Education will create job opportunities in all vocational training centers to promote the employability of the students

The Ministry launches Employment FP program to facilitate students' access to the labor market

The Minister of Education, Training and Employment, Sotoca Constantine, announced today that "all vocational training centers of the Region will have a job agency to promote closer relations between students and business training working with our schools" .

In this regard, said that "many" companies that collaborate with schools, either as suppliers or business partners in the practical training of students, and often use them to cover future staffing needs.

The goal, said Sotoca, is "to promote the most of this resource, which currently have about ten percent of vocational training schools that are in the region."

The initiative is part of FP Employment Plan, which sets in motion the Ministry of Education, Training and Employment in order to facilitate and improve access to the labor market for graduates of vocational training.

Sotoca stressed "the effort of the Regional Government on Vocational Training, where we have invested many human and material resources for these lessons are of a high standard and provide good professionals to our labor market."

The Minister said that "with the implementation of this Plan we take a step further, providing more than 7,000 students enrolled in vocational training resources and tools to improve your job search."

Sotoca explained that "the plan provides various training, guidance and information that allow students to improve their employability skills, learn about the resources at their disposal and receive professional guidance in their centers.

Job Skills

Among the training activities are workshops 'coaching' where students can develop communication skills and competences required to meet certain conditions during the job search as job interviews or tests for a selection process.

Another workshop is related to the 'Networking' and social networks, in which students learn how to build relationships and contacts over the Internet and social networks that facilitate job search.

The Minister stressed "the importance of students to innovate in search of employment, and use new technologies when used."

Both workshops, which will be about four hours, taught technicians Regional Employment and Training during the months of May and June.

Another of the initiatives under the Plan is the organization FP Employment Youth Employment Forum, specifically aimed at students in vocational education, and to be developed in collaboration with the Ministry of the Presidency.

To Sotoca, these forums, which will be held during May in Cartagena, Sewer and Lorca, will provide an extraordinary opportunity for students to make direct contact with companies, leave your resume, participate in workshops and round tables, or know the resources that are available to move into Europe. "

Career Guidance

Also, the Ministry has planned several initiatives in vocational guidance "in order to improve the services provided from schools."

Thus, the Minister said "the" importance of guidance and advice to our students, not only on education and training options at their disposal, but also on employment opportunities, the most popular profiles within the productive sectors, self-employment and entrepreneurship. "

To do this, there are provided several courses and seminars primarily to upgrade the training of educational counselors, and also draw up a protocol and a catalog of best practices information and guidance, "to guide all counselors in schools, and in which good practices can be incorporated to enrich the work being done. "

Source: CARM


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