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Fifty people are concentrated in Murcia against sexist statements

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Fifty people attended the focus today convened by the area of ​​Women of the United Left-Greens versus Murcia Provincial Court to protest the sentences "macho".

Attendees have carried placards that read: "I am ashamed to be a sexist and retrograde Provincial Court," "Enough of machismo from the courts" or "No aggression unanswered judges were sexist".

This call was attended also by members of the leadership of IU-Green as responsible for Women, Victoria Rodriguez, members of the Young Communists and social organizations and unions.

Rodriguez noted that the last of these sentences revoke the penalty of six months in prison a man who had been sentenced for beating his wife in the mouth, considering that there is domination and denigration.

In addition, he noted that the judge's decision is "inappropriate and irresponsible," and denounced the situation of "helplessness" that generates such sentences to women.

"The Gender Violence Act is not being implemented because what applies is the Penal Code to understand that there is no submission or domination," said Rodriguez, stressing that "when a person shows more strength and attacks another is a dominant figure. "

Greens and IU-organized in October of last year to show a concentration rejection of sexist statements, which also was attended by 50 people.

Source: IURM

Campos proposes to strengthen the spirit among young bull promises to keep the tradition of the bullfights

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

The presidential advisor meets with the new president of the Bullfighting School of the Region to learn about the initiatives to be undertaken to ensure continuity in the Festival of the Bulls

The presidential advisor, Manuel Campos, today stressed the importance of "strengthening the bull spirit" among the most promising young bullfighting to "ensure the continuity of a tradition as much art in the Region of Murcia".

Campos was speaking after holding a meeting with the president of the Bullfighting School in the Region of Murcia, Rafael Cebrian, who raised his proposals to give new impetus to education and training of young practitioners of the art of bullfighting.

After the meeting, Campos highlighted the strong roots of bullfighting to the tradition in the Region of Murcia, where it is "an essential part of cultural heritage Murcia, so it is necessary to support its conservation and development between young people. "

Therefore, the head of the Presidential said the training provided by the Region Bullfighting School is a "priority to increase the devotion of the young by the bullfighting world, improve their training to become professionals in the fighting of cattle in the sand and continue educating in values. "

Art, courage and sacrifice are some of the values ​​of bullfighting Bullfighting School who teaches young aspiring bullfighters through lectures, tentadero, bullfighting salon and fitness, said Manuel Campos.

The Minister said the state government is "very sensitive" to bullfighting, that "gain momentum" with new ideas and resources to achieve the role is to represent the world of bullfighting in the region.

Source: CARM

IU-Green dismissed as "hypocritical" attitude Cerdá agricultural agreement in relation to EU-Morocco

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

The spokesman of the Presidency of IU-Green, Jose Maria Ortega, has been called "hypocritical and mean" attitude of the Minister of Agriculture, Antonio Cerdá, in relation to the agricultural agreement between the European Union (EU) and Morocco.

According to Ortega, the counselor "tries to cover up the treachery of the PP" in criticizing the deal, "but he forgets that his party's large majority in both the International Trade Commission and in the European Parliament".

It has also urged regional government officials to "convince" the European PP to prevent the approval of this "pernicious and harmful" agreement.

Source: IURM

Social Policy and 'Ragpickers Emmaus' formed in 2011 to a total of fifty people at risk of exclusion

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

The Pension CEO, Assessment and Inclusion Programs, John Brown, says that "the regional government is a priority to encourage socio-professional integration of minorities "

The Ministry of Health and Social Policy, through the General Directorate of Pensions, Assessment and Inclusion Programs, in collaboration with the association 'Ragpickers Emmaus' and in the framework of the Integrated 2011, formed last year to a total 50 people or at risk of exclusion.

The Pension CEO, Assessment and Inclusion Programs, John Brown, today visited the premises of the association 'Ragpickers Emmaus' and met with the professionals who perform there and work with the school management.

Brown stressed the "important" work done by this organization to promote socio-professional integration of minorities, promote equality between men and women and to develop a program to improve employability.

At the end of the act, the general proceeded to the presentation of diplomas to the 50 people who have participated in various courses in 2011 on social skills training as well as in various walks of job placement, among others.

Source: CARM

The Regional Film Archive in February program cycles dedicated to Polanski and Woody Allen

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

will also be screened most of the films of French director Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet

The proposed Regional Film Archive for February in room B two cycles, one devoted to Roman Polanski and Woody Allen another, in which will cover much of their filmographies.

In addition, a wide screened films of French director Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet.

Goonie continuous generation, film cracks and ends the cycle dedicated to Billy Wilder.

The next February 2nd cycle Polanski begin with 'The Knife on the Water "(1962), claustrophobic debut of the controversial Polish filmmaker will open the Cinematheque free film program in its newfound partnership with Fnac.

It will, therefore, the first of many films that are scheduled in the center under the title Film Fnac.

Also, Fnac partners to present their card at the box office will have two entries for the price of one.

It is also expected to project 'Repulsion' (1965) (8 and 11 February), 'Cul-de-sac "(1966) (15, 17), and" The Fearless Vampire Killers "(1967) (22 and 24) , among others.

