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112 Staff ensure the safety of Murcia

Monday, December 31st, 2012

The presidential adviser Manuel Campos and the Director General of Public Safety and Emergency Luis Gestoso congratulate the happy new year

The presidential adviser, Manuel Campos and the Director General of Public Safety and Emergency Luis Gestoso staff compliment of 112 on Happy New Year 2013

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The Executive Murcia easier than last decade nearly 3,000 universities expand their practical training in the regional

Monday, December 31st, 2012

The Ministry of Universities and Research Company, through various agreements with public universities, coordinates extracurricular those practices that students complete centers in the Community

The CEO of Universities and Scientific Policy notes that "over the years, these places have been offered to enable students to complete their training and better target your future access to the labor market"

In the past decade, nearly 3,000 college students have conducted formative periods extracurricular practical in schools and public bodies of the Community, which is in addition to the 25,000 students within the curriculum of their degrees, have practices also performed in these organisms.

The CEO of Universities and Scientific Policy, Eduardo Osuna, said that "over the years, have been offered from regional public bodies these places to facilitate students to access a wide variety of positions that will can compliment their training and better target their future labor market access. "

The largest number of seats offered from regional public schools comes from Murcia Health Service.

Thus, the degrees related to the health sector are the most popular among students of universities that have signed the agreements.

Although the offer is greater for students of qualifications of Diploma in Nursing, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Dentistry, other agencies such as the Instituto Murciano Research and Agricultural Development and Food (imide), also offer a volume of outstanding places.

Since 1998, the Community has signed several agreements with public universities, both national and regional level, with the aim of providing practical training to the students of these universities.

Eduardo Osuna said that "there are several universities involved in the implementation of teaching practices, primarily the University of Murcia, Cartagena Polytechnic University, National University of Distance Education, through its associated center of Cartagena, and the University Miguel Hernandez. The latest to sign such agreements has been the University of Valencia. "

Based on these partnerships, since 2004, the Ministry of Universities and Research Company has online platform 'meadow'.

It is a tool, the CEO noted that "allowed expedite the process places offered by the schools and the subsequent monitoring of all associated paperwork, which helps to ensure the quality of training placements students in public institutions of the Community ".

Source: CARM

The regional government supports the creation of 115 ventures that its advice to entrepreneurs

Monday, December 31st, 2012

The Ministry of Universities, Business and Research, through the Office of the Entrepreneur of the info, it meets in 2012 to more than 1,700 people and provides tutoring for 85 business plans

The Ministry of Universities, Business and Research, through the Office of Entrepreneurial Development Institute of the Region of Murcia (Info), has provided information to 1768 people in 2012, which has resulted in the creation of 115 companies.

The most requested service is general information, which is followed by the business advice and compliance.

Of all the companies that have been created, 56 of them are corporations and 59 individuals, that is, autonomous, and mentoring has been paid for a total of 85 business plans.

Regarding policy sectors, highlight the services sector, trade and industry and tourism.

Of the people who have requested information, 64 percent were male and 36 percent female.

Also, 49 percent of the applicants were unemployed and 39 percent were under 35 years of age.

Info The director, Juan Hernandez, said that "the purpose is to enable anyone with an enterprising idea to carry it out, and we direct all the steps to follow to make it effective. Ultimately, the Office will help you transform your business project. "

The Entrepreneur Support Office offers a comprehensive service of information, advice and company formation through Point and Initial Processing Advice (PAIT Point), which allows the entire process electronically entrepreneurship.

As explained by the director of the Institute of Development, "online processing adds value to entrepreneurs, allowing them to carry out the process in 48 hours, and thanks to the effort that has conducted the regional administration have been simplified procedures, representing a considerable saving of time. "

This service also helps in finding the location through Incubator Network of Murcia and in the work of authorizing the Business Plan.

Those interested in receiving counseling, regardless of previous experience professional, feature in the offices of professionals who care info with your inquiry within 48 hours.

In addition, through the website of the Institute of Development,, entrepreneurs can do all sorts of queries, and as said Juan Hernandez, "with the assurance of receiving effective advice from technicians Institute of Development and Emprendemos Plan ".

The Office of the Entrepreneur has a free phone (900 700 706) and offers the possibility to contact by email through email

Source: CARM

The Community ends twelve works worth over seven billion euros this year

Monday, December 31st, 2012

The improvement actions undertaken by the Ministry of Public Works and Planning benefit the municipalities of Campo de Cartagena, Lorca, Murcia, Eagles, Ricote, Abarán and Mazarrón

They are currently running in four road works which will involve an investment of 25 million over the next few years

The Minister of Public Works and Planning, Antonio Sevilla, said his department concluded in 2012 a total of twelve works in autonomic network routes which represented a total investment of 7.1 million euros.

