Public Works participates in a conference on urban and rural relationships in the XXI century

Autonomous Technical analyzed in Puerto Lumbreras correcting imbalances in these societies that produce significant weaknesses social, demographic, environmental and economic

The Ministry of Public Works and Planning participates today in a conference that was organized by the Association for Rural Development (Campodos), aims to establish a new relationship between urban, rural and suburban areas, to redress the imbalances existing ones.

Representatives of the Directorate General of Planning and Housing presented on this day the need to develop a methodology that enables sustainable innovative link between the municipalities, based on the principles of Land Management.

Technicians have seen fit to define the new roles of rural municipalities, urban and suburban, reality complementarity between urban and peri-rural, and to develop a methodology that facilitates the effective participation of the population.

Spatial Strategy

During the session, held at the Entrepreneurship Center of Puerto Lumbreras, emphasized that the European Spatial Development Perspective, which is based in the Planning Region, established for over 10 years developing a balanced urban system and polycentric and a new relationship between town and countryside.

This provision also established the European guarantee of equal access to knowledge infrastructure, as well as sustainable development, prudent management and conservation of nature and cultural heritage.

The Strategic Development Plan of the Region of Murcia (2007-2013) incorporated all these issues, endorsed by the European Strategy Statement 2020 by Toledo this year.

Regional planning instruments made by the Ministry of Public Works and Planning are based on these principles, and put special emphasis on polycentrism and territorial balance in the consolidation of existing urban areas, in enable its expansion and improve their endowments.

Fieldof is a public-private partnership dedicated to manage the European program Leader, comprising five districts of Murcia, Cartagena and five provincial municipalities in Fuente Alamo, Cieza and Puerto Lumbreras.

Source: CARM


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