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The UCAM Murcia debuts with a victory solvent

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

The Oscar Quintana won 77-93 to CajaSol ​​Seville

You could not start better.

After a season with mixed results, the UCAM Murcia played a great game in Seville.

Running, defending and scoring, all beat Murcia 77-93 at home.

Long time waiting to start the Endesa League.

After a long summer, the UCAM Murcia finally jumped the track short dress for a formal party.

A young, made to run and defend very hard.

Opposite CajaSol ​​Seville, another set with a low average age, coached by Aito Garcia Reneses laureate.

As expected in the early going, the defense did not have much prominence.

Quick attacks with constant exchanges baskets were the keynote of the first period.

Lewis in painting became the most valued team Murcia.

Four points, two rebounds, an assist and a rebound.

The problem of Murcia area were the faults, but Quintana moved well off the bench to meter the minute and personal.

Miso also went to court in point guard, replacing Josep Franch.

The first quarter ended 23-20 for Seville.

In the second period changed the tone.

The UCAM Murcia pressed on defense and could run the floor to take away on the scoreboard.

Antelo and Jasen entering track, helped in the annotation.

Berni sat on the bench after scoring two triple important to take a breath.

And they went Miso and Franch alternating equally in the base position.

The latter had the ball late in the second period to go into halftime with a lead larger.

Too bad the triple did not enter, but the UCAM Murcia went 9 above (37-40).

After the break, the CajaSol ​​came ready to raise the score, however, nowhere near the marker away.

A magnificent Lewis in the paint, followed by Gatens Berni Rodriguez and abroad, got 16 points put the result favorable to UCAM Murcia (50-65).

The Iowa American went to 18 points.

The last and final quarter, it started playing Miki Servera base.

The exchange of baskets were very consistent.

With five minutes CajaSol ​​approached after two good triples Asbury.

But Juan Ignacio Jasen put things in place.

He scored two at the buzzer, recovered the ball and scored on a triple to distance back to his team on the scoreboard.

At five minutes, the UCAM Murcia won 66-81.

Your opponent tries a last ditch effort, but it was worth approaching.

Jasen well closed the game with four points to sentence definitely.

The Argentine was the top rated team (19), with Andres Miso (18) and Marcus Lewis (24).

A hard fought game with few mistakes.

77-93 was the final outcome.

The next meeting of the UCAM Murcia plays to his audience at the Sports Palace on Sunday at 12:30.

Source: UCAM Murcia

The Community Level 1 reduces the severity and risk of the areas affected by the rains

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

More than 200 professionals and 50 emergency vehicles continue to operate in the most damaged areas to rehabilitate basic services and ensure the protection of people

The regional government, through the Ministry of the Presidency, has reduced the risk and severity of the emergency situation in the municipalities severely affected on Friday by heavy rains.

Thus, the set level passes from 2 to 1 and therefore continue to work in the media and regional and local resources.

This was announced today by the Minister of Presidency and also director of Civil Protection Plan to the risk of flooding in the region of Murcia (Inunmur), Manuel Campos, after assessing the situation with technicians and emergency professionals deployed in the damaged area.

To do this, we analyzed all the territory affected by the storm, their risk and evolution, and has established an operation and an action procedure for, said the counselor, "continue to provide a rapid and effective response to the municipalities, minimize damage and ensure the protection of the population ".

"They continue to take all necessary measures for the protection of persons and property as soon as possible to restore basic and essential services," said Campos, although maintaining that "the emergency will continue until the return of the minimum conditions necessary to return to normal areas affected by heavy rains. "

The operation deployed in the area today consists of more than 200 people and more than 50 vehicles for the Consortium for Fire Fighting and Rescue Region of Murcia (CEIS), a forest brigades, 061 Emergency Management, the maintenance of roads, Red Cross, Civil Protection services and local police.

The work currently consist recovery in the affected areas, state inspection of buildings, cleaning, repairing damage most relevant, and the rehabilitation of essential basic services.

These media, joins the Department's helicopter, based Sewer, flying over the affected areas to perform search tasks and monitor the damage.

More than 1,300 incidents by rain

Since the beginning of the episode of rainfall in the region, the single emergency telephone number 1-1-2 Murcia has received a total of 1,566 calls from citizens who have led device actuation emergency incidents in 1345 heavy rainfall in the region.

The troops were involved in 450 emergency bilge and problems caused by the accumulation of water, bailouts and rescues of 152 people, 58 cases by falling objects to public roads and small landslides, 221 actions related to public safety and 464 shares information and citizen services.

