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The UJCE show their support and solidarity with the / as workers / as the press and the audiovisual sector in the region

Friday, August 31st, 2012

For the Union of Communist Youth of Spain in the region of Murcia, the ERE in GTM, failure to perform the obligations of the Autonomous Community with the company awarded 7RM exploitation, and RTVMUR cut, leading to a reduction broadcast schedules and Regional Wave template, is a new blow to an industry in the region severely beaten.

It is unacceptable uncertainty about their future which is being subjected RTVMUR staff and the ways in which the situation was handled public television.

The Regional Government has not shown his face to make the decision to leave 300 families on the street, working back to the template GTM and shooting for months the emergence of rumors and conflicting reports.

The defense of media quality public service of society and power, with plurality of information and democratic planning and control, should be a priority to claim for its professionals and the entire citizenry.

For years, Valcárcel and his government have used at will regional public television for propaganda purposes, and now want to get rid of a staff of dedicated professionals and has been critical to its management repeatedly.

The problem 7RM not been their workers, but poor management has squandered public money.

It is essential to maintain jobs in the new concession and accountability on the part of policy makers and managers 7RM.

In recent years, the region has seen every morning leaving out headers to different newspapers kiosks, concessions have passed DTT broadcasting exclusively esoteric and teleshopping programs and layoffs in many media as has been for group PRISA.

In all cases, the templates have been the media who have suffered the burden of maintaining the privileges of their owners.

The Communist Youth in the Region of Murcia says will at all times support the / as 7RM and GTM workers in their claims and those demonstrations that could carry out.

Source: UJCE

Education UGT reminded that 20,000 teachers ensure that the course begins quite normally

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Since last July, officials are instructed not get square joining their former schools to develop special assessments

The Council recalls that the date of award acts are published in the month of July and will be made ​​before the course begins, as every year

The HR director criticizes the attitude of UGT and ensures that the Department will continue to work on common planning for all lessons normally begin

The general director of Human Resources and Education Quality Joaquin Buendia, said today that "the Ministry of Education has since June planning new quotas for the 2012-2013 academic year and everything will run smoothly."

This, he said, "there 20.00 teachers throughout the Region and ensure that happens."

Buendia recalled that the Ministry published last July schedule awards, which "is expected to start on 5th September in Primary and Secondary 12, days before the semester start in both stages of education" .

Also, the Ministry instructed that school officials who, because of increased class time, do not obtain definitive destination for next year, will join his former center with the goal of developing extraordinary September assessments.

The results of these assessments in high school, said the CEO, "will determine the final composition of the groups of students for the new course and the Ministry of Education develop award acts required of teachers."

In these awards, Buendia said, "get your destination both school officials eye on him all temporary teachers as necessary for hundreds of thousands of students from the region normally enter the course."

In this sense, the CEO said that the organization of schools not only in the hands of a hundred teachers, but the teaching departments and management teams comprising nearly 20,000 teachers across the region, and that " will make students and their families begin a new course as normal ".

Buendia criticized the attitude "demagogic and regrettable" UGT, that "development is well aware that planning for months and still bewildered and now seeks to alert the school community about the start of course."

Source: CARM

In the Murcia 1151 have registered permanent contracts to support entrepreneurs, 45% with young

Friday, August 31st, 2012

A total of 725 contracts were men, compared with 426 women

Since the entry into force of labor reform, last February to 23 August 1151 have registered permanent contracts to support entrepreneurs in the Region of Murcia, of which 45.2%, 520, have been with young people under 30 years.

In this period there have been in Spain 50,232 permanent contracts to support entrepreneurs, as announced by the Minister of Employment and Social Security, Fatima Banez, today in the closing ceremony of the course XXXIV Hispanic Studies School of La Granda (Asturias).

Of these 24,273 are young.

Of the total contracts in Murcia 725 are men and 426 women.

Nationally, the total number of contracts is 29,685 men, compared to 20,547 that have been made to women.

During his lecture, entitled "Reforms for Competitiveness and Employment", Banez has analyzed the current situation of the Spanish and European economy, in a context that makes them essential reforms to modernize the economy back to growth and job creator .

"The goal is to curb-stressed-job losses in recessions, encourage the creation of stable jobs during periods of prosperity and improve the competitiveness of our companies.

Source: Delegación del Gobierno en Murcia

The Socialist Party rejects the RTRM Board of the decision to terminate the contract with GTM

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Pedro José Navarro, who complains that she has not sought a consensus solution to a new model of public television and radio, expresses its solidarity with 7RM workers and OR

Pedro José Navarro, PSRM representative on the Board of Directors of RTRM (Radio Television of the Region of Murcia), expressed disappointment and rejection by the solution adopted by the regional government to terminate the contract with the concessionaire of regional television, GTM.

