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Group work provides an opportunity Spruce six workers with intellectual disabilities

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

ASTRAPACE trained professionals and PEEM are formed in the cleaning service Arrixaca.

This initiative is an outcome of the 'Together we can' MAPFRE Foundation and FEAPS Murcia.

Murcia, March 31, 2012.

Six people with intellectual disabilities in integrated partnerships formed in Murcia FEAPS part of the cleaning equipment in the hospital Fir Group of Arrixaca.

These two professionals hired for one year and four conducting training practices.

To perform its functions have technical support from their associations, and PEEM ASTRAPACE, working closely with them, their colleagues and superiors to facilitate adaptation.

This initiative is an outcome of the 'Together we can' developed by Fundación MAPFRE has been in contact with Murcia FEAPS Fir Group.

The company was receptive from the beginning to the integration of persons with disabilities and has all facilities to the associations to make this possible.

In fact, this collaboration was in 2011 deserves a prize Laurel that the Federation of Organizations of People with Intellectual Disabilities presented annually to companies that excel in this area ASTRAPACE mentioned proposal.

FEAPS Murcia is the result of the union of more than 3,000 families who work together for the welfare of people with intellectual disabilities form 27 associations.

These, in turn, form the Federation of People with Intellectual Disabilities and Cerebral Palsy of the Murcia region that drives his work in improving the quality of life of these people and those around them.

FEAPS provides a unified and stronger voice for the community that composes representing it in regional and national Confederation through the state.

In Spain, consists of 891 FEAPS entities spread throughout the Spanish territory.

It represents more than 106,700 people with intellectual disabilities, 235,000 families, 24,000 professionals and 8,000 volunteers.

Source: FEAPS Región de Murcia

La Mar de Musicas do a special on the new sounds of Africa and pay tribute to the great singer Oumou Sangare of Mali

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Trilok Gurtu, Jan Garbarek, Bela Fleck, Tony Allen, Baloji, Carmen Linares and Evangelists festival advance will be held from 20 to 28 July

The Cartagena Festival La Mar de Musicas turns its way to Africa in 2012 and scheduled a special on the new sounds on the African continent are brewing.

Furthermore, first prize will be awarded on La Mar de Musicas, a figure that combines a major career with a great work in defense of human rights.

This first edition Oumou Sangare, the queen of Africa, is the winner.

To celebrate this African diva tribute act twice in a festival to be held from 20 to 28 July, along with Bela Fleck, July 23, and Jan Garbarek and Trilok Gurtu, July 24 day will be given the award .

Besides the festival anticipates that Tony Allen, Carmen Linares, The Evangelists, and Baloji poster will be in its eighteenth edition.

Cartel, whose design has been produced by The Gardener and will be presented next Tuesday, April 3.

More information

A new look at Africa

The Sea of ​​Music gives a twist.

At a time when much of the pop groups have approached the African sounds, rediscovering instruments and sounds, making up the movement called "Afropop", the festival wants to get closer to the root, the origin, and publicize the sounds from there are doing new talent and based on their musical roots to incorporate new view their creations.

Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, David Byrne, Damon Albarn, Vampire Weekend have made a bridge for many years between the Anglo and African music.

Since the festival is to change the direction of the bridge and take Africa as the origin and destined for the West.

And is that the programming will focus on cultural interaction that part of Africa to the West, and as has always been magical results.

An example of this is the tribute that will be at the festival to the great diva Oumou Sangare African, First Prize La Mar de Musicas, for his passionate defense in international forums the rights of African women and the fight against hunger the continent.

The queen of African music act doubly and give an example of connecting cultures.

His two performances are premieres and unique concert in Spain.

First sample, Monday July 23 along with Bela Fleck.

Bela Fleck banjo is considered the best in the world.

One such exceptional musicians that appear only once in a while.

Oumou Sangare is one of the greatest singers of all time Africa, puts it with conviction and with an irrepressible energy and magical.

The collaboration between the two begins in 2005 when Bela travels to Africa for the African origins of the banjo and partners with some of the greatest musicians of the continent, which gave rise to the disk and repeatedly awarded documentary "Throw Down Your Heart".

Transcending language and cultural barriers, and Bela Oumou made an exclusive European tour during the month of July, which will pass through Cartagena, in the festival La Mar de Musicas.

A unique experience that also has Will Calhoun on drums (Living Colour) and 3 other excellent musicians from Mali.

A day later, on July 24, the day you receive the award, Oumou will be with Jan Garbarek and Trilok Gurtu in a combination of Asia, Africa and Europe.

The Indian Trilok Gurtu, considered one of the best drummers in the world, has always been known for his open mind to new ways of fusing different musical styles, from his tradition and Indian classical training as a musician.

