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Bernal announced a rebalancing plan that will allow fiscal sustainability 2012

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

The vice president confirmed that the first objective of government is to "sanitize" the economy through spending restraint and optimization of resources without affecting social policies

Indicates that the regional government will complement the plan payments to creditors with a standard non-commercial "to facilitate the postponement and fractionation for those not eligible for funding ICO"

Regional Vice President and Minister of Economy and Finance, John Bernal, today announced the launch of a rebalancing plan that will allow fiscal sustainability by 2012 in order to "stabilize the economy through spending restraint and optimization of resources without affecting social policies ", which is the first objective of the regional government.

Thus, Bernal had an impact on the deficit reduction commitment that the regions have with the government of the nation and the European Union and stressed the need to redress the regional budget situation and bring it to a stage of sustainability, "because we are convinced is best to revive and stimulate the regional economy. "

Juan Bernal was speaking before the plenary of the Regional Assembly, where he appeared to present the priorities of the Ministry of Finance and the strategic lines of action for 2012.

To make the fiscal position is sustainable development adviser proposed a rebalancing plan for year 2012 which is reflected in increased revenues and reduced costs of 350 million this year, the maintenance of social policies, along with an adjustment budget, the plan of payment to suppliers through the ICO and a review of the current financing system.

Also, the vice president said another line devoted to the revitalization of the economy and job creation, and who, according to Bernal, "pay suppliers is best to help the regional business community."

Therefore, the Pay Plan "is a strategic objective and priority."

She stated that the regional government will complement the plan payments to creditors with a standard non-commercial "to facilitate the continuance and severance to those who basically do not qualify for funds ICO".

Adapt the plans to the current situation

Bernal referred to the Framework Agreement on Economic Growth and job creation, approved on January 13 with employers and union representatives, which he described as "an ambitious program of work by consensus to project objectives and actions of this exercise. "

It includes specific agreements to adapt to the current economic and budgetary position of the Strategic Plan, the industrial plan, the Pact for Employment Promotion Plan and the Integrated Training and the development of a new Law on Civil regional public an Action Plan on Economic irregular, a specific plan in the field of SMEs and a draft Law on Administrative Simplification.

He also highlighted the regional government's commitment to policies that promote economic activity in key sectors in the region, such as tourism and agriculture, and by promoting foreign promotion, job-oriented training and research activities and innovation, among others.

Bernal listed the projects considered strategic in nature, that "may represent an essential role in driving the regional economy," as the Regional Airport, the new container terminal at the port of Cartagena, the City of Food Industry, the Portman Bay, Marina de Cope, the Paramount project or consolidation of the Science Park, among others.

Regional economic situation

The vice president described the economic situation which is the regional administration, with a significant drop in tax revenues "derived from the diminished economic activity and a financing system unfair and unsupportive."

In this sense, Bernal said that the maintenance of social policies and welfare state in this period of crisis has led to a deficit in 2011 stood at 4.33 percent, "adding that" forces communities to fund services without the appropriate budget. "

The head of Economy stated that the current Government's Office has launched a reform package "aimed at creating economic conditions to stem the decline of the economy and lay the foundations for growth and job creation" through measures such as reduction of public agencies, labor reform, the rise of personal income tax, reduced VAT for the first housing and the financing of local governments through the ICO, among others.

In this sense, Bernal noted that "in a few months have taken more measures and reforms in the seven years of the previous Socialist government, which was not developed any action to address an economic crisis that has persisted since 2007 ".

Source: CARM

Awards 8 March fall on the entrepreneur Maria Angeles Ruiz and Women's Basketball Club Archena

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

The jury awarded a special mention to the missionary and aid worker Carmen Serrano Maria Teresa Ramos, died in Mozambique last year

The businesswoman Maria Angeles Ruiz, former president of the Organization of Murcia Business and Professional Women (OMEP) and current president of the foundations 'Conciliation Education' and 'Educa2' has been chosen 'Murcia of the Year' by the Jury of Awards 8 March.

The jury, which met this afternoon, the award also decided that the group is for Women's Basketball Club Murcia, and the granting of special mention, posthumously, to the Franciscan missionary and aid worker Carmen Serrano Maria Teresa Ramos, both died in Mozambique last year.

Jurors have valued the business professional and Maria Angeles Ruiz, who has been active for over 40 years and his commitment to the fight for equal opportunities and reconciling work, family and staff.

Archena Women's Basketball Club has been awarded for its work in the sports world, which helps to promote and advance the sport of women in a discipline in which their presence is scarce.

