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Bernal highlights the commitment of communities to meet a deficit target "very demanding, as the EU marks"

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Vice President and Minister of Economy and Finance, John Bernal, emphasizes that the aim is to "build confidence for the economy re-grow "

Approving the funding mechanism Autonomous liquidity, which "guarantees to communities without the necessary funding to go to banks or capital markets"

Vice President and Minister of Economy and Finance, John Bernal, said today, this afternoon after attending a meeting of the Council of Fiscal and Financial Policy (CPFF) held in Madrid, which approved the deficit target for next year, set at a 0.7 percent of GDP, is "very demanding", but "community we are committed to fulfill it in line with the demand scenario that marks the European Union".

The vice president said that commitment is made "in a stage of renewal of regional budgets and public accounts, as it is the only way to get to build confidence for the economy growing again."

He added that for the first time, the communities, "not only have a limit to the deficit, but also our debt figures."

In this sense, Bernal stressed "the importance and intensity of this process," since "in the years 2009, 2010 and 2011, the average deficit of the community of Murcia was about one billion euros per year, while in 2012 the deficit target has dropped to 500 million total for 2013 is set at about 200 million. "

In addition, the CPFF approved the funding mechanism Autonomous liquidity, which, said the vice president, "will enable communities to have adequate means of financing without having to resort to financial institutions to obtain credit or capital markets that are closed at this time. "

"This brings a lot of tranquility," said Bernal, who reiterated that it is a "normal mechanism, which has the backing of the state and ensuring communities have the financial resources to develop our budget at a time when the difficulties financial institutions are so important. "

Bernal insisted on the fact "positive" the resolution adopted this afternoon to control the deficit and debt limit, which is "in full harmony with what we require the European Union and the restoration of trust and credibility of the Spanish economy ".

Source: CARM

Burns twice today in an elm protected Aljucer prevented the construction of a controversial plan that is partially used in administrative litigation

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

The incidents have occurred in the core Aljucer along the channel of the Ditch Alguazas, in an area close to Palmar Road

Firefighters have put down this afternoon, the second fire of the day, most important, and that has affected the largest elms in the elm protected after another fire this morning was controlled

HUERMUR SEPRONA shall at the prosecutors and the facts by claiming to replant burned copies and to require owners to keep in good condition in the area and take care of expenses

The partial plan, approved by the City after being processed in the years Berberena councilor, is used in administrative litigation in the courts by not contemplate the existence of the elm and locate a street instead.

The developers met with the association for months but did not convince HUERMUR with the solution proposed


Residents requiring this afternoon Aljucer the presence of Murcia Fire Department before the fire of an elm protected by the channel of the Ditch Alguazas in the heart of the hamlet.

This morning there was a first fire, which by noon was completely extinguished.

By midafternoon the neighbors warned that the elm burned again, this time focusing the core of the fire at the base of the largest elms in an elm protected and made headlines earlier this year.

This elm was a few months ago Aljucer neighbors and associations and ajva HUERMUR first submit an application to the City of Murcia to stall the approval of a partial plan in the land on which they are.

Given the lack of response from the council, which hico use of administrative silence, the appellants went to the courts, filing an administrative appeal against the plan.

After this, the promoters cited this association in a meeting in which they proposed a solution to go ahead with the plan despite the fact that part must be preserved under the elms national and regional legislation, and by failing to consider properly the proposed solution HUERMUR this entity and the neighbors have gone ahead with the litigation.

And another summer had happened a fire in one part of the elm, and this morning jumped alarms in the groups that defend the copies of this protected species.

Before the third fire in the area, and second in the day, from HUERMUR are going to get all data, photographs and documents in the hands of SEPRONA Civil Guard and the Office to clarify the facts.

In addition HUERMUR will require copies being replanted damaged and can not survive the fire, as provided by current legislation and that makes you have to replace those units that are damaged protected in certain circumstances.

From HUERMUR has made an initial visual inspection of the copies, and it was found that the most size and size are the most affected, with the charred trunk to a height of 2.50 meters, and with many fallen branches and leaves burned.

In the coming days we will visit the area with experts in this species, and propose measures for restoration and conservation of the area both as promoters of the partial plan to the City of Murcia.


CCOO expresses its solidarity with the workers of TV7

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

deplores the sad spectacle of the PP in this case

CCOO requires explanations to the regional government and the central government by the statements of Gonzalez Pons to the COPE.

