PROEXPORT addresses the process of production of fruits and vegetables from the farm to the fork in the online course "Working with companies in the horticultural sector"

Gomez: "Murcia horticultural companies represent the cutting edge of innovation and international presence"

Innovation, presence in international markets, food security, agriculture, clean, healthy diet are the hallmarks of which revolve around Murcia and horticultural companies that have been developed during operation of the company online horticulture together by PROEXPORT with the Employment Service and Training.

PROEXPORT Director General, Fernando P.

Gomez, stressed during his presentation that horticultural businesses Murcia represent "the forefront of technological innovation, quality and presence in key international markets."

In developing this course has involved a dozen people belonging to the main fruit and vegetable companies in the region and regional institutions responsible for ensuring food safety and quality of fruits and vegetables.

Managers and business managers, quality managers and production technicians Administration show through in several videos as part of the course an overview of the sector.

The director general of the SEF, Ginés Martínez, horticultural considers "a very significant industry in the region and through this course are the sleepless nights that apply to professionals achieve the highest quality for agriculture Murcia."

"This tool shows the weight that the Spanish fruit and vegetables are in the international arena," remarked the editor of the F & H, Rafael Losi, who has participated by providing content on the channels of distribution and international trade, including has leading market shares in European distribution network in 2009-2010 and practical information for businesses and development costs in the past year.

The aim of this course is to equip both the industry workers interested persons of specific training on the functioning level of horticultural enterprises.

Source: Agencias


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