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UPyD is skeptical to the Paramount park "for investors there is still no"

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Rafael Sanchez noted that uncertainty about the viability of the park is the reason UPyD opposes regional government financial guarantee

The regional coordinator UPyD, Rafael Sanchez, said the skepticism of his political education to the construction of the Paramount Park, after laying today the foundation stone.

Sanchez pointed out that "despite statements or Valcárcel Samper today, the project is in the air."

In this sense he noted that "there is not that investors and the vice president of Paramount, Michael Bartok, said today that the multinational does not intend to invest in the project."

Rafael Sanchez said that this was the reason, lack of investor uncertainty, which opposes UPyD regional government financial guarantee.

"For more laps give or counselor Cruz Valcárcel, we all know what an endorsement."

In addition to economic uncertainty, Sanchez has questioned the relevance of "a kind of project that is deficient in all Europe, including the flagship facility of Disneyland."

Finally, Rafael Sanchez has also been critical of the regional government's insistence to go for mega projects and an oversized urban model, which has led to the crisis in the region has a unique intensity.

In that regard, Sanchez noted that linking the park, along with the LifeStyle urban complex, brings to mind episodes in the region have been a real fiasco.

Source: UPyD Región de Murcia

Education will maintain the technical assistants to provide care for students with special educational needs

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Director General Human Resources urges the Socialist Party to "ask before creating confusion for families"

The general director of Human Resources and Quality Education, Joaquín Buendía, said today that the Ministry of Education keep all educational technical assistants, "to ensure student services in the region who have special educational needs."

Buendia said that "the assistant coach who is working on the Virgin of Loreto College of San Javier will continue until the end of the course" and guaranteed that "next year the center will also have a professional school for pupils with special needs special education. "

The CEO explained that "within the internal organization of jobs in the Regional Administration has abolished the post of assistant who was assigned the municipality of Torre Pacheco and through which, it served the needs of San Javier ".

But he said that at the same time, it has created a new post of assistant in Los Alcazares that, from next year, will address the needs of the Virgin of Loreto College of San Javier, and any other center in the area that needs it ".

In this sense, Buendia wanted to send a message of reassurance to parents assuring them that the service provided to their children will continue until end of year and the next school courses, not only in this center but in any other school in the Region school that has students who need this support. "

It also asked the head of Education of the Socialist Party, Maria Carmen Moreno, not "take every moment of confusion to alert families about something as sensitive as providing education for these students."

"In politics it is not all, Ms. Moreno said the CEO, who invited the Socialist deputy" to make a phone call to the Ministry before heading to the media to provoke and nurture the confusion between the educational community ".

Source: CARM

Sotoca distinguishes the 31 primary schools that have joined this year Bilingual

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

The Minister reminded that the next course will be 112 primary schools providing education to 11,000 bilingual students who receive their education in two languages ​​

The Minister of Education, Training and Employment, Constantine Sotoca today presented the plaques that credited the bilingual education of 31 centers that this school have joined the Bilingual Schools Program, 23 public and eight reached.

Sotoca stressed the "importance" of the label, because it "recognizes the efforts of individual schools in the implementation of bilingual education, which will have a direct reward in the training of students."

The counselor noted that Education launched this project three years ago and has since increased the number of centers that are part of the program to 112 primary schools next year that will provide this education to 11,000 students in the region.

Sotoca stressed that it is "a quantum leap is very important that you have already become bilingual one in four primary schools in the region."

Sotoca acknowledged that "are very difficult economic times, we are requiring much effort on all levels of government" but said that "as far as possible we should encourage those programs to strengthen the competencies of students and improve their training, because it translates directly into better opportunities for them. "

In this regard, he recalled that "bilingualism in the region will remain a priority and will continue working to improve the program, providing it with better human and material resources."

The counselor was very pleased with the implementation of the program and thanked teachers and families for their collaboration for the development of fully guaranteed. "

During the ceremony, the first-year students of Elementary Bilingual Program conducted various activities and performances in English that have been working for the course related to the human body, the seasons, presentations, or the senses.