It started with John McLaughlin in whose trio was a soloist for four years, then worked with other greats like Joe Zawinul, Bill Evans, Pharaoh Sanders and Dave Holland, all attracted by its excellent sense of rhythm.

This time, this inexhaustible creator, and accompanied by his band, with two guests how much high-rise: Oumou Sangare and Jan Garbarek.

From the hand of the king of the table we go into this feast for the senses, a mosaic of ragas, jazz and African hues, with the collaboration of the queen of African music and that is certainly one of the best saxophonists of the music history.

Africa, on Saturday July 21 will also be one of the best drummers in the world, Tony Allen, Afrobeat exponent live music and an avid experimenter.

Allen will be in La Mar de Musicas presenting his new project Black Series "From Detroit to Lagos."

Perhaps the best drummer ever, he said a few years ago Brian Eno Allen.

"Sounds like four" said Fela Kuti.

It is true that Allen has an amazing ability for each hand and each foot autonomous flow.

Also four music (highlife, jazz, funk, Yoruba) are broth in Afrobeat, the Nigerian unstoppable style Kuti founded with the late sixties and in which Allen was serving as music director.

Apart from his legend, the battery will be in Cartagena to present his new work that will be joined by soul singer Amp Fiddler and British rapper Ty.

A new project that will premiere in Spain.

Africa, new sounds.

Hip-hop is allied with ndombolo, the soukouss …

with Baloji.

Born in the Congo.

The harsh reality of his country took his father into exile, to settle with the stem in the apparent calm of Belgium, and shortly after, found the roads Baloji rap, hip-hop and Afro-European culture from an early age.

It took years to establish itself as a respectable performer, until in 2008 came out his debut album.

Unsatisfied, he was faithful to many of the stories of his countrymen: Find your seed, which led him back to the Congo.

They reviewed the sounds of his debut and began working with giants of the African scene.

"Kinshasa Succursale" is the result of this search which involves a round spirit, capable of uniting his countrymen while crossing borders.

Baloji is at the center of culture exchange.

Come to La Mar de Musicas also Carmen Linares, in the night "The Sea Mining" festival dedicated to brother's singing mine with a new show "Test 2012" where accompanied by piano, guitars, percussion and dancer Belén Maya interpret verses of Spanish poets contemporaries Valente Ortiz Nuevo and Miguel Hernandez.

Carmen Linares will also participate in the tribute that the Evangelists (Planets and Lizard Nick) yield to Enrique Morente and which also involved his daughter, Solea Morente.

The festival will feature parallel activities to be submitted along with the rest of programming, more than 25 groups.

On Tuesday April 3rd festival poster presentation and more groups.

Source: Agencias

The Community proposes the conversion of real estate that becomes a source of employment in the region

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Murcia The Executive considered essential involvement of promoters in the reconstruction of Lorca through public-private formulas

The Director General of Planning and Housing, Yolanda Munoz, raised this week "the need for retraining and support for the construction and restructuring of the industry of promotion to become an engine of employment for the Region of Murcia".

Yolanda Munoz made the remarks during the panel discussion that took place in the framework of the General Assembly of the Association of Real Estate in the Region of Murcia, which considered the urban regeneration of a key change in the sector.

He informed employers about the proposals that the Ministry of Public Works and Planning shall transmit to the State with regard to amending the Land Act and the State Housing Plan.

During his speech, the head of Planning and Housing explained that his department "is working on legislative changes necessary to merge and streamline urban and environmental efforts."

So working on streamlining actions of regional interest to enable the deployment, with greater ease, companies that create jobs, which will achieve improved competitiveness in offering floor.

"The state government is working especially in the tourist housing support through a formula that could be the certificates of quality, allowing for the renewal of the image of housing in the Region of Murcia," said Yolanda Muñoz .

The Director General of Planning and Housing explained that one of the most attractive alternatives considered that the regional administration to encourage real estate development is "redirect efforts to rental housing, rental-purchase and housing, and housing use protected to balance the market price. "

Role in the reconstruction of Lorca

Yolanda Munoz deemed necessary "intervention of the real estate sector in the reconstruction of the city of Lorca through public-private partnerships, particularly with building mechanisms that we forced on working time."

The Minister of Planning and Housing explained that "the Community has made a formal offer to intervene with the regional administration in this and other formulas or mechanisms that seek measures to encourage the development sector."

Source: CARM

Agriculture held a technical seminar on the control of the diseases of horticultural crops

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

is part of the learning strategies toward the establishment of systems of integrated pest management, which will be mandatory from 1 January 2014

The Ministry of Agriculture and Water held this week in the Murcian Institute of Agricultural Research and Development and Food (IMIDA) a technical seminar on the control of powdery mildew disease in various horticultural crops.

Powdery mildew appears as a powdery spots on leaves and fruits that correspond to the mycelium of the fungus.