The union believes execrable which play so lightly with the future of 300 families, something that the People's Party is being used lately and it seems not to resign: the suffering that is subjecting thousands of families throughout the country and our region in particular.

In a new set of nonsense, the Popular Party by one of its most highly vociferous, Mr. Gonzalez Pons, has once again injected a new dose of hundreds of families suffering from Murcia.

This time the target stands at over three hundred workers in the Regional Television, the 7, which is threatened to continued employment after Pons declared his "radio friendly", the COPE, the closure of the TV7 is a matter of hours.

The disclaimer, which most likely have forced Pons, in a bid to try to gain time, not enough.

CCOO is a "sad spectacle to which we are accustomed certainly from the successive portavocías popular."

It seems that it is infringing the greatest possible suffering to the people, "a clear example of the 'Shock Doctrine' so ably are driving from the ranks of government," said a union spokesman.

For the union which is execrable play this way with the future of more than three hundred families, while the regional government is in a discreet background to pending orders from Madrid.

CCOO requires immediate clarification of the future workers of the regional TV, in solidarity with each and every one of the actions that the works council decided to carry out and fully supports legal association and few actions may undertake.

CCOO, finally, supports the concentration of workers in the 7 scheduled for this afternoon at 20.00 h.

and will be present in it.

Source: CCOO Región de Murcia

UPyD critical statements Esteban Gonzalez Pons on the 7 RM "by the uncertainty created"

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Rafael Sanchez as posing a "disrespect" to the workers, the regional government should clarify the situation

Remember UPyD position in favor of privatization of regional television "respecting the jobs"

The regional coordinator UPyD, Rafael Sanchez, described as "disrespect" to the workers of La 7 the way they have known the viability of regional television.

"That is a comment from Esteban Gonzalez Pons on a radio that cite this case, it left a very bad place in the regional government, since it is he who must rigorously inform and clarify the situation"

Sanchez noted that UPyD been asking, for more than two years, the privatization of regional TV, "the commitment of maintaining jobs."

In this sense, Rafael Sanchez pointed out that this position was already in the electoral program of UPyD for the elections of 2011 and was ratified with the position of our party on the budgets of the Community for 2012.

"Our approach of austerity and rationalization provides for the privatization of regional TV channels," he underlined.

Sanchez has also highlighted the good work with the journalists and reporters from the Murcia regional chain, but has criticized the managers, who indicated that have resulted in many cases the regional TV has become "the propaganda regional government. "

Source: UPyD Región de Murcia

Cruz and Seville gather with the innkeepers of the Mar Menor to promote tourism in the area

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Pedro Alberto Cruz, and the Minister of Public Works and Planning, Antonio Seville, met today in San Javier with members of the Association of Hotel and Tourist Accommodation on the Costa Calida (Hostetur) to address the needs and suggestions of this sector, with the intention of "creating a solid project for this gap" and promote it as "a significant environmental component and tourism across the international tourism market," said Cruz

At this meeting, which was also attended by the Mayor of San Javier, Visitation Garcia, the mayor of San Javier, Juan Martinez, the Councillor for Tourism in Cartagena, Carolina Beatriz Palazón and Hostetur president, José María Cano, " has addressed the problems of the area both transversely and vertically, "since it deals with various regional government authorities and" all strata of the Mar Menor, "as the environment, tourism marketing and access, so Cruz described the meeting as "very interesting, very technical and surprisingly specific."

The innkeepers of the Mar Menor have been interested in the current state of the area due to environmental pressures to which it is subject and have made clear their interest in the coordination and collaboration with the Regional Cultural Consortia and the recovery of one of the weirs of the Mar Menor to exploit fishing and tourism.

They also discussed issues related to the seasonality of La Manga and advocated the unification of categories of camping with other communities on the Mediterranean coast and the tightening of measures against illegal camping

The meeting with restaurateurs has also helped to move their issues to the board regarding issues such as promoting the image of tourism in the region, the future opening of the International Airport, the effects on tourism development of the new Coastal Law the plans to open in the north of La Manga, the current situation for the maintenance of the Estacio bridge infrastructure or monitoring and managing channels and Marchamalo salt.

Source: CARM

The increase in employment in rural accommodation in the region is at the second position by communities

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Rural accommodation in Murcia have experienced an increase over 2011 of 80 percent in the number of travelers and 65.2 percent in the overnights.

The occupation grows 3.5 points in June, the second largest in Spain after Balearic increase (4.3 points).

So far this year, passenger figures have risen by 48.2 percent and 35.9 percent of overnight stays, while the data at the national level dropped slightly (-1.7 and -0.7 percent respectively .)

