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Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

[Iberian Horticultural conviction that Germany has wrongly accused the producers of cucumbers to be contaminated with the bacterium E.

Coli] | He calls it "intolerable" |

Horticultural Association''“ Iberian, based in Murcia and brings together more than 30 fruit and vegetable companies in the Region of Murcia and Valencia, has condemned strongly that Germany has disgraced the image of the Spanish fresh produce and has qualified as “ intolerable''that has been "wrongly accused the producers of Spanish cucumbers contaminated with the bacterium E.

Coli. "

The President of Iberian Horticulture, Juan de Dios Hernández, said that "the situation created and once the German authorities have acknowledged that the Spanish cucumbers are not the cause of the epidemic in Germany, is an urgent priority to compensate farmers Spanish fruit and vegetable for losses. "

Juan de Dios Hernández stated that "this crisis is very serious for our industry, as there are countries that have closed their doors to imports of Spanish fruit and vegetable products, and we can not pamper or permit."

The owner of Iberian Horticultural explained that "we must return to our sector's good image quality with the European Union, so it is vital to carry out the award amounts and, especially, the marketing of fruits and vegetables urgently return to normal in all European Union markets, as the sector is losing by this crisis 2 million daily and it can not continue happening. "

Hernandez also noted that "the high quality with our fruits and vegetables with some quality controls at origin and destination, are undoubtedly the best evidence that they have a high level of food security."

Source: Ibérica Hortofrutícola

The Community safety is a hundred industrial refrigeration technicians to improve the competitiveness of the facilities

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

The Ministry of Universities, Research Enterprise and streamlines procedures for obtaining professional licenses to combat the underground economy and enhance the professionalism of Business

The Director General of Industry, Energy and Mines, José Francisco Puche, accompanied by President of the Regional Federation of Employers of the Metal de Murcia (FREMM), Juan Antonio Muñoz, today inaugurated the conference 'Rules for Refrigeration Systems Security, directed to train hundreds of installers on the latest industrial safety regulations in order to improve competitiveness and efficiency of refrigeration plants.

The event, part of the Industrial Plan for the Region of Murcia coordinated by the Ministry of Universities, Research Enterprise and addressed among the main aspects of the facilities of the Community to expedite the process aimed at obtaining professional licenses, "as measure to combat the underground economy, preserving and enhancing the professionalism of companies, "said Puche.

Thus, in some occupational categories, such as refrigeration installers are deleted from the tests and theoretical and practical courses required for obtaining a professional card and passed to require a certificate certifying completion of training in this area together with a sworn statement by the professional, as the only two requirements to perform the activity.

The purpose of this meeting is "to continue working to promote industrial safety, savings and business efficiency, and respect for the environment," said Puche.

Thus, technical papers and taught counseling with the participants discussed issues relevant to the sector, as the latest technological advances in refrigeration systems, the challenges and opportunities of this industry or regulatory developments in collecting Royal Decree of 8 March 2011, refrigeration plant safety.

In this line turned some of the papers, which reaped the latest regulations governing periodic reviews of facility maintenance, the life of the refrigeration and how to proceed to dismantle it, or the use of cooling cycle , cleaning and reuse.

Source: CARM

BDA calls for Parliament to decide on the action of Germany in the crisis of cucumbers

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

The issue of contaminated cucumbers is becoming such that BDA has decided to go to Brussels to try to put a point of sanity in this framework.

No longer just about cucumbers and Germany, the crisis affects the whole horticultural sector and the countries that question the quality of our products is rising alarmingly.

So, Benjamin Faulí, technical Fruit and Vegetable Asaja Malaga, Pedro Narro, director Asaja office in Brussels, have gone to the European Parliament for the agency to rule on the deplorable actions of Germany in Case the crisis of cucumbers.

This afternoon held a meeting with parliamentarians from the Socialist Group and tomorrow they will do with the Popular Party.

"To request the European Parliament to address a matter within the EU area is a legitimate procedure that we will not give up. ASAJA considers that there may be a violation of the rights of Spanish farmers by the German government representatives have led to the collapse of the whole Andalusian horticultural sector due to its generic allegations unconfirmed speculation about the origin of the poisoning. accusations thrown the whole sector which has caused very serious economic losses and credibility. And worse, about companies in particular, with excellent records for over 15 years. All this without sacrificing legal approaches to pursue another area of ​​the damage caused, "says Faulí strong.

