Birth of the novel prize 'Caravaca, the Holy City'

The contest aims to promote the Camino de la Vera Cruz Caravaca and as a holy city and is equipped with a prize of 7,000 euros

The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Pedro Alberto Cruz, today with President territorial Caja Mediterráneo, Angel Martinez, and the rector of the University of Murcia, José Antonio Cobacho, the First Novel Award 'Caravaca, the Holy City. "

The competition has been driven by the Fund for the Mediterranean in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the University of Murcia and endowed with a prize of 7,000 euros.

This award was created with the aim of "building the Camino de la Vera Cruz through the literature to make it as attractive as possible."

In this regard, Cruz referred to the reasons for the success of the Jacobean, among which highlighted "the role played by literature, which has helped to form the Camino de Santiago as a magical journey."

All entries must be submitted through page.

The deadline for entries until 30 September this year.

Source: CARM


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