IU-Greens calls for "maximum protection" for the Sierra Atamaria and Calblanque

The head of Environment IU-Greens, Victoria Rodriguez, today denounced the "low" degree of planning and management of protected areas in the Region of Murcia, and demanded "maximum protection" for the Sierra Atamaria and Calblanque .

Rodriguez has also highlighted the "lack" of human and material resources allocated to the management of protected areas, and pointed out that IU-Greens in October 2010 filed a motion for the development and implementation of the Regional Law on Forestry.

At the same time stressed the need to make an amendment to the General Urban Plan of Cartagena in the area of ​​Huerta Calesa appears unprotected.

"Right now, the priority has to be in the recovery of the devastated area by the fire and the protection thereof, and to urbanize the buffer strip is not exactly the most appropriate way to preserve it," he concluded.

Source: IURM


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