IU-Greens PP and PSOE accused of being "stewards" of the situation of the CAM

The IU-Greens candidate for President of the Community, José Antonio Pujante, today accused the PP and PSOE to be "stewards" of the financial situation in the Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo (CAM).

To Pujante, the problem arises as a result of CAM production model sponsored by former president José María Aznar, the central government "has not remedied" although it depends on the Bank of Spain, in charge of regulating the functioning of financial institutions.

"Now they throw things at his head, but as much as PP and PSOE have a shared responsibility," he Apostille Pujante, who has criticized the "lack of transparency" of the balance sheets of banks and savings banks.

He has also denounced the "participation" of financial institutions in the "urban madness" for mortgage loans "without control", which, in his view, has meant that "even have to stay home and land with less value A few years ago "after the fall of urban development.

Source: IURM


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