In the balance of the Highways highlights ten performances replacement firm with a total of 2.5 million euros that were in Lorca, Campo de Cartagena, Aguilas, Ricote, Murcia, Mazarrón and Abarán.

In addition, Antonio Sevilla explained that during the past year also commissioned the widening and improvement of roadbed RM-F-27 which runs from the highway section RM-19 Dolores de Pacheco.

The counselor said, "This work, which is a significant improvement of communications in that area of ​​the field of Cartagena, with an investment of 2.6 million euros."

In the field of improvement of road infrastructure, the regional head of Public Works also noted that "kept running four performances that will be finalized in the coming years with a total investment of 25 million euros."

Those actions correspond to roads RM-A5 (Molina de Segura-La Alcayna), RM-C1 (Sewer-Boatmen), RM-404 (Yecla to Fuente Alamo Albacete) and RM-332 (Cuesta Blanca-ports) .

Regarding road safety program, have completed the access management works of the second tranche of the RM-11 highway, linking the towns of Lorca and Aguilas, with an investment of two million.

Source: CARM

Some 60,000 Murcia improve its formation in 2012 through the platform free of the Autonomous Region

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Sotoca stresses the "important training offer" with more than 50 courses in office automation, design and programming, professional skills and language

The Minister of Education, Training and Employment, Constantine Sotoca, said today "the excellent reception that is taking the online training platform, 'Form @ carm', which this year have enrolled about 60,000 users," and that is allowing "improve the training of many entrepreneurs, workers and unemployed."

To Sotoca, the platform launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Integra Foundation, "has become a powerful tool to update knowledge, improve skills and job prospects of many across Murcia new technologies. "

The counselor as "very positive" balance of this past year, not only by the number of registrations, but by the permanent incorporation of new courses that have allowed "to configure a wide range of training, attractive and quality."

It recalled that "it is an open-access platform, completely free and open to any citizen," though it added that "the courses are designed primarily to improve the possibilities of integration of unemployed and promote recycling of workers that are active. "

Right now 'Formac @ arm' offers a total of 52 courses related to office automation and the Internet, web design and programming, business management, professional skills and languages.

Specifically, the level English course which I joined for the first time, in September, has grabbed almost 30 percent of the registrations made in the fourth quarter.

The most popular training actions in 2012 were related to the office, with 48 percent of enrollment, and among them are courses on word processing, spreadsheets and presentations.

He follows with 19 percent, professional skills courses, among which those learning to face job interviews, courses on skills 'coaching', management by objectives, communication skills or business skills.

They have also been in high demand, with 17 percent of enrollment, courses related to the design and programming as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Autocad or web programming.

It is accessed through the portal of the Regional Employment and Training, or directly in, and simply complete the registration form for the course.

Once you get past the learning units and evaluation, the student receives mail the diploma and certificate by the SEF and the Integra.

New courses related to professional certificates

The Minister said that "for the next year, the Department will incorporate some training specialties platform aimed at unemployed and linked to the National Qualifications Catalogue, which means that the training will be accredited and officially certified".

Among these new training specialties are geriatric care for dependents at home and in social institutions, corporate finance, finish carpentry and furniture, auxiliary operations electromechanical maintenance of vehicles, farming, and local tourism promotion and information visitor.

Source: CARM

ASAJA Murcia takes stock of food industry in 2012 as a "difficult and critical", but very good quality and internationalization in business

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

The Secretary General of ASAJA Murcia, Alfonso Gálvez Caravaca, believes that 2013 will be a year of opportunity and recovery for agriculture Murcia

The agricultural professional organization ASAJA Murcia has balanced in 2012 for the food industry Murcia as'' difficult, hard and “ critical, due to the economic crisis, but in a positive highlights the high level of quality of agricultural production and the high degree of internationalization of food companies in the region.

The Secretary General of ASAJA Murcia, Alfonso Gálvez Caravaca, said that the year now ending has been "extremely difficult" for fruit and vegetable products, as "face some preferential agreements between the EU and Morocco, which are very damaging for the whole industry, as well as a reform of the CAP, which could be extended for next year, and which provides for a 17 percent cut in aid sent from Europe as well as a significant reduction in the co rural development which may deteriorate and threaten agriculture in Murcia ".

The owner of ASAJA Murcia stressed that "has been a very critical year for farmers and ranchers, who in many cases have left their farms for lack of profitability, in fact our estimates suggest that more than 30% and it has as a result of the serious crisis we are enduring. "

Internationalization agrifood

The head of ASAJA Murcia has commented that "the year now we have been very rewarding and positive in regard to internationalization, with the opening of new markets such as Asia and the creation of a portal" Products From Murcia Spain "for to boost trade internationally, and has been created and supported by the regional government. "

Improvement Act Food Chain

Moreover, the Government approved in October the draft law to improve the food chain, legislation that was created to strengthen the bargaining power of farmers against abuses of dominant position of the other links, (especially large distribution chains).