Also, BDA has also met with Koen Van Dyck, Head of Unit, DG Sanco, and also the representative of DG Agriculture, Osario Cappellaro, to submit a formal complaint about the actions of certain German authorities, who have ignored the Rapid Alert System which requires that when a threat is detected this is communicated to the authorities in the EU countries, and not as it has, directly to the press, with contrasting data.

This approach makes it easy to be put on alert to potential polluters that could hide, delete or alter the conditions of the products or premises where the samples should, before the authorities can do their work, once commissioning health alert.

ASAJA arises also request that the Commission amend the legislation and to punish individuals or legal entities comply with food safety protocols established by the EU, as has happened in this case, utterly irresponsible, not go unpunished .

Source: Agencias

Rosa Aguilar urges the EU to the implementation of extraordinary measures to support producers

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

The Minister for Environment and Rural and Marine has moved to the German authorities also disagreed with the management carried out in conjunction with poisoning outbreak reported in Germany

The Minister for Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs, Rosa Aguilar, has contested the Informal Council of Ministers of Agriculture of the European Union was held in Hungary, where the commissioner has raised Dacian Ciolos the need to implement measures overtime under the CMO, to help the Spanish producer sector and other EU countries also have been affected by the outbreak of poisoning reported in Germany.

Rosa Aguilar, who has held meetings with his counterparts from EU countries, has expressed its disagreement with the management carried out by the German authorities, also bringing their complaints to the German Secretary of State, which has called for flexibility in the presentation the results of investigations being carried out at home on the source of pollution, to curb the negative impact being caused in the Spanish production sector, whose work has argued, underlining the quality and food safety products Spanish.

The Minister has considered that in this Informal Council has agreed the next call, by the Hungarian presidency of a special Council meeting next week which will address this situation and that Spain will present the results of their research in origin.

Source: Agencias

The Region of Murcia has 25 beaches with the flag 'Q' for quality tourism

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

The Region of Murcia has 25 beaches with the flag 'Q' for quality tourism, ten of whom received the flag today in a ceremony held at the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.

This distinction has 176 Spanish beaches certifies the reliability and excellence of its services and infrastructure.

Murcia's beaches that have been certified or renewed during 2010 were the Castle, in Santiago de la Ribera, Mistral, La Manga del Mar Menor, San Ginés, La Azohía, La Colonia, Eagles, and the beaches of La Concha , Las Palmeras, Los Narejos, Manzanares, the Mirror and Carrión, all stationed in Los Alcazares.

According to today reminded the Director General of Tourism, Marina Garcia, the region currently ranks third in the national ranking of number of flags on the beaches, being surpassed only by Andalucía (59) and Valencia (47).

To achieve certification, Garcia said, "these beaches have been subject to stringent controls on their cleaning services, security and rescue, information, water and sand quality, facilities and equipment, access and leisure."

Also, he added, "today the region has the two Spanish cities with more beaches certified" in its municipal territory, Cartagena (11 beaches) and Los Alcazares (6).

The other beaches in the region with the 'Q' for quality tourism are: Playa de las Delicias, Eagles, Cala Cortina, Cala del Pino (La Manga), Minor Outlying Islands beach, Playa de la Gola (La Manga) , Playa de Levante (Cabo de Palos), Playa de Mar de Cristal, Playa del Barco losses (Manga), Playa del Cavanna (La Manga), Playa del Galúa (La Manga), Playa Honda (La Manga), in Cartagena , Playa del Castellar in Mazarron, Playa del Riget, in Mazarrón, and Beach Villananitos Puntica and beach in San Pedro del Pinatar.

Source: CARM

UGT, CCOO and the Inter summon citizens to endorse the rally on Thursday June 2

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Against regional government cutbacks

The Secretary General of UGT Murcia, Antonio Jiménez, notes that over 40,000 families in the region are all members of working age are unemployed and that the Regional Executive, after the last elections is obliged to seek solutions and to reopen social dialogue

Under the theme "Employment and social rights. The public services do not touch", the secretaries general of the UGT and CCOO de Murcia, Antonio Jimenez, Daniel Bueno, respectively, and the leader of the Inter-Murcia, Toni Carrasco, have convened this morning to all citizens in Murcia to endorse the new demonstration against the Law 5 / 2010 Extraordinary Measures for the Sustainability of Public Finances, passed last December.

An appointment that next Thursday, June 2, and from 19:30 hours and Fuensanta Square Garden until the Floridablanca Murcia city, will again show the clear opposition of the three unions to direct attacks and Indirect counter services and public employees of our region.

