presided over by the Secretary of State for Tourism

The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Pedro Alberto Cruz, attended today at the International Tourism Fair (FITUR) on delivery of the distinctive 'Tourist Quality Commitment' the mayor of Puerto Lumbreras, Pedro Antonio Sánchez, in a ceremony presided over by Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Borrego, which were recognized pioneers SICTED destinations and companies honored by the destinations that are incorporated into the program first.

Puerto Lumbreras received the distinctive 'Tourist Quality Commitment', which makes the town SICTED fourth destination in the region, along with Murcia, Aguilas and Espuña.

This distinction, awarded by the Tourism Institute of Spain, Turespaña and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) recognizes the commitment of the municipality for the development of tourism, and is the best guarantee of having a range of services and products top quality.

Puerto Lumbreras's participation in the project will SICTED improving tourism services of the municipality and the consequent increase in the satisfaction of tourists visiting the town.

In addition, the project offers many advantages for businesses and tourist services, such as improving internal management, technical assistance and increased qualification.

Under the slogan 'Puerto Lumbreras.

Viewpoint of History ', the town offers new tourism products, achieved through the enhancement of the environment and Nogalte Castle Cave Houses themed.

Thus, coinciding with the celebration of FITUR, the town of Puerto Lumbreras has introduced its new offering that received thousands of visitors since its launch in 2012.

Specifically, the theming of the cave houses located next to Castle Nogalte, is an adaptation of tourist areas through a cultural tourist route for visitors to know the existence of an Islamic fortress, caves used as dwellings during centuries and the importance of water culture and handicrafts for the local economy.

The new route offers seven themed areas among which the House Artisan Workshop, the cave on Cerro de Nogalte history, the traditions cave, cave on water culture, or the cave audiovisual and teaching, among others.

In addition, the City of Puerto Lumbreras has launched website establishing as a new way of promoting tourism for the municipality.

Committee Interdestinos

The Region of Murcia, near Andalusia, the Basque Country and Asturias, also participated in the meeting of the Committee Interdestinos as representative of all Spanish regions, contributing to the definition of the agenda, forming working groups and overseeing the correct implementation of the quality model and the harmonization of the actions taken by the participating destinations.

Currently, the Region of Murcia has 135 entities distinguished with the 'Tourist Quality Commitment', a project that includes a whole destination and, through the implementation of a best practice manual aims to improve quality of products and services from companies located in the same.

The Committee is the highest body Interdestinos national manager, responsible for the implementation of the Integrated Quality Destination, under the Ministry of Tourism.

Source: CARM