Youth at risk of social exclusion in the region participating in a European exchange in Finland

Murcia delegation for tasks to support the elderly and care for the environment

A total of 21 young people from Spain, Finland and Germany will participate in the 1 to 9 April in the Finnish city of Oulu in a youth exchange program framed in the 'Youth in Action in Europe', in order to acquire a concrete vision and Europe's understandable.

The Spanish delegation comprised of seven youths and three educators from the Youth Promotion Centre of Murcia, under the Ministry of Justice and Public Safety.

A center that normally come with 40 under probation measures and other issues of social inclusion.

Under the slogan "Together for Europe's Future ', the exchange is for young people with social and economic difficulties, aged between 16 and 18.

During the meeting, the youth will have the opportunity to exchange experiences and create partnerships between their respective countries.

Also involved in support tasks for the elderly and care of the environment.

The program is developed since 2004 in each of the participating countries, it will involve all youth in the Youth Promotion Centre of Murcia, participating in workshops preparing for the trip with knowledge of the destination country, language and culture.

The Director General of Prevention of Violence and Juvenile Reform, Teresa Moreno, emphasized the importance of such activities "enable young people at risk of social exclusion to meet other boys and girls from different cultures and values, while enjoy educational activities, knowledge of the country and cooperation. "

Source: CARM


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