As noted by the Secretary General of UGT Murcia, Law 5 / 2010 "is no more than a collection of unfair and unnecessary measures that are having very negative effects not only for the group of public employees who have been expanded arbitrarily working day, cut their wages and their rights to education or social action but also for other workers in public and private entities, having a double impact. "

And in this context, Jimenez said, "Murcia employers try to emulate these cuts now printed by the regional government, which adds the threat of co-payment", to which we add also the regional Financial Rebalancing Plan in order "attack, even more, quality and free public services," said Jimenez.

"A plan," he continued, "that confirms the clear-cutting measures of the regional government, which are permanent rather than temporary, as would have us believe from the government team and from some unions."

Since UGT, denounce the cuts are assuming the suspension of approval remuneration of public employees, reducing current and future staffing of the regional administration, especially at the level of education, "where we expect a very bad next semester by the loss of seats by increasing working hours and the student-teacher ratio and low non-coverage, pensions and general abolition public employment, in addition to confirming the permanent nature of these cuts.

The General Workers Union wants to make clear that the regional government has ignored "systematically" more than forty alternative proposals presented by the UGT and CCOO last February to get an effective control of the government deficit and prevent denostación of working conditions Murcia public employees and the quality of service they provide.

As a result of these actions as regressive, the Secretary General of UGT Murcia referred to the reduction of public investment being carried out in social services, which are suffering a lack of resources and investments.

"Quite the opposite," said Jimenez, "what are now trying to create new fees to hinder even further the access of disadvantaged citizens rights under the Law of the Unit or arising from the condition of large families. "

Similarly, Jimenez explained that our organization is against that raise the general regional section of income tax by a quarter point, ignoring the union proposals to weigh the increase only to higher income levels, to what must be also add "the enormous problem that society has Murcia as the high rate of current economy," he said.

And all this in the context of the continued rise in regional unemployment, where approximately 41,850 families are all members of working age unemployed, swelling the ranks of unemployment figures reaching as those on last April, which stood at 192,100 people lost their jobs.

In this situation, and following local and regional elections of May 22, Jimenez said that "the time in which the regional government, widely supported by citizens, assume the obligation to seek solutions and to begin work as soon as possible to tackle the serious problems that spur the Region of Murcia ", he said," and we appeal to the Regional Government reopen the Social Dialogue with social partners and civil servants to the region to participate in mobilization of Thursday, June 2. "

In the same terms express the Secretary General of CCOO Murcia, who noted that both the Government of Zapatero Valcárcel like, "pushed by the European Union, we are doomed to be poor and end, little by little, what we call the welfare state in which employment is becoming the main element of redistribution of wealth. "

In the Region of Murcia, recalled Well, "we have the worst unemployment rates in history, reaching 26.6%, destroying 60 jobs a day, a figure that will increase the next drop in employment from next we meet September.

Well, used to request the support of citizens in Murcia to participate in the demonstration on Thursday and noting that, in the past year 2007, the youth unemployment rate stood at 15% and now in 2011 already exceeds 41 %.

Toni Carrasco, leader of the INTER-Murcia, drew attention to the support of eight social organizations joined the three unions with the signing on May 15, a show that starred in the latest industrial action last May 17 in support of earthquake victims in Lorca and the exemplary work of public employee collective Lorca from the moment of the tragedy.

Moreover, Antonio Jiménez noted that, unfortunately, "the CEOE employers are playing unfairly with the same timing to comply with the reform of collective bargaining, increasingly looking for more liberal and financial interests, and leaving, thus actually represent the more than 80% of employers in this country that make SMEs ", in relation to the latest news on current negotiations employers and unions on the reform of collective bargaining.

Jimenez explained that collective bargaining "is positioned as the most effective tool to draw the lines of equal workers in this country and the political color change has occurred on the national scene, it's time that the Government responsible for not allowing a unilateral reform by the employer. "

Source: UGT Región de Murcia

The occupation in rural lodgings in the region increased by 61 percent in April over the same month of 2010

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

The apartments have also increased 36.7 percent over the same month of 2010

The occupancy of the lodgings of the Region of Murcia in April 2011 increased by 60.51 percent over the same month in 2010, according to data released today by the National Institute of Statistics.

The average stay also increased compared to April 2010, at 14.89 percent.

The number of passengers using this type of accommodation has increased by nearly 54 percent compared to April 2010, above the national increase has been from 22.12 per cent.

As the number of overnight stays, has grown by 76 percent above the national average stands at 13.54 percent growth.

The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Pedro Alberto Cruz, said that "we are in an encouraging picture in virtually every statistical tables are going up into positive parameters."

