Continue down the retail sales in Murcia after 17 months of continuous free fall

The situation in Murcia is more than troubling, exceeding the national average falls

A month continues the decline in retail sales in our country, reaching 7.2% drop in November over the figure achieved in the same month last year.

Even though the drop from the previous month is only 0.1%, the reality is that half of the year a decrease in sales of 5.7%.

The community of Murcia, well above the national average decline in the number of sales in this sector, coming to make a deduction from 8.6% over the same month of 2010, and an annual average of -6.9% , well above the average figures from around the country.

This time is the Home Team sector the hardest hit, down 10.8%, although the food sector also suffered a sales drop of 4.1%.

Of all modes of distribution is the retail unilocalizado the hardest hit, with sales declining 8.3%, with large surfaces than they do in a -9.8%.

According to Cesar Garcia Arnal, Secretary of Sector Policy UPTA Spain, "is much more concerned about the fall of the independent retailer unilocalizado than supermarkets, which have better opportunities for financing, distribution and ultimate recovery. Superstores with a well-defined corporate structure, better endure these scourges. "

The employment figures in the trade sector in Murcia are also very worrying, being together with Andalusia and Aragon Autonomous Community of the three most employment rate in the sector has lost, yielding a figure of -2.3% over the same month last year and half so far this year of -2.6%.

To Mamen Martinez, coordinator of UPTA in the Region of Murcia, "These data demonstrate the alarming situation in our CCAA sector and the need for support that retailers, especially unilocalizados have. We can not lose such an important sector in the overall economy of our region, and we are seeing interest from our government and municipalities. "

UPTA considered to be the ideal time for the government to develop a plan to support small businesses, which include measures that provide solutions to most problems that this sector is going through.

To this end, the organization is holding talks with its major trade organizations and designing a catalog of specific measures to propose to the government.

Source: UPTA Murcia


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