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The Popular Party of Spain calls on the Government to reduce VAT on public transport

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Gonzalez: "While rising rates Development, the regional government has absorbed this increase to keep the price of 'Unibon' is already working in the Municipality of Murcia "

"Play in Madrid tightens its belt and improve the management of the resources of the Spanish to reduce the burden of VAT on a public necessities, such as collective transport", criticizes the popular charge

Regional Rep. and Deputy Secretary of New Generations of Regional People's Party, Inmaculada González, today asked the Government of Spain, the reduction of Value Added Tax levied on public passenger transport, "so that it passes the 8% today to a type super 4%, making it more accessible to the Spanish people, especially after the rise earlier this year decreed by the Ministry of Development. "

In this regard, noted that "the reduction announced by Public Works for the public transport network falls short of the Region of Murcia where the Government of Spain has a small volume of daily shipments, and today it is more necessary than ever to reduce the price of public transport, so quickly as the reduction of VAT. "

In addition, Gonzalez noted that "while rates rose Development, the regional government has absorbed this increase to keep the price of 'Unibon' already operating in the municipality of Murcia after the good results achieved in January when, according National Statistics Institute, the region leads the national growth in passenger numbers. "

"The government measures are indeed effective Valcárcel, something recognized even in Madrid, and it seems that now plays in Madrid tightens its belt and improve the management of the resources of the Spanish, which would reduce the burden of VAT on a public necessities, such as collective transport, "he added.

"The Murcia are tired of improvised measures that have no other purpose than to mislead the public about the real problems of this country that are ineffective Zapatero and all his ministers, who are more concerned with completing the ballot in Rubalcaba that work with and for the Spanish. "

He concluded by asking that "for once, Zapatero out of La Moncloa and see what they really need the Spanish, which of course are not plans that do not lead this country anywhere, but actual measures to promote public transport as those developed by the government of President Valcarcel, to facilitate their travel to Murcia in the regional territory. "

Source: Agencias

IU-Greens Murcia joins the protests against the constitutional reform

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

IU-Greens Murcia participates in a demonstration tomorrow in the Plaza de la Fuensanta in the capital, at 19 hours, against the constitutional amendment supported by PP and PSOE to limit the deficit.

This was announced today the coordinator of IU-Greens Community, José Antonio Pujante, who has stated that his political organization added "actively" to all the demonstrations to protest against "the real coup."

For Booming, is "nonsense" that the House of Representatives pushing forward this reform without first undergoing a referendum in order for citizens to decide on its implementation.

He said that IU-Greens also adheres to the demonstrations scheduled in Murcia for the next Friday and Tuesday, February and September 6, and encouraged the public to join these calls.

Also pointed out that IU has challenged the procedure agreed to manage the reform of the Constitution through its representative in Congress, Gaspar Llamazares.

Source: IURM

New casting of talent for the 7 Magnificent Murcia regional television

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Casting of singers, dancers and models in 7 Murcia for The Magnificent 7

The Department of Casting of 'The Magnificent 7' is launching a new selection process to find contestants for the third season of the TV region of Murcia, 7RM.

This is a program / contest, presented by Antonio Hidalgo, for people of our region whose skills make them stand out in various ways such as singing, dancing, Beauty …

Those selected will participate in a television prime time and have the opportunity to achieve significant economic rewards.

Thursday September 1 from 16.00 to 19.30 in July Facility Murcia

Selection tests take place in the casting selection facilities Murcia regional television, 7RM.

To participate in the casting only need to go to the time and place indicated by the DNI, in the case of a minor requires the express permission of a guardian.

In addition, participants must bring a CD with the song you want to sing or dance.

We inform stakeholders who are not allowed to enter more than one companion per participant in the casting.

Source: 7RM

MANA invite 8 women whose instrument is the cello or violin, to accompany them on two songs from the concert in Murcia

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

MANA start their Spanish tour in Murcia and that date invites 8 women between 25 and 30 years, musicians and music students from the conservatory, to accompany them on stage with violins and cellos, two song.

