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The PRDE bet for agriculture

Monday, October 31st, 2011

The blindness and selfishness of the politicians with the interests of the party are from reaching the necessary water infrastructure and the rich production areas of our region and other parts of Spain.

Responsible citizens we must not allow suicide dismantling agricultural sector, source of wealth, foreign exchange earnings and job creation.

An agriculture profitable, competitive, unsubsidized is possible if the selfish political interests give way to common sense.

Firmly and decidedly bet on new technologies, research on new varieties, improved infrastructure and water supply quality at affordable prices to those areas that are better able to create jobs and help Spain out as soon as possible this crisis.

We need politicians with enough preparation and generosity, capable of reaching large state pact on basic and fundamental as it is good planning and management of water resources.

From PRDE bet for improving infrastructure and quality water supply at affordable prices to those areas that are better able to create jobs through agriculture.

We stand unequivocally for the transfers and the interconnection between basins to eliminate the structural problem of water in our country.

Source: PRDE

IU-Green branded as "hypocritical and electioneering" the PSOE

Monday, October 31st, 2011

IU-Green today criticized the attitude "hypocritical electioneering" of the PSOE to propose measures aimed at greater economic contribution of the great fortunes when this party has eliminated the tax has prompted Heritage and tax breaks to big business.

According to the head of IU-Green list to Congress by the Region of Murcia, Pedro Costa Morata, the PSOE campaign leverages to propose measures that have been developed in the last two legislatures, which, in its view, shows the " hypocrisy "of the party.

Morata Costa has also reported that the Popular Party shares a tax relief policy to "speculative activities" and an increase in taxes on workers, showing that it is not "the social side of the majority", but that earners and have.

"Both PP and PSOE have practiced tax cuts to corporations and speculators, making it clear that both share a neoliberal economic policy," he concluded.

Source: IURM

The Region of Murcia recycled nearly 40,000 tonnes of household packaging in 2010

Monday, October 31st, 2011

The Region achieves its best efficiency rate in light container recycling in the past six years and nearly 12 points exceeds the objectives set by the European Commission

The Region of Murcia recycled a total of 39,118 tonnes of packaging products for private consumer packaged (plastic, metal, paper and cardboard) in 2010, at which recycling reaches a level higher than 66.9 percent.

This has been possible through the Integrated Management System (GIS) Ecoembes, thanks to the collaboration of citizens, institutions and 85 companies Murcia attached.

The results of last year ratified the environmental commitment of the citizens of the region and strengthen the growth of recycling containers in the Community, which amounts to nearly 12 points the objectives set by the European Commission and achieves its best efficiency rate of the last six years.

The presidential advisor, Manuel Campos, general director received Ecoembes, Melchor Ordonez, who was accompanied by the Director of Materials and Processing, Oscar Martin, to discuss developments in the Community recycling and to promote reuse, measures referred to in collaboration agreement between the Ministry of the Presidency and the non-profit society.

During this meeting, set new targets to promote the use of more sustainable packaging, promoting the creation of new markets for recycled materials, promote the automation of plant selection and quality improvement in the collection, among others.

Recycle packaging

In 2010 it collected a total of 58,476 tons of packaging placed on the Community market, which amounts to about 40.4 kilograms per person per year.

These containers, which were deposited in more than 11,740 containers placed on the regional territory, were treated at the three plants for light packaging selection of the region, located in Murcia, Lorca and Ulea.

By type of packaging was recycled last year in the region 80.6 percent a metal container, which aims by 2004 Directive of the European Commission is marked at 50 percent, a 74.9 percent Paper and cardboard were (target 60 percent), and 53.2 percent of plastic (22.5 percent, a rate set by the European Community).

Source: CARM

José Antonio Ruiz Vivo, "Rubalcaba, a word or transfers of water"

Monday, October 31st, 2011

The Popular Party spokesman in the region of Murcia, Jose Antonio Ruiz Vivo, said that "they missed yesterday Murcia serious commitment Rubalcaba with diversions and water water policy, an amendment of its water program, but came to a rally in Murcia and said not a word. "

"A Saura that sounds good and complies with the obvious, that Rubalcaba says that ensure the transfer of the Tajo-Segura," Ruiz Vivo criticized because "it is obvious, since it is guaranteed by the Constitutional Court."