Woody Allen cycle in February will "Sleeper" (1973), 16 and February 18, a most representative films of his early comic stage, and 'Manhattan' (1979), 23 and 25 February immortal cinematic love letter to his beloved city.

In addition, the Cinematheque will review the films of the pair of French directors Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet who are devoted almost entirely a retrospective of his work with the projection of Machorca-Muff (1962), on 3 February.

This day will also see 'not only reconciled or violence helps where violence reigns' (1964), the ninth day is planned' Moses and Aaron "(1974), and 15 'Introduction to the' music accompaniment a movie scene 'Arnold Schoenberg' (1972) and 'From overnight' (1996), 'In the cloud of resistance' (1978), on 17 February, 'These encounters with them' (2005 ) on 22 February and 'Sicilia' (1988) on 24 February.

Today Panorama

Inside the Current Panorama can see 'Nader and Simin, a separation' (2011, Asghar Farhadi), February 7, multilaureado Iranian film that questions the social and political unity of the country without losing sight of the careful portrayal of the characters, 'Lola' (Grandmother) (2009, Brillante Mendoza), February 14, led by one of the leading directors of a country, 'The Future' (2011, Amanda July), Feb. 21, and ' I'm Still Here '(2010, Casey Affleck), February 28, a documentary that takes advantage of the apparent transformation of actor Joaquin Phoenix hip-hop to reflect on the reputation and expose the frivolity that moves to Hollywood.

On the other hand, the series dedicated to Billy Wilder comes to an end with 'The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes' (1970), 4 and February 1, very personal apocryphal version of the adventures of the famous detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; 'What happened between my father and your mother?'

(1972), 8 and 11 February, and 'Front Page' (1974), 1 and February 3, adapted from the work of Acts and McArthur.

Furthermore, continuous generation cycle with three large gems Goonie adventure 80's youth ',' Raiders of the Lost Ark '(1981, Steven Spielberg), 4 and 9 February, the first film in the series of Indiana Jones , 'The Breakfast Club "(1985, Jon Hughes), 16 and 18 February, The Young Sherlock Holmes (1985, Barry Levinson) 23 and 25 February.

In addition, the film cracks February 29 will feature Laxe Oliver, director of 'All you SODES, capitáns' and February 10 will be a special screening of 'Carthago Nova' (2011, Primitivo Perez and Jose Maria Molina) , Murcia animation production has been nominated for the Goya Awards in this category.

All screenings will be from Tuesday to Saturday and will have two passes, one at 20:00 and another at 22:30.

Source: CARM

The Civil Guard dismantled a criminal group responsible for 12 robberies in tobacconists and bazaars of the Region

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

In the final phase of the operation there have been 5 entries and records of the detainees' homes

The five detainees were acting without fear showing simulated guns and hiding their faces with scarves tubular

The operation, which lasted a month, ending a situation of social concern among traders of the affected sectors

The Guardia Civil in the Region, as part of "Operation HUMIC" developed in the town of Roldán (Torre Pacheco), have carried out the dismantling of a major criminal group engaged in the commission of crimes of robbery with violence and intimidation watertight and bazaars in different localities of the Region of Murcia.

Team members began their activity investigated last December 27 when they stole at a bazaar in San Javier and Balsicas watertight.

From that time up to 10 occasions, detainees committed, allegedly stolen in Los Martínez del Puerto, Torre Pacheco, La Palma (Cartagena), Roland, shovels, El Mirador, Alhama de Murcia, Reyllo Caves, Pillar and Lobosillo Horadada.

Modus Operandi:

The group had two components as managers and planners to commit robbery, making use of the vehicle owned by one of them.

After performing selected its target small and short trips to the place to take the necessary precautions to avoid being seen and to analyze the profitability of the robbery.

The day was chosen to operate together in a house that had rented and distributed material and tasks, to begin the march to the place chosen, where about two times in the past five, coming down from the vehicle with the dark side and displaying handguns possibly simulated well dependents demanded money from the box or directly carrying the cash register, who subsequently threw his escape route once they took the money inside.

The high-powered vehicle that has allowed you to escape at high speed their identification difficult.

The booty they obtained ranged between 500 and 1000 euros, money, cash registers or the wallets and purses of the victims.

Emphasizes planning and thoroughness with which they acted, as before delinquency, manipulated the numbering of vehicle registration plates so that if it is detected the vehicle could not trace the origin.

Also used different tubular scarves and ski masks to hide their faces and thus identification.

The cooperation of citizens allowed to reach the investigative unit to the town of Roland, where the 5 detainees were settled, and after an arduous and complex police investigation over a month we have proceeded to the completion of the operation, entering and searching five homes prior judicial authorization.

In addition to money from the cash, also subtracted mobile phones and computers that may be encountered during the execution of deeds and bearing the victims.

This is a major criminal group that has generated a worrying situation of social unrest among the merchants of the sectors affected by the violence with which he acted and the means to complete their actions displayed.

