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Electroma concludes its 5th edition with impressive call

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

More than 22,000 people enjoyed two nights of music with the best of electronics and national indie

Moby, 2many DJ, Ellen Allien, Marco Carola, Lori Meyers Popof between actions

Electroma 2011 has completed its fifth year with great success of the announcement.

More than 21,000 attendees enjoyed two days of music on the Playa de Los Narejos (Los Alcazares, Murcia) in a festival that stands out as one of the most powerful of the summer.

The success was such that more than 4,000 people were left outside the living room a unique atmosphere in the day on Saturday July 30.

The attendance figure on Friday July 29 was 14,000 attendees and Saturday July 30, 18,500.

An innovative proposal that electronic music is the main course but which also committed the highlight of the national indie scene and where there is room for hip-hop.

In fact Saturday afternoon featured a stage for free scheduled Radio3 Frank-T and a strong proposal that selected emerging artists.

Moby, the headliner of the festival said after his performance last Friday that "I have played at festivals around Europe for 20 years.

The festivals in general can be very interesting, with 20,000, 50,000 people jumping.

But one of the things that makes this festival special and different from other Electroma in Europe is the place where it is very nice and the weather is very good.

Sometimes performed at festivals it's cold, raining, and it is unpleasant.

Today for example is a wonderful day.

In addition, the poster is full of names of electronics very interesting, I feel good here. "

2Many DJs Marco Carola., Ellen Allien, Barem, Umek, 2020 Soundsystem, Popof, and Marc Manzenit were other stars of a festival that gave their best in two nights of music at the beach.

Lori Meyers Supersubmarina were the main representatives of the most indies who also participated in groups of Murcia Varry Brava and The leadings.

In the words of Sebastian Cazorla, one of the promoters of the festival: "We are very pleased with the results.

Year after year we have managed to go to attract a greater number of people that this time has allowed us to go for the best electronic time and for groups that are giving a lot of talk in our country.

The public has enjoyed the artists as well and we are very happy to ensure repeat next year. "

Source: Agencias. Fotos: Javier Rosa

More than 3,000 people over the Internet are the pioneering 'Marinera 2.0'

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

It has led to numerous impacts on blogs and social networks

The pioneering 'Marinera 2.0', where seven of the bloggers specializing in Internet travel more often visited some of the most emblematic places of the region, was followed by more than 3,000 people across different social networks, blogs, communities travelers and other platforms, as stated in the report of monitoring and on-line monitoring.

This project, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to promote the attractions of the region, took place between 8 and July 10.

In total, from 29 June to 27 July, 'Sailor 2.0' has created 147 post on Facebook, which have resulted in 1501 'I like' and 289 comments.

Also have risen 246 pictures and six videos, while 39 Twitter users have written 150 different original tweets that have been retweeted 750 times.

The potential audience of social networking event in 8035 has been Facebook friends direct and 17,196 followers on Twitter.

With respect to impacts on the blogs, 'Sailor 2.0' has led to 30 post in different blogs.

These include those published in 'The Traveller' El Pais 'The Traveler's Journal', Marketing and Community Culinary Hosteltur, they write Paco Nadal, Eva Paris, Sofia Silva and Erika Esther Mascaro, respectively.

In total, the event has appeared in 32 sites.

Measuring the results of this initiative has been undertaken by the company Netberry.

The Director General of Tourism, Enrique Ujaldón explained that "unlike traditional media, localized spatial projection and limited periods, this new promotional tool 2.0 provides global accessibility and permanent, so the range achieved is much higher" .

At present, he added, "the influence of bloggers on the tourist's purchase decision is huge, so this action has given us first-prescribers to promote the region and generate new content like photos, videos and corners Traveller communities. "

He also announced "than normal in these cases is that the results continue to increase, although to a lesser extent, throughout the summer, which will improve the region's position in search engines, blogs and social networks."

The hashtag '# Murcia' generated hundreds of tweets between posts that should be mentioned as' Murcia is to choose between the beach or mountains, heat or cooler, without having to make many miles', 'is a typical trip to a summer afternoon Castillitos and finish watching the sunset in La Azohía 'or' is to stroll along the beach, enjoy the sun, tapas in the sun in winter.

In short, quality of life. "

Source: CARM

The Community and Caja Rural Central signed an agreement to provide financing on preferential terms to social economy enterprises

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

With the support of Credit and Finance Institute, will access to credit and other financial products in a more agile and better types of Sightseeing

The Ministry of Finance, through the Institute of Credit and Finance in the Region of Murcia (ICREF) and Caja Rural Central have signed a collaboration agreement to provide financing on preferential terms to corporate social economy Murcia.