The centers attached to the Bilingual Schools Program during 2011-2012 school today receiving distinction are:

CEIP Las Lomas


CEIP Jacinto Benavente


CEIP Monte Anaor


Emilio CEIP Candel


Basil CEIP Sáez

Caravaca de la Cruz


Santa Maria Micaela


CEIP San Francisco Javier of Barreros

Cartagena (The Barreros)

CC Our Lady of Consolation


CC San Jose


CEIP New School

Fuente Alamo

CC San Augustine

Fuente Alamo

CEIP Segura River

New Javalí

CEIP Prince Philip


CEIP Ana Caicedo Richard


CEIP Sacred Heart

Molina de Segura

CEIP Our Lady of the Old


CEIP Juana Rodriguez


Anita CEIP Arnau


Maestro Enrique Laborda CEIP

Dolores de Murcia



Murcia (Cabezo de Torres)

CEIP Nuestra Señora Del Paso

CEIP Maria Maroto


Marist CC Merced Fuensanta


San Buenaventura CC


Our Lady of Atocha CEIP


Arteaga CEIB

Murcia (Sucina)

CEIP Ramon Gaya


CRA Entretierras

Torre Pacheco

CEIP San Jose

CC Reina Sofia


CEIP # 1


Source: CARM

UPyD denounces the suppression of the Workshop Schools and Employment in the region in the absence of notice of SEF

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Rafael Sanchez claims that the Regional Employment Service and Training in the Region of Murcia remove this year's study call for these programs , "leaving hundreds of unemployed without a job placement option"

The regional coordinator UPyD, Rafael Sanchez, denounced the removal of the Workshop Schools and Employment Workshops in the region, "as the Employment and Training Service (SEF) has not made the calls for this year of these programs, which means in practice its end. "

Sanchez pointed out that the Workshop Schools and Employment Workshops are programs developed in the Murcia region for over 20 years, 80% co-financed by the European Union, whose goal is the qualification of unemployed to can be inserted in the labor market.

"They combine theoretical and practical work in carrying out works or public utility or social interest.".

In this regard, Sanchez has highlighted the important role played by these programs "in a region with dropout rates very high."

It also stressed that the Training Workshops are aimed at young people between 16 and 24 years, usually from school failure and no work experience, that through these programs "have the opportunity to prepare to get his degree from ESO, the while learning a profession working. "

In addition, employment workshops are aimed at long-term unemployed and low-skilled, between 25 and 54, who found here a possibility of eventually work.

In the Region are currently developing 15 projects in Workshop Schools and Employment Workshops, training more than 400 people unemployed.

Therefore, Sanchez has demanded that the Autonomous Community does not make cuts in employment support measures and that "the SEF does not suppress the call for this year of these programs as cutting measure in active employment policies and that would entail a considerable reduction in the chances of labor market access of its recipients, "he concluded.

Source: UPyD Región de Murcia

Laura Muñoz: "The Socialist Party of Tovar prefer a recessed region to region forward"

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

The spokesman criticized the "irresponsible lack of support and constant criticism of González Tovar to projects that generate growth in the region"

The Popular Party spokesman in the region of Murcia, Laura Munoz, lamented, in response to statements by the Secretary General of PSRM that "the socialist leaders prefer a recessed region to region forward."

Muñoz has criticized that "precisely those who have contributed to the constant punishment Murcia in their old responsibilities in the previous Socialist government, not be able to rejoice that the projects will contribute to exit the current situation, begin to see light."

The PP spokesman reiterated that the position of González Tovar of constant criticism of the actions of regional government only responds to its own partisan interests and reminded her "worse is better" of no help to the citizens of the region.

Therefore, the spokesman called on the PSRM to "stop trying to confuse the public" and especially as the economy of all Murcia is concerned.

Muñoz has clarified that "the guarantee to be granted is being studied is made with all warranties and will not cost a single euro to Murcia."

Munoz said that the government's commitment to tourism as Valcárcel by generating sector growth and wealth in the region is a priority that the Popular Party is not giving up, although there who are even "and recalled that the party Paramount theme of Alhama certainly mark a before and after in our region.

Finally, Munoz has concluded lamenting that "today, have political leaders who talk about parnafernalias and to use the difficult situation that Spanish families are going through to try to wear down those who we are clear that private enterprise is more necessary than ever, for the good of all. "

Source: PP Región de Murcia

Valcárcel called "confidence" in the major tourism projects and significance for the region

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

The president of the community attended the ceremony of laying the foundation stone of Paramount Park in the land in the town of Alhama de Murcia

Stresses that the park that "today takes physical body" is more than just a "compromise" and become a "milestone" for attracting tourists from around the world to the Region

The president of the Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, Murcia today called on "trust" in the major and iconic tourism projects that occur in the region because "we can not claim the confidence of foreigners if we are not confident in in them. "

The Chief Executive expressed Murcia and after the laying of the cornerstone of Paramount theme park in fields located in the town of Alhama de Murcia, along with the mayor of Alfonso Ceron, the president of flagship projects Murcianos Jesus Samper, and the representative of the American firm, Michael Bartok.