Source: CARM

The PP values ​​"very positive" efforts to mitigate the consequences of the storm and calls for "Helping Hands"

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

The Deputy Secretary General of the regional PP Communication, Francisco Bernabé, today praised "very positive efforts being made to mitigate the disastrous consequences of the storm and flooding," and expressed his satisfaction "by the public response to the municipalities from affected and surrounding municipalities. "

Barnabas was speaking during visits being made this morning in the towns of Lorca and Puerto Lumbreras to see first hand the size of the damage caused by torrential rains, and the needs that are more urgent.

"Particular highlights are the efforts being made right now municipal corporations of Puerto Lumbreras and Lorca to the deep damage caused by the storm," he said, after which stressed "the good coordination in relation to the media that provide regional and central governments, which has led to count from the beginning with members of the Military Emergency Unit based in Bétera (Valencia) ".

In this sense, the leader is popular wanted to highlight "the tremendous professionalism shown here, not only of the EMU, but also of the Brigades and Seal of the Autonomous Community, Police, Civil Protection, Local Police , technical services and Lorca Puerto Lumbreras and staff, when alleviate the serious consequences of this incident. "

Finally, Barnabas has called for solidarity, saying that "it is time for all these municipalities we pay support, as much help is needed, and it must be close to the families of those killed, to whom we express our most condolences and affected neighbors. "

"It's time to unite the efforts of all to return to normal as soon as possible," he concluded.

Source: PP Región de Murcia

Public Works is working on the design of an action plan to rebuild roads most affected by the rains last Friday

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

The Road Conservation Service Community trawls continue cleaning the land during the day, but are not expected to open none of the tracks cut because their damage is greater

Antonio Sevilla moves again today to the most affected area to determine the impact of the storm on the road network

A team from the Directorate General of Land and Housing moves to the area to assess the damage to the stricken homes

The Minister of Public Works and Planning, Antonio Sevilla, visit today, as it did in the day yesterday, the most damaged of the regional road network.

This department is already working on the design of an action plan to rebuild roads with larger damage caused by the rains last Friday.

Thanks to the clean ground trawl conducted by the Road Maintenance Service are open roads yesterday D-7 (Lorca people of Valencia), D-11 (Lorca to Puerto Lumbreras Station), D -17 (Puerto Lumbreras to Almendricos), D-19 (Puerto Lumbreras to RM-11) and D-26 (Station Puerto Lumbreras to RM-620), although it is recommended that citizens need to have them pass through the extreme caution in driving because they still are not in perfect condition.

They are also open RM-620 (Purias to Pulpí) and RM-11 (Lorca-Eagles).

We recall that the latter two are serving regional routes alternative high capacity roads A-7 and AP-7.

Tertiary roads D-10 (The Beacon-Lorca) and D-12 (Lorca to Puerto Lumbreras station), and the RM-621 (Lorca Purias) continue to cut, although the Road Maintenance Service continues to act in them, as in the RM-517 road, which runs between Cehegín and Caravaca de la Cruz, and the RM-C-20, which runs between Mule and Curtis Road.

The roads remain cut now not expected to open to traffic because their damages are greater and require major repair than just cleaning dirt drags.

The Highways Agency has given the City of Puerto Lumbreras a range of machinery to help clear the roads in order to round tomorrow to school buses.

Assessment of damage to homes

A team of technical experts and officials from the Directorate General of Land and Housing yesterday moved to the most affected area to begin assessing the damage to private homes and public buildings.

Today will continue to work in order to draw up an assessment of housing distress.

Source: CARM

Francisco Bernabé: The PP will respect the three days of official mourning before responding to PSRM

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

The Deputy Secretary General of the Partido Popular Communication in the Region of Murcia, Francisco Bernabé, said today that the regional PP "timely respond to the words of the Secretary General of the PSRM, Rafael González Tovar, on the State Budget for 2013, Starting next Tuesday, October 2, after the expiry of the three days of official mourning declared by the region and are motivated by the recent deaths occurred in the region because of the storm. "

So Barnabas added that "despite being certainly important issues we discuss, for the PP basically in these sad moments is to show our utmost all the necessary support to these families and residents of Puerto Lumbreras, Sangonera la Verde and Lorca, thereby respecting these days without getting into political issues. "

Source: PP Región de Murcia

The PSOE claims in a motion that the region continues to receive European cohesion funds

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

Deputy Alfonso Navarro considered "unwise" to doubt that we continue to need aid, especially in these times of crisis

The head of the Treasury of the Socialist Group, Alfonso Navarro has filed a motion in the Assembly, which calls on the regional government to urge the Government to defend the nation "with determination and in relevant fora," the maintenance of European cohesion funds and applying them to regions like ours, are in transition, with a GDP between 75 and 90% of the European average.

Navarro explained that in the context of negotiating the 2014-2020 budget of the European Union, is being put into question the future existence of the cohesion funds.