That, according to Ruiz Vivo, "Saura shows that both Veracruz and Gonzalez are not committed to the water and they dropped the sticker."

However, the PP spokesman said "if the transfer of the Tagus is guaranteed since President Valcarcel led the Popular Party's refusal to Barreda Plan."

Furthermore, she added that "it is in danger when the Socialist president of the Confederation of the Tagus practically a death certified as Saura Tajo happy because Rubalcaba comes to Murcia and not say a word about water."

"We miss a serious water policy, to talk about transfers and recognition that the WATER Program has been a resounding failure, as the Region of Murcia needs water transferred, to talk about solidarity, interconnection of basins, because no one wants a drop of water they need the Aragonese or Castilian Mancha. We want the excess water in these basins, as we have always demanded, "he concluded.

Source: PP Región de Murcia

Approved three new master's degrees from universities of Murcia

Monday, October 31st, 2011

At its meeting last Friday, the Council of Ministers agreed to establish the official nature of fifty degrees of Master and registration in the Register of Universities, Schools and Degrees.

Three of these titles correspond to Murcia universities, two of San Antonio Catholic University (Management and Coordination of Emergency Systems, and Engineering, Canales y Puertos) and the other from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (Engineering in Civil and Ports)

Source: Delegación del Gobierno en Murcia

166,933 euros for the Plan to Improve the Competitiveness of Retail Murcia

Monday, October 31st, 2011

The Government delegate, Rafael González Tovar, today announced that at its last meeting, the Council of Ministers approved an Agreement is formalized for the year 2011, the distribution of funds from the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade co-financing for grants awarded under the Plan to Improve Productivity and Competitiveness of Trade 2009-2012.

González Tovar added that Murcia will receive 166,933 euros and that programs in which this plan concrete action-oriented pose a spatial arrangement of the right deal, and an improved physical environment in which business enterprises can be installed, with the aim of improving the ability to compete in response to consumer demand.

Source: Delegación del Gobierno en Murcia

Public Works participates in a conference on urban and rural relationships in the XXI century

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Autonomous Technical analyzed in Puerto Lumbreras correcting imbalances in these societies that produce significant weaknesses social, demographic, environmental and economic

The Ministry of Public Works and Planning participates today in a conference that was organized by the Association for Rural Development (Campodos), aims to establish a new relationship between urban, rural and suburban areas, to redress the imbalances existing ones.

Representatives of the Directorate General of Planning and Housing presented on this day the need to develop a methodology that enables sustainable innovative link between the municipalities, based on the principles of Land Management.

Technicians have seen fit to define the new roles of rural municipalities, urban and suburban, reality complementarity between urban and peri-rural, and to develop a methodology that facilitates the effective participation of the population.

Spatial Strategy

During the session, held at the Entrepreneurship Center of Puerto Lumbreras, emphasized that the European Spatial Development Perspective, which is based in the Planning Region, established for over 10 years developing a balanced urban system and polycentric and a new relationship between town and countryside.

This provision also established the European guarantee of equal access to knowledge infrastructure, as well as sustainable development, prudent management and conservation of nature and cultural heritage.

The Strategic Development Plan of the Region of Murcia (2007-2013) incorporated all these issues, endorsed by the European Strategy Statement 2020 by Toledo this year.

Regional planning instruments made by the Ministry of Public Works and Planning are based on these principles, and put special emphasis on polycentrism and territorial balance in the consolidation of existing urban areas, in enable its expansion and improve their endowments.

Fieldof is a public-private partnership dedicated to manage the European program Leader, comprising five districts of Murcia, Cartagena and five provincial municipalities in Fuente Alamo, Cieza and Puerto Lumbreras.

