The Government authorizes an investment of nearly 700 million for the modernization of irrigation

The financing of the work is funded Feder, Feder-Cohesion 2007-2013 and EAFRD

It will make a total of 87 performances in Andalucia, Castilla y Leon, Aragon, Valencia, Catalonia, Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura, Madrid and Murcia

The Cabinet has approved today a cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment and State Infrastructure Agricultural Society (SEIASA), for carrying out modernization and consolidation of irrigation, with a total of almost 700 million euros.

Of the total of 696.5 million euros for the whole of the proceedings, 208.9 million will be financed by SEIASA and other 250 500 000 will be contributed by the European Union through the European Funds (ERDF, ERDF-Cohesion 2007 – 2013 and EAFRD).

The remaining funding is distributed between the irrigation communities, which will provide 206.3 million and the Autonomous Communities, with 30.8 million.

By region, the planned investments are: Andalusia (EUR 243.6 million), Castille and Leon (173 600 000), Aragon (75.1 million), Valencia (65.4 million euros), Murcia (52.8 million), Extremadura (43.3 million), Catalonia (35.8 million).

Castilla La-Mancha (6.5 million) and Madrid (200,000 euros).

In total, we plan to conduct 87 performances in those regions, which include the 27 of Andalusia, Valencia 16, the 14 of Castilla y Leon and Aragon 7.

The efficient and rational use of water and the implementation of new technologies in irrigation, is the engine of government policy to modernize irrigation systems in Spain, The urge to improve water resources, coupled with improved energy efficiency, carries with improving the competitiveness of farms, thanks to higher productivity and lower production cost.

The Government of Spain, through the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, is still committed to the modernization of irrigation, according to the criteria of rationality and sustainability that should underpin the actions of the public sector.

Source: Delegaci├│n del Gobierno en Murcia


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