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Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Source: IURM

IU-Greens urged the central government to provide for the issuance of debt for the Region

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

The IU-Greens candidate for President of the Region of Murcia, José Antonio Pujante, today demanded the central government to "immediately" invite the Council of Ministers to grant the issuance of debt for the Community.

Booming also called for greater flexibility in the deficit targets of autonomy as well as "greater transparency and better management" in public spending by the regional administration.

In this regard, he called the president of the Community, Ramon Luis Valcarcel, who made public resource management will get after the approval of the issuance of debt and is intended to meet the needs of the poor.

Source: IURM

The socialist candidates to the Regional Assembly made public the details of their income and their assets

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Joaquín López said that the standard of ethics and honesty of the socialist candidates mark the level, "and that level will not reach the Partido Popular

PSRM spokesman and number two in the socialist candidate to the Regional Assembly, Joaquín López, reported that since this morning are available to all citizens, on the website of the Socialist Party of the Region of Murcia (www.psoe-, statements of income and assets of 45 people as part of the candidacy of PSRM.

Accompanied by the candidate Maria Gonzalez, Esther Clavero and Francisca Baraza, and the candidate Pedro Jose Navarro, Lopez explained that "the Socialists have an ethical and transparent with the public, a commitment that led the presidential candidate, Begoña García Retegui, which has ce and 53 days was the first published its statement of income and wealth, and since then we have not gotten any response equivalent People's Party. "

For Lopez, "the standard of ethics and honesty of the candidates of PSRM mark the level and that level will not reach the PP."

"Now we settle for that, if not all regional application of the PP, at least the number one, Valcarcel, said the Region of Murcia what their income and assets after 16 years at the helm of this region."

There are two regional laws, the Statute of the Political Activity and the Law of the President, which require public officials to make statement of activities and assets.

The activity statement is public, but the property is reserved in the Region of Murcia.

Begoña García Retegui has pledged that, if elected, the first rule adopted is that both the Statement of Activities and the Statement of Assets are public and accessible, to be published in the BORM and pages Community and Regional Assembly.

Charged in the lists of PP

Joaquin Lopez stressed that this commitment to ethics and transparency that citizens have with socialist materializes, also with the fact that the lists of PSRM no person charged with public corruption, while the PP have mayors and regional deputies, who today are in the list-s and have to explain to citizens and the courts about their actions.


Saura says that "the program Valcárcel-election if he wins, is the destruction of 15,000 jobs in the coming years"

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

According to Pedro Saura, Valcárcel adjustment plan is more taxes, no public investment, and deteriorating public services to the mass dismissal of thousands of people working at this time

PSRM general secretary, Pedro Saura, said the program Valcárcel-election if he won the elections, is an adjustment plan that will have a direct impact on employment, which means it will lose 15,000 jobs in the Region Murcia.

"Valcarcel has been wasted, and used a checkbook in an indiscriminate manner. The consequence of this is a plan setting of 1,000 million euros, that's his electoral program," he added.

Interim 3000 will not be hired again

The socialist leader said the plan Valcárcel adjustment will mean the loss of 15,000 jobs in the Region of Murcia, "of around 3,000 directly related to the regional administration, with interim they will not be hired again. For example 1,500 teachers, who now are teaching in the classroom and from September will not be hired again. "

"These are the consequences of an adjustment plan that has its origin in the waste. The electoral program, the adjustment plan is summarized in three ideas: more taxes, less public investment (public investment away), and deteriorating public services and massive layoffs of thousands of people right now are working, "he said Saura.

"It's hard to find a more incompetent regional president. An out-and-out incompetent. For Valcárcel, economic management is what an American for the paella, understands nothing, and economics and economic management," he concluded.


IU-Greens condemned the video broadcast of election of the PSOE in the film "Two Seas"

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

IU-Greens complained to the Electoral Area of ​​Murcia issuing a video of the PSOE's electoral San Pedro del Pinatar in the film "Two Seas", in that town, before the screening of films.

