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Rosique: "Social Policy Budgets for 2012 are not credible or sufficient"

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

The Socialist deputy considers that remain outside major pending issues

Social Policy is responsible for the Socialist Group, said Teresa Rosique regarding the Social Policy Budgets for 2012, which are not credible and are insufficient because they do not meet the needs of citizens.

Teresa Rosique To remain outside the major unfinished budget as:

-Regulation of Basic Income of Insertion

-Inclusion plans

-The Regional Plan of Social Services

-Master Plan for Development Cooperation

The main cuts are:

-In terms of child protection, which lowers 1 million euros.

-Support programs for families and children

-In Immigration, voluntary and other groups.

-In Area protection and social promotion, where low 540,000 euros.

-Disappears starting voluntary work.

With regard to benefits for Unit, the Socialist deputy asked the minister, what happens to the economic benefit linked to service and the 12,000 people entitled to benefits that are not receiving.

Also inquired about the reason why low income forecast from the State.


The PSOE said the cut 631 jobs in health inevitably affect the quality of service

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Rosique Congresswoman Teresa said that this will mean less access to health care and increase waiting lists for tests and surgery

The head of Health and Social Policy Parliamentary Socialist Group, Teresa Rosique, said the cut in 631 Health jobs will inevitably affect the quality of service.

Rosique explained that the problem of waiting lists had increased since June 2010 to 2011, the waiting time increases by more than 40 percent, with a 370% increase in the number of people over waiting times for surgery or with more than 27,000 people over the waiting times to access a specialist visit.

"This will be even worse with staff cuts planned by the Council and will involve more difficulty accessing health care, while increasing waiting lists and surgical evidence."

Rosique said the budget reflects the path taken by the Ministry of Health, which is announcing the closure of measures such as operating rooms and health centers in the afternoon, reduction of hospital beds on vacation, etc..

Pharmaceutical expenditure

On the other hand, for the Socialist deputy, lower pharmaceutical spending € 166 million is "unworkable and reckless and could hide a health copayment."

"The counselor must explain on what basis this forecast down."

From the Department of Health had announced that with the use of generics, the annual saving would be 36 million euros.

However, in the budget for 2012 appears a saving of 166 million euros.

Socialist Parliamentary Group concerned that behind this figure can hide a health copayment.

Rosique Teresa added that the game is the fastest growing of default interest, which represents an increase of 530 percent, which translates into 16 million euros.

"This shows that besides the damage to health providers assume the defaults of the Ministry, which amounted to 1,000 million euros, there is also a drain on the budget with them."

It grows well, "inexplicably" MSS current spending by 3 million euros.

The question being asked is where are Rosique Teresa saving measures announced by the minister, as the central purchasing.

Cuts in programs

Was concerned, also, by budget cuts in programs such as breast cancer prevention, mental health, blood donation, transplantation, anti-smoking or gambling, as well as by lower SMS grants in the areas of prevention the drug to municipalities and social organizations.

Finally he said that the concerts also down 16.8 million euros.

The PSOE would totally agree with this cut if it implied reducing the privatization of services, because they are assumed by the Department or SMS.

"We are concerned that it is a mere reduction of health resources that will hurt the citizens," he said.


IU-Green: These budgets are unsupportive and delve into the gap of inequality

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

In a context of high unemployment and poverty, the regional government should invest more in social policy and equality

IU spokesman-Greens in the Regional Assembly, Jose Antonio Booming, said today that the regional government has cut € 225.2 million in the budget for health and social policy, "which are just two of the pillars of welfare state. "

Booming explained that in health every game aimed at preventing suffering a "drastic" cuts, like the one to the cancer association for the prevention of breast cancer, which next year will receive 6,000 euros.

This amount, added the senator, in contrast to the increase "unjustified" budget in certain items such as for bullfighting school grant of Murcia, next year will receive 36,000 euros.

Have you considered "incompatible" increased use of health services by the population in 2012 and the global reduction of 11.45 percent of the budget Murcia Health Service (SMS), especially personal (by 8.5 percent) and current transfers (38 percent).

Pujante also criticized the "significant" reduction in certain items within the social policy in a context of crisis in which 450,000 people in the region live below the poverty line and are held almost daily evictions affecting families victims of the economic situation.

So, has criticized the budget reduction programs to protect the child (-5.22 percent), immigration and volunteerism (-28.12 percent), promotion of women (-31.17 percent) and attention to drug addiction (-1.82 percent).

"These budgets are unsupportive, they always pay the crisis have not generated and increase the social inequality gap," she added.