Valcárcel appealed to "the initial distrust that may have these big projects become confident because often criticizes Spain brand does not sell, but it is very difficult for an outsider might believe in these projects, when the same Spanish do not. "

Valcárcel welcomed because Paramount Park "takes the physical body," and has been able to develop a "record time".

"It's been months and we have seen that this project was more than a commitment that goes beyond national borders," he said.

Thus, noted that "while Paramount was born with some original sin, and with little credibility among some in the end we see that there is more than skeptical, and today is announcing significant milestones."

In this sense, Paramount Park, which opened its doors in 2015, "will become a milestone for attracting tourists from around the world to the Region of Murcia," said the chief executive.

Tourism model

Park Alhama de Murcia is one of the leisure tourism projects most important in Spain and Europe, "different" and can transform the model of tourism in the region, offering a greater role in international tourism, to the extent park that both Paramount and Life Style Center "are projects whose frame of reference and competence is not just Murcia or Spain but throughout Europe."

Valcarcel said that, at present, tourism is a major element in the future of the Community of Murcia, "because we are a tourist region with a high profile throughout the European Mediterranean."

The specific project Paramount Park Alhama de Murcia has a number of singularities that multiply your chances of success, and away from the paradigm established by the other leisure areas that have been developed to date in Spain.

This is the first park of Spain conceived as a tourist destination in itself, and not to supplement stations.

It is also an innovation project in the leisure industry and 90 percent of the park's attractions in Murcia are unique in the world.

Paramount Park will have a service area, leisure and entertainment has been called Life Style Center, and various establishments including hotels, restaurants, a casino and shopping area.

Source: CARM

IU-Green: Valcarcel's hands are empty and sells smoke with Paramount

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

The regional coordinator of IU-Green, Jose Antonio Booming, said today that the president of the Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, "your hands are empty" and therefore "sold smoke" with Paramount Park project.

To Pujante, the chief executive Murcia "taken out rabbits from a hat" because "no alternative" to change the production model of the region.

Team has accused the government of "selling secondhand smoke" and "only rely on private alternatives" after "demonstrated failure of economic policies of the PP to deal with the crisis."

"Is Paramount Park production model change that raised the PP for the Region of Murcia, because if so, breaded going," added the leader of the leftist federation.

He asked if partner Valcárcel Jesus Samper, president of the company that runs the project, and "how to know" that the company it has "sufficient cushion to be a long time without investors."

"Given his statements, do not know if the President of the Region is on the board of directors of the company Samper," charged in the case 'Umbra', which is investigating an alleged plot of urban corruption in Murcia.

Source: IURM

Schweppes tonic rewards the best in Murcia

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Martin Janecka has won in the category of Original Gin & Tonic and Valentina Booksellers has won the award for Best Historic Gin & Tonic

Schweppes, after the success of the past two years, kicks off the 3rd edition of Origins by Schweppes Prize, which rewards the best Gin & Tonic in two categories.

The Secondary School Fleet has been the scene where Martin and Valentina Janecka Booksellers have been proclaimed by Origins Award winners Schweppes in the category of Best Original Gin & Tonic and History, respectively.

Each of the winners has won a cash prize of 1,000 euros and access to the final to be held in June in Madrid.

After a lecture by Javier de las Muelas Schweppes strategic advisor, and Juan Carlos Muñoz, President of ABE in Madrid was held the competition to which they have presented 15 participants and 72 participants.

Martin has presented a Gin & Tonic based Original lime peel, grapefruit macerated and double cast, using G'Vine gin, liqueur Becherovka herb and spice and Schweppes tonic Ginger Cardamom, all decorated with grapefruit peel, ginger , cloves and lime peel.

Valentina has submitted a Gin & Tonic with Gin Historic Plymouth and Schweppes tonic Original, lemon zest and an ice cube-shaped ship.

He has also accompanied the preparation with a mini band, playing the song from Titanic.

The 3rd Masterclass and Origins Award by Schweppes for professionals will be held in 14 Spanish cities from 17 April to 7 June.

Coming soon will visit the cities of Valladolid and Madrid.

Source: Agencias

Crash of the independent retail trade in the region of Murcia which has a fall of -13.2% compared to April 2011

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

The occupancy rate and employment in the sector suffered its biggest drop (-1.3% ) in the Community

The overall retail nationwide registers a variation of -11.3% in April, the worst so far this year, according to data presented today by the National Institute of Statistics.