In case of severe attacks the leaves turn yellow and dry, resulting in extensive plant defoliation.

In recent years the control of powdery mildew has been hampered by the lack of registered plant protection products, as well as the ineffectiveness of existing ones, due to the emergence of resistance.

The Conference was aimed primarily at technical Cluster for Integrated Management in Agriculture (ATRIA) sectors of vegetables and ornamentals, integrated center staff Agricultural Training and Experience, agricultural and regional offices IMIDA as well as technical cooperatives and agricultural production.

The Director General of Agro-Food Industry and Agricultural Training, Ángel García Lidón stressed that this activity "is part of the learning strategies developed by the Ministry towards the establishment of systems of integrated pest management, which will be mandatory to From 1 January 2014. "

Day program addressed issues such as powdery mildew biology, basic keys for identification and environmental conditions of development, major species detected in vegetable crops in the region and strategies of prevention, the specific antioidios: major groups and mechanisms action antirresistencia strategies, and integrated strategies for disease control in vegetable crops.

Presentations were made by technicians of Plant Protection Service of the Ministry and the company Singenta.

Source: CARM

The Region held until Sunday the "European Days of Crafts' workshops, exhibitions, fairs, lectures and seminars

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

The Ministry of Universities and Research Company helps organize the program of activities held for the first time throughout Spain

The Region held until Sunday the "European Days of Crafts' workshops, exhibitions, fairs, lectures and seminars, which was first held in Spain, in order to disseminate and promote the craft.

The Ministry of Universities and Research Company, through the Department of Consumer Affairs, Commerce and Handicrafts, has promoted the organization of various activities held on Friday at the three centers of Handicrafts of the Region, located in Murcia, Lorca and Cartagena.

To this end, potters, luthiers, glaziers, blacksmiths, restorers and many other professional craftsmen open their doors to the public workshops to discover your work environment and share with them some knowledge of his craft.

This will see up close how the creators transform raw materials into exceptional pieces.

The general manager of Consumer Affairs, Commerce and Handicrafts, Maria Dolores Alarcon, said the celebration of 'European Days of Crafts' has "a dynamic program that seeks to strengthen this activity and introduce innovative factors in this sector of classical tradition" .

These days are rooted in the craft workshops organized in France for six years, including various lectures, symposia, exhibitions, workshops and other activities designed to promote the crafts sector.

The various activities proposed for the three days during this conference can be accessed through the website, which displays all information concerning them, including the location in which they develop.

The organization of these activities in the Region of Murcia has the support, as well as the Department of Consumer Affairs, Commerce and Handicrafts, Glaziers Association of St. Lucia, CREA Crafts Association, the Centre of Design and Architecture of the Region Murcia and Murcia Bike Association.

Schedule for Saturday and Sunday

During the day various activities are planned in the city of Cartagena.

The Center hosts regional crafts at 11:00 an exhibition on 'Religious Imagery Blázquez Workshop', and several demonstrations held in this place nativity scenes and religious imagery sculptors.

Moreover, in the Museum of Glass in St Lucia will be offered a glass carving demonstration and a tour of the museum facilities.

Finally, the Regional Center will host Lorca Crafts from 11:00 pm on Sunday, an exhibition tribute to Antonio Garcia Mengual craftsman and an exhibition on 'Icons, advantages of eternity'.

Then at 11:30, there will be several demonstrations on the art of the weavers of rugs lorquinas, as well as traditional pottery.

The same day, the capital will host a cycling tour through craft workshops in the city of Murcia.

Source: CARM

CONSUMUR criticizes the rise in electricity tariff approved by the Government which may involve up to 5.18 euros in the energy bill of an average user

Friday, March 30th, 2012

The Association considers the rise and disproportionate given the current economic situation

Murcia Association of Consumers and Users, CONSUMUR, after hearing the announcement by the Government of the rise of between 5% and 7% of the electricity tariff from next April, is opposed to it, considering disproportionate .

A rise as announced, will 3.70 to 5.18 euros and the average user's bill, taxes included.

CONSUMUR believes that the increase is not at all unreasonable, given the current climate of economic crisis faced by consumers.

In this regard, the Association notes that in 2011, electricity rates have experienced a rise of 11.8% in the average user's bill.

An analysis by FACUA, which consists CONSUMUR, over 50,000 invoices determined that the average consumer is one who has contracted contracted 4.4 kW and a monthly consumption of 366 kWh, paying 73.99 euros per month (59 , plus indirect taxes 6542328).

Applying the expected rise in April, the amount would rise to 77.69 or 79.17 euros per month, depending on the percentage of increase.

The Organization considers that the Government review the current energy policy is changed and the auction system of the generation market, a system where big companies are fixing the price per kWh.

CONSUMUR urges consumers and / or users who wish to receive more information, go to the Association.

Going to the consumer CONSUMUR receive information and advice in a personalized manner, both through its office in person during office hours from 10 to 14 hours, Monday through Friday, and through your virtual office ( to willingness of consumers and users 24 hours a day.

You can also request information by calling the Consumer Information and User: 968 22 30 82.


7RM begins broadcasting from Easter

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Holy Monday from Cartagena the first of six planned at 21 am

Can also be seen through the page

Holy Week is a reality in our calendar, and 7RM is preparing to offer the best images of these days, and to broadcast six of the many processions that will occupy the streets of the different municipalities of the Region The first one already has appointment : will be next Easter Monday, at 21.00 hours from Cartagena.

The first procession of the Brotherhood Marraja can be seen through the Regional Television since its release in the Church of Santa Maria de Gracia, and parading through the streets Air, Canyon and the High Street.

As in previous editions will be broadcast by Matthew Silvia, a journalist of this house, who will be accompanied by Agustin Alcaraz, shortfin brother.

For an hour and a half, until 22:30 pm, we will witness this parade of passion in which the Blessed Virgin of Mercy is accompanied each year by hundreds of Cartagena.

New this year Regional Television also offers live broadcasts through page for all those who are outside of our region and want to feel the passionate devotion to these parades characteristic of Easter Murcia.

Source: 7RM

The Community and Repsol strengthen the management and coordination in emergencies

Friday, March 30th, 2012

The Regional Executive has approved an agreement between the Community, through the Ministry of Presidency, and Repsol Butano SA to enable communication protocols and joint action to promote the rapid response in emergencies.

This initiative came in response to the need to improve service delivery and, in particular, to optimize time and resources in emergency that may occur in the facilities and networks of this company in the region or those users facilities that are connected to their distribution networks.

The combined efforts will help to minimize the risk of interruptions or service deficiencies, give a quick response to emergencies related to facilities and channel information to the management of gas-related incidents.

In particular, incidents will affect supply cuts, leaks, explosions, fires, earthquakes or adverse weather conditions (heavy rain, snow and cold waves), which could affect the gas distribution infrastructure of the company.

To ensure safety, communication mechanisms will be established between the Emergency Coordination Center 1-1-2 Murcia and Repsol Butano, to facilitate location of damage and the restoration of supply in the shortest time possible.

Thus, the Service Fault Repsol will notify the Region of Murcia 1-1-2 incidents to occur and requiring the intervention of emergency services and security operations, and those involved in gas .

Meanwhile, the Emergency Coordination Center will coordinate the intervention of human and material resources to resolve the incident.

Repsol Butano activity in the region is concentrated in the industrial complex in Cartagena, located in the Valley of tailings, and is aimed at procurement, storage, packaging, transportation and marketing of liquefied petroleum gases, butane, propane and mixtures thereof.

Source: CARM

Agreement to release the opportunities of trading carbon dioxide emissions

Friday, March 30th, 2012

The regional government has given its approval to an agreement between the Ministry of Presidency and the Electronic Trading System for Emission Rights Carbon Dioxide (SENDECO2) to contribute to the promotion and dissemination of the obligations and opportunities of trading emissions to meet environmental regulations.

With the signing of this agreement is available to businesses and professionals in the region an additional service related to the financial area of ​​emission trading to learn about the possibilities offered to the business of the Region negotiating rights emission.

So SENDECO2 provide large, medium and small businesses a web-based system for trading emission rights in a safe, efficient, transparent and equitable.

In addition, there will be training, education and outreach to improve awareness and access to markets for emission allowances for greenhouse gases companies in the region, and initiatives that are related to climate change.

This agreement contributes to fulfilling the commitment to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases assumed by the member states of the European Union to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.

Source: CARM

Agreement to initiate training and research actions for the protection of the environment

Friday, March 30th, 2012

The Governing Council has approved an agreement between the Ministry of the Presidency and the Association of Environment of the Region of Murcia (Aemar) to jointly promote actions and activities of environmental protection, counseling, research, training and information environment.

The purpose of the agreement, which will not entail any financial obligation to the Ministry, is to establish the necessary tools to facilitate communication between the community and businesses in the environment and develop actions that help companies adapt to the Region environmental requirements.

The collaboration will be developed according to a specific agreements which contemplate the general scope of activities of environmental protection, counseling, research, training and environmental information.

These agreements will be approved and signed by the competent bodies of the signatories.

Among the activities planned under this agreement, which will run for four years, is the exchange of information and documentation, peer counseling, and conducting joint research projects.

Be developed guides, technical papers and publications to disseminate best practices environmental and natural values ​​of the region and organize courses, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and seminars on nature protection and conservation of regional biodiversity.

Source: CARM