Source: IURM

PP: "These budgets are the guarantee of the welfare state and the regional government's commitment to a more efficient health"

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Thomas Violante: "Not one person that needs a social benefit will be without her"

The deputy of the Popular Group Catalina Lorenzo said that the budget for Health "is the guarantee of the welfare society is the regional government's commitment to a more efficient health services which ensures that we have achieved in recent years and also does so with a high degree of quality. "

Hence, the popular MP has criticized the attitude of the Socialist Parliamentary Group "has sought to put an accent of great regional health problem to those that are specific problems of everyday life."

"We have seen how they have been put fear into the body and foreign unemployed who have exhausted their unemployment benefits," he lamented Lorenzo.

It has insisted that "nobody, no person has ceased to receive health care, regardless of administrative data contained in your health card."

In fact, the popular MP said that the budget of this Ministry "is effective" because "going to the same services that have been in ordinary circumstances and without losing quality."

It has highlighted the vaccination program, the Oral Health program, the consolidation and improvement of preventive and diagnostic approaches and the work being done in HIV.

In terms of health infrastructure, recalled that "just put up the hospitals of Saint Lucia and the Mar Menor, continue the works of Mother and Child, and have made lots of new health centers and clinics."

Catalina Lorenzo noted Murcia Health Service as "the great success of the regional public health" and that "despite the lack of funding will continue, at least the same services through the collaboration of great professionals."

Thomas Violante: "Not one person that needs a social benefit will be without her"

As for Social Policy, the popular MP Thomas Violante stated that this budget "has been developed considering the most vulnerable and Valcárcel following the instructions from being the ones who pay for the crisis."

He said that "despite the cuts undertaken by the socialist government in heading aimed at the disadvantaged, the Department of Health and Social Policy has increased the budget of the Institute of Social Action Murciano in a 5.46 per cent."

He highlighted the increase of the allocations for the maintenance of schools and public housing, those for services and home help and Telecare, items for the maintenance of occupational centers and early care centers and nonprofit entities.

In short, Thomas concluded, "the president remains committed Valcárcel most disadvantaged citizens, the political commitment complies with the various groups of disabled, elderly and people at risk of social exclusion, children and women."

Source: PP Región de Murcia

Education is hosting an exhibition of the 80 election posters that were created by a website to support Obama in the U.S.

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

School of Design is hosting this exhibition organized by the United States Embassy in Spain and Ten Art School Madrid

The cultural attaché of the U.S. Embassy in Spain, Laura Gould, will lecture on social networks and civil society participation in the American campaign Obama

The School of Design of Murcia, under the Ministry of Education, Training and Employment, morning host exhibition 'Design for Obama', which includes the 80 election posters that were created via a web to support the candidacy of Barack Obama in the U.S. presidential election in 2008.

The Region of Murcia is one of eight cities chosen to host this exhibition, organized by the United States Embassy in Spain, and Ten Art School in Madrid and which will remain open until December 20 at the headquarters of the School Superior Design.

The Director General of Vocational and Adult Education, Begoña Iniesta, emphasized "the educational and cultural value of this exhibition, whose works reflect the importance of graphic design and the influence of social networks."

The posters were created by graphic artists from a web and selected by the filmmaker Spike Lee and Aaron Perry-Zucker designer.

The designs play with the surname Obama, wink to the past and very effective use words like hope and change, which were the Obama campaign focused.

The presentation of this exhibition will take place tomorrow at 18:00 at the School of Design, which will involve the cultural attaché of the Embassy of the United States, Laura Gould, who will lecture on social networks and participation American civil society in the campaign that led to the U.S. presidency to Barack Obama.

The presentation ceremony was also attended by the coordinator of the project 'Design for Obama', Javier Fernández, general director of Vocational and Adult Education, Begoña Iniesta, and the director of the School of Design, Pilar Salvador.

There are currently about 350 students who attend Design Degree studies in any of the four specialties offered at the College of Design in the Region of Murcia: Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design and Product Design.

Source: CARM

Health and Social Policy takes almost half the total budget of the Autonomous Community

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Budget of the Ministry of Health and Social Policy for 2012

Palacios: "It is realistic and responsible budgets, whose main goal is to keep health care after closing the stage for greater investment in health in the history of the Region"

The budgets represent 47.5 percent of total regional government, rose by 5.4 percent in Social Policy and maintain all regional programs in Health

In 2012 opened centers Sutullena Lorca Health, Floridablanca, James the Greater, Aljucer and Murcia and doctors' Center of La Palma, La Torrecilla and Campos del Río

In the actions planned for 2012 highlights the commitment to research, rising by 21.9 percent, with the new building project of the Institute for Biomedical Research Murciano (IMIB)

The Minister of Health and Social Policy, Maria Angeles Palacios, presented today before the Committee on Economy, Finance and Budget of the Regional Assembly the draft of his department budgets for 2012, amounting to 2.186 million euros.