In-hotel accommodation between January and June 2012 the number of travelers increased by 5.1% compared to 2011, totaling 90,143.

Meanwhile, overnight stays, 751,456, down 5.4%.

During the month of June, the campsites in the region recorded a 4.8 per cent more passengers.

Further increased foreign travelers (11.3) that the Spanish (3.6).

Meanwhile, in June the previous year doubled the number of foreign visitors staying in apartments in the region, although the total number of travelers hardly changed.

Furthermore, in both apartments and camping, the first six months of the year have been characterized by a rise in the number of foreign travelers (23.1 and 10.4 percent respectively).

Source: CARM

Warning about the high risk of forest fires and high temperatures in the region of Murcia

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

The Directorate General of Civil Defense and Emergencies of the Ministry of Interior, according to the predictions of the Meteorological Agency (AEMET) warning about the high risk of forest fires and high temperatures expected in the region of Murcia in the coming days .

High temperatures also affect much of the peninsula and islands, with special intensity to the Autonomous Communities of Andalusia, Murcia, Valencia and Castilla – La Mancha.

Thus, members of the State Committee on Coordination, which is scheduled to meet this week to remain prealertados the high risk of fire spread, to the large number of holiday trips, the following tips:

Who take precautions and to avoid imprudent, since a very high proportion of fires are caused by human causes.

They are small oversights can be avoided and cause serious damage, claiming human lives.

With their behavior, people can prevent fires.

Negligence as throwing cigarette butts or bottles in the field not address the ban on lighting fires and recklessness in agricultural labor and the use of means that can cause fires, are the main cause of forest fires.

Furthermore, early intervention can prevent a large fire and the first few minutes are vital in preventing the spread and mitigate it as soon as possible.

If a fire or there is any indication of the start of the fire, call 112 urgently to address it soon.

Weather Index Forest Fire Risk

The Directorate General of Civil Defense and Emergencies of the Ministry of Interior broadcasts daily status report for the forest fires that reflects the current status of fires, involving media, affected areas and the map with the forecast Weather Risk the Meteorological Agency

The report and map is available at the following website:


Faced with extreme temperatures

Stay indoors as much as possible and limit exposure to the sun.

Keep in a well ventilated area.

Eat light meals and regular water and rich in minerals such as fruits and vegetables.

Drink water or fluids frequently.

Wear light colored clothing, covering as much skin surface as possible and head.

Avoid prolonged physical exercise in the middle of the day.

Take an interest in the elderly and ill nearby, and those who live alone or isolated.

Note that high temperatures influence the risk of forest fires.

Pay special attention to the controlled burning of stubble in the field and lit cigarettes, garbage and glass bottles.

To prevent forest fires

Avoid lighting fires and fires in the forest and land next.

Pay special attention to the controlled burning of stubble in the field and lit cigarettes, garbage, and especially glass bottles that make the sun magnifying effect.

In case of fire, does not enter the mountain forests or do so only if absolutely necessary and knows the terrain, roads and paths.

Always go for high-visibility areas.

Camp in unauthorized areas, as they have measures to protect against a possible fire and evacuation easier.

If you discover a fire in your home, alerting the emergency services, 112, and try stomping off with green branches or shaking the foundation of the first fire.

If in a short time can not turn off, leave the area.

Source: Delegación del Gobierno en Murcia

IU-Green describes as the president's unpresentable the UCAM after grant for delivery of the degree of Medicine

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

The statements of Mr. Mendoza made a means of communication are, as Pujante, "offensive to the collective health of the region and collected statements that put into question, for free, the work of certain public sector professionals."

The irregular grant of Medicine at the UCAM is adorned says Pujante, by the alleged imposition of Mr. Mendoza of moral criteria to future physicians, under the entelechy of an alleged "divine justice", which attempts to go beyond the framework law established by our Constitution.

By the way, referring to concepts such as euthanasia or abortion, is launching a veiled accusation to public health professionals, who associated with the "culture of death".

Thus, Mr. Mendoza, exceeds the limit of respect for this profession.

It also notes Booming, "not telling the truth also concerning public aid granted to the university. Enough to remember the 135,000 m2 gratis by the city of Murcia to expand the facilities of the UCAM, in which the Lord has risen enclosure Mendoza his family home. Or the 600,000 € grant for local basketball team and 200,000 for women's football team, in addition to the free use of public sports facilities. "

"Perhaps the most brazen, as the Coordinator of IU-Greens, resulting from his claim that department heads who want to" cooperate and participate as teachers (…) and we have offered their services for students to conduct their practices. " It is a verifiable fact, as the dean himself, Mr. Lajara, is head of department of ophthalmology at the Hospital Morales Meseguer.

