The First International Open J80 La Manga is being funded by the Government of Spain

is part of a revitalization of tourism events in La Manga del Tourism Competitiveness Plan La Manga "Nautical Tourism"

Government Delegation in the Region of Murcia has expressed surprise at a new sample of institutional disloyalty Regional Government to file the I Open Internacional de La Manga hiding J80 that the program is financed with the Government of Spain, and with the municipalities of Cartagena and San Javier and the Nautical Association of Mar Menor.

Specifically, within the Tourism Competitiveness Plan of La Manga "Nautical Tourism" are financed, among other activities, the implementation of major sporting events, nautical tourism, for which intended at its first annual, which is the plan, 160,000 euros.

In total, the Government of Spain is investing in this plan a million euros in three years.

For the Government Office is pathetic performance of those responsible for the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Region of Murcia, in the absence of showcasing their own investments probably because it lacks the same, appropriate plans with other government-financed investment and institutions.

Thus, the Government Delegation also recalled that a few days ago also reported investments in the Cueva Victoria in the Tourism Promotion Plan "Sierra Minera" without having obtained from the Ministry responsible for the above explanation or apology.

Tourism Competitiveness Plan in the Region of Murcia

Finally, the Government Delegation in Murcia recalled that at present being carried out 7 Tourism Promotion Plan in our region.

In all of them, acting jointly with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the councils of the municipalities benefited.

They also have the participation of representatives of the tourism business sector of each zone.

Specifically, the Government of Spain also co citad the plan of La Manga, the Eagles "The Sea and Fisheries" (with 1 million euros), the plan "Medina Nogalte" Puerto Lumbreras (1.1 million) the "Lorca Taller del Tiempo" (with 869,000 euros) and the so called "Almadenes Canyon" in Cieza and Calasparra (with 1,385,000 euros).

Also found in later stages plans "Sierra Minera" Cartagena and La Union and the "Northeast-Altiplano" in the towns of Fortuna, Abanilla, Yecla and Jumilla.

Source: Delegaci├│n del Gobierno en Murcia


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