The PSOE, "thinking workers both GTM and regional radio, Onda Regional, and audiovisual industry professionals from the region, which have never been in 7RM motor-industry" has voted against the proposal of the PP to join the regional government for the public company TAM (Television Autonomous Region of Murcia) settled contracts with GTM in December 2005.

Navarro reiterated on behalf of the PSRM, that "we have never been in favor of the management model of public service television, and therefore never have supported budgets or accounts RTRM, because we have always been against the current model."

In the Governing Council being held today RTRM, the PSOE asked about what will happen in the event that GTM claim compensation from the regional government for breach of contract, that this year, like the previous, is 36 million euros.

He also asked for continued programming to be carried out in the coming months, to what RTRM representatives responded that they would file their own programs, and within a fortnight an informative technical means human and TAM.

Another model

Navarro said that the socialist representative in the Board of Directors of RTRM (Navarro himself and Pity Alarcón) have always claimed another management model for public television and radio quality, plural, objective and engines Murcia audiovisual industry.

"Against this, we had a TV where no guarantee these principles, and this has been repeatedly denounced by the Board of Directors, in which we have been treated like bystanders."

"The PP has never been considered our offer when looking for a new management model of public radio and television, both in the Regional Assembly and the Council of Directors," reiterated.

"However, PSRM representatives in the Governing Council will continue to ensure that compliance with the principles of public service radio and television, and will exercise our supervisory work in the new scenario presented with a model of indirect management television in a future contract that will begin to be developed, "he concluded.


Oñate: "It would be grotesque to the regional administration to end up paying the concessionaire without it offered the service"

Friday, August 31st, 2012

The Socialist regional deputy Francisco Javier Oñate, expressed surprise at the information published today on the concessionaire of regional television does not give compensation.

"We had talked about agreement between the regional government and the concessionaire to terminate regional television service and today we are surprised that the company information, probably according to the regional government does not waive a claim for loss earnings ".

For Oñate, the result of that demand could be something as grotesque as the regional government would end up paying the same but without being provided the service, so there would be no savings.

"Are not we talking about a scam the public treasury, if at the end you have to give the money What is the main motivation of this vaudeville summer, if lost, in this case, the excuse of saving? Are a curtain smoke to privatize television? Or have you not forgiven the template protest the day of putting up posters, and simply are doing things in a way that allows them to drive the workers? " he asked.

"If you end up paying the same without providing service, we must think about whether there might be some sort of legal consequences for the Autonomous Region because all you are doing to transform regional television," insisted the deputy, who stressed "This blackout of four months which enables the company is applying tougher labor laws so there is no link between what happens between 31 December this year, and on 1 January next, in order to workers' rights, subrogation template ".

"It seems that you are looking for is a way to take the template to the street, pretextándolo with spurious reasons," he concluded.


The Ente Púplico RTRM starts the transformation process management model 7RM

Friday, August 31st, 2012

The regional chain will begin issuing from tomorrow continuity programs in syndication

Similarly, the address is already working on the launch of the new informational 7RM for release to air in coming days

The Public Broadcasting Murcia Region has already started the process of transformation of model 7RM chain management.

In this sense, its Board of Directors has endorsed the decision of the regional government to terminate the current contract with GTM.

Similarly, the public entity has completed a grid of continuity to be aired from September 1 in order to maintain the best programming in syndication.

Finally, since RTRM is also working on the launch of the new informational 7RM for release to air in the coming days.

In this respect, these news are considered essential by the Ente as in the work of public service regional television.

Unable, for reasons of termination of the contract with GTM, to do as had been until now the Entity and its staff of TAM (which is the Head of News and editors) are the professionals responsible for bringing all Currently the daily murcianos our region.

Source: RTRM

IU-Greens accused the regional government of "throwing to the lions" to workers 7RM

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Presidency spokesman IU-Greens, Jose Maria Ortega, today accused the regional government of "throwing to the lions" to workers in regional television, 7RM.

Ortega was speaking after attending the meeting of the Board of Directors of RTRM, which has agreed by six votes to representatives of the PP, and two against, the PSOE and IU-Greens, adhere to the Government's proposal Regional settle contracts with GTM, company that manages the canal.

"With its decision, the Regional Executive is making a bad comedy whose principle is a layoff of over 200 people and its end is a new privatization 7RM in precarious conditions for service and jobs," he assured.

It also reiterated its commitment to a regional television model that "is sized to the existing budget of 15 million euros", focused on the promotion of the culture of the region, plural and "leave aside the political manipulation that has been the trend in recent years. "

Having expressed his organization's support to affected employees, said that "we fear you have to compensate with an important figure to GTM for erroneous decisions of the Regional Government."