According to Gálvez Caravaca, "This new law will help the growth and improvement of the income of producers, who are in a difficult situation after years of stagnation due to price shocks that have lived, especially in the productions of fruits and vegetables. "

Technical advice to Operations

Another chapter in which emphasis has been spokesman ASAJA Murcia has been the technical advice to farms.

"Our organization has a counseling agency since 2009 and we are very satisfied with it, allowing help to improve the leadership and management of farms and make them more profitable and competitive."

This initiative of the European Union, is – according Gálvez Caravaca – "a great initiative to further optimization and professionalisation of agrifood production structures".

Fruits and Vegetables

The balance ASAJA Murcia offering fruits and vegetables is very optimal'' and “ positive, especially for winter vegetables, summer fruit season and table grapes.

Gálvez Caravaca explains, "the more bittersweet note is the leading citrus experiencing some very difficult years with rock-bottom prices, due to a lack of structural organization and supply management."

In addition, the head of this organization has also commented that "the horticultural sector still great unfinished as the concentration of supply, reduce production costs, marketing and communication campaigns, improve R & D (Research and Development), etc. ".

Oil and Wine Industry

The balance for both sectors, from the point of view of ASAJA Murcia is'' right'', but are affected by the crisis, "consumption has remained and has not fallen as in other food products, which has made both the oil and the wine are overcoming the economic crisis, with productions with higher levels of profitability than others. "

Livestock sector'' negative''

Gálvez Caravaca emphasizes “ negative'' in livestock Murcia.

"The economic crisis has disproportionately hard both with cattle, sheep and goats, and pigs though, the sector continues to struggle, many farmers have abandoned their farms and profitability has fallen greatly. Since ASAJA Murcia, we believe it is essential to activate a plan to inject dynamism into the sector and make it more profitable. "

ASAJA Murcia positively highlighted incorporating REASS the general arrangements and aid for modernization of farms, two chapters “ fundamental'' for the sector to continue to grow and be very competitive.

"If our food industry grows bigger, society and our economy is stronger, and that's a great sign," said Gálvez Caravaca.

Flood victims of Lorca and Puerto Lumbreras

Gálvez Caravaca has not forgotten the fateful episode of flooding in Lorca and Puerto Lumbreras last September.

Gálvez Caravaca explains, "the commitment of regional and national government, and its quick and effective action, is a very good and shows their great support to the society and the agricultural sector as a whole."

"From ASAJA Murcia hope 2013 will be a year of great opportunity for the food industry to allow us to Murcia and exit the economic crisis we are experiencing," said Gálvez Caravaca in emphatic fashion.

Source: Agencias

The Socialist Party calls for Valcárcel explaining "why give this less favored Latbus"

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

For Maria Jose Lajarín is unacceptable that the company did not pay workers, or Social Security, or Treasury rates go up, remove and set bonuses that anytime buses not to renew, "and above it extends the deadline compliance with its obligations two years "

Secretary of Infrastructure and Mobility PSRM, María José Lajarín, showed that, in public transport, "the governments of Valcárcel and House, go missing and afraid to come forward, as it is becoming clear that they care plus the benefit of managers Latbus than citizens. "

Valcárcel denounced Lajarín are consenting to be a private company, Latbus, the interlocutor with the citizens of a public service.

"The president should include Deputy Director of Lat-Bus in his government, as spokesman," he quipped, "it has come a time when all the information of what should or should not do in public transport concessions, of incidents, how rates apply, etc. always comes through this private enterprise "

"Even Latbus managers dare to teach morality to others and seek maximum appear as defenders of the public interest when they announce, among other things, the dismissal of 25 workers for alleged breaches in the minimum services and the alleged injury the right to mobility of citizens, "he added.

And, for social responsibility, the bus company "is not in the best position to lecture anyone on ethics" because "unless the counselor Sevilla tell us otherwise, has opened disciplinary proceedings very serious infringement of land transport legislation is initiated when it decided unilaterally breach rates. "

Latbus not fulfilling its obligations

Lajarín considered "not acceptable that a public service licensee fails to pay the workers, or the Treasury, or Social Security. And also not to renew the bus fleet (which was indispensable requirement to renew it grant), bounce rates and put bond and remove when they are interested. "

And criticized that "as a reward, Mr. Valcárcel and will they extend the compliance deadline two years."