Carmen Serrano and Maria Teresa Ramos have been recognized with a special mention shared, posthumously, for his work in development assistance and their desire to seek a more egalitarian world in which those who have less opportunities to enjoy and hope .


These awards will be presented on March 8, instituted by the United Nations (UN) in 1977 as the Day of the Women's Rights and International Peace during a ceremony to be held at 18: 00 hours in the Cultural Hall Box Mediterranean, and in which the Minister of Health and Social Policy, Maria Angeles Palacios, read a manifesto.

With these awards, the autonomous region recognized each year since 1999, institutions, activities, initiatives or women who have outstanding work in favor of real and effective equality of rights between men and women.

Source: CARM

The GPP requires the government "the immediate adoption of the decree of consumption"

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

deputy spokesman of the Popular Group also requested "the creation of a sustainable legal framework for renewable energy"

The deputy spokesman of the Popular Group, Victor Manuel Martinez, today called the approval "in the shortest possible time," a decree of consumption for renewables that will generate employment and help reduce the energy dependence of our country.

Martinez has requested also the creation of rules ordered by the renewable energy sector "and that feat of reassurance to the public."

In his speech, the deputy spokesman of the GPP has blamed the Socialist government to implement various electricity tariff increases "to try to make the system sustainable, taxing the general population, who managed to light up more than 50 percent and increase the tariff deficit ".

It has also recalled the adoption by the socialist government of a royal decree "that retroactively diminish the compensation of photovoltaic, jeopardizing thousands of investment plans that had already been done and creating legal uncertainty in our country."

The spokesman has defended the actions of the current Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria, who has established "a moratorium is to provide a basis for not further increase the deficit and reduce the enormous debt generated"

With these actions, according to Martinez, the Government is "re-correcting the excesses of the previous socialist government" in which, according to statistics provided by the Deputy Speaker, have generado24.000 million deficit in the renewables sector and increasing the deficit came annually between 3,000 and 4,000 million euros. "

Source: PP Región de Murcia

The GPP will complete the payment plan with a new law Rajoy regional

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

is aimed at individuals or legal entities that have payments due until December 31, 2011

The parliamentary group has submitted a bill for the creation and implementation of a payment plan to pay creditors who have charges pending with the Autonomous Region to the December 31, 2011.

The regional deputy Sunday Segado explained that the Plan's objective is to authorize the Director of Budget and European Funds and managing director of Murcia Health Service to promote agreements with creditors both of the ministries, as autonomous bodies and the Service Murcia Health to establish the conditions for payment of all obligations that were outstanding before the end of last year.

Mowing states that the new plan is "an indispensable tool" to enable compliance with the obligations of the Community and its suppliers and that will avoid any problems that may result in delayed payments to companies that already face difficulties derived from the economic crisis.

Mowing has stressed that this initiative will complement the implementation by the central government, and noted that "help to resolve definitively the very serious economic difficulties being experienced by companies that provide local and regional administrations in the region".

The deputy recalled that the regional government had regulated the establishment of an agreed payment plan with creditors of the Community for the year 2012, but the implementation of national plan "has led to the modification of the initial project and presentation this new proposal. "

Source: PP Región de Murcia

Ruiz emphasizes the coherence of actions in defense of Valcárcel tomato Murcia

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

PPG spokesman recalled that the president of the community has remained steadfast in its policy from the start of negotiations between Morocco and the EU

The spokesman of the Popular Group, Juan Carlos Ruiz, today defended the coherence of the President of the Autonomous Region, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, in defense of tomato Murcia since the beginning of negotiations between the EU and Morocco.

Ruiz said that "only two years ago President Murcia was the only reference for producers and exporters of Spanish tomato, which sought shelter at the flagrant neglect of competent ministers in this area," which said, "were about everything except agriculture. "

In his presentation, the popular spokesman criticized "the passivity of the national government" with respect to these negotiations and recalled the statements of the government delegate in the socialist era, which said the deal picked up "the sensitivity of the sector, causing total astonishment of the producers and exporters Murcia. "

Juan Carlos Ruiz recalled that just a few days ago farmers Murcia "completely exonerated the adoption of the agreement on the tomato the Popular Party and Socialist Party pointed out as guilty, and especially the ministers Rosa Aguilar and Elena Espinosa."

