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The official sales period begins tomorrow and runs until August 31

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Both consumers and merchants have the same obligations and rights for the rest of the year

The Ministry of Universities, Business and Research, and Health, responsible trade and consumption, respectively, report that the official period of summer sale starts tomorrow, July 1st, and runs until 31 August.

Establishments will be responsible for determining the length of the sales period, which may be a week at least two months.

Both experts from the Directorate General of Trade and Crafts, such as the Directorate General Citizen Services, Addictions and Consumer Affairs to ensure consumers and traders benefit from these rebates summer with the best guarantees.

Among them are that businesses specify the start and end of sales, selling objects have been included previously in the 'stock' of the establishment and at regular price items and discount prices must be sufficiently separated.

Both consumers and merchants have the same rights and obligations in the sales period than during the rest of the year.

Tips on sales period

During sales periods, the discounted price as above must appear on the label, or the percentage discount, or even a single price for each item type.

In case of second or successive reductions shall be marked items with the original price, that of the first reduction and subsequent prices.

You must keep your ticket or bill of sale as security for a possible return or complaint.

If a facility accepts returns throughout the season so should in sales time and, otherwise, you must explicitly warned.

In case of under garments, the same happens in returns.

Establishments that support credit card payments for the rest of the year are required to do so in sales time without charge on the price, and are obliged to inform the consumer of it through its general advertising, with visible exposure from outside the establishment.

The dealer is also obliged to inform the consumer about the payment allowed, through its general advertising visible from outside the establishment.

The availability and stock of products subject to rebates should be sufficient.

If the sales are limited to deplete stocks of goods, the merchant must clearly on the total number of units covered by the activity.

Labelling should be correct and legible in Castilian.

In the case of clothing, the label must include washing and ironing instructions and report preparation materials and information from the manufacturer.

It generally prohibits the existence of unfair and, in particular, severance based on typographical errors and printing.

The items for sale in rebates should have been included before, and for a minimum period of one month in the usual run of sales, in perfect condition, unless defective or manufactured specifically for these sales.

We also must reject articles that do not meet the necessary health and safety conditions.

Purchase only products that are needed, and purchase items that are not needed just because they're on sale.

Buy establishments that are attached to the Consumer Arbitration Board, as they offer better guarantees and consult consumer orange pages.

If you believe a trade has not respected the rights as a consumer, demand the complaint form and attempt to resolve the problem amicably.

Also can be directed to the Municipal Office of Consumer Information nearest to the Directorate General of Citizen Services, Addictions and Consumption and the Directorate General of Trade and Handicraft of the Autonomous Community or any such association.

It is also available to consumers by phone: 901 501 601.

Source: CARM

IU-Greens criticized the attitude of Widows around macropuerto El Gorguel

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

The head of Environment IU-Greens in the Region, Victoria Rodriguez, today criticized the attitude of the president of the Port Authority of Cartagena, Angel Adrian Viudes, about installing a macropuerto El Gorguel.

Rodriguez, contrary to the project, has criticized augurs widows "with its visionary character" assessment of the European Union (EU) in terms of environmental, social and economic area.

"All that exists now is the award for the development of environmental sustainability report, which incidentally also may submit comments," she added.

Also pointed out that the impact of that infrastructure is not only coastal but also land, because it affects two areas of SCI and SPA European protection and preclude the regeneration of the bay of Portman.

"Widows should also know that he is obliged by law to present viable alternatives for location of the container dock, as is the Valley Escombreras unfinished and underutilized."

For Rodriguez, "the economic benefit must be for a few and make us believe again that is to improve the regional economy, natural heritage of all citizens and widows can not dispose of it at will."

It also noted that "the commitment to the regeneration of the bay of Portman and green job creation itself is a solution to the ailing economy of the Region of Murcia".

Source: IURM

Valcárcel requests the Commissioner for Transport to respect the commitment to the Mediterranean corridor to Algeciras

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

In the plenary session of the Committee of the Regions in Brussels

The chief executive responsible for delivery to European Murcia 'Declaration of Murcia', in which social and political agents claim the entire path from Barcelona to Algeciras

It also requests that do not apply a new toll for heavy goods vehicles for transport of goods, the so-called 'Eurovignette'

The president of the Community and Senior Vice President of the Committee of the Regions (CoR), Ramón Luis Valcárcel, in Brussels today defended the need for the Mediterranean corridor and keep the full path is declared as priority corridor of the European Union from Barcelona to Algeciras .

