The Socialist Party calls for Valcárcel explaining "why give this less favored Latbus"

For Maria Jose Lajarín is unacceptable that the company did not pay workers, or Social Security, or Treasury rates go up, remove and set bonuses that anytime buses not to renew, "and above it extends the deadline compliance with its obligations two years "

Secretary of Infrastructure and Mobility PSRM, María José Lajarín, showed that, in public transport, "the governments of Valcárcel and House, go missing and afraid to come forward, as it is becoming clear that they care plus the benefit of managers Latbus than citizens. "

Valcárcel denounced Lajarín are consenting to be a private company, Latbus, the interlocutor with the citizens of a public service.

"The president should include Deputy Director of Lat-Bus in his government, as spokesman," he quipped, "it has come a time when all the information of what should or should not do in public transport concessions, of incidents, how rates apply, etc. always comes through this private enterprise "

"Even Latbus managers dare to teach morality to others and seek maximum appear as defenders of the public interest when they announce, among other things, the dismissal of 25 workers for alleged breaches in the minimum services and the alleged injury the right to mobility of citizens, "he added.

And, for social responsibility, the bus company "is not in the best position to lecture anyone on ethics" because "unless the counselor Sevilla tell us otherwise, has opened disciplinary proceedings very serious infringement of land transport legislation is initiated when it decided unilaterally breach rates. "

Latbus not fulfilling its obligations

Lajarín considered "not acceptable that a public service licensee fails to pay the workers, or the Treasury, or Social Security. And also not to renew the bus fleet (which was indispensable requirement to renew it grant), bounce rates and put bond and remove when they are interested. "

And criticized that "as a reward, Mr. Valcárcel and will they extend the compliance deadline two years."

Change in Law to favor Latbus

"But, as we see that our president does not seem enough, goes and does something even more serious. When management does not allow any company to hire her if you have outstanding debts to the public purse (if a citizen needs 50 euros a fine may charge any subsidies until the pay), the Government, through the Regional Assembly in PP, and bordering the procedure to bypass legal controls, changing the law to allow Grant Latbus not pay, but to continue collecting subsidies, "said Maria Jose Lajarín, who said" it would be very interesting to hear the views of business organizations on this legal discrimination in favor of Latbus when any contractor is required to be aware of their obligations, however badly is economically ".

"At this point, Valcárcel should explain to all citizens what happens with this company that makes it more special than the others," he concluded.



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