In this area, the latest proposal of Cyprus, which holds the rotating presidency of the European Union, "special damages and specifically Spain, because it questions that help to continue to exist for regions like Murcia, Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha and Galicia ".

Countries like Denmark and Sweden are deleted explicitly claiming aid to countries in transition, with a GDP between 75% and 90% of the average.

Alfonso Navarro considers "unfortunate these proposals" and argues that the Murcia region still needs European funds to be allocated to infrastructure development, higher education, or agricultural competitiveness, "and even more so now in times of crisis."

Finally, adding that "Europe also needs the concert of the Region, it is not possible a social Europe, citizenship, without the neighbors of regions like ours."


The PSRM says that Rajoy Budget for 2013 "are the icing" the lies of PP

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

The secretary general, Rafael González Tovar noted that these accounts as well as "unrealistic and antisocial" do not facilitate the growth of the economy or to create jobs

PSRM general secretary, Rafael González Tovar said that Rajoy Budgets for 2013 are the "icing on the lies that PP has been telling us since winning elections last November."

For González Tovar, the Popular Party makes clear to government accounts for 2013 "what everyone already knows: that this is purely ideological cuts, with a clear profile antisocial policies, since most items are reduced Health and Education scholarships, but to endeavor to conceal it. "

These budgets are also "unrealistic and will be worthless" because they distort the data, increasing over 2012 items that will not be met given the economic situation and also make-up social spending figures are not adjusted to reality.

He added that the Budget of Rajoy still forgetting Lorca and many infrastructures and those who are faring worse.

Are the budgets of the crisis: "accounts do not balance, there are social, and impoverish us more."

The secretary general of the Socialist Murcia was concerned "because these budgets will be more unemployment, more and more cuts recession. Additionally, because for the first time touched the bank of pensions, with such zeal that the socialist government gain weight (15,000 to € 69,000 million) and is hence remove jeopardize future pensions, "he said.


The regional road network D-7, D-11, D-17, D-19 and D-26 are open to traffic

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

but we recommend extreme caution in driving because they still are not in perfect condition

Teams Conservation Service Community Roads remain working tomorrow to try to get back to normal pathways in the areas most affected by the rains

The Road Conservation Service of the Department of Public Works and Planning reports that the situation of regional road network, at 20:30 pm today, is as follows:

Lorca and Puerto Lumbreras

The most complicated situation of the regional road network is still in Lorca and Puerto Lumbreras.

Conservation Service has worked hard during the day and could be opened to traffic routes D-7, D-11, D-17, D-19 and D-26, but it is recommended to citizens who need to travel for them to have the utmost caution in driving because they still are not in perfect condition.

The Ministry has decided to open the said road to facilitate mobility for citizens of the area and to have alternative routes for the movement, but advised that those who need to use them do so with caution and take extra security measures.

Tertiary roads D-10 and D-12 and RM-621 continue the cut, but is still acting on them.

In the latter, a detachment of the Military Emergency Unit has joined the teams regional Conservation Service right now and continue working to streamline its opening.

They open the RM-620 and RM-11 (Lorca-Eagles).

We recall that the latter two are serving regional routes alternative high capacity roads A-7 and AP-7.

Campo de Cartagena, Altiplano and Vega del Segura

Continue to normal autonomic pathways that run through the Campo de Cartagena, Altiplano and Vega del Segura.

Roads remain cut RM-517 and RM-C-20

The RM-517 road, which runs between Cehegín and Caravaca de la Cruz, remains closed and we recommend using the RM-15 as an alternative, because it runs parallel to that of Cehegín-Caravaca.

In addition, road cut is RM-C-20, which runs between Mule and Curtis Road.

Source: CARM

Valcárcel requesting the declaration of 'disaster area' and emphasizes the coordination between administrations by rains in the region

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

President of the Community runs alongside the Minister of Development, Ana Pastor, Puerto Lumbreras areas of Lorca and more affected by the storm that has caused five deaths in the Region

The regional chief executive remarked that "the most unfortunate has happened in the last hours is the loss of five lives" and declared three days of official mourning

The president of the Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, announced today that the regional government will request the implementation of urgent and exceptional measures, to alleviate the severe damage and "rapidly and effectively retrieve the affected areas" by heavy rains in Region of Murcia during the day yesterday.

Valcarcel said that while the figure of 'disaster area' has changed its name, "the concept no longer the same, and for that there are decrees to anticipate actions to situations like these."

He stressed "the coordination that, once again, we were able to implement between administrations and, of course, also between Security Forces, emergency teams from the Region of Murcia and the Military Unit Emergency ".

The regional chief executive made the remarks during his visit, accompanied by the Minister of Development, Ana Pastor, areas of Puerto Lumbreras and Lorca that were most affected by the storm that, over the past day, affected to different locations in the region.