The formation of the left has said he has witnessed that the video was issued at least once on 24 April at the session of the movie "Red Eagle" in the move from 17.30 hours in Room 6.

The complaint states that this action violates the Election System Act and Article 53 of Law 2 / 2011, which prohibits propaganda campaigns of political organizations in pre-election period.

Complaint PP IU-Greens of San Pedro del Pinatar

In addition, IU-Greens has reported that in the same municipality, the PP is distributing leaflets in the mailboxes that make propaganda for the candidate of the training, which, according to the political organization, it also violates "so obvious" these rules .

Source: IURM

The CTN shows your business model to a Chilean university

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Chile is to develop an aquaculture science and technology park and has sent a delegation to the experience of the Technology Centers in the Region of Murcia, internationally recognized for its proximity to business network

Naval Technology Centre and the Sea (CTN), belonging to the Federation of Technological Centres in the Region of Murcia, which drives the Ministry of Universities, Business and Research, recently received the visit of a delegation from the Catholic University of Northern Chile.

The aim of this expedition is to learn first hand the business management model and the NLC, and its results, while encouraging future collaborations.

North Catholic University is an academic unit of strong reputation both in Chile and throughout Latin America, in training, research development and technology transfer in aquaculture.

However, it has proved difficult to transfer the results of their research to business, and that is why Chile is to develop an aquaculture science and technology park.

After starting a round of visits by various research centers of Spain, the delegation of the university has now washed up on the premises of CTN in Fuente Alamo, to see how this technology center, a national benchmark for technological innovation in the maritime sector, and with extensive experience bringing together forces of businesses, professionals and government.

The choice of the NLC by the academic institution to collect experiences before developing its own science park, is the international recognition of the Technology Centers in the Region of Murcia as a meeting place for innovation, whose approach to business network already serves model for other regions, even other countries such as Chile.

Source: Red de Centros Tecnológicos

The most beautiful of the region, accessible through the Portal Landscape

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

The website provides the geographic coordinates of each of the destinations to facilitate access to the natural heritage of the municipalities in Murcia

Among the various utilities, the user has available a viewer geoecological made ​​with the data, land use and the cultural, historic and scenic area of each

El Portal Landscape in the Region of Murcia, available at / landscape, allows us the most beautiful parts of the region and offers citizens the geographic coordinates of each of the destinations, to facilitate access natural heritage of the 45 municipalities in Murcia.

The Director General of Planning and Housing, Antonio Navarro, stressed "the natural wealth of the Region of Murcia, which offers 17 kinds of different landscapes," from the cliffs and beaches of the Mediterranean to the peaks of the Northwest, the irrigated orchards extensive dry farming, "he added.

Responsible autonomy encouraged citizens to "know the intricacies of the natural heritage of the region during May this bridge."

Among the various utilities, the user has available a viewer geoecological made with the data, land use and the rich culture and history of each area.

Navarro explained, "the purpose is to promote the accessibility of the regional landscape through new technologies."

The new website currently contains about 3,000 geo-referenced photographs, free download of the regions of the Northwest, the Huerta de Murcia and the Vega Media.

It also includes the location of the existing network of natural viewpoints, as well as fact sheets for each unit of the landscape.

The director general said that "it is one of the largest European portals devoted to landscape, which will become a virtual showcase of the scenic resources of the region."

He further stressed that the technological tool "provides detailed information on the terrain and its historical evolution."

Source: CARM

The Community approves the new official model of the Environment Annual Statement

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

The obligation to present it affects all activities subject to Environmental Authorisation Autonomic, either integrated or single

The Ministry of Agriculture and Water, through the Directorate General of Planning, Evaluation and Environmental Control has announced the official new model to present the Annual Statement on the Environment (DAMA), developed on the basis of previous models and the new environmental regulations.

Prior to the approval of the Environmental Protection Act, Integrated Autonomous Region, this statement should be about 8,500 enterprises.

