UGT, CCOO and the Inter summon citizens to endorse the rally on Thursday June 2

Against regional government cutbacks

The Secretary General of UGT Murcia, Antonio Jiménez, notes that over 40,000 families in the region are all members of working age are unemployed and that the Regional Executive, after the last elections is obliged to seek solutions and to reopen social dialogue

Under the theme "Employment and social rights. The public services do not touch", the secretaries general of the UGT and CCOO de Murcia, Antonio Jimenez, Daniel Bueno, respectively, and the leader of the Inter-Murcia, Toni Carrasco, have convened this morning to all citizens in Murcia to endorse the new demonstration against the Law 5 / 2010 Extraordinary Measures for the Sustainability of Public Finances, passed last December.

An appointment that next Thursday, June 2, and from 19:30 hours and Fuensanta Square Garden until the Floridablanca Murcia city, will again show the clear opposition of the three unions to direct attacks and Indirect counter services and public employees of our region.

As noted by the Secretary General of UGT Murcia, Law 5 / 2010 "is no more than a collection of unfair and unnecessary measures that are having very negative effects not only for the group of public employees who have been expanded arbitrarily working day, cut their wages and their rights to education or social action but also for other workers in public and private entities, having a double impact. "

And in this context, Jimenez said, "Murcia employers try to emulate these cuts now printed by the regional government, which adds the threat of co-payment", to which we add also the regional Financial Rebalancing Plan in order "attack, even more, quality and free public services," said Jimenez.

"A plan," he continued, "that confirms the clear-cutting measures of the regional government, which are permanent rather than temporary, as would have us believe from the government team and from some unions."

Since UGT, denounce the cuts are assuming the suspension of approval remuneration of public employees, reducing current and future staffing of the regional administration, especially at the level of education, "where we expect a very bad next semester by the loss of seats by increasing working hours and the student-teacher ratio and low non-coverage, pensions and general abolition public employment, in addition to confirming the permanent nature of these cuts.

The General Workers Union wants to make clear that the regional government has ignored "systematically" more than forty alternative proposals presented by the UGT and CCOO last February to get an effective control of the government deficit and prevent denostación of working conditions Murcia public employees and the quality of service they provide.

As a result of these actions as regressive, the Secretary General of UGT Murcia referred to the reduction of public investment being carried out in social services, which are suffering a lack of resources and investments.

"Quite the opposite," said Jimenez, "what are now trying to create new fees to hinder even further the access of disadvantaged citizens rights under the Law of the Unit or arising from the condition of large families. "

Similarly, Jimenez explained that our organization is against that raise the general regional section of income tax by a quarter point, ignoring the union proposals to weigh the increase only to higher income levels, to what must be also add "the enormous problem that society has Murcia as the high rate of current economy," he said.

And all this in the context of the continued rise in regional unemployment, where approximately 41,850 families are all members of working age unemployed, swelling the ranks of unemployment figures reaching as those on last April, which stood at 192,100 people lost their jobs.

In this situation, and following local and regional elections of May 22, Jimenez said that "the time in which the regional government, widely supported by citizens, assume the obligation to seek solutions and to begin work as soon as possible to tackle the serious problems that spur the Region of Murcia ", he said," and we appeal to the Regional Government reopen the Social Dialogue with social partners and civil servants to the region to participate in mobilization of Thursday, June 2. "

In the same terms express the Secretary General of CCOO Murcia, who noted that both the Government of Zapatero Valcárcel like, "pushed by the European Union, we are doomed to be poor and end, little by little, what we call the welfare state in which employment is becoming the main element of redistribution of wealth. "

In the Region of Murcia, recalled Well, "we have the worst unemployment rates in history, reaching 26.6%, destroying 60 jobs a day, a figure that will increase the next drop in employment from next we meet September.

Well, used to request the support of citizens in Murcia to participate in the demonstration on Thursday and noting that, in the past year 2007, the youth unemployment rate stood at 15% and now in 2011 already exceeds 41 %.

Toni Carrasco, leader of the INTER-Murcia, drew attention to the support of eight social organizations joined the three unions with the signing on May 15, a show that starred in the latest industrial action last May 17 in support of earthquake victims in Lorca and the exemplary work of public employee collective Lorca from the moment of the tragedy.

Moreover, Antonio Jiménez noted that, unfortunately, "the CEOE employers are playing unfairly with the same timing to comply with the reform of collective bargaining, increasingly looking for more liberal and financial interests, and leaving, thus actually represent the more than 80% of employers in this country that make SMEs ", in relation to the latest news on current negotiations employers and unions on the reform of collective bargaining.

Jimenez explained that collective bargaining "is positioned as the most effective tool to draw the lines of equal workers in this country and the political color change has occurred on the national scene, it's time that the Government responsible for not allowing a unilateral reform by the employer. "

Source: UGT Región de Murcia


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