The judicial management of the operation has been assumed by the Hon.

Mr. Magistrate Judge magistrate Holder 2 in Cartagena.


– Morocco, 25.

– Moroccan, 32 years.

– Morocco, 19.

– Morocco, 21.

– Moroccan, 37 years.


Mercedes used to commit the offenses.

A jacket stolen in one of the crimes.

Scarves, balaclavas and scarves tubular connection with the facts.

Plates of unknown origin.

Several mobile phones.

Personal documentation of any of the investigated

The detainees, proceedings and seized property has been delivered in the Magistrate's Court 2 in San Javier.

Source: Ministerio del Interior

Booming define Cartagena-Vera motorway as "the symbol of waste PP and PSOE"

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

The coordinator of IU-Green in the Region of Murcia, Jose Antonio Booming, said Turnpike Cartagena-Vera is an infrastructure "absurd" that represents "the symbol of waste PP and PSOE."

Booming recalled that the central government provided a loan to that highway, private and owned by financial institutions such as the Savings Bank of the Mediterranean (CAM), which was also rescued with public money.

He expressed his opposition to the Executive of the Nation back to "save" an infrastructure made "for speculation," while "lack of resources" to help SMEs and combat the crisis in the Region of Murcia.

"PP and PSOE bet on this private infrastructure, and is a truly shameful that the public has to bear the highway to avoid bankruptcy," finished strong.

Source: IURM

Ruiz Location: "The break in arson fire now"

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

"If the Socialists want them to follow Juan Bernal teaching in the Assembly, we have no problem"

He stressed that "the government is working well, thinking of the five million unemployed"

Popular Party spokesman in the region of Murcia today criticized that "the break in arson fire now."

In response to the deputy spokesman of the PSOE in the Regional Assembly, Living Ruiz said that "it is really curious who put fire to the economy now want to play at being a fireman."

"We ask for explanations that have only one response, the PP government is working and is doing well, considering the five million unemployed," he added.

In his view, "in that is what we should be thinking all the five million unemployed out there, it is time not of rights but obligations."

In addition, Live Ruiz said that "if you want the PSOE is that the director Juan Bernal's appearance at the Assembly to explain all the measures proposed by the Government, do not worry because we will."

But he added that "in the Budget debate and had the opportunity to receive some explanations very clear and very blunt about what will be the economic program of the PP. If they want to continue giving Mr. Bernal classes, we have no inconvenient. "

On the other hand, José Antonio Ruiz Vivo added that the PSOE remember that we do not have a sectarian government in charge of the nation, we have a government that is committed with President Valcarcel to be fair, that is over all those grievances that have been committed with the Region of Murcia and that's the best news for Murcia, whether officials or not. "

"Those millions who went to other regions and did not come here and are gone now thanks to that we will be able to make policies more fair and equitable, considering the most affected by this situation that generated the PSOE. For Therefore, "our first commitment is to the citizens who are unemployed."

Source: PP Región de Murcia

The PSOE Bernal asked to explain how it will affect the region of adjustment measures and Rajoy Valcárcel

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Rep. Joaquin Lopez fears that the "second snip" in many Interim Valcárcel send to unemployment

The regional deputy Joaquin Lopez announced that, in view of the Board of Spokespersons to be held tomorrow, the Socialist parliamentary group present initiatives and request the attendance of the new Minister of Economy, Juan Bernal, to give details about how they will affect Murcia the measures taken, both by the Government of Valcárcel, and the Government of the nation.

Lopez stressed that these measures will clearly affect the income you will receive our community, and also directly to citizens.

"In our view, these measures will generate more job losses, while continuing to maintain a highly insecure to suppliers and creditors of the CARM."

Interns who will lose their jobs

"On the other hand, we know that no agreement has been reached with the unions in negotiations that are taking place in the Bureau of Public Service, and believe that the second 'snip' being made by the regional government will send the unemployment many interns, "he added.

"Both the Socialist Parliamentary Group as PSRM himself believe that we must make adjustments, but we should hear from the regional government measures that are aimed at economic stimulus that can revive our economy. However, we hear nothing about it, just listen adjustments. Therefore we want a transparent manner, the new Minister of Economy to explain the Regional Assembly, "he concluded.


IU-Green criticized the increase in working hours for public employees

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

That seems to undermine the quality of basic services and increase unemployment

United Left-Greens today criticized the government's proposal to increase regional working day public employees to 37.5 hours per week, considering that reduces quality of basic services and leads to increased unemployment in the sector.

The regional coordinator of IU-Greens in Murcia, Jose Antonio Booming, said that implementation of this measure also would damage the economy of the community, because the decrease in the number of contracts implies a rise in unemployment and reducing consumption.

He noted that the proposals made by the regional government for the public sector represent a "significant regression" in the working conditions of this group, and they predict "a deepening of the decline" of the conditions of workers in the private sector.

"What do you think the regional government do with the thousands of young people trained to be on the dole by the increase in working hours for public employees?" Booming wondered, after betting on a decline in working hours and a cast employment to reduce unemployment.

Source: IURM