Mr. Ballesta, according Booming, "should react immediately to respond to this insolence and head off any unauthorized practice of responsible governance."

Finally, Representative of IU-Green in the Region of Murcia has this morning requested a hearing with the Minister of Universities, Mr. Ballesta, to explain in Parliament the granting of permission for the delivery of the degree in Medicine at UCAM.

Source: IURM

Questions about the collection of payroll

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

The Federation of health and sanitary services in the Region of Murcia (FSS-RM) reports a climate of constant fear on salaries in order to pave the way to cuts

About to start the month of holiday par excellence, the autonomous community workers and therefore all citizens are in the newspaper "The Truth" a statement of Bernal counselor about the possibility of not charging the September payrolls.

Immediately afterwards the director of public service that qualifies is not so much the collection of the payroll of September unless the need for a plan to ensure the salaries regularly.

If it were not a serious issue that affects the quality of life of hundreds of Murcia, would be to burst into laughter, and with summer reruns.

These statements appear in a regular press even if you change the actor who expresses them.

Also occur frequently in areas of negotiation (so to speak as long as the Administration does not negotiate if not imposed) as a prelude to establishing unprecedented cuts to working conditions of public employees.

Since the FSS-RM is to denounce this policy in advance propaganda and fear against public employees.

CCOO knows firsthand the bad economic situation in the accounts of this community, but not an excuse to use these statements as a battering ram against the citizens.

There is no doubt that the Regional Executive has to make accounts, prioritize and manage in an adverse situation and complicated, but to terrorize hundreds of families with the possibility of not paying the mortgage next month or support his family is not the solution .

Public employees have long been demanding respect for their work and were not questioned as responsible for this crisis.

But the government maintains its strategy to focus the cuts on workers and on their incomes.

But more and more are joining protests since late 2010 is taking place CCOO and do not like our leaders.

Those responsible for managing this crisis does not want citizens protesting in the streets against an unjust and inequitable management and thus throw such statements.

Threaten the weak, those without the monthly fee can not continue to get a decent life and accepting the cuts.

According to the Secretary General of CCOO, Javier Lanza: "Given the prolonged crisis and the progressive erosion of purchasing power, many workers, before these veiled threats, accepted more willingly cuts while ensuring the collection of payroll" .

Since the FSS-RM is a double appeal, each Executive not to use its presence in the media as an instrument of fear and other public employees and citizens to continue to participate in the protests called for the August.

Every Wednesday at 11 hours and 15 minutes there will be protest rallies in the workplace of the SMS.

Source: CCOO

The PSRM required to confirm or disprove Valcárcel statements Gonzalez Pons on the future of 7RM

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Rafael González Tovar reported that the current model has cost over 200 million euros and Valcarcel asked to bet on professional retraining of so they can keep their jobs

The secretary-general of the PSOE PSRM, Rafael González Tovar today demanded the President Valcarcel, to confirm if it is affirmative, or disprove the reality does not conform to the statements made yesterday by Deputy Secretary of the CP Studies and Programs Esteban Gonzalez Pons.

"We want to know the truth, because these statements were made by a senior Popular Party does not know on what basis and the Region can not accept a denial through a social network."

Tovar Gonzalez demanded that President Valcarcel or an authorized spokesman for the regional government clarify whether Gonzalez Pons statements are groundless or otherwise clarify it.

Regrets that, once again, President Valcarcel "is obliged to abide by decisions that seem imposed by the dome of the PP".

The secretary general of the Socialist Murcia recalled that a year ago, the People's Party announced its intention to legislate on a model of public television and other alternative, something that the Socialist Party had been calling for since the birth of the public body 7RM as it "is from the beginning a dream of greatness Valcárcel that our region can not afford."

In this sense, Rafael González Tovar reported that the current model 7RM Murcia has cost over 200 million euros and "represents a real example of the ruinous legacy Valcárcel is leaving the Region of Murcia".

The Socialist Party has always advocated another economic model to public television, based on the production itself, guaranteeing the maintenance of jobs, development of audiovisual Murcia, service and public utility of the television and stop pay for other programs that are the expensive production.

"This is a good time for President Valcarcel get to work and renew that commitment," he said.