These assumptions are, in Palacios, "the clearest evidence of the liability assumed by the regional government with its citizens to maintain social policies.

The investment of 2.186 million euros in Health and Social Policy represents 47.5 percent of total non-financial budget of the Autonomous Community, which represents an increase of one point from the previous year.

Health Only this budget represents about 42 percent of the total.

The resources allocated to the Instituto Murciano Social Action (IMAS) increased by 5.4 percent from 2011 to meet the growing demand of aid dependency and the needs of the poor.

Palacios said "effort" of the regional and state budgets recalled that the Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality in relation to Health, a fall suffered in 2011 nearly 16 percent and 47 percent reduction in strategies health.

During his speech, stressed the need for a "grand bargain of State to ensure adequate financing of public health system and allow ta maintain standards of quality."

Social Policy

In the area of ​​Social Policy consolidates a wide network of centers with 2355 residential places, 932 in day centers for elderly people, 1,114 residential places and 2,155 places in day centers for the disabled.

The minister said that "the regional government is working tirelessly to implement the Law of the Unit, of which nearly 52,000 have benefited from Murcia who already have access to economic aid and assistance".

Thus, according to data published by the Imserso, the Region of Murcia is the ninth in the seventh made and opinions regarding beneficiaries served.

The IMAS is directly providing services to people in need and, therefore, Palacios said, "is the most we have promoted so that no senior, no less disabled and in need of care no longer be treated early."

In older people is the creation of 53 beds Residential Care for Dependent and increased by 50 percent in the home help service and Telecare for serving those who have requested these services.

It also extends by 77 percent in services associated with residential care, day centers and home help.

On the second pillar, Disability, in a notable increase in budget resources for people with mental disorder.

Thus, in order to meet the growing demand increases by more than 600,000 euros in the previous period's concert residential places and day care centers by the non-profit entities and a municipal


In the Health section highlights the "significant" increase in the budget of the Foundation for Health Research and Training, in charge of the R + D + i of the regional Health at 21.9 percent, two million more than in 2011.

The Minister of Health stated that "this is possible thanks to the many competitive contests that our projects have won state funding achieved."

During 2012, Palacios said, "realizing our firm commitment to health research which will be key Murciano Institute for Biomedical Research (IMIB)."

IMIB recalled that this year was established 42 research groups and over 500 professionals Murcia Health Service (SMS) and the Ministry and the universities.

The next year, according to Palacios moved, will the proposed new building IMIB in Arrixaca area.

This is a project planned for the next four years, with support from the Instituto Carlos III, and that places Murcia "the head" in biomedical research in Spain.

Also allocated one million euros to build a clean room in the Arrixaca research, which will deepen in addressing major neurodegenerative diseases and injuries and will be one of the few in the country to be accredited.

This chapter also highlights the investment of two million euros to create a new pathogen-free Animalario work treatments and animal models for drug development, especially for cancers of the colon and esophagus.

Public Health continues the implementation of the Program for the Prevention of Colorectal Cancer, the Breast Cancer Prevention, Education Plan for School Health, the Tobacco Prevention Program and plans for HIV / AIDS, which joins the Healthy University Project at the University of Murcia.

From planning implementation remains sectoral health actions in several areas to combat major diseases and improve the health of the population.

Plans are still in front of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Diabetes, Ischemic Heart Disease, Stroke and Action Plan for the Improvement of Medicines.

It also participates in the pilot, along with the Balearic Islands and Valencia, the proposed Medical Records National Health System, thanks to "our excellent computer network," said the minister.

In 2012 there are planned works though, as said Palacios, "concludes the period of increased investment in infrastructure."

Thus, the completion of works for Health Centers Sutullena Lorca, Floridablanca, James, and Aljucer, and the entry into service of Murcia Health Center clinics Center and La Palma, La Torrecilla and Fields Río.

Management and efficiency

The Minister of Health said that "the central purchasing and logistics of the SMS is a 180 degree turn in the supply of products needed for health care."

So he said, improves bargaining power significantly reducing prices and the implementation of the logistics platform will have 13 stores to have one.

The goal is to make 85 percent of purchases through this new model which has been awarded more than a dozen contracts.

Since late 2010 that the project began, and 2011 forecasts, the potential savings is 12.1 million euros.