Source: CARM

Juan Carlos Ruiz, "Retegui knows that Madrid are the heads of those who are hindering and delaying regional budgets"

Monday, October 31st, 2011

popular spokesman said that "there are many unknowns that must be cleared by the central executive; no further than the forecast economy to be reckoned next year "

Regrets that Retegui "prefer to join Rubalcaba electoral strategies to defend the citizens of the Region of Murcia"

Ensures that the budgets of the autonomous community "will be in a timely manner"

The spokesman of the Popular Group, Juan Carlos Ruiz, has responded to the statements of Socialist Begoña García Retegui PSRM is ensuring that the "disloyal opposition and nothing constructive" because, according to Ruiz, "knows who are his Heads of Madrid, the Socialist government, which are delaying the presentation of the general budget of the region ".

Juan Carlos Ruiz also has said that "as Retegui know, there are many unknowns that must be cleared by the central executive which is causing regional accounts fall behind."

In addition, the popular spokesman regretted that the Socialist spokesman "is the key to Rubalcaba and join their electoral strategies instead of thinking in Murcia and require Zapatero, with us, tell us how money can have Murcia for next year. "

On the other hand, Ruiz pointed out that, as already announced their own regional government and the President Valcarcel, the budget of the Region of Murcia will be approved before December 31.

Juan Carlos Ruiz also invited the Socialist Retegui to "present their alternative budget announced so many times and never has."

He regretted, finally, that "the socialist government forecasts the nation" back to being wrong and that does nothing but hinder the development of regional accounts. "

Source: PP Región de Murcia

Culture publishes 'Tales of ghosts of the Victorian era', translated by students at the University of Murcia

Monday, October 31st, 2011

The Editor Tres Fronteras, under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has published 'Tales of ghosts of the Victorian era', an anthology of stories starring the late nineteenth century by ghosts, and has been translated into Spanish by students of the Master Editorial Translation of the academic year 2010-2011 at the University of Murcia.

The Director General of Cultural Assets, Francisco Giménez, today introduced the book, accompanied by the course coordinator, Nicolas Campos, and editorial director of the Three Borders, José Antonio Bascuñana.

These fourteen stories translated from English and French which address issues of ghost appearances by authors such as Bram Stoker, Charles Dickens, Scott and Charles Nodier Water, among others.

Some of these texts were still unpublished in Spanish.

"The stories refer to the times that are developing the characters and themes of classic horror," said Francisco Gimenez.

Each story has been translated by one or more students and reviewed by teachers who have taught the master and responsible for the editing, the director of Three Borders, José Antonio Bascuñana.

For the director general of Cultural Property, the publication of this book "is a young translators supporting Murcia interested in a professional translation of books."

The book, which has a circulation of 1,000 copies, is available in bookstores at 15 euros or through the website of the publisher Tres Fronteras (

Source: CARM

Resource Cospedal against last shipment of water from the Tagus to the Segura

Monday, October 31st, 2011

The Socialist Group will present an initiative to reprove Cospedal Regional Assembly

Pedro Saura claims that "the PP is definitely the mask has fallen with the Region of Murcia"

PSRM general secretary and number two in the Congress candidate, Pedro Saura, announced that the Parliamentary Socialist Group will present an initiative on the Regional Assembly "to condemn the attitude of the president of Castilla-La Mancha, María Dolores de Cospedal , which has filed an appeal to annul the last scheduled desembalsando water from the Tagus to the Segura. "

According to the Socialist leader, "the PP is definitely the mask has fallen to the region of Murcia. Not only have they been lying to the Murcia in relation to the Ebro transfer, which is not in the electoral program of Rajoy, but also oppose the rail freight corridor for the Mediterranean ".

"And, not having enough of it, oppose the Tajo-Segura, and are opposed to last desembalsando now, when there was water in the headwaters of the Tagus and there is no problem. What will happen when there is so much water? "asked Saura.

"The Popular Party and will see his true face to the Region of Murcia: they want to charge it, want to end with the Region of Murcia" he concluded.