Pastor Valcarcel and also attended the Advanced Command Post (WFP) of the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Autonomous Community, located in Puerto Lumbreras, from where they are coordinating relief efforts and attention to the population.

President Valcárcel go again the most affected areas of Puerto Lumbreras and Lorca, which was moved on Friday as it became aware of the damage caused by the storm, to take charge of the device coordinated by the Community, which also joined the staff of the Military Emergency Unit from Valencia.

The measures, said the president, was asked "to coincide with the mayors of Puerto Lumbreras and Lorca", and backed by the Government of Spain, which will request the assistance of the European Union "because this is an emergency" as announced on the spot the Minister Ana Pastor.

"We have to put in order the roads are not, making cleanup actions and act on agricultural and livestock facilities," said Valcarcel.

Supporting victims and mourning

The regional chief executive remarked that "the highlight, unfortunately, has happened in the last hours is the loss of five lives."

In this sense, the Community has declared three days of official mourning for those killed and the material damage caused by torrential rains yesterday in the Region of Murcia.

Source: CARM

The flood defense infrastructures get avoid catastrophic flood in the Segura river basin and Guadalentín

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Bridges Reservoir yesterday held a flow that reached 2,000 cubic meters per second, 33 percent more than that swept the city ​​of Lorca during the historic flood of Santa Teresa, in 1879

According to provisional data, marshes Segura Basin yesterday collected a total of 24.3 hm3, of which nearly three quarters were accumulated in the swamps of Bridges and Valdeinfierno

The Standing Committee of the Segura basin, convened yesterday, continually monitors the situation

The infrastructure to protect against floods constructed at strategic points wadi channels and rivers in the basin of the Segura yesterday managed to avoid a flood of catastrophic effects on the region of the river and the whole plain Guadalentín lower river Segura.

Puentes Reservoir yesterday held a flow that reached 2,000 cubic meters per second (m3/sec), an amount that exceeds 1,510 m3/sec third that destroyed the town of Lorca during the historic flood of Santa Teresa, 19 October 1879, the largest magnitude of any which had until today by record floods Guadalentín River.

Another of the most severe floods suffered in the Segura basin are those of 22 October 1948, in which the combination of flood waves and Segura Guadalentín in Vega Baja reached a rate of over 1,000 m3/sec which flooded villages and crops, and produced the October 19, 1973 in the town of Puerto Lumbreras by overflow Nogalte boardwalk, which caused many fatalities.

Dam Bridge, which was closed at all times, picked up yesterday in a total of 12.8 cubic hectometers (hm3), bringing the reservoir went from 5.1 hm3 with which began the day at garnering nearly 18 this morning, on a total capacity of 26 hm3.

For its part, the reservoir Valdeinfierno, located upstream, retained 4.6 hm3 and assumed other contributions from the wadi course highest Guadalentín River Basin.

The regrowth Dam Bridges, key

The dam's reservoir was recrecida Bridges in works that were completed in 2000 and which allowed double its capacity from 13 hm3 which supported their original design to the current 26.

This increase of the storage volume is what allowed yesterday that the infrastructure could take without releasing all the water flows into the Guadalentín, which would have increased the destructiveness of the flood.

Alongside reservoirs Bridges, Valdeinfierno and Algeciras, also played an important role in controlling the dam of Paretón, located in the town of Totana, which were derived from more than 500 m3/sec seaward through the boardwalk The Mulberries, and impoundment of Jose Bautista in Librilla, who rolled the swollen Guadalentín before his final tour of The Reguerón channel that flows downstream from the city of Murcia.

Furthermore, different reservoirs located along the course of the river Mula, especially the Los Rodeos, managed to stop the flood of this tributary of the Segura, which reached a peak discharge of about 400 m3/sec.

In total, according to provisional data, the reservoirs of the Segura basin yesterday collected 24.3 hm3, of which nearly three quarters were accumulated in the swamps of Bridges (12.8) and Valdeinfierno (4.6).

Bridges and Reservoirs Valdeinfierno with their respective dams last year were the subject of a comprehensive inspection after the earthquake in the town of Lorca on May 11, 2011.

Experts from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment responsible for checking safety ensured that infrastructure whose structural strength allowed withstand the earthquake, which had a magnitude of 5.1, without damage.

The Standing Committee of the Hydrographic Confederation of Segura (CHS), summoned from noon yesterday, and that brings together and coordinates all bodies of basin organization, continually monitors the situation through the Automatic Hydrological Information System ( SAIH).

CHS workers want to convey to the people of the areas affected by heavy rains yesterday, and especially to the families of the deceased, their solidarity and support, as well as the desire for complete recovery of normal as soon possible.

Source: CHS. Foto: