More than 280 women victims of domestic violence come for the first time CAVI Murcia to receive psychological, social and legal

Women who attended the clinic in 2011 were 1,147 psychological care to improve self-esteem, 721 attended for a social counseling and other 330, Legal Aid

The presidential adviser stressed that the regional government "will stand for women with this type of violent episodes" and highlights the wide regional network of care resources to victims

Specialty Care Center for Victims of Domestic Violence in the city of Murcia listened social, legal and psychological assistance to 333 women victims of domestic violence in 2011, of which 288 came first facilities to receive counseling, social counseling and legal type.

CAVI professionals conducted 2,198 attentions of Murcia, framed in an individual treatment and group aimed at victims of abuse, "in order that they can deal successfully with traumatic experiences," said presidential advisor, Manuel Campos.

The official was speaking autonomous after a meeting with the president of the Partnership Against Domestic Violence in the Region of Murcia (Avida), Laura Miñano, organization providing comprehensive assistance to victims of abuse in the CAVI of Murcia.

Fields noted that "the best job that can offer assistance to victims of domestic violence is the psychological" In this line, the team of psychologists CAVI of Murcia took 1,147 attentions to improve self-esteem of women, 721 shares social counseling and aimed at breaking out of the situation of abuse and 330 other assistance in judicial matters, in order to undertake the necessary steps to leave the violent situation.

Of the 288 new users, most were of Spanish nationality (203), followed by those from Ecuador (25), Morocco (17), Bolivia (13), Colombia (8) and Romania (5).

By age, 51 women had an age between 36 and 40 years, 50 victims were between 31 and 35 years, 45 had from 41 to 45 years and 35 women were between 26 and 30 years.

Physical abuse was the major cause of ill-treatment (198), followed by psychological (70) and sexual (45), the relationship he had the victim with the aggressor at the time who went to CAVI was ex-partners in 222 cases and couples, in another 66.

The head of the Ministry of the Presidency said the regional government "has been and will always be next to people with this type of violent episodes, through an extensive network of care and providing temporary accommodation centers and comprehensive care."

In that sense, Campos said that "it will implement all necessary preventive measures and assistance to victims of domestic violence and their children, to help ensure full personal development, fostering values ​​that promote the free exercise of rights fundamental. "

Extended network of care for victims

The CAVI of Murcia is integrated into the regional network of CAVIS dependent on the Ministry of the Presidency, through the Directorate General for Prevention of Violence against Women, Youth, and Reform Legal Protection of Minors, in collaboration with the City.

CAVI network, composed of 20 schools, spanning the municipalities of Murcia, Cartagena, Lorca, Caravaca, Torre Pacheco, Mazarron, Yecla, Las Torres de Cotillas, Murcia, Molina de Segura, San Javier, Mula, Alhama, Santomera Fuente Alamo, Totana, Eagles, Cieza, Sewer and Puerto Lumbreras.

Source: CARM


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