He added that "the recovery of the tourism sector is occurring in a homogeneous and even in some rural areas such as accommodation during these last months had shown very negative."

Tourist apartments

The occupancy of the apartments in the Region of Murcia in April 2011 increased by 36.70 percent over the same month in 2010, while the national average increased by 20.61 percent.

The number of passengers on this type of accommodation has increased over the month of April 2010 in a 74.46 percent remains well above the national average which stands at 17 percent.

As the number of overnight stays have risen by 30.45 percent, while the national average was nearly 20 percent.

Source: CARM

Valcárcel requested an urgent meeting with Durao Barroso to discuss the crisis cucumber

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

The president-elect of the Community regrets that the Minister of Environment, Rural and Marine "comes too late," and demands "a more vigorous response this issue "

Considers that Spanish farmers compensation "because it has generated tremendous damage"

The president-elect of the Autonomous Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, today called an urgent meeting with European Commission President Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, to discuss all the details related to the crisis of cucumber and "take action on the matter" .

Similarly, Valcárcel has addressed the Commissioners of Agriculture and Health of the European Union, Dacian Ciolos and John Dalli, respectively, and the Minister of Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs, Rosa Aguilar.

The acting chairman of the Community expressed regret that the head of this ministry "did not act with the speed required this and not have given this crisis a stronger response."

The president also stressed that "due to inaction" of the ministerial department, we are in the situation where we are.

I think that always comes too late and this can not be, "he added.

Valcarcel said that "it is intolerable that a member state of the European Union unilaterally decides to close the market the products of another member state", referring to Germany's decision, stressing that "can not consent to be pointing to Spain free. "

"The European Commission has an obligation to defend a member state such as Spain," said Valcarcel, adding that "can not close its borders and we must compensate the Spanish farmers because it has generated tremendous damage."

Source: CARM

Qualification Tourist Center celebrates a day of marketing 'online' for restaurants Murcia

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Qualification Centre Tourism (CCT), in collaboration with the Restaurant Association of the Region of Murcia, belonging to Hostemur, '' and 'Netberry', yesterday celebrated a day of marketing 'online' which aimed to show restoration companies Murcia how to optimize your sales through the market 'online'.

Room managers and heads of restaurants, bars and cafes in the region, and all those interested in making visible their catering establishments on the Internet, had the opportunity to learn about the latest online marketing tools related to this sector and the strategies and solutions applied.

The event was held under the title "If they do not exist 'from two presentations that were addressed by speakers Paola Maggiore, director of product' restaurants' in '', and Jesus Andicoberry, director of 'Netberry' .

Source: CARM

Valcárcel highlights the economic impact of the new pier in bulk tailings

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

The great port infrastructure, located in the tailings basin, has almost 600 meters of mooring line and ability to accommodate ships of more than 20 meters deep

The new facility will receive all types of bulk solids, such as grain, minerals and cement, and traffic will increase to 3.2 million tons to 4.4 million in 2015

The president-elect of the Autonomous Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, said today that, with the opening of spring versatile solid bulk of the Basin of tailings, "establishing a new infrastructure to service the industry that will diversify and increase traffic goods, and therefore have a major impact on economic activity. "

The new dock has almost 600 meters of mooring line and ability to accommodate ships of more than 20 meters deep and several hundred square meters operational.

Valcárcel, accompanied by President of the Port Authority, Adrian Angel widows, the Minister of Public Works and Land Management office, José Ballesta, and the mayor-elect of Cartagena, Pilar Barreiro, among other officials, toured the new facilities and said the importance of this port infrastructure poses to the region.

The new dock will serve vessels of 23 meters deep, which is also cheaper cost to business in regard to vessels now operating on the docks of 16 meters.

The predicted increase in traffic and would dry bulk of the 3.2 million tons to 4.4 million in 2015.

Great business opportunities

In this new pier, which represents an investment of 30,670,000 euros, of which 15,600,000 are provided by ERDF, will be attended goods traffic related to the manufacture of cement, for the production of compound feed and feed animal.

The head of Murcia highlighted the great economic possibilities opened up by the opening of the new pier, and that, with this area, is preparing a large esplanade that will encourage the setting up of industries that need to be near a dock for transport of goods.

Valcárcel stressed that this new infrastructure "is a further step to strengthen the Port of Cartagena to make it one of the largest in the Mediterranean."

The president welcomed the announcement by President of the Cartagena Port Authority, which said it has asked the State Ports that the amount provided in the proceeds of 1 percent Cultural by the implementation of major infrastructure are for the reconstruction of monuments damaged by earthquakes in Lorca.

Source: CARM