As he got to know the Union of Professionals and Self-Employed Murcia (UPTA) data in the region are even worse and worrying, leading to a decrease of -13.2%.

Absolutely all modes of distribution decrease sales in April versus the same month last year, with supermarkets the worst data show a decline in sales of -16.9%.

The run by independent retailers have reduced their sales of -10.3%, somewhat below the average.

Also employment in the retail sector has suffered a considerable drop, 1.2% less than the occupancy rate recorded in April 2011.

In the region of Murcia this rate shows a decline than the national average to -1.3%.

Here are the big chains that recorded increase in recruitment, with a 0.4% increase, compared to small chains and department stores to reduce their hiring in a -4.1% and -4.2 % respectively.

Unilocalizados retailers maintain their stable trend, dropping to the national level only -0.4%, which shows that the self-employed traders use preserved better than any other form of commerce.

"Without wishing to be alarmist, we think the situation starts to become unsustainable. Each announcement by the Government reform is a negative reaction in consumption and hence on employment in the retail sector. The concentration of bad economic news, and in particular the comments on a possible increase in VAT has led to increased consumer recession produced so far this year, "said Cesar Garcia, Secretary of Sector Policy UPTA Spain.

"All trade development initiatives, especially the retailer run by self-employed are laudable, but we are longing for access to consumer credit, or take action in this regard, and we fear that initiatives such as the simplification of Opening licenses announced at the last Council of Ministers have no effect on trade, much less in employment, "says Garcia.

"From Murcia UPTA continue to believe that it is increasingly urgent that the Government study raises a Comprehensive Plan to Support Trade and regional governments that support them, and not isolated measures, according to the results that shed every month and the importance of this sector in both the economy and employability, "said Mamen Martinez UPTA Coordinator in the Community.

Source: UPTA Murcia

"New daily life": The reflection of everyday life at the Centro Parraga

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

'Metro', District, and 'True West' by Ayeklauwn and City Theatre, a cycle shape features two Murcian companies in line of contemporary and new languages ​​

A review of the plot that makes the day to day, through an approach close, with a rigorous staging and a direct interpretation is what it purports New Daily Life cycle, which takes as reference the statement of John Dryen for which the play must be a just and lively image of human beings.

And what better to get this picture fair to catch him in his little routine, with the artifices fair?

Parraga Center for this first edition welcomes the work of companies in the Region of Murcia with 'Metro', Theatre District and "True West" of Ayeklauwn and Citizens Theatre.

The first deals with the story of a chance encounter that brings out the fear of emptiness, and 'True West', check one of the best comedies of playwright Sam Shepard.

In the cold space and underground metro from the big city begins and develops the relationship between two people, a man and a woman almost opposite characters.

A chance meeting in which through a continuous dialectical debate full of music and humor, they discover their fears, their weaknesses and their secrets, beginning to weave between them a relationship where you can distinguish between truth and invention, until both finally realize that it does not matter …

Javier González Soler founded in 2007, Theatre District, the company has produced and directed 'house two doors, is to keep bad', in P.

Calderon de la Barca, 'I killed a guy' by Daniel Dalmaroni, 'Cooking Notes' by Rodrigo Garcia, "Crossing the galaxies',' Metro 'by Rafael Gonzalez and Francisco Sanguino, and' The Venetian twins' by Carlo Goldoni, recently released in 42 Festival of Theatre and Dance in San Javier and Revelation show nominated in the recent MAX Awards.

Dual nature Inevitable

True West 'is the story between Augustine, a screenwriter, and his older brother Luis, who is trying to finish a script for a famous producer of the film industry.

But Luis convinces Saul, the producer, to finance a "Western" rather than the love story of Augustine.

It accesses, and the brothers are forced to write it together by showing that each in its own way, I would be in the shoes.

"I wanted to write a play about double nature … we are divided in a more devastating than psychology can reveal, is something we have to live," says Shepard.

Ayeklauwn, an association of research, development and dissemination of the performing arts as a means of educational participation, social and cultural, and City Theatre, art collective, action and reflection on the urban man, presented this film directed by Rolando Vasquez Cruz to overflowing fast-paced action and a perfect marriage between grotesque satire, myth and language disturbing.

A live installation of modern human speech, where daily life is an absurdity bordering on the tragic and the comic.

'Metro' will be staged on Friday June 1, and 'True West' will be performed on Saturday June 2nd.

Both works begin at 21 h. In Esp0 Center, and tickets cost 6 euros each.

Source: Agencias