Sign a manifesto on the hard socio-economic Espuña Park and its surroundings.

About twenty business organizations, neighbors, farmers and owners request that the Regional Administration Act and meet the commitments with owners and neighbors

"Before attempting the Park is a candidate to be recognized quality, excellence and sustainability of lacking"

A score of owners' organizations, businesses and residents of the interior and environment Espuña Park, with scope in Alhama, Pliego, Mula, Librilla, Aledo, Totana and Lorca, signed at the end of last week a manifest, been forwarded to the Ministries of Environment and Tourism, the mayors of the area as well as other affected entities, which arise as a slogan: "There can be no Park Model, or sustainable tourism and game reserve sustainable or sustainable development at the expense of violating the law and do away with traditional farming and expropriate and ignore the rights of private owners of the park and its surroundings during the last 17 years! "

The introduction states that all representatives of the signatory organizations Espuña consider as a sign of identity and a symbol of belonging and pride for all who live in their environment.

As explained in that the Regional Administration has been clear for 17 years in breach of specific legislation Espuña Park and its surroundings, which provide, among many other plans and programs and compensation, an action plan for socio-economic (PAS) that originally planned, at the end of the 90's, investing more than one billion pesetas.

But as stated in the manifesto this and many other plans have remained a dead letter.

They claim the rights, commitments and programs to promote socio-economic Espuña Park and the owners and neighbors around their local environment have not been executed and suffered an apparent standstill.

But it has not happened as the limitations and expropriation of the exercise of the rights of owners and residents of the park and its surroundings, which are applied with full rigor.

And even, as reported, is to make a disguised extension of the park around the perimeter through buffer strips and corridors, while intended to support that wildlife is protected from the Barbary sheep has increased from 500% respectively and 5,000% over the legal limit established, with devastating effects on agricultural crops and the environment inside the park, damage extending up to several tens of kilometers of the park, and almost all the region of Murcia and Almeria to its limit.

The signatories of the manifesto asking the environmental authorities, the Presidential Advisor and Environment of the Autonomous Community and the mayors of the area, above all, enforce the law and the promises and commitments of the 1995 legislation.

And to prepare a report on the compatibility of the Park and Reserve was due 13 years ago and, while declaring the Barbary sheep exotic, invasive, predatory and proceed to extinction throughout the Region of Murcia .

It also calls on the manifest that while eliminating the Barbary sheep are compensated by the Autonomous Community of the numerous landowners for damages caused by the Barbary sheep and wild boar in the past.

It also calls on the manifest to suspend the processing of any application file Espuña concession title or Model Forest Park and to withdraw the nomination of Espuña Park to obtain the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism , "because you can not aspire to recognize quality and excellence that is lacking when it fails in a continuous and serious the Law"

Finally the signatories of the manifesto pose serious "doubts that the Tourist Association of Municipalities has Espuña justified its continuation."

The signatories of the manifesto widely empower FAPEN to develop on its behalf, all such actions and proceedings before public or private entities, including authorizing him to act before the courts, in case these serious irregularities and illegalities are corrected immediately.

Source: FAPEN


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