Source: IURM

The Socialists ask La Manga Cerdá Counselor explanations for the abandonment of the protected natural area and Farallon Island Grosa

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Socialists of the Manga come their way in the recent visit of the Minister of Agriculture to Booking Ants Islands and remind the plight of abandonment which is Farallon Island Grosa with the withdrawal of € 70,000 annual starting to Since 2005, the autonomous region destined to the surveillance and biological control of the island, where there was a research by environmentalists and qualified technicians responsible for guarding installations and maintenance.

As stated by Salvador Martinez, social responsibility in the area,

Martinez also denounced the passivity of the City of San Javier (PP) which in his view has not raised his voice in defense of the environment and cultural enclave first order located in the Mediterranean Sea, off the Manga del Mar Menor and part of the municipality.

And all this despite being discovered on your very interesting archaeological remains of Phoenician origin known as the Bajo de la Campana, where the University of Texas and the Ministry of Culture (with socialist government) worked on a project of enormous archaeological recovery international repercussions, whose remains are exposed in the ARQUA (National Museum of Underwater Archaeology) in Cartagena and that was why they qualify as National Geographic

Socialists look unfortunate that the municipality of San Javier has lost the opportunity of watching these wonderful seabed and to offer as a tourist-cultural tour of the island Grosa.

For this presented a motion to Full Council that includes the commitment of the municipality with its island, creating a planning commission to allow control and design a medium-term strategy aimed at achieving recover this enclave for the town and tourism, by installation of an ethnographic and archaeological museum permanent video surveillance system (observation through the municipal website of the natural environment), the return of bird banding programs, and the maintenance and conservation of the newly constructed piers, allowing private boat mooring facilities wishing to visit, enjoy talks, even buy souvenirs alluding to this nature reserve and the remains of the Bajo de la Campana, always in a controlled manner.

Thus socialists wonder why it has not been exposed the last two years the collection of photographs-mural alluding to the discovery of the Bajo de la Campana as it was done with visitors and critical success in the previous parliamentary socialist councilor being Culture and Mayor, Pepa Garcia.

Martinez also noted that presented by the Socialist Group in the Regional Assembly a series of questions to the various ministries competent in this field, in order to bring these proposals for a space as conservationists Grosa Island, declared by the Community itself Autonomous Protected Natural Area (Law 4/1992) for management and protection of the territory of the Region of Murcia and Area Wildlife Protection (Law 7/1995).

Source: PSOE Cartagena. Foto: archivo

UPyD says that the withdrawal of the 20,000 health cards "without papers" of the region from tomorrow "is a real expropriation of rights to the most vulnerable"

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Rafael Sanchez also shows UPyD rejecting immigrants to collect an annual fee for their health care "because it is an insult to basic rights"

The regional coordinator UPyD, Rafael Sanchez, has expressed his party's rejection of the withdrawal of the medical card for illegal immigrants.

Sanchez has expressed concern about the situation of health neglect in which from tomorrow will be the 20,000 "undocumented" that exist in the region, following the entry into force of the government measure that will run the Department of Health.

"It's a real" expropriation "of the basic rights of people who have come to the region in search of work and better living conditions.

And precisely targets a social sector very vulnerable population, "said.

Similarly, Sanchez also said the rejection of the possible UPyD charging an annual fee of 700 euros for illegal immigrants to receive health care den Region.

"The rate is established for medical care is of an amount that is unaffordable for most of the" paperless ".

Sanchez recalled the government's standard, which amended the Immigration Act by which immigrants are no longer sufficient to be registered to obtain a health card.

The regional coordinator UPyD has expressed concern over the spread of political "and reverse restriction of basic rights," such as universal health care, "which is implementing a PP government is said reformist center." Here Sanchez said that "is petty and irresponsible" primed in crisis with people who can barely defend and risk ending turned into "scapegoats" of social unrest.

"This, and nothing else, is populism."

In addition, Rafael Sánchez has also questioned the measure of health card withdraw irregular immigrants, suppose real savings and a significant reduction in the deficit, and noted that health professionals have already indicated that overcrowding can cause problems in Emergency and public health, to ensure no regular care to immigrants with chronic diseases.

Source: UPyD Región de Murcia

Friday, August 31st, 2012

year by the increase in VAT] | also estimated that 4,700 jobs will be lost by the contraction of household consumption |

IU-Green estimates that the VAT increase will lead to an increase of 708 euros on average per year in household spending in the region and the loss of 4,700 direct jobs by the contraction of household consumption.

The left-wing organization said in a statement, "This rise will further stress family finances and we will attend to a growing chain of defaults and evictions of families battered by the crisis."

He indicated that the increase is "at a critical time in which families have been hit by the crisis," marked by falling wages and a "high" percentage of unemployed, of which only 43.3 per percent charged some kind of benefit.

Faced with this situation, "many families will be forced to restrict their consumption and that will bring about a contraction in aggregate demand will affect the regional GDP," so that the economy "will shrink even more."

Source: IURM