The objective of this initiative to support businesses that are part of the Union of Worker Cooperatives in the Region of Murcia (Ucomur) and the Association of Social Economy of the Region of Murcia (Amusal) is to ensure greater and quicker access to credit and financial products by these SMEs to facilitate their activities and the maintenance and employment generation.

The agreement allows these companies, with the support of ICREF, Caja Rural Central obtain advances of incentives and subsidies and other financial products with greater economic advantages and an easier handling.

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Salvador Marin, said the aim of this initiative is "to contribute to economic development and the generation and maintenance of employment in an industry as dynamic as this."

Marin said it is "a tool that puts the community available to SMEs, and demonstrates the interest and support of Caja Rural Central to these companies."

Caja Rural Central is the fifth financial institution that joins this ICREF action in support of member companies and Amusal Ucomur.

Previously Cajamurcia signed a similar agreement, Caja Mediterráneo (CAM), Cajamar and La Caixa.

The signing of this agreement was chaired by the Minister and attended by the director general of ICREF, Francisco Fuentes, the general manager of Caja Rural Central, Manuel Antonio Ruiz, area director of the Region of the bank, Francisco Fernandez.

Source: CARM

Agricultural develop new works to increase the cultivation of cherry in the region up to 1,000 hectares

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

IMIDA's group specializes in the crop met to plan the experimental work and studies of regional varieties and behavior patterns cherry 2012

The Ministry of Agriculture and Water, through the Instituto Murciano Research and Agricultural Development and Food (IMIDA) develop new works to increase the cultivation of cherry in the region, especially in the north and in others where feasible, up to 1,000 hectares.

The Director General of Agro-Food Industry and Agricultural Training Lidón Angel Garcia, said that "according to the results obtained with the R & D in the cherry, you know that the 80 varieties under study can give good yields across the northern the region, without showing disarray for lack of winter cold. "

Experimental data available suggest that the best results are achieved with employers 'Mariana 2624' in loamy soils, which are mostly in the irrigated areas of the Region, and the peach x almond hybrids in stony soils, both with intermediate patterns Adara mirobolán plum, which is compatible with all varieties of cherry.

Adara himself is recommended in sandy soils where nematodes can be problems.

Patterns peach x almond hybrids could even allow dryland farming fresh cherry, mainly in mountain areas, according to the first experimental results suggest the above project.

All this knowledge is a product of development of the R & D Cherry started for over six years by the group specializes in the cultivation of cherry IMIDA composed of researchers, experts from the Directorate General of Food Industry and Agricultural Training farmers advanced in the region and, recently, the towns of Mazarrón and Aledo, interested in developing the crop in their municipalities.

This group met recently in IMIDA planning experimental work and studies of regional behavior of the cherry varieties and rootstocks in 2012.

Project Development

The program focuses on the study of three collections of varieties located on experimental farms of the Ministry in Jumilla, El Chaparral and La Alberca.

Trees in up next year will complete the sixth leaf in Jumilla and the fifth green in the other farms, so that the data obtained and are quite reliable with respect to their agronomic performance and production (flowering, fruit characteristics, color , sugar content, resistance to pests and diseases, among others).

Lidón Garcia stressed that "the collections are used to guard the plant material under the responsibility of IMIDA, which has agreements with other institutions and companies to experiment with materials protected."

Varietal performance data extracted from these collections are used to make a first assessment of the usefulness and interest of the varieties, which helps to raise in the region an experimental plots or reference plantations in La Alberca, White Tower (Torre Pacheco), Moratalla, Cieza, and Campotéjar Ulea.

The program also includes trials and plantations reference patterns according to soil types in Jumilla La Alberca and El Chaparral.

In addition, the 2012 program has monitoring plots located on commercial farms and other parcels of observation that reach some of them in full production to 30 tons of cherries per acre.

All this helps to provide authoritative information on varieties and the impact of this crop farms.

Source: CARM

The region's energy sector is consolidated in a decade as a generator of wealth and skilled job

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

The Ministry of Universities, Business and Research is organizing a competition of ideas to choose what will be the new corporate image of the Agency Management Energy Region

The Ministry of Universities and Research Company, through the Agency for Energy Management in the Region of Murcia (Argemir), serving a decade as head of the energy sector, manage to make this one of the engines that generate wealth and employment quality in the region.