With regard to pharmaceutical expenditures, approval of the Plan for the Rational Use of Drugs to the implementation of various programs, is bearing fruit to contain and reduce spending.

This is demonstrated by the data from this past year, with decreases in these seven months and saving close to a million and half euros a month.

Source: CARM

Cerdá, "claiming that agriculture will continue to have in Spain and in Europe due role"

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

The Minister said at the close of the General Assembly of Apoexpa that "more than budget, legislation is needed" for this activity will continue be "strategic, competitive and export"

The Minister of Agriculture and Water, Antonio Cerdá, said today that the regional government "claiming that agriculture will be in Spain and in Europe due role" and stressed that "more than budget, legislation is needed" for this activity remains "strategic, competitive and export."

The owner of Agriculture and Water was speaking at the closing of the General Assembly of the Association of Producers and Exporters of Fruits, table grapes and other agricultural products (Apoexa), which said, "is a reference in research and development "primarily in the cultivation of seedless table grapes.

Cerda said the contribution of that Apoexpa fruit production for export, mainly peach, nectarine, apricot and plum, as well as table grapes.

Responsible for Agriculture stressed the "specialization" of this organization in a "specific area" as seedless grapes, which has turned the region of Murcia as "an area leader in the production of this variety."

The Minister of Agriculture said to be promoted "all necessary research work" to get a product "better quality and taste, and with qualities that are attractive to the consumer."

In this regard, he referred the "good coordination" between government and industry on the results achieved in table grapes, stone fruit and citrus.

He claimed that the Common Agricultural Policy "addresses the needs of Spanish agriculture" and insisted that the next reform "needs a re-foundation".

"We can not allow that as we invest to become more competitive, authorizing the entry of products that violate agreements and such basic issues as the quality and food safety," Cerda said.

Source: CARM

UPyD described as contradictory that the regional government "is committed to agriculture as a priority" but reduces its budget for 2012

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

It is particularly negative cuts in technology transfer and research

UPyD Regional Coordinator, Rafael Sanchez, criticized the budget cuts in Agriculture for 2012 presented today by the Minister of Agriculture and Water, Antonio Cerdá.

Sanchez has called negative budgets, "so unique in what they refer to the paragraphs of research and IMIDA"

In that sense, Sanchez has expressed its disagreement with the cuts experienced by sections of technology transfer and research, 25 per cent or IMIDA by 10 percent.

"It is contradictory to say that agriculture in the region is one of the bulwarks of the regional economy and at the same time lower their budgets in the sections that can bring more added value."

To UPyD no doubt that agriculture is a strategic sector in the economy of the region, and it is understandable lack of support and weak political regional government expressed in these budgets.

Source: UPyD Región de Murcia

The rocks Barcelona Region of Murcia are the FC Barcelona B

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Barca rocks Murcia Region were institutionally FC Barcelona B, in the lobby of Hotel Rincon de Pepe.

In attendance were directors of FC Barcelona, ​​Barca rocks Eagles, Totana, Roland, White, Ivan de la Pena and Beniaján former FC Barcelona, ​​Migueli.

Attendees were also able to discuss current issues of our FC Barcelona photographed with two young promising and Rafihna Delofeu.

Juan Carrion Federation president of FC Barcelona supporters clubs in Murcia rocks thanked the department and the delegation of FC Barcelona B steps taken to develop the event and enjoy the game that makes the team led by Eusebio and obtained a important and deserved 0-2 win over Real Murcia.

Source: PBTotana

Letter from Bishop Lorca young Plans

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Within days of the Second Conference on Youth and the Youth Meeting scheduled for December 18, the Bishop of the Diocese of Cartagena, Bishop D.

Jose Manuel Lorca Planes, has issued a letter to Young, in thanksgiving for the World Youth Day, reminding them that "firm faith in Christ, we have gone through an experience together."

Plans Lorca Bishop says in his letter that "since joining the Youth Cross, through the whole diocese, there have been many good experiences, hope and a shower of many illusions, all with effort and sacrifice, but the results are to frame, because they created a meeting point for a beginning stage. "

Recalling the passage of the Youth Cross for our towns and cities of Cartagena Pastor explained in his letter to de la Cruz as "humble sign of love."

The bishop sets out what has made the month of August with the Holy Father's visit and its preparation, stating that "there shall be inscribed in the depths of our being to have seen God move, clean, full of youth and beauty."

It also indicates the "clues offered by the Pope to the youth of today" and inviting us.

Lorca Bishop also stated that "there should always be given" in the pastoral work with youth groups, encouraging them to "walk and trust" in the evangelizing mission of the Church.

Source: Obispado de Cartagena