Change in Law to favor Latbus

"But, as we see that our president does not seem enough, goes and does something even more serious. When management does not allow any company to hire her if you have outstanding debts to the public purse (if a citizen needs 50 euros a fine may charge any subsidies until the pay), the Government, through the Regional Assembly in PP, and bordering the procedure to bypass legal controls, changing the law to allow Grant Latbus not pay, but to continue collecting subsidies, "said Maria Jose Lajarín, who said" it would be very interesting to hear the views of business organizations on this legal discrimination in favor of Latbus when any contractor is required to be aware of their obligations, however badly is economically ".

"At this point, Valcárcel should explain to all citizens what happens with this company that makes it more special than the others," he concluded.


The Community promotes public transport use among students of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

The Ministry of Universities and Research Company signed an agreement with the company Lycar to be reduced by 44 percent the price of the ticket Pust students

Also, from the regional government also promotes university public transport within the towns of Murcia and Cartagena, through the 'University UNIBON'

The Ministry of Universities and Research Company, continues to promote the use of public transport among students who go to public universities in the region, by reducing the price of the ticket to college students who travel each day to Campus Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT).

To this end the Ministry signed an agreement with the carrier and Coach Lines SA (Lycar), official concessionaire regular passenger transport between Cartagena and Murcia, in order to improve service.

The CEO of Universities and Scientific Policy, Eduardo Osuna, explained that "through this assistance, the Community wishes to encourage the displacement of over 1,500 students who perform daily route from Murcia to the Polytechnic University of Cartagena".

Students may purchase bonds of 20 trips at a reduced price of 45 euros, which represents a saving of 44 per cent over the normal price of the trip, which is four euros.

"Since the regional government have been making a clear commitment to public transport as a means to move students to the campuses of the region, so that agreements like this are key to this end," said the CEO.

Initiatives for public transportation university

The regional government, in addition to the reduction in the price of the ticket for the university who have to travel between the two locations, also promotes university public transport within the towns of Murcia and Cartagena, through the 'University UNIBON'.

It is the economic element that exists for moving into these towns and the most encouraging public transport, because the more the user travels lower the price paid for each shift.

In Cartagena, the 'University UNIBON' can be used in all local lines, while in Murcia, can be used on all lines for the Community, including the new 'Express line' that goes directly to Campus Espinardo the motorway.

Osuna said that "the use of public transport means, generally, a lower economic cost to students and their families, and safer movement, plus other advantages for society as a whole are the energy savings, the optimization of resources and protection of the environment ".

Source: CARM

The regional government sets the criteria to ensure the quality of university degrees

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

The Ministry of Universities and Research Company, along with ANECA and universities in the region, has developed a set of indicators to ensure the quality of securities

Eduardo Osuna said that "this is a step further, in order to establish an element that provides greater assurance of quality, if possible, to the degrees taught"

The Ministry of Universities and Research Company, together with the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA) and universities in the region, has developed a set of indicators that will be taken into account in the process of tracking titles official university taught in the Region of Murcia.

The CEO of Universities and Scientific Policy, Eduardo Osuna said that this monitoring process of Degrees, "have established several specific requirements that universities must meet the Region, both prior to the accreditation of their degrees as its renewal. "

Using this tool, said "it intends to prioritize the quality, prestige and academic excellence in the university system in the region."

This process, which will apply to all universities in the region, both public and private, establishes the procedure to annually assess the quality of each and every one of the degrees that are offered in the region, whether or Masters Degree , in order to correct the deficiencies that may arise, and to establish mechanisms for continuous quality improvement.

This set of indicators have been grouped according to five criteria for assessing, among other things, that the title information available to citizens coincides with the curriculum, teacher qualifications, as well as infrastructure and equipment.

Among other things, this system is also discussed planning of lessons, with their schedules and calendars as well as classrooms and laboratories, planning conversion courses, the criteria and conditions for the recognition of credits, teaching guides of degrees and courses as well as internships.

Also analyze the onset of possible improvement actions that have been introduced after the launch of the title and verify that this information is available and easily accessible on the website of each university.

Eduardo Osuna explained that "through the process of tracking Degrees, the result of an intense and narrow with three universities in the region, it is a step further in the quality and transparency of these."

Source: CARM

Emergency services rescued by helicopter to a mountaineer injured in the Sierra de Columbares

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

Firefighter rescuers Consortium firefighting and Rescue Region of Murcia, along with a nurse from Murcia Health Service come right now by helicopter to the Sierra de Columbares (Murcia) to rescue an injured climber.

The 1-1-2 received a call from his teammates at 9:53 hours.

Indicated that one of the members of the group had suffered a dislocated shoulder and could not move.

They pointed out that they were on top of the Sierra, near the summit and away from road or path.

He immediately alerted the environmental agent in the area, who goes to the site by road and Air Rescue Group of CEIS and MSS nurse who, in the helicopter of the General Directorate of Security and Emergency Ciuadadana based in Sewell, are directed to the place where the group of mountaineers to rescue the injured and transfer him to the hospital.

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