He highlighted the will of the president and said that "while the Socialists remained silent, year and a half ago in this very chamber, the president expressed his frontal opposition to systematically turn a blind eye to Moroccan tomato quotas, and without regard to phytosanitary requirements, however, it does require exporters Spanish. "

Source: GPP

The PP calls for the collection of ship Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes to stay in the Museum of Underwater Archaeology Cartagena

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Through a joint motion

The Popular Party has today, through a joint motion with the other parliamentary groups, a proposal for the collection of ship Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes, discovered by the Odyssey, is deposited on a stable and permanent at the National Museum of Archaeology Underwater Cartagena where it will be studied, preserved and displayed to the public.

Source: Agencias

IU-Greens and UJCE-RM held a talk tomorrow entitled "For the freedom of the Sahara"

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

February 12'-IU-Greens and Communist Youth of the Region of Murcia (UJCE-RM) organized a roundtable entitled "For the freedom of the Sahara" which will take place tomorrow, at 18.30 pm in the auditorium Moneo building in Murcia.

The presenters of the talk are Francisco Matias, of the Friends of the Saharawi people, Brahim Gali, a member of UJSARIO in Spain, Miguel Ballesteros, special brigade occupied territories of Western Sahara, and Diego Mendoza and Carmen Hernandez, a Spanish brigade in the Sahara.

The convening organizations have expressed support for the movement of international solidarity with Western Sahara, and commitment to decolonization and independence of the Saharawi people.

The talk is aimed at "spreading the reality of the last colony in Africa that suffer daily violence on the most basic political rights under a brutal and informative political stalemate that has the complicity of successive governments of our country."

Last December the UJCE, next to the UJSARIO and the World Federation of Democratic Youth, organized a brigade to the Saharawi refugee camps near the border to Tindouf (Algeria) and sent a delegation to Laayoune, the capital of Western Sahara which is under Moroccan military occupation.

Source: IURM

The Socialist Party calls for a truly ambitious Animal Protection Act for the Region

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Esther Deputy Clavero says not enough just to toughen sanctions, but must go to a law that puts the region at the head of the Autonomous Communities in protection and animal welfare

The deputy of the Socialist parliamentary group, Esther Clavero today called on the Regional Assembly plenary "a real and ambitious Animal Protection Law in the Region of Murcia".

The Socialist deputy understood that a mere modification of the 1990 Act, as suggested by the PP, is not enough, but that "we must move towards a true comprehensive animal protection law with a broader view that includes all domestic animals, not only the company, and that affects especially the training aspect and sensitizer, including in its articles of socialization measures, designed to promote respect for animals. "

To Clavero, made as recently occurred in our region, show the clear need for a new standard.

"A law should be supported by organizations and animal protection associations, who should participate actively in its development," he said.

The rejection of the PP to the amendment tabled by the Socialist Group, according to the Socialist deputy, "shows a lack of interest in this subject and involves a rebuke to the expectations that organizations and associations were wearing protective in the debate in the Assembly today Regional, where he has missed a unique opportunity to position ourselves at the forefront of animal protection and defense concerns. "


A study on 41 massage parlors reveals differences of up to 250% in the price of a single treatment

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

In 36.6% of the centers visited was not asked to the user, before recommending a type of massage on any existing injuries

Murcia Association of Consumers and Users, CONSUMUR, unveiled today at a press conference, a study conducted in centers where the user is offered a massage service in several municipalities of the Region of Murcia.

The objective was to determine the possible malpractice carried out by unqualified personnel, practices that jeopardize the health of users.

The study was conducted in aesthetic and beauty centers, sports centers, naturalists, rehabilitation, physiotherapy and spa Sewer municipalities, Cartagena, Lorca, Lorquí, Molina de Segura, Murcia and districts of Cabezo de Torres, El Palmar and Espinardo, San Javier and Totana.

The analysis has been visiting schools in a user supposedly suffering from a sore back and neck to the center asking if, with the condition, the center had a proper treatment.

It should be noted that, before an injury or illness, appropriate treatment must be developed by a qualified professional in physiotherapy, massage therapists can develop this type of treatment in healthy and free of pain that predict a possible health problem.

63.4% of the centers visited have adequate treatment for the disease presenting the user says, compared to 36.6% which, not having a specific treatment for this condition, they usually offer massage anti stress and soothing, mostly.

The same percentages are faced with the question of whether the user has been asked by the center on possible back problems or injuries existing prior to recommending this the most appropriate treatment.

63.4% of the centers visited have asked the user itself, compared to 36.6% who do not have.