Valcárcel held a meeting with European Commission Vice President responsible for Transport in the EU, Siim Kallas, the Mediterranean corridor to be included in the Central Trans-European Network and respect the planned route for the said goods transport network because of the economic significance of all the Spanish Mediterranean.

Murcia President presented the European official called "Declaration of Murcia ', in which social and economic agents were concerned about the possible disappearance of the southern part of the corridor.

He stressed that only in this part of Europe has 40 percent of the population of Spain, produces 50 percent of the agricultural and industrial production, produced 60 percent of exports, 65 percent of maritime traffic and 70 percent of tourism.

In statements after the meeting, Valcárcel urged the Government of Spain to defend the statement by the European Commission as a broker Mediterranean Corridor EU priority, and that "Europe set to loud and clear that this rail route for goods should unite all the major Mediterranean ports, and meet other option, "because" well for the Government of Spain. "

Directors 'Eurovignette'

The CoR plenary session today discussed with members of the CoR Commission plans to improve European transport network and make them more sustainable.

In this sense, the president asked, Murciano on the implementation of a new toll for heavy goods vehicles for transport of goods, the so-called 'Eurovignette directive' for the use of certain infrastructures in the member states, "gravel lot more cost haulage sector. "

"Only in the Region of Murcia, Murcia, the president said, the fleet of trucks dedicated to refrigerated transport ranks as one of the largest in Europe, and has become a strategic pillar of the economy mainly export of horticultural products" .

He said that "the revision of this directive breaks two of the basic principles of the European Union: inter-regional solidarity and free competition."

He stressed that "it is very important that the EU supports the principle of 'polluter pays', but with the recently approved revision, the peripheral regions pay more for a mere geographical location criterion, not efficiency in transport, or for managing their fleets, but simply because they are located in one spot and not another, and in the case of Murcia this aspect is crucial. "

He noted that "rather than this rate, it should implement a system of balance so that, at greater distances, the rates are proportionately lower and thus contribute to improving the competitiveness of this sector."

Source: CARM

The Personnel Board takes action against the parking of the Hospital of Saint Lucia

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

SATSE The Union of Nursing reported that the Personnel Board of the Hospital of Saint Lucia has decided today to mobilize against the tariff policy and the controversial parking prices, which directly affects the professional center.

The Personnel Board met today in extraordinary session to discuss this item only.

On July 5 at 13:30 has convened a meeting of workers to report the situation and take pressure measurements.

The Personnel Board of the Hospital de Santa Lucia and the unions represented, among others, the Union of Nursing SATSE rejects, after the emergency meeting held today, conditions and prices of parking in St. Lucia.

At that meeting has developed only one agenda: deciding whether to carry out demonstrations against fees and the operation of the controversial parking.

The Personnel Board wishes to the media:

1 – After receiving from a central management information relating to open parking, prices and arrangement thereof, which does not correspond with the change that has occurred this past week, we have convened an urgent Personnel Board on the day today to take appropriate action.

2 – Payment of parking is a clear harm to users and workers downtown.

Especially when we do not have park and ride.

It is still pending a meeting with the mayor of Cartagena.

3 – Workers continue to demand free parking for users and workers.

4 – We have serious doubts that the number of places for workers will be sufficient.

5 – subscribers who are offering workers the possibility of incompatibilizan access to a small number of places, with the payment of payment of 150 hours, which makes no sense the few free parking spaces.

6 – Thanks to all levels and associations that are supporting us your feedback.

7 – The Personnel Board will convene a meeting of workers on July 5, 2011 at 13:30 hours at the Hospital of Saint Lucia to report the situation and take measures pressure and mobilization.

Source: Agencias

UPyD calls on the Ministry of Health to ensure free parking at the Hospital Santa Lucía de Cartagena

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

UPyD regional coordinator, Rafael Sanchez, the Ministry has demanded a solution to the parking lot of the Hospital Santa de Cartagena.

Health is planning a week of entry into operation of paid parking for both workers and users.

"The situation makes it imperative Hospital car use, so you can not penalize users and workers by the payment of parking," said Sanchez.

For Sanchez, the fact that more than half of workers will not be able to benefit from discounts on parking is a serious injury.

Similarly, users who need to spend several hours at the hospital will have to pay a considerable amount of parking at rates that have been made public.

UPyD urges the Department and the City of Cartagena to make the necessary arrangements to offer a free parking alternative to payment, as close to the hospital, enabling, where appropriate, public transport from the parking at the hospital.

