Valcárcel says the November 20 "will end the government of lying and economic uncertainty"

Murcia The Chief Executive is satisfied with an advance of general elections "and claiming we were a year ago"

The president of the Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, said today that the November 20 target date for general elections, "will end the Government of lying and economic uncertainty in Spain."

Murcia The Prime Minister noted the importance of the convening of general elections "whose advancement we were already calling for a year," noting a "depleted central government, which has lost all credibility and has become the problem rather in the solution. "

Valcarcel said that despite the government of Rodriguez Zapatero has led the country into a situation "where we have seen how the trust is gone, in which Spain is still sinking, with five million unemployed and expectations are absolutely black for investors, "the central executive has given him" real terror to carry out the reforms that have been taking just to generate the much needed confidence. "

Valcárcel President welcomed the early elections, "because ultimately it is what we have been demanding for so long" on the other hand, he added, "I will not say we're surprised, but simply that it was expected."

Murcia The Chief Executive also referred to the proximity of this announcement regarding the publication of the latest election poll and criticized the stance of the government of Rodriguez Zapatero "for which until a few days early elections was something that was not appropriate the interest of Spain. "

"Once again patrimonializa the interest of a party, not so much of Spain, because if it was not appropriate for 24 or 48 hours now why it is interesting for the PSOE? This is the question of which, of course, all world has the answer in your mind, "he said.

Also explained that the current Valcárcel central executive "has always been characterized by contradiction and visionary optimism, almost messianic and some of the still ailing Prime Minister, Zapatero," who came to say that Spain was "in the Champions League of world economies and that others were wrong. "

Source: CARM


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