Since the entry into force of this standard, the figure has dropped to 1,500 companies.

The obligation to present this annual statement affects all activities subject to Environmental Authorisation Autonomic, either integrated or single.

Must be made before June 1 following the year that is the subject of the statement.

For ease of presentation, the new model has been published on the website of the Autonomous Community.

The form download is done through the route, Ministry of Agriculture and Water, Environmental Monitoring and Inspection, Annual Statement on the Environment.

Failure of the term, falsify, inaccuracy or omission of information contained in this declaration may lead to penalties of between 2,000 and 20,000 euros, depending on the severity of the offense.


The purpose of this annual statement is to have an updated environmental information on compliance with the authorizations and performance of activities throughout the year, the environmental impact arising from the facilities and the effectiveness of teams debugging.

It also seeks information on the development of monitoring programs and have any other information that would enable effective monitoring of the actions that companies make regarding the protection of the environment.

The statement includes the relevant data available to the company in terms of activity, resource consumption and pollutant emissions.

It also reveals the administrative situation in which environmental approvals and licensing activity relates.

Similarly, the declaration aims to show the environmental management systems the company has chosen a voluntary basis, such as registration of EMAS environmental management and audit, the ISO 14001 certificate and the claim for deduction for investments, of which derive series of obligations.

Source: CARM

SICARM 2011 brought together more than 22,000 participants

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Puerto Lumbreras, Archena, Murcia, Fuente Alamo and San Javier have been the municipalities that has been present in his itinerant journey

The Annual Forum of the Information Society Murcia, SICARM, was this year with the participation of 22,000 citizens, who had the opportunity to see first hand the latest developments in technology.

Specifically, participants in the activities of itinerant were 20,850, while 1,270 people attended the other initiatives that have tried to familiarize Murcia with the use of advanced information and communication tools.

The event included 15 measures: the five technology demonstrations Citizens, the Telecofórum, Day ICT for Social Welfare and Health, the Audiovisual Industry Workshop Multiplatform and seven technical sessions at the Auditorio Victor Villegas de Murcia.

Puerto Lumbreras, Archena, Murcia, Fuente Alamo and San Javier have been the municipalities that has been present SICARM on its way this year touring.

This last area is available to the public from 28 April to 1 May technological demonstrations.

SICARM is an initiative of the Ministry of Economy and Finance framed within the Development Plan of the Information Society in the Region of Murcia.

Business Skills Workshops

The technical sessions were held in Lorca, with the Jornada ICT for Social Welfare and Health, at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, in Telecofórum, in San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia, with the Audiovisual Industry Workshop Multi-platform, and Auditorio Victor Villegas in Murcia, with seven professional activities in various aspects.

In all these activities involved a total of 150 speakers.

The general director of Information Technology, Telecommunications and Information Society, Manuel Escudero, closed these technical sessions on 14 April.

Auditorium in Murcia also enabled a commercial area with over 50 exhibitors presenting their latest products or services.

In addition, the Archaeological Museum in Murcia I hosted the International Exhibition of Virtual Archaeology, which is open to the public from April 7 until today, March 30.

For its part, the projected Regional Library "The liveliest short ', a selection of the winning entries in the latest edition of the International Digital 3D Animation SICARM.

Source: CARM

IU-Greens: the CPI and the Euribor is a "new twist" on the citizens

Friday, April 29th, 2011

The IU-Greens candidate for President of the Region of Murcia, José Antonio Pujante, said today that higher prices and mortgage of reference represent "a new twist" on the purchasing power of workers and, especially people with fewer resources.

Booming explained that the CPI increase, coupled with the Euribor and Murcia Executive cuts, thereby reducing the economic availability of the citizens, which, in his view, precludes a social outlet to the crisis and the impact it places the same for the workers.

It has also warned that rising prices and the Euribor "strangles more if possible" the economy of families, widening social divisions and hindering their access to consumer goods.

Source: IURM