IU-Greens Sotoca accuses of supporting the "attacks" Ramirez to the teacher

Ensure that the dismissal of 80 temporary "denies" the Minister of Education and warns that in September there will be more

IU-Greens in the Region of Murcia today criticized the Minister of Education, Constantine Sotoca for "support" the attitude of the general director of Human Resources, José María Ramírez, stating that "attacks" of this against the teachers "the in the name of the PP. "

Education responsible for IU-Greens Murcia, Diego Reina, has said that this way Sotoca "get rid of the bad image that provides Ramirez to faculty and public school teachers, thus hiding the chaos of his counseling. "

Reina has said the job losses of about 80 interns "denies" the statements of Minister of Education in which claimed last December that the Law on Extraordinary Measures driven by the regional government would not involve "any temporary dismissal."

"Besides, he adds noteworthy is the pernicious effect of this law to the students because, for a political whim of the President of the Region, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, and Constantine Sotoca, thousands of students are going to change the teacher in the middle the second quarter of course. "

Has denounced the "disorganization" of counseling leads to a day before returning to the workplace shop stewards, "Education has not clear who has to stop his union work," and has criticized the counseling " been put on hold this measure up to the CEO knows who has to return, generating anxiety and nervousness among the 80 temporary teachers. "

The leader of IU-Greens' education has also warned that next September will take place firing "hundreds" of interim coinciding with the start of the school year.

"The measures imposed by the PP does not aim to reduce the deficit, but to undermine the foundations of the teaching unions, which in our region have been a bulwark against the policy of cuts," concluded Quinn.

Source: IURM


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