CONSUMUR reminds consumers of their rights in times of sales.

The Association asks that require Murcia quality discounted products and claim if they suffer some abuse

Before the start of the sales season, the Association of Consumers and Users Murcia, CONSUMUR, asks consumers and users who purchase Murcia only really necessary and do not think that buying cheaper means spending less money.

CONSUMUR warns that the ideal is to find products that deserve your attention before, but for reasons of price exceeded its capabilities.

The main thing is to not buy on impulse, think if you really need the item and compare quality and prices at different stores.

The Association stresses that it is important to distinguish between the rebates and other deals that also involve a decrease in the price of products, such as liquidation and balances.

The settlement price decline of products for sale produced by the need to establish quickly removed by extraordinary circumstances, such as reforms, while the decline in stocks in the price implies a lower quality because they are products damaged or of poor quality.

However, consumers and users should be aware that the price change in the sales is exclusively due to the change of season or season, whereas this should not affect the quality of the product.

Therefore, CONSUMUR remember that everything that is offered in the sales must have been on sale in such establishments during the past few months and brought especially to sell at this time, although there are businesses that break the law-making products with reduced quality in many cases, sold as discounted.

On the other hand, before paying, you should ask the facility if refunds will change the size or other circumstances not attributable to the establishment or the manufacturer.

However, if the item is defective, the merchant is required to change at any time of year.

Also, a product sales must comply with all quality and labeling, and consumer and user is entitled to claim as if it were a regular product for sale.

If the sale is made by credit card or similar, the establishment may not charge any additional fees.

In this sense, CONSUMUR considered necessary that the municipalities of Murcia increase the number of inspections because of the irregularities that are detected each year during the sales period.

Irregularities ranging from lack of information on the original price of the products, which raises suspicion of false sales at certain merchants, until the sale of defective goods where the claim is filed "rebate" when in reality it is balances.

CONSUMUR advises consumers and users who do not renounce their rights and report abuse and fraud.

CONSUMUR going to the consumer and / or user will receive information and advice in a personalized way, both through its office in person at from 10 to 14 hours, Monday through Friday, and through its virtual office, available to the consumer and users 24 hours a day.

You may also request information by calling the Consumer Information and User: 968 22 30 82.



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