Require 2 violins, cellos and 6.

But what concerns us is that the local production company this week sent letters to music conservatories in the provinces of Murcia, Alicante and Valencia with all the information necessary for girls who might be interested in participating in MANA, Murcia, in the concert most anticipated of the year.

Because there are very few days we encourage those interested in participating in a very special night at the old stadium Condomina, to send an email directly to , in response receive a letter explaining what would be their participation.

Another sign of his desire to share with the public can be found on Spotify …

MANA census dress rehearsal of his tour in Murcia, on 8 September.

Source: Agencias

POWER ELPOZO new solutions developed markets of cool: Special Joint Bolognese Minced Beef and Burger Quarter Pounder

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

With these launches ELPOZO increases their response to the demands of current customers without losing the more traditional meat products

The Special Joint Bolognese Minced is minced beef and pork seasoned with tomato, onion, oregano, carrots, wine and natural spices, making it the perfect solution to cook authentic bolognese sauce, perfect to develop all kinds of dishes, especially pasta.

The bite of the Bolognese is an elaborate array of fresh-cut adapted to new consumer demands without losing the traditional look of fresh produce.

Sold in trays of 400 grams.

ELPOZO strengthens your family prepared fresh, in addition, the new burger quarter pound of beef, this is an authentic and genuine American-style burger of 115 grams each (100% lean beef selected).

With this release moves POWER ELPOZO a successful concept of fast food to high power consumption faithfully maintaining the original format.

The quarter-pound burger is a burger premium for those seeking the pleasure of tasting a hamburger genuine and high quality.

It is sold in two formats: in trays for two to four units.

Source: Grupo Fuertes

The counselor receives a representative Sevilla Spanair

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

The Minister of Public Works and Planning, Antonio Sevilla, during the interview held today with the Head of External Relations of the airline Spanair, Javier Ortega.

After the meeting, viewing works from the international airport of the region accompanied by the Director General of Transport and Ports, Jose María Bernabé, and members of the Airport Concessionaire.

Javier Ortega has expressed interest in the airline to operate from the International Airport of Murcia and has expressed his satisfaction at the advanced stage presenting the works.

Source: CARM

The Community is already assessing the damage caused by hail in several municipalities in the Region

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

The Food Industry CEO visit the areas hardest hit by hail in the municipalities of Lorca, Bullas and Yecla

The Ministry of Agriculture and Water will apply for exemption from tax modules for affected farmers

The Director General of Agro-Food Industry and Agricultural Training Lidón Angel Garcia, accompanied by experts from the Ministry of Agriculture and Water, today visited the areas most affected by the storm of hail falling on Monday afternoon in several municipalities in the region.

Among the worst affected districts are the highest in Lorca, as Coy and Zarzadilla Ramos and, especially, Avilés, where large stones fell on approximately 500 acres of almond trees and vineyards, even lost in some cases to 90 percent of production "that was about to be collected," explained the director.

Lidón Garcia added that "some wineries have lost almost one hundred percent of production" and stated that the wood of the vines is also damaged despite what in many cases can be treated with fungicides because they are "subject to the requirements of crops the organic and integrated production. "

In the town of Bullas, especially in the south and known as Venta del Pino, have been affected in a first estimation about 700 acres of almond trees, vineyards and orchards, with an approximate economic value of 600,000 euros.

Municipalities bordering Cehegín, Mula and Yecla and Cieza, have also suffered damage but minor consideration.

The CEO clarified that in the coming days will be definitive data as much of hectares of production in question, and announced that the Ministry of Agriculture and Water will apply for exemption from tax modules for producers in these areas.

