The Community approves the new official model of the Environment Annual Statement

The obligation to present it affects all activities subject to Environmental Authorisation Autonomic, either integrated or single

The Ministry of Agriculture and Water, through the Directorate General of Planning, Evaluation and Environmental Control has announced the official new model to present the Annual Statement on the Environment (DAMA), developed on the basis of previous models and the new environmental regulations.

Prior to the approval of the Environmental Protection Act, Integrated Autonomous Region, this statement should be about 8,500 enterprises.

Since the entry into force of this standard, the figure has dropped to 1,500 companies.

The obligation to present this annual statement affects all activities subject to Environmental Authorisation Autonomic, either integrated or single.

Must be made before June 1 following the year that is the subject of the statement.

For ease of presentation, the new model has been published on the website of the Autonomous Community.

The form download is done through the route, Ministry of Agriculture and Water, Environmental Monitoring and Inspection, Annual Statement on the Environment.

Failure of the term, falsify, inaccuracy or omission of information contained in this declaration may lead to penalties of between 2,000 and 20,000 euros, depending on the severity of the offense.


The purpose of this annual statement is to have an updated environmental information on compliance with the authorizations and performance of activities throughout the year, the environmental impact arising from the facilities and the effectiveness of teams debugging.

It also seeks information on the development of monitoring programs and have any other information that would enable effective monitoring of the actions that companies make regarding the protection of the environment.

The statement includes the relevant data available to the company in terms of activity, resource consumption and pollutant emissions.

It also reveals the administrative situation in which environmental approvals and licensing activity relates.

Similarly, the declaration aims to show the environmental management systems the company has chosen a voluntary basis, such as registration of EMAS environmental management and audit, the ISO 14001 certificate and the claim for deduction for investments, of which derive series of obligations.

Source: CARM


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