Similarly, it is essential to improve bus service from the center of the city of Cartagena to the Hospital, as it is very poor at present, both the frequency of service as the starting point of the line leading to the hospital.

Source: UPyD Región de Murcia

Public Works starts tomorrow to replace the signs of 110 kilometers per hour on motorways Community

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

In compliance with the agreement of Cabinet to lift the speed limit for generic cars and motorcycles on motorways

The Ministry of Public Works and Planning starts tomorrow with the work of replacing the signs affected by the lifting of the generic speed limit from 110 to 120 kilometers per hour for cars and motorcycles on motorways agreed by the Council of Ministers on 24 June.

In the case of Murcia, a total of 300 signs will be replaced from 9:00 am tomorrow, the four highways owned by the Autonomous Community: RM1 (San Javier Zeneta), RM 2 (Alhama – The Jimenado), RM3 (Totana, Mazarron) and RM 15 (Northwest).

The Highways Agency plans to finalize work on the 158 kilometers of roads affected on Friday, but cautions that it may be a slope next Monday because, for security and the influx of traffic expected by the beginning of summer vacation, are advised to undertake the change signaling with natural light.

The agreement of the Council of Ministers last Friday ending the temporary measure taken by the State through the Royal Decree 303/2011 of 4 March, which amended the Rules of the road in place since 1990.

Source: CARM

La Mar de Músicas is tuned with students from a shop labor insertion

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

ISOL Association coordinate this workshop has made better ones in town

La Mar de Músicas is developing their scenarios.

The main Auditorium Park Towers, is being painted by the students of a workshop on social and labor integration with people with mental problems and drug addiction.

ISOL Association, which coordinates the workshop since its inception in October 2002, developed labor integration projects with chronic mental patients and former drug addicts, people with serious problems of employment and social inclusion.

In addition to the Auditorium Cartagena Torres Park have carried out the arrangement of other parts of the port city.

From 2005-2007, through Project Ibn Arabi, ISOL members got 56 job placements.

In 2008, through Employment Health Program, formed to 235 patients.

Currently, through Project Isol, develop workshops audiovisual, computer, internet, kitchen, maintenance, carpentry, metalwork, leisure, gardening and cleaning.

In Cartagena, depending on the day, work from about 8 to ten people, because the insertion is recommended by psychiatrists, and a gradual, because patients must get used to stability and have a few obligations.

Source: Agencias

CONSUMUR reminds consumers of their rights in times of sales.

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

The Association asks that require Murcia quality discounted products and claim if they suffer some abuse

Before the start of the sales season, the Association of Consumers and Users Murcia, CONSUMUR, asks consumers and users who purchase Murcia only really necessary and do not think that buying cheaper means spending less money.

CONSUMUR warns that the ideal is to find products that deserve your attention before, but for reasons of price exceeded its capabilities.

The main thing is to not buy on impulse, think if you really need the item and compare quality and prices at different stores.

The Association stresses that it is important to distinguish between the rebates and other deals that also involve a decrease in the price of products, such as liquidation and balances.

The settlement price decline of products for sale produced by the need to establish quickly removed by extraordinary circumstances, such as reforms, while the decline in stocks in the price implies a lower quality because they are products damaged or of poor quality.

However, consumers and users should be aware that the price change in the sales is exclusively due to the change of season or season, whereas this should not affect the quality of the product.

Therefore, CONSUMUR remember that everything that is offered in the sales must have been on sale in such establishments during the past few months and brought especially to sell at this time, although there are businesses that break the law-making products with reduced quality in many cases, sold as discounted.

On the other hand, before paying, you should ask the facility if refunds will change the size or other circumstances not attributable to the establishment or the manufacturer.

However, if the item is defective, the merchant is required to change at any time of year.

Also, a product sales must comply with all quality and labeling, and consumer and user is entitled to claim as if it were a regular product for sale.

If the sale is made by credit card or similar, the establishment may not charge any additional fees.

In this sense, CONSUMUR considered necessary that the municipalities of Murcia increase the number of inspections because of the irregularities that are detected each year during the sales period.

Irregularities ranging from lack of information on the original price of the products, which raises suspicion of false sales at certain merchants, until the sale of defective goods where the claim is filed "rebate" when in reality it is balances.

CONSUMUR advises consumers and users who do not renounce their rights and report abuse and fraud.

CONSUMUR going to the consumer and / or user will receive information and advice in a personalized way, both through its office in person at from 10 to 14 hours, Monday through Friday, and through its virtual office, available to the consumer and users 24 hours a day.