Source: CARM

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Source: Agencias

Retegui Salvador Marin says "has been amended Valcárcel flat"

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

By Begoña García Retegui, the Minister of Finance recognized that there is an enormous waste in the management of regional government, and asked to explain "where to trim 800 million euros announced "

PSRM spokeswoman at the Regional Assembly, Begoña García Retegui said that the statements of Minister of Economy published this weekend in the regional media, it appears that "or Salvador Marín has amended the flat Valcárcel recognizing the enormous waste in the management of public accounts of the Community, or the counselor will have to tell people whether to amputate a limb or vital organ, what and why. "

Retegui doctor used this analogy because "the last two years we have been calling for a reduction in current spending, and the PP, and Valcarcel himself, have been insistently repeating that 'no fat', no more cuts could be made without touching basic rights of citizens. "

"Now, Salvador Marín trying to convince the public that can be cut by 800 million euros, 500 euros per citizen. If this cut is 'fat' is a major amendment to the whole economic policy of Valcárcel, and if it is not 'fat', tell us what is going to amputate members in the operation, "said the deputy.

To explain the cut of 800 million

The spokesman recalled that the PSOE socialist is proposing a cut of around 500 million of spending and waste in the CARM.

"The answer that has been going, by itself Valcárcel, was that it was not feasible cut of this nature without touching key basic services. And now we say it will cut 800 million without touching those benefits, or education or health. "

"If the budget is 800 million regional fat, they recognize there was a huge waste and mismanagement of public funds, or what is the same: make an amendment to the totality of the budget," he said.

The MP demanded an explanation from Salvador Marín "what means the announced cut in employment and in terms of not paying utilities have been doing social organizations in a region where there is more unemployment, more destruction of companies and autonomous, which has fallen over the sale of homes, or where most shops are closed all day, and which are still under a debt of more than 2,000 million euros with suppliers of the regional administration and the Murcia Health Service. "

Marin provides unreliable data

Begoña García Retegui considered in any case, unreliable data provided by the Minister of Economy.

And he set the example that in the interview, Marin said the CARM is best funds its public universities.

"Well, in the CYD Foundation report on the public university system (1) the whole of Europe, including Spain and its regions, with the latest official data puts our region in the 5th place with less funding student.

"Recognizing the effort has been made in recent years in all universities, even in the region, follow the tail of the queue in funding per student in public universities," he said.



'Consumópolis' awareness to school children with games and activities the importance of responsible consumption

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

This school competition consists of two phases, one regional and one national, where participants will address pedagogical issues in a virtual space and present a billboard

The registration period for this seventh edition will open on October 10, in order to further promote reflective habits among students, critical primary and secondary

The Ministry of Universities, Business and Research, through the Department of Consumer Affairs, Commerce and Handicrafts, today the seventh edition of the school 'Consumópolis', which aims to raise awareness among children about the importance of responsible consumption and aware, under the topic "Advertising: Buying or buy you?"

This educational initiative and leisure consist of two parts, one regional and one national level, with the participation of the winners of each community.

"To reach the final, students in third cycle of primary and secondary schools in the region must pass several tests, which will acquire knowledge and develop habits and skills that will enable them in the future be responsible consumers," said the general manager of Consumer , Commerce and Handicrafts, María Dolores Alarcon.

The contest will run through the educational Consumópolis virtual platform, where the first test will be successfully completing a tour of the 'city of responsible consumption, "in which participants must solve a variety of situations and tests.

In the second stage of the competition, participating teams must submit a poster advertising a product or service, "whose message and design guidelines follow the consumption of the four 'c': know, understand, share and consume, and you should respect the environmental and social environment, "said Alarcon.

A jury composed of members of the General Directorate, and representatives of consumer associations and Thad UCE, choose the winners who will represent the Autonomous Region of Murcia in the national phase.

The school winner of this final phase of the contest will receive a cash prize of 2,000 euros and a laptop for each team.

The CEO explained that "from September, schools in the region will receive information about the competition to plan their participation and to establish teams that can register from October 10 on the site.

Alarcon said that "this competition brings together educational and recreational aspects to promote the development of current and future consumers and encourage the learning of concepts, procedures and attitudes that contribute to the construction of a consumer society more just, caring and responsible" .

Source: CARM