Argemir director, Teodoro Garcia explained that "this anniversary, the Community has launched a competition of ideas to choose what will be the new corporate image of the Agency, an agency that has dedicated his career to promoting the renewable energy and energy efficiency, through training, grant management, development of facilities and organization of events. "

The effort from the Ministry has been made to boost the energy sector, has been materialized in the launch of the first Law on Renewable Energy and Regional Energy Saving and Efficiency, which has greatly facilitated the progress and development of this sector in the Region and has served as a model for other regions.

To consolidate the journey of Argemir, the Community has launched this initiative in order to provide society with an innovative image that serves to identify and assist the Agency in all dissemination activities it undertakes.

The selection of the winning logo will a jury of graphic designers and Argemir members, which shall assess, among other things, the ability of representation and communication, artistic and symbolic characteristics and versatility when applied to different supports.

The contest, which is open until September 1, has among its main requirements present a unique design that makes reference to a slogan original and unpublished.

The set of contest rules are posted on the page

Among all participants, who must present their proposals at the headquarters of Argemir, the jury will select one winner will receive a cash prize of 2,000 euros.

Source: CARM

Valcárcel says the November 20 "will end the government of lying and economic uncertainty"

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Murcia The Chief Executive is satisfied with an advance of general elections "and claiming we were a year ago"

The president of the Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, said today that the November 20 target date for general elections, "will end the Government of lying and economic uncertainty in Spain."

Murcia The Prime Minister noted the importance of the convening of general elections "whose advancement we were already calling for a year," noting a "depleted central government, which has lost all credibility and has become the problem rather in the solution. "

Valcarcel said that despite the government of Rodriguez Zapatero has led the country into a situation "where we have seen how the trust is gone, in which Spain is still sinking, with five million unemployed and expectations are absolutely black for investors, "the central executive has given him" real terror to carry out the reforms that have been taking just to generate the much needed confidence. "

Valcárcel President welcomed the early elections, "because ultimately it is what we have been demanding for so long" on the other hand, he added, "I will not say we're surprised, but simply that it was expected."

Murcia The Chief Executive also referred to the proximity of this announcement regarding the publication of the latest election poll and criticized the stance of the government of Rodriguez Zapatero "for which until a few days early elections was something that was not appropriate the interest of Spain. "

"Once again patrimonializa the interest of a party, not so much of Spain, because if it was not appropriate for 24 or 48 hours now why it is interesting for the PSOE? This is the question of which, of course, all world has the answer in your mind, "he said.

Also explained that the current Valcárcel central executive "has always been characterized by contradiction and visionary optimism, almost messianic and some of the still ailing Prime Minister, Zapatero," who came to say that Spain was "in the Champions League of world economies and that others were wrong. "

Source: CARM

UPyD Murcia celebrates the end of the political agony of the advancement of general elections

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Still believes that could have been called already, and not wait until September to do so, since the new government will have to work with budgets carried forward.

UPyD of Murcia celebrates election announcement by a President adrift and with a government with a project run out.

However, training magenta regrets the announcement of the election date has not led to the call immediately, but will be convened in September when (to be Nov. 20 when they can be held), a fact that UPyD Region of Murcia considered an error.

Thus the new government resulting from elections will face a critical economic situation with budgets carried forward.

The party led by Rosa Díez has requested the convening of elections on numerous occasions and had considered adequate if any summoned together with municipal and regional governments in the past May, the huge economic costs posed by an election, and sees this as a sign of the disastrous management of the socialist government.

For Councilman of the City of Murcia, and a member of the Territorial Council, Ruben Juan Serna, the call for elections mark "the end of agony" and "the opportunity for a new scenario that reflects the wishes of citizens."

The party held in the month of September for primaries to elect its candidates to the Congress of Deputies, as in the past and as they mark the Statutes of the training will be a primary without filters or guarantees, to which any member can occur.

The party led by Rafael Sanchez in the Region of Murcia, is convinced he can get a deputy to Murcia in the coming elections.

Source: UPyD Región de Murcia

The Community launches operation operating out of August

Friday, July 29th, 2011

The regional government spokesman, José Ballesta, reported in the press conference of the Governing Council, the operational implementation of the Community for the operation of traffic out of the holiday month of August.

José Ballesta indicated that it expects "a significant increase in traffic" and said that during this weekend routes of regional ownership "may the 80,000 journeys a day at the entrance to La Manga del Mar Menor, 50,000 on the road San Javier quick, 25,000 on the road Lorca-Eagles and another 25,000 in Mazarrón access roads. "

The regional government spokesman further explained that "there may be times during the weekend in which to register the movement of 8,000 vehicles an hour."

Therefore, José Ballesta drivers recommended "prudence and patience behind the wheel" and recalled the need to obey "the instructions of the authorities to regulate traffic."

Murcia Government spokesman also noted that "the works have been suspended for all road sections of the Community dependent from Friday at 13:00 pm until Monday to give more traffic flow" and that both staff road maintenance of the Community and the concession companies "are on alert if your intervention."

The section under construction correspond to the RM-11 (Lorca-Eagles), RM-F40 (The Union-AP7), RM-F35 (Cartagena-San Javier), RM-332 (Cartagena-Eagles), RM-C9 (Lorca -Zarzadilla Totana), RM-F27 (San Cayetano-Dolores de Pacheco) RM-A5 (Molina-La Alcayna) and RM-554 (Crossing Archena).

Source: CARM

CCOO union obtains a significant representation in key sectors of regional trade

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Applications of CCOO in the important and strategic regional trade sector are performing strongly, especially in companies where there was no union representation so far.

Such is the case of companies in the sector as representative of trade as Bershka, Zara SPRINGFIELD which until recently had no union representation in the Region of Murcia.

In Springfield, CCOO has won 5 of the 9 union delegates at stake and Bershka, 4 9.

The dispersion of these workplaces, which belong to multinational companies important to the economy of this country, next to the small number of staff made it very difficult to conduct union elections.

The union elections as the start of union representation in the workplace, opening the way towards improving the working conditions of employees and employees in commerce.

One area where the days are very long and very short pay.

With the results obtained in these processes, CCOO grows in representation in the trade sector and has the full confidence that these results will be reflected in the negotiations of the Collective Agreement for Trade in the Region of Murcia, which on today are paralyzed .

Source: CCOO Región de Murcia

Friday, July 29th, 2011

[Agricultural cooperatives reject the agreement of the European Commission's aid crisis' E.

coli] | FECOAM believes that he has returned to give back to the sector |

July 29.

Anger, distress and outrage.

So the answer can be summed up agricultural cooperatives to the 71 million Spanish producers receive as compensation for the crisis' E.

coli, after the management committee held yesterday the European Commission in Brussels.

The Federation of Unions in the Region of Murcia (FECOAM) held this morning at its headquarters a press conference to evaluate the decisions of the European Union.

The event was attended by the president of the organization, Santiago Martinez Gabaldon, and the president of Agri-food Cooperatives of Spain, Ferdinand Marcos.

Martinez Gabaldon has indicated that the Commission raised no extraordinary measures to recover the market of summer fruit, although it is completely collapsed, especially in peach, nectarine, melon and watermelon.

This product has undergone an unprecedented price cuts by the sharp fall in consumption since the outbreak of the crisis by infection with the 'E.


European producer sector and the governments of Spain, France and Italy urged an urgent letter to the European Commission to raise extraordinary measures to withdraw from the market so that he could recover.

The request was to be included in aid to fruit and vegetable every summer since the crisis began on 26 May onwards.

FECOAM President recalled that the commodity prices have dropped up to 50% compared to the average of recent years, when "we are still mid-summer campaign and the situation could get worse."

However, it has been taken into account neither the industry nor the Member States concerned and the Commission is limited to maintain aid for the five products already confirmed, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, zucchini and peppers, and only included peach and nectarine, but as of July 19, "so that the region will not benefit at all because by that date, the campaign of these products is about to end," he said.

FECOAM believes that these measures are woefully inadequate to address the disastrous situation of the fruit market.

Nor offset market losses that are suffered by the companies by the fall in consumption in the EU, especially hard for Organization of Fruit and Vegetables (OPFH), who had to work with prices well below costs.

Gabaldon Martinez pointed out that the 71 million who receive Spain, 50 will be in Andalusia, so it helps to Murcia barely reach three million, although the estimate of losses the past two months over 200 million.

Mark, for his part, stressed the importance of horticulture and food within the Spanish economy and pointed out that the situation in which it is immersed is due to a problem completely alien to them.

"The crisis is due to our mismanagement or product quality, but the accusations of a health minister in Hamburg, which has totally collapsed," he said.

The president of Agri-food Cooperatives has appealed to political parties, peasant organizations and companies make a great deal of state.

"We must work together to restore consumer confidence and the price of the products," he noted.

FECOAM stresses that this is the second time that the Commission gives back to the sector, posing no decisive measures of market management, not actual losses offset by lower prices or offering at least a promotion campaign funded entirely by the EU do to restore consumer confidence in the European fruit and vegetables.

Source: Agencias