You may also request information by calling the Consumer Information and User: 968 22 30 82.


The Region of Murcia leading sustainable agriculture programs in soil management and rational use of water

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

The Director General of Operations and Training Modernization of Agricultural Lidón Angel Garcia, said today that "Murcia leads the sustainable agriculture programs in soil management and rational use of water with the introduction of new techniques and farming practices," because of Speaking at the 'V National Symposium on control of land degradation and sustainable land use', held in Murcia organized by the CEBAS-Cesic.

The Responsible Authority noted that "in our fruit and citrus farms there is widespread use of no tillage techniques and conservation tillage, by the introduction of drip irrigation systems."

In this regard, he noted that "over 70 percent of the crop area of ​​the region used irrigation techniques of high frequency, low water demand, which can reduce the volume of water supplied and get an irrigation efficiency of over 90 per cent. "

CEO's presentation at the symposium was on sustainable agriculture, which he defined as one that "meets the needs of the present without compromising the future."

Among the practices for sustainable soil maintenance cited the construction of pads and dikes, promoting no-till techniques and conservation, increased organic matter, use of manure and plant debris and crop rotations, among other .

To maintain sustainable water Lidón Garcia noted the need for practical and water reuse through debugging, the adaptation of crop cycles, the use of crops tolerant to drought or salinity, and the promotion of savings and water efficiency through irrigation technology, among others.

Source: CARM

UGT, CCOO and USO require payment of the salaries of 630 workers of the company Latbus and an urgent meeting with President Valcárcel

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Announce a general plant if the situation is not resolved before next July 5

The situation has been dragging on for seven months.

Workers are owed to date, 60% of payroll for the month of May, do not expect to collect in June, much less the extra summer.

Once again, employees are the most affected and are being doomed to default on their mortgages family, while company and regional government blame each other

Late today, workers' representatives met with the company and the Councillor for Transport and Traffic of the City of Murcia, Javier Iniesta, failing to provide any solution to the employees / as


This is the situation of the 630 workers who make up the staff of the carrier Latbus, who continue to work without having obtained 60% of its payroll for the month of May, with the uncertainty of not charging the month ending today, let alone the extra summer pay.

Is the direct result? The economic unsustainability of the template to complete the company and the negative effects on the household economies of all these workers, who see the months pass and the psychological burden of not emocionaly sure they will receive their salary later this month.

Meanwhile, company and regional government continue to launch balls out and without giving specific answers to glimpse a good ending to this default situation repeated.

This was said today the Head of Highways and Urban Sector of the Federation of Transport, Communications and the Sea (TCM) of UGT Murcia, Antonio Tobal, who explained that Latbus workers "have gained only 40% of his salary for the month of May, supporting everything that entails unreasonably can not bring money home for family get ahead, pay mortgages and so much more. "

More than seven months that the staff has been holding this constant agony "is aggravated further by the pressure they are getting from the banks unable to make payments," Tobal said.

"The workers we're back in the middle of everything," continued the Head of Highways and Urban Sector UGT, "so we call for urgent action by our President of the Autonomous Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel Siso, and we urge you to We immediately call a meeting where we are present all sides, ie, unions, municipalities involved, company and regional administration. "

In this situation, last Friday, June 24, meeting at the premises of the company, and on behalf of workers in companies LIRSA, Travimusa, Busman and Latbus Secoemur group, representatives of the UGT, CCOO and USO tried the impossibility of the situation of these workers, agreeing to celebrate next Wednesday, July 6, at 05:00 am and the parking of workers Latbus, an assembly of workers to take appropriate measures, including a general plant if July 5, the company has not made the payment of the amount owed for the month of May and the month of June.

In this sense, Antonio Tobal regretted "having to come to take these steps because we know it will be a direct injury to the citizens of the Region of Murcia, but we have no other choice because at stake is the future our families. "

LAST TIME: At 13:00 pm today, Thursday, June 30, union officials UGT, CCOO and USO have held a meeting with the new Councillor for Transport and Traffic of the City of Murcia, Javier Iniesta, as well as the heads of the concessionaire Latbus.

Upon leaving that meeting, union representatives have explained that the situation remains the same because, while the City ensures that no Latbus because the amount of 9 million euros, the company, for its part, maintains the opposite position .

Given these facts, the unions demand the intervention of President of the Autonomous Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, and reported that while business session and accuse each other of economic problems, the workers of the company Latbus, remain unpaid for 60 % of payroll for the month of May and the month of June, while no one offers no solution.

Source: UGT Región de Murcia