As for the type of massage recommended that other centers visited could provide treatment for the disease presenting the user says, 100% would make a therapeutic massage performed by qualified personnel for this, the same therapists.

In centers where the disease would treat the user says present, they do offer massages, anti stress and even lymphatic drainage developed by the same or chiromasseurs masseurs, beauticians and technicians bathroom.

CONSUMUR reminds users that, in the presence of pain or injury, rehabilitation or treatment, physical therapy is the professional who must carry out the treatment.

Differences of up to 250% in the price of a single treatment

Another aspect in the study is the significant difference in prices for the same treatment.

Thus, treatment of 30 minutes is the average price of 24.7 euros, 18.00 euros the cheapest to most expensive front which stands at 35.00 euros.

For treatments of 45 minutes, the difference between the cheapest and most expensive is 10.00 euros, the cheapest of 25.00 euros.

The highest difference is found in the treatments of 60 minutes, where we find differences of up to 30.00 euros from the massage center that offers cheaper (20.00 euros) and the highest (50.00 euros).

CONSUMUR, following the results, will proceed to report irregularities to the Regional Administration for it to take appropriate action.

The organization urges consumers and / or users who wish to receive more information, come to CONSUMUR.

The consumer and / or user may receive more information by going to the association, from 10.00 to 14.00, Monday to Friday, and through its Virtual Office ( available to the consumer and user 24 hours a day.

You can also request information by calling the Consumer Service and User: 968 22 30 82.


250 youth mediators are formed about the risks of excessive alcohol consumption

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

The 'Alcohol and Youth Regional Conference.

Training in Mediation 'held tomorrow and Friday at the Hospital Reina Sofia |

A total of 250 youth mediators meet Thursday and Friday in Murcia to participate in the 'Alcohol and Youth Regional Conference.

Training for Mediation ', which will be announced health and social risks of excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages will analyze these situations and forms of cooperation will arise that favor prevention efforts.

The Director General of Prevention of Violence Against Women, Youth, and Reform Legal Protection of Minors, Veronica Lopez and CEO of Citizen Services and Drug Addiction, Juan Manuel Ruiz, inaugurate this conference tomorrow in Murcia (at 09:30 pm in the auditorium of the Hospital General Universitario Reina Sofia. Avenue Mayor Jorge Palacios, 1).

The conference, organized by the Presidency and ministries of Health and Social Policy are aimed at youth mediators, monitors, leisure managers, technicians, youth, social educators, professionals, volunteers and people who develop their work with youth and adolescents.

They involve lecturers from the University of Murcia, Murcia Health Service, the Regional Plan for Drug Dependency, the Foundation for Research Training and Health and other public and private entities related to health, children and youth.

The sessions have different colloquium lectures and roundtables, which will discuss the scientific advances in the influence of alcohol and other drugs from the neurological point of view, the evolution of behaviors in children and young people, the incorporation of women into use, prevention and the use of ICT.

Afternoons are reserved for workshops in small groups and experimental free communications in the field of mediation in preventing drug addiction.

Also develop group dynamics and workshops for drug prevention with young people, whose assistants draw up a manifesto to be read at the closing ceremony to be held on Friday at 13:30 hours.

Prevention programs

Veronica Lopez said that the conference is designed to improve training for all professionals working in the field of youth, particularly in the field of informal education.

As he indicated, "the concern in society for alcohol consumption in children makes it necessary to be aware of the risks involved, involve social networks within our reach and encouraged to develop prevention programs for children and families. "

The Director General focused on the risks, depending on the polls, in moments of leisure, "so that to educate free time is essential to develop healthy behaviors incompatible with those risks related to alcohol and other drugs" .

The CEO of Citizen Services and Drug Addiction, Juan Manuel Ruiz, stressed "the importance of prevention and awareness of young people to reduce the incidence of alcohol and other drugs, which also has health consequences even more serious when consumption occurs at an early age. "

Youth and alcohol

According to the report ESTUDES 2010, provided by the Observatory of Drugs in the Region of Murcia, a 67.2 per cent of students teaching Murcia High 14 to 18 have tried alcohol, 59.6 percent have used the in the last 12 months, and 53.9 percent in the last month.

The age of first alcohol consumption is between 13 and 14.

The data of alcohol consumption are higher than national level.

Thus, 75.1 percent of respondents speak Spanish youth of occasional use, 73.6 per cent of consumption in the last year and 63 percent in the last month.

The program and all